ESPN NFL Football Cheats

Free Agents
Beat free agent
Rush and receive for 150 yards with the same player to unlock Beat from Jet Set Radio Future.

Jacky Bryant free agent
Score a 55 yard field goal to unlock Jacky from Virtua Fighter.

Jeffery McWild free agent
Get 40 tackles in one game.

Kage Maru free agent
Get 7 interceptions in one game.

Lawrence Taylor free agent
Force 7 turnovers.

Michael Irvin free agent
Have no dropped passes.

Ronnie Lott free agent
Allow 0 or less yards total offense.

Ryo Hazuki free agent
Get 100 career interceptions to unlock Ryo from Shenmue. His position is Free Safety.

Taka Arashi free agent
Prevent your quarterback from getting sacked in a game.

Walter Payton free agent
Score 6 rushing touchdowns in one game with the same player.