[edit] Background

Take your pigskin and head out to the street for football with no rules and no stadiums. Play with hundreds of todays current NFL Stars or try your luck with an old-school NFL legend. Create your own player and team to take on the worlds best at their own game. Earn style points and preform an insane move while on offense or a bone-crushing hit on defense.

[edit] Gameplay

Defy gravity and stretch the world of arcade football to the skies with NFL Street 2: Unleashed. NFL players are free from their real-world constraints to dominate the streets one stylin' move and one field at a time. Raise your game to the limits with up-the-wall passes, off-the-wall catches, and highlight-reel wall jukes that are sure to solidify your place as football's greatest urban legend. With New Exclusive STREET Events, head-to-head wireless gameplay, NFL superstars and legends playing both sides of the ball, and new PSP-specific content, the time to own the streets is NOW.

[edit] Features

  • New High-Flying Football—Sky 15 feet high to make off-the-wall catches, up-the-wall passes, wall hurdles, and endzone dives, or pull off jukes like a wall-runnin' football ninja.
  • Seven New Game Modes—New challenges await around every corner as seven games including Crush the Carrier are unveiled for the fi rst time in any football game.
  • New Own the City Mode—Create your player, master new skills, and hit the streets. Recruit the best players as you build a rep and dominate the competition. Take over new neighborhoods and defend your turf until you Own the City. Build your player to legendary status and import him into Madden NFL 2006!
  • Claim Your Territory—Perform wall moves on key areas of every fi eld to unlock new NFL legends and gain additional Style points.
  • Football with an All-New Style—Add even more style to your game by making no-look, one-handed grabs, dive tackles, button-mash ball strips, and new to any football game: hurdle wraps and run-specifi c defensive line moves. If you really want to rub it in, celebrate that winning score with one hand as you make a mid-air snatch with the other.
  • New GameBreaker System—Revamped GameBreakers build to dramatic sequences where players go airborne—running backs launch themselves off lead blockers to hurdle defenders, while linebackers throw defensive backs over the line to force a turnover.
  • New Playing Fields—Ten new fi elds and two bonus environments alter your gameplay strategy and open up the opportunity for a variety of wall interactions.
  • New STREET Mug—An all-new Create-A-Player system allows you to design your own players. Customize every player detail including the color of your eyes, the shape of your nose, mouth, ears, jaw, and chin, plus hairstyle, hair color, and more. Then add some style with the hottest new gear on the streets.
  • Enhanced Online Play—Take on the best and prove your skills by joining the largest community of gamers at the ultimate destination for online competition.

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NFL Street 2 is simply impressive. It's the perfect mix of Hardcore Football and the...

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Excellent game NFLStreet2
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This game has good features, and i will list them.

Audio: 5.0
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- Great...

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