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Jane Austen MMO gets funded on Kickstarter, 'Ever, Jane' just reaches $100,000 goal

3 comments Adrian Lok - Dec 04, 13 11:59am (PST) Like Share

No, you didn't read wrong; it's a Jane Austen MMO

Image 1

No, this is not a joke. Ever, Jane, a Jane Austen MMO, has been funded on Kickstarter, reaching its goal of $100,000.

Ever, Jane from 3 Turn Productions will be something completely different from your typical MMO. Needless to say, there won’t be any battles or bosses. Instead of the typical attributes, players will raise “Personality Traits” through daily activities such as gossiping.

Yeah, the game mechanics are all still a bit fuzzy right now and it could be pretty boring for some gamers, but I’m personally interested to see how this game pans out. Could be pretty fun to get dressed up and go to a ball or two.

A prototype of Ever, Jane, which is currently slated to be completed in Jan 2016, can be found here.

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Atlus to publish Kickstarter-funded Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure set for 2014 release

0 comments Adrian Lok - Aug 29, 13 12:37pm (PST) Like (1) Share

An FMV point and click adventure? Color me interested!

Image 1

Atlus and Big Finish Games have announced that they have entered into a partnership to publish the Kickstarter funded Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure. According to an update from its Kickstarter page, Atlus will play test the game weekly and provide “more polish” for the game in addition to distribution capabilities.

The Tex Murphy series was first released in 1989 on PC with Mean Streets, and takes place in a post-WWIII San Francisco. Players are put in the shoes of Tex Murphy, a hard-boiled private eye that harkens back to the days of detective noir with the likes of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe -- but with a sense of humor.

The description of Tesla Effect, the sixth installment of the Tex Murphy series (first since 1998), is:

Tesla Effect begins with Tex Murphy—the down-on-his-luck gumshoe in the post-apocalyptic future—regaining consciousness on the fire escape next to his office with a gaping head wound and an injection mark on his arm. With the last seven years of his life wiped from memory, the private eye has no choice but to figure who was behind the mysterious attack and why.

Originally launched in May last year, the Kickstarter campaign for this game had reached nearly $600,000 in crowdfunding. Now with Atlus onboard, the question becomes: “What becomes of the money from the Kickstarter? Will Big Finish Games do as Divekick did and refund the money to its backers? Do they keep the money and follow-through on their pledge promises?"

At the moment, Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is due to hit Steam in Q1 2014.

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GameStop's Kongregate to release first mobile game later this month, after $10M investment

9 comments Adrian Lok - Jul 04, 13 3:22am (PST) Like Share

Kongregate will be publishing its own mobile games, starting with Tyrant: Unleashed

Image 1

Back in February Kongragate and its parent company GameStop created a $10 million fund for the development of mobile games. The $10 million would go to support mobile game developers financially in the form of cash advances as well as providing testing, QA, and helping developers monetize their games. Kongregate and GameStop would also provide marketing and a distribution platorm in the shape of GameStop's mobile apps.

Now, approximately four months later, we will see the fruits of the fund's labor. Kongregate has announced Tyrant: Unleashed from Synapse Games will be the first of five games from this fund to be released. Tyrant: Unleashed is a collectible card game that will feature both cooperative and competitive guild play.

The other four mobile games to be released by Kongregate are: BloodRealm (another collectible card game) from RedPoint Labs and Making Fun, Sheep Happens (a 2D puzzle runner) from Lingplay, Endless Boss Fight (an action game) from White Milk Games and Cardinal Quest 2 (an RPG, duh).

Tyrant: Unlesashed is slated to hit the market later in July while the remaining four games are expected to be released later this summer. All five games under the initiative will be free to play.

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Trailer for new BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm is a treat for the fans and shows off new characters

3 comments Adrian Lok - May 23, 13 12:05pm (PST) Like Share

Ooooh.... looky all the purdy moves!

Image 1

Arc System Works has released a new trailer for the PS3 version of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm. This latest installment of the BlazBlue fanchise was originally released for arcades in November 2012 in Japan. However, this latest clip shows off two new characters who were not included in the arcade version, Kagura Mutsuki (Is it just me, or does this guy look like Sol Badguy?) and Yuki Terumi.

To be honest, there doesn’t seem to be anything that we didn’t already expect from an Arc System Works fighter. The animation in the trailer looks really pretty and gameplay looks to be fast, furious and lots of fun to play. But what I’m more excited about is the second part of the trailer. The quick teaser for the new BlazBlue: Alter Memory anime. Considering the animation in both Guilty Gear and BlazBlue I always thought it would make sense for them to turn it into a series. And now they have!

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasm is due to be released in Japan for PS3 on October 24 while BlazBlue: Alter Memory is due to hit Japanese airwaves in Fall of 2013.

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Masou Kishin III - Pride of Justice announced with new trailer, slated for August 22 release

1 comments Adrian Lok - May 08, 13 3:05pm (PST) Like Share

More super robot fighting goodness from Japan

Image 1

Earlier this year, Namco Bandai announced the release of Super Robot Wars OE for the NDS. Now they’ve announced the release of Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin III – Pride of Justice.

