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Best NFL Game out there

The good:

Good commentary
Graphics are very nice

The bad:

When punting the ball they run a little funny


Alright, I played both Madden and this. Which is better?

ESPN Football! Alright so in Madden you can set Hot Dog prices. Do I really want to do that? This is about football not about a super deluxe hotdog price!

But back to the game.. The ESPN presentation is just like on TV, and so is the ESPN music. Also before the game starts while its loading it shows each teams stats, and who they predict will win. Does madden do that? Nope. Also, at half-time you get a half-time show talking about the hightlights of the first half. Does madden do this? Nope.. Also a prime time show! Madden h...


Football Game of the Year!


You can say that I'm a loyal fan of Sega Sports. But that doesn't mean I'm a fanboy. So I rented ESPN NFL twice with my free rental coupons before finally picking it up at GameStop yesterday.

Gameplay: 10/10

Last year's NFL 2K3 had it's share of problems. Would those problems be met this year? They sure were. Many gamers including myself were frustrated by the amount of dropped passes last year, those are gone. If it's a catch that you should get, you'll hang on. But if there's a hard hit, and it's questionable, you may or may not hold on to the ball.

It's also a lot easier to sack the QB thi...

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