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I must admit that when NFL Blitz came onto the scene I was one of the many people that became addicted to the new style of in-your-face all out football with very little rules and more testosterone than anyone really knows what to do with. I was one who stayed with the game through multiple consoles and very little to no change in each individual version of the game. There was no denying NFL Blitz's addictive power over gamers, it had what sports games lacked... attitude. As old rock stars fade, sadly, so did NFL Blitz. The attitude got old; the gameplay got too easy; and the sounds... well it is still cool to hear that crunching sound.

If NFL Blitz 2000 is your first experience when it comes to an NFL Blitz game, you will experience everything that I just mentioned... the excitement, the thrills, the fun. For the majority of us however, there is not much more left outside of reminiscing about a once great game. The theory was simple, NFL meets NBA Jam. But Midway made one fatal mistake with NFL Blitz... the game was too good. The sequel just could not be that much better than the original, and it isn't.

I am not going to lie and insult every aspect of this game, because there are some really great aspects about it. One of these are the graphics. Cleaned up, crisp and better than any Playstation game of the era, NFL Blitz 2000 was one of the games that set the tone for most of the future games. You could see the bulging arms flailing of a free safety that is coming strait for you from across the field. You could see the reflection of the stadium off of your linemen's helmet, and you could see the crowds reaction when you scored the game winning touchdown at the last second. NFL Blitz 2000 was amazing.

One reason that NFL Blitz had such a huge cult following is just how easy the controls were. There was the D-Pad (or if you preferred, the joystick) that controlled the man with the ball. There was the turbo button, which made you run faster, jump higher, throw harder.. everything that made Blitz, well Blitz, was the turbo button. There was the jump button, which is self-explanatory. And there was the throw button. That is it. Four things that you needed to learn, it was that simple... that perfect. Midway knew that what they had was a good thing, they would have been stupid not to; and they did the most ingenious thing that they could, not change anything.

The crunching of bones, the pounding of pads, the wind wake caused by the ball as it flies through the air: all of it is back. The attitude of the Blitz series is nowhere more exemplified than in the sound effects. The annoyingly repetitive announcers, the same sayings over and over again. The annoyances of the Blitz series is nowhere more exemplified than in the announcers. It is a frustrating paradox really. You love the sounds, then you hate the announcer, then you love the sound effects... it is a never ending cycle that you just can not get out of.

NFL Blitz was always the best at multi-player modes. Playing with your friends would bring up the darwinistic competition at its absolute finest. You will find yourself competing against each other to see who can come with the best score (obviously). You will have fun almost non-stop for a long, long time. It is not a surprising thing for two people to find themselves glued to the screen for hours and hours and not even realize just how long they have been sitting there trying to beat each other.

Unfortunately, however, if that competition was already there with NFL Blitz, do not expect that there will be the same fury and anger in the second one, or at least don't expect there to be much more. If you do, then you will be disappointed.

Midway games are known for having some of the most game enhancing cheats ever. NFL Blitz was no exception, and NFL Blitz 2000 only added onto the things that you could do. You have the ability to control the weather, what type of ball you will be playing with, the stadium, many of the rules, what your team looks like… it all is alterable through the countless cheats in this game. A great addition to the game.

Outside of cheats though, there is not much else. A football game is a football game. There is no spring training mode, there are no skill building modes, the season isn't really much of anything. If you are looking for loads and loads of extra mini-games, then you should definitely look past NFL Blitz 2000 and onto another game, because simply put… there is nothing

I would recommend that anyone who has not played an NFL Blitz style game to get this game or play this game. It is the best version of it for Playstation. This may seem odd seeing as though its ratings are much worse than the original game, but that is due to the fact that the first game blew the world by storm (I may be over-exaggerating there, but it really doesn't matter) and this one was expected to do so also, and it just didn't. But there are more options, graphics are better, controls are the same, as is much of the game. If you are looking for a great football game, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a good Blitz game, then get this one.


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