NFL Quarterback Club '98 Cheats

NFL Quarterback Club '98 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.


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almost invincible player
go to player creation screen and make a qb that has his running stats full. when u play, never make him throw, just run w/ him. my favorite is 49 stun on panthers. if u reach line of scrimage w/ him he will tuck the ball and run. after he does this, just run and run. even a regular qb is hard to tackel, but one w/ full scramble and speed will be almost untouchabe. the only way he is taken down is by a pack of opposing players, but remember, he cant be touched before he gets past the line of scrimmage.


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Can't be tackled by the other team
Here's a little cheap tip. On a kickoff return or a punt return, catch the ball and press the (R) button to pitch it back to someone. *They have to catch the ball in order for this to work.* The guy who caught the pitch can't be tackled by the opposing team!! But watch out because your team can tackle you.
Full stats
Be the Bears in 1979. To get to that year hold left or right and their will be different years of different teams. Find the year of '79 and be them. When the game starts go to sub players and go to offense and see the running back's stats. Everything should be full. If it isn't then be a different year for the bears until everything is full. That running back is Walter Payton.
Get five extra yards
The trick is to get some extra 5 yards when playing the computer. Before you snap the ball just keep on pressing A button until the computer goes off side. (Usually takes the whole 30 seconds and works usually on passing plays.)
New season schedule
Are you tired of playing the same schedule over and over? Well be tired no more. At the main menu after you turn the game on, go to NFL play and go to new playoffs. Simulate the whole post season and after the super bowl has been simulated push B and then pick continue. Go back to NFL play and new season and presto, you have your new season schedule.
Run faster
To run faster press A for a boost. Then, instead of waiting for your meter to refill by itself, tap A repeatedly to hurry it along and allow yourself to fill up the boost meter quicker than normal.