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NFL2K1 Cheats

Best offense and best defense play autoselection
At the play selection screen, press A (x2) to have the computer pick the best play for you. If you are on the offensive, the computer picks the best offensive play, if you are on the defensive, it picks the best defensive play.

Warning: During the defensive, the computer will not select a punt return, nor a field goal defensive when on the 4th down, so you don't want to use this cheat on your 4th down.

(thanks to smithy for the headsup on this one.)

To block punts,field goals,and extra points
When your opponent chooses to punt, go for a field goal, or for an extra point, press Y and B quickly together and keep pressing it and your defense will block them.
submitted by David Young

Perfect field goals, punts, & kick off's
Before the kick off, punt, or field goal, change to another player and let the computer make the perfect kicks.
submitted by Donnie Tart (

Pin Oppenent on the 1 yard line ON A KICKOFF
When kicking off, move the arrow to the left so the it is on the far left of the team logo on the 50 yard line (on most logos). Vertical wise, put it in the middle, and kick it a litle less than full power. If done correctly the ball will land right near the endzone pylon, and the receiver will catch it on a run, and the momentum will force him to run out of bounds at the i or 2 yard line...... tough to get down, but once you learn it helps!
submitted by Paul Brobst

Make fat players
Go to the selection screen and go to CHEATS. Then type in LARD.
submitted by Dwight Hicks -