NFL Street (PS2) Cheats

NFL Street cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Cutomize Your Team
Its easier if you do your offence when you cutomize your team its also easier to do your COVERAGE & TACKLING or you might loose the game
Recommended Players
If you are skilled enough on offense to score almost every time you have the ball, do not waste your Gamebreaker on offense. Use it on defense so you can get the ball back and score again immediately.
Teams Creation Tip
When you create a team, make sure you stack your running back with attributes then quarter back then wide receiver then defensive players.


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All Stadiums
Enter Travel as a name and you will now have all stadiums.

This is Case-Sensitive
every person
write team work as a profile name
NFL Street Codes
Enter These Codes Where You Create A Profile:

AW9378 .. All 8 Division All-Star Teams
NW9378 .. NFC West Team
Travel .. All Stadiums
KaySlay .. KaySlay Team
Classic .. NFL Legends Team
Excellent .. X-Ecutioners Team

(In The Codes Where There's Capitals DO Capitals)
Team and stadium unlock codes
Enter the following in as a "user profile" to unlock the following teams and playing enviroments: NW9378,AS76884, NN6789, AN6789, NE3278, AE3278, NS9378, AW9378, Travel, Excellent, Classic, or KaySlay.

Note: you can only use these teams and enviroments in the quick play or pick-up modes only. also the the way you see it typed on this screen is the way it should appear when you type it. In other words it is case sensitive. So DO NOT CAPITALIZE ANY LETTERS EXCEPT THE ONES YOU SEE CAPITALIZED IN THE CODES. THANX. (letzroll2002).

Unlock All division All-Star teams
To unlock All 8 Division All-Star teams, enter the password NW9378 at the User Name screen.
Unlockable Teams
AFC West All-Stars: Beat AFC West ladder in NFL Challenge.
AFC East All-Stars: Beat AFC East ladder in NFL Challenge.
AFC North All-Stars: Beat AFC North ladder in NFL Challenge.
AFC South All-Stars: Beat AFC South ladder in NFL Challenge.
NFC West All-Stars: Beat NFC West ladder in NFL Challenge.
NFC East All-Stars: Beat NFC East ladder in NFL Challenge.
NFC North All-Stars: Beat NFC North ladder in NFL Challenge.
NFC South All-Stars: Beat NFC South ladder in NFL Challenge.
Kayslay: Beat second Ladder team in NFL Challenge.
NFL Legends: Beat first Ladder team in NFL Challenge.
X-ecutioners: Beat fourth Ladder team in NFL Challenge.
Unlocking Teams
Enter as a Username

Classic: Unlock NFL Legends
Travel: Unlock all stadiums
KaySlay: Unlock team Kay Slay
Excellent: Unlock team X-ecutioner

May Not Work On All Versions Of Game. Versions Usable On Unknown At Moment.