ESPN NFL Football Cheats

Aztec logo
Get 500 passing yards.

Boar logo
Get 7 sacks in one game.

Croc logo
Get a 60 yard touchdown pass.

Devil logo
Watch the ESPN NFL Football Features FMV sequence.

Gorilla logo
Score 63 points in a game.

Hammer logo
Enter Scrimmage Mode.

Jet logo
Accumulate ten hours of play time.

Mercury logo
Get a 70 yard kick or punt return for a touchdown.

Ninja logo
Get a 50 yard field goal.

Pterodactyl logo
Accumulate one hour of play time.

Rhino logo
Enter Franchise Mode.

Snake logo
Create a team.

Star logo
Get a 99 yard touchdown run.

Wolf logo
Get 20 tackles in one game.