The original Masou Kishin game made its debut on the Super Famicon in 1996 and was the first of the Super Robot Wars games to not only feature all original characters, but also the first to not utilize super deformed animation. Masou Kishin was later re-released for NDS and PSP.  The follow-up, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin II - Revelation of Evil God came out for the PSP last year for, also for the PSP.

There’s not a lot of information about the story for Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin – Pride of Justice, but regardless, I’m excited! It’s another Super Robot Wars game and original Super Famicon version was one of the first Super Robot Taisen games I’ve ever played, so needless to say, there’s a bit a sentimental value for me.

This third installment of the Masou Kishin series is slated due to be released for both PS Vita and PS3 on August 22 in Japan. First print copies of the game will include a code that allows players to change the appearance of Valsione to Valsione R from Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector.  


Details for new River City Ransom game revealed, with an expected August 2014 release

0 comments Adrian Lok - May 07, 13 10:43am (PST) Like Share

After more than 20 years, River City Ransom could get a sequel

Image 1

NES gaming fans rejoice! A sequel to the Nintendo classic, River City Ransom is currently in the works via Candian-based indie developer, Combit Studios.  

Combit Studios will work closely Million, creator of River City Ransom EX for GBA and licensor of the sequel. By working closely with Million, the as yet untitled sequel will hopefully keep with the same spirit of the original.

Though licensed by Million, Combit will fund the development of the game themselves. It is expected that crowdfunding will be utilized and a campaign is expected to launch some time in Summer this year.

In an interview with Polygon, Daniel Crenna, founder of Combit Studios revealed that the new game will take place 20 years after River City Ransom. Alex and Ryan, the protagonists from the original title will be joined Glenn, described as an “homage to ‘80s fighting games.”

The new title will retain some of the roleplaying and sandbox elements from the original as well as the original 8-bit style. Crenna stated that:

"We will be only creating 8-bit art that will match the colors that were available on the NES. You're going to get a retro style and it will look very much like the original. It will be modernized it in a way, because we're going have a lot more technological capability."

While still very much in the early stages, Combit has targeted August 2014 for the release of the River City Ransom. Currently only a Windows version has been announced with “additional platforms under consideration.”

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Big Blue, successor to Ecco the Dolphin, misses Kickstarter goal but will try again with Little Blue

2 comments Adrian Lok - Apr 30, 13 11:34am (PST) Like Share

If at first you don't succeed... try, try again?

Image 1

The Kickstarter campaign for the underwater adventure, Big Blue, failed to reach its goal. Developed by members of the original Ecco the Dolphin development team, Big Blue was billed as the spiritual successor to Ecco the Dolphin. However, the campaign only managed to raise $55,764 of its targeted $665,000. Ouch.

But fear not fans, because Ed Annunziata, creator of the original Ecco the Dolphin, has a backup plan. Rather than raising money for Big Blue all at once, a new Kickstarter campaign a smaller scale version will be launched. Entitled Little Blue, the game will feature fewer environments and playable characters, but a full game with quests and a story. By scaling down the scope of the game, less money will be required to develop Little Blue.

Once the game is successfully funded, the game will be distributed for free with a link to a new Kickstarter campaign for Big Blue. The idea is that with a smaller game, players will get a better idea of the gameplay and drum up more interest for the full scale game that Annunziata first envisioned. 

As of now, there are no dates set for the launch of the new Kickstarter campaign.

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Chinese indie developer looks to Kickstarter to fund hybrid RTS/RPG 'C-Wars', with a unique combat style

3 comments Adrian Lok - Apr 15, 13 10:44am (PST) Like Share

So here's something you don't see everyday...

Image 1

Here’s something a bit different. Recently, a Chinese indie developer by the name of Onipunks took to Kickstarter to fund their new game C-Wars. The story of behind the game is simple. 150 years ago a nuclear war broke out and humans were forced to move to the Luna (The moon?) base. Now Luna’s largest city, Alpha, has become infected with mutant zombies and spreading to Delta city. The government wants to destroy the two cities and it’s your job to as the commander of Sector 7 to go in and find out the truth before it’s too late.

Okay, so the premise for C-Wars sounds a bit bland, but that’s not what stands out about this game; it’s the combat system, which Onipunk describes as a combination of Roguelike, RTS and ARPG. I would say it’s more a bit RTS and a bit tactical RPG. Basically, your attacks are based on a timer, but you’re also able to move your characters back to dodge. As players earn more money, they’re able to summon more minions in battle to assist.  

The other thing that stands out is that, as far as I can tell, this is the first game developer from China to utilize Kickstarter. Well, American McGee’s Spicy Horse is based in China, but that seems a bit deviant from my point. It's rather encouraging that a Chinese developer is willing to use this method to fuel their creativity.

As of the writing of this article Onipunk’s Kickstarter campaign has already raised $24,788 for their $32,000 goal with 26 days remaining. In addition to Kickstarter, C-Wars is also listed on Steam Greenlight.

