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NFL Xtreme is an in your face all out game of football where two teams of six players each go at each other trying to get to their end of the field before the other team rips their head off or even strikes them with lightning and ripping off their jerseys then just talk some $#!† just because you can. But is it an all original idea, or is it another cheap rip-off of a more popular NFL Blitz, or is it just different enough for it to be a great game in its own right? Well the answer lies in the eyes of the beholder....

1. A fun game no matter if it is or is not an original idea.
2. Unlike NFL Blitz you can actually injure the other teams players leaving them out for the whole season.
3. Tons of plays for you to choose from, giving it a more realistic game as well as an arcade style game.
4. NFL Xtreme is a very addicting game and will leave you wanting to play if for hours at a time.

1. Do I even need to say this? An unoriginal idea, which obviously is copying the ideas of Midway and their arcade smash NFL Blitz.
2. The graphics are kind of choppy at times and kind seem kind of off beat. In fact one time I went back to see the replay of a play and one of the defenders whole upper bodies was literally submerged into my receivers rear ends.
3. The sound systems are kind of annoying.

There are decent graphics on this game, nothing to brag about, but they are still good enough not to completely destroy the game. The stadiums, especially some of the secret ones that you can only get by entering a code are really quite well done, and since this game is competing with NFL Blitz, I will compare everything to it, and the background is better than Blitz's by far. The players are not well done at all, and their limbs seem like they are giant monkey arms surgically implanted on to a human, much worse than NFL Blitz. The middle ground for both Blitz and Xtreme are about the same, and that is mediocre. Not great, but not bad.

SOUND: 8/10
The background music for Xtreme is not good at all, but neither is Blitz's so it really does not change my view on this game any more than it already is. Although I must admit, if you want to hear some bone crushing hits were you helmet flies off 20 yards from your head, get this game, the hits in this game are hundreds times better than the ones in Blitz. Every other sounds in this game is just about average, and the only thing that is saving the sounds is the monstrously huge hits.

If you have ever played NFL Blitz then you will realize that the controls for this game are almost identical. They are easy to learn and simple to master. Xtreme also has my favorite feature that is exclusive to only one football game, and that is the lightning. Hitting your opponent at the right time will cause a lightning bolt to come down from the sky and make the ball fly out of their hands. This is even more fun when you have a dual shock controller, the controller will shake for almost ten seconds, it is a really great addition.

Much like NFL Blitz this is an extremely fun game, and you will play it for a long time, I don't think that it is quite as fun as Blitz, but it can be fun nonetheless. All around this is a fun game, not the most fun out there but still quite fun. You will most likely enjoy it.

Once you have gotten this game down, it will still be fun for a long time, but eventually you will get sick of it, but not before you have enjoyed many hours of gameplay. If you enjoyed Blitz, you will enjoy Xtreme for just as long.

This is a very fun game for up to four players. The best part about it is all of the smack talking that you can do outside of the game. Even when you are loosing it is still fun, which is kind of weird. All around you will enjoy playing this game with your friends, that is assuming you have friends to play with =Þ

CHEATS: 9/10
I personally think that this game has one of the most original ideas for cheats in a video game for many years now. I don't think that it compares overall to Blitz, but they are still original and that is something that many games lack.

This game is not too much of a challenge, but it is not simple. Although, the easiest setting on this game is still harder than the hardest settings on Blitz, so if you are looking for a challenge I would recommend this game over NFL Blitz. Once again, not too challenging, but still difficult.

Do I need to write much here? It is obvious, but the thing that keeps getting me excited about this game is the lightning trick, I don't know why but it does.

If you were a fan of NFL Blitz you should buy this game. You will enjoy this game just as much as you did Blitz. I would first rent it and then if you like it I would buy it.


Overall 8.5~ 9/10

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