ESPN NFL Football Cheats

Bret Farve bobblehead
Score 84 points in a game.

Brian Urlacher bobblehead
Get 9 sacks in a game.

Chad Pennington bobblehead
Get 600 passing yards in a game.

Champ Bailey bobblehead
Play an entire game in first person mode.

Clinton Portis bobblehead
Get 2,000 rushing yards.

Corey Dillan bobblehead
Get 400 rushing yards in one game.

David Carr bobblehead
Reach 25 sacks in a career.

Deuce McCalister bobblehead
Get a 99 yard touchdown run.

Donovan McNabb bobblehead
Get 250 passing yards or 100 rushing yards with the same player.

Jerome Bettis bobblehead
Win an All-Pro game.

Jevon Kearse bobblehead
Get 20 tackles in a game.

Julius Peppers bobblehead
Allow 50 or less yards total offense.

LaDainian Tomlinson bobblehead
Get 3 interceptions in a game.

La'Roi Glover bobblehead
Create a custom player.

Peyton Manning bobblehead
Get 7 interceptions in one game.

Priest Holmes bobblehead
Get 6 rushing touchdowns with the same player in one game.

Randy Moss bobblehead
Accumulate at least fifteen hours of play time.

Ray Lewis bobblehead
Force 7 turnovers in one game.

Ricky Williams bobblehead
Get 275 rushing yards in a game.

Shawn Alexander bobblehead
Win a Legend game.

Terell Owens bobblehead
Score 77 points in a game.

Tim Brown bobblehead
Throw six touchdowns to different players.

Tim Couch bobblehead
Rush and receive for 150 yards with the same player.

Tom Brady bobblehead
Return a fumble for a touchdown.

Warren Sapp bobblehead
Get 40 tackles in one game.