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Google to help out with suicide prevention

1 comments Chris Higgins - Apr 7, 10 10:29am (PST)
[image1 width=183 height=153 float=left]Nowadays, people use the internet for everything, especially when they want to find out information. With this in mind, giant Google is doing its part when a user enters in a search relating to suicide. ...

A Guinness World Record for Batman: Arkham Asylum

10 comments Chris Higgins - Aug 28, 09 1:47pm (PST)
Well isn't this pretty cool?  There has been a lot of news about the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game, but who would have thought that it would earn a Guinness world record? The people at the Guinness World Records gave the game the title "Most ...

Music device powered by temperature change

15 comments Chris Higgins - Aug 28, 09 1:06pm (PST)
One of the latest pieces of technological advancement is the Greenergy music player, a device designed by Dmitriy Shcherbakov, which uses constantly changing temperature as an energy source.  This isn't a totally next energy concept, as the Atoms ...

Google Docs gets translation support

0 comments Chris Higgins - Aug 27, 09 1:46pm (PST)
Internet giant Google continues to support multiple languages, with Google Docs its latest foray; the corporation's translation system currently supports up to 42 different languages. The feature automatically figures out what language is curently ...

Race-swap on Microsoft’s website stirs some controversy

16 comments Chris Higgins - Aug 26, 09 1:29pm (PST)
If you have been paying attention to Twitter, a few other social sites, or even a thread in our own forums, you will notice that Microsoft has provoked some controversy. On the United States version of the Microsoft Business website, there is a ...

Throw out Windows for open source, says Free Software Foundation

11 comments Chris Higgins - Aug 26, 09 12:58pm (PST)
[image1 link=yes width=179 height=259] What are you in favor of?  Windows, or something free such as Linux?  This Wednesday the Free Software Foundation (FSF) will be holding a demonstration in Boston, where they will try to convince businesses ...

Wii Bowling Ball makers deny responsibility for damages

5 comments Chris Higgins - Jun 25, 09 2:08pm (PST)
Do you remember when the Wii first came out and all the lawsuits that followed?  All because owners would not properly follow instructions!  Well, gaming accessories manufacturer CTA Digital has produced a new controller for the Wii, and it ...

21,000+ upset gamers aiming to boycott Left 4 Dead 2

24 comments Chris Higgins - Jun 10, 09 12:32pm (PST)
Last week at E3 we heard the announcement of Valve's new game, Left 4 Dead 2, and we were even able to get some hands-on action and a demo video.  But not everyone is happy. As you may have already heard, some of the more hardcore Left 4 Dead fans ...

Free virus software, brought to you by Microsoft

11 comments Chris Higgins - Jun 10, 09 12:03pm (PST)
So you just bought yourself a nice new computer from Best Buy, and it came pre-installed with a whole lot of software, one of them probably being Norton Anti-Virus from Symantec.  Unfortunately, a lot of people can't stand Norton for a number of ...

Swine flu scare promotes Internet fraud

5 comments Chris Higgins - May 4, 09 6:53pm (PST)
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you might have heard about a little something called the swine flu, or more officially, H1N1.  It's caused quite a scare by spreading so quickly from person to person, claiming a few ...

ESPN content straight to your DS

0 comments Chris Higgins - Apr 14, 09 11:40am (PST)
Now this will interest you all your baseball fans.  Imagine sitting at your MLB home team's opening game, and you want a nice hot dog.  Or you would like to watch the amazing double play that just happened.   For five bucks, this ...

New iPhone app helps visually impaired

3 comments Chris Higgins - Apr 6, 09 6:02pm (PST)
As you might know, the Apple iPhone has a ton of third-party applications, ranging from a guitar emulator to the  --oh so wonderful -- iBoobs.  Now, maybe these are not so useful, but they are quite fun.  However, a new app, called Shake ...

Google Maps to be censored?

11 comments Chris Higgins - Mar 28, 09 3:00pm (PST)
Everyone likes to go on Google Maps and look up their own houses or explore their neighborhood.  Well, what if you needed to find directions someplace only to find the location blacked out? California politician Joel Anderson (R) wants to have ...

Firefox mobile released in limited beta

4 comments Chris Higgins - Mar 19, 09 6:19pm (PST)
A Fennec is a small little desert fox, one of the cute and cuddly ones.  Mozilla is naming their new mobile web browser Fennec, because it just so happens to be a smaller, cuter version of the very popular FireFox. Released yesterday as a beta ...

US Airways sued for $1 million over missing Xbox 360

10 comments Chris Higgins - Mar 12, 09 11:50am (PST)
Everyone loves their consoles, whether it be the Playstation 3, Wii, or Xbox 360.  But 21-year-old Yale student Jesse Maiman thinks his modded Xbox 360 is worth somewhere in the small area of $1 million. On December 17th, Jesse took a flight from ...

Old Mac + Dreamcast = iCast

3 comments Chris Higgins - Mar 2, 09 7:22pm (PST)
Now I'm a big PC guy, but this is pretty freakin' cool.  Imagine having your own custom built Dreamcast, derived from an old iMac.  Locigdustbin from CGCC did just that by taking an old iMac G3 and putting in some Dreamcast parts, ending up ...

U.S. government could save billions by going open-source

7 comments Chris Higgins - Feb 22, 09 12:22pm (PST)
So you might have heard of a little thing called the "economic crisis" happening all over the world.  Here's another way our federal government can save some money during these tough economic times.  Based on a study conducted by ...

GI Joe game will be based on 'The Rise of Cobra' movie

4 comments Chris Higgins - Feb 17, 09 1:12pm (PST)
August 7th, 2009 marks the release of the of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie, directed by Stephen Sommers, and EA has announced plans to make a game based on the GI Joe flick.  Talk about the revival of an American hero! The upcoming game will let ...