NFL 2K2 (DC) Cheats

NFL 2K2 cheats, and Codes for DC.


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100 rated players
Hint: 100 rated players:
To create a 100 rated RB, set the upper and lower body strength low enough to put all the other stats at 100. Then, fill up the rest on your upper or lower body strength. The same can be done for a QB, TE, WR, DB, LB, DT, DE. However, for the LB, DT, DE, make sure they are big. For a DT or DE set the weight to 400 lbs. and height about 6' 0". For the LB, set the weight at about 260 lbs. and make him 6' 4".
During any point of the game where you are on defense you should run a 3-4 defense and then pick cover 2. That allows you to shut down the opponents run game and pass game.
Big Football
Enter code: bchbll
Confuse your opponent
Hint: Confuse your opponent:
Use the following trick to prevent your opponent from seeing your play. When selecting your play, place the pointer over your desired play, then hold A. Move the pointer to your fake play, then release A. If you are quick enough, your first play will go unnoticed and your opponent will set their defense for the fake play. Note: This works best if you choose a pass play first, then run or a run play first, then pass.
Easy punting
On punts, get the corner back left or right. Let the CPU punt the ball off. While the CPU is punting, repeatedly press Y. The CPU will think you are going for a fake punt. If done correctly, this will get your corner back down the field faster and his hands should lift up in the air. You can also use a your tight end left or right, and your running back.
Taunt while running toward the goal line
When you are on a break away and no one is around you, when you make it within the 10 yard line release the Analog-stick. Your player will still run it in, but he will add a little attitude to his walk. When you release the Analog-stick determines what way he will come in. Be careful -- if someone is nearby they can tackle you and you will have a higher chance of fumbling