C-Wars is currently being developed Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.  If you want to try it C-Wars, Onipunk currently has an alpha build for download here.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 'Jetstream Sam' DLC available today, add-on reveals Sam's origins

3 comments Adrian Lok - Apr 09, 13 10:53am (PST) Like Share

More Zandatsu fun with Sam!

Image 1

Last month Konami announced that it would be releasing two separate DLC that for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, each expanding upon the original story. Today, the first of these two DLC hits the digital download realm.

Merely named “Jetstream Sam,” the DLC will allow you to play as the Raiden’s cyber samurai nemesis, Jetstream Samuel Rodrigues. According to the Facebook page, the new DLC will not only take place during the events of for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but also delve into Jetstream Sam’s origins.
To commemorate the release, Konami has also released a Japanese trailer and I’ve got to say, Sam looks pretty badass. I mean, way more badass than Raiden-badass. It could be that I didn’t bother to get all of Raiden’s moves when I beat Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but it looks like Jetstream Sam has more amusing moves to use, too. How is it that Raiden always seems to get outshone all the time? Even in his own game, people gravitate towards the other characters.
Anyways, the “Jetstream Sam” DLC will hit both XBLA and PSN sometime today. The price is expected to be $6.99, but there’s been no official confirmation on the pricing from Konami. 

Black Rock Shooter: The Game trailer unveiled, PSN release date announced

27 comments Adrian Lok - Apr 07, 13 1:34pm (PST) Like (1) Share

A loligoth wielding a giant gun to save the world!

Image 1

A trailer for the North American release of Black Rock Shooter: The Game was recently released for public consumption by NIS America. There’s not a lot of gameplay footage in the trailer, but given that the Japanese version of the game has been out for nearly two years, it should be easy enough to find it if you tried. Really, that's not the big news though. The thing that should get fans excited is that little bit at the end of the trailer with a release date!

Black Rock Shooter: the Game is an RPG based on the Black Rock Shooter franchise about a mysterious girl with a glowing blue eye who is tasked with saving the world. The game was originally released in Japan by Imagepooch in August of 2011. Around the same time, NIS America announced that it had purchased the North American rights to the property. However, since then, news on the localization had been few and far in between until now.
In case you haven’t skipped ahead to the trailer below, Black Rock Shooter the Game will be released for PSP on April 24 exclusively via PSN.

Zynga hands out raises to executives in hopes that higher pay will keep them in company

7 comments Adrian Lok - Apr 05, 13 1:57pm (PST) Like Share

Loses a ton of money, so execs are getting pay raises: awesome!

Image 1

Zynga just reported in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission that they will be giving all of their top executives a hefty pay raise. In fact, they will make nearly double their previous base salary. In addition they could potentially earn up to another 200% of their base salary, provided that the company meets certain performance levels. Not bad considering Zynga’s stock price has dropped over 70% in the last year.

The move comes in an effort for Zynga to retain its top level executives after a recent exodus of a number of high ranking personnel from the company. The most notable of which was Dan Porter, the general manager of the New York office and founder of OMGPOP. Meanwhile, Zynga developers are losing their jobs due to underperforming games and studio closures. So there's that.

This comes on the heels of Zynga’s announcement that it will go into real money gambling market.

Now, this may be the gamer in me speaking, but I wonder how much all of this will really help Zynga in the long run. Their games have never really been too innovative (although I was at one time an avid player of both Words with Friends and Scramble with Friends) and I’ve always been skeptical of microtransactions. However, Zynga employs a total of 3,000 people full time and part time and if this means that this will keep those people in a job a little bit longer, then more power to them, I guess. 

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Insane new Killer is Dead trailer is all about drinking wine and slicing up gigantic aliens

1 comments Adrian Lok - Apr 02, 13 10:39am (PST) Like Share

Subtitles, it's always got to be subtitles

Image 1

Remember how the first trailer for Killer is Dead was so crazy and didn’t really make much sense? Well, the new trailer is even crazier and more nonsensical!

Can someone please tell me what's going on after watching the trailer? There’s something about the Earth being stolen, a fight with a giant building-destroying alien and a woman with 14 arms (By the way, what is it with these women with a extra arms? First Mistral and Vivienne?).

Now, I’ve never actually played any of Suda51’s games before (never owned any of the Nintendo systems), but all of his games have looked like a lot of fun to play. Afterall, over-the-top super stylized action is pretty much a guarantee for a good time, right? Needless to say, I’m excited for Killer is Dead. Action aside, you've got the insane-looking story and a that surreal anime look and feel to it. Just look at Mondo’s arm: looks like something that should’ve come from Akira.

As of right now, Killer is Dead is slated to be released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in the summer of this year.


The Last of Us trailer has people cutting off zombie heads and smuggling mysterious cargo

9 comments Adrian Lok - Apr 01, 13 4:01pm (PST) Like Share

Nope, this one's not an April Fool's Day joke, but an actual trailer!

Image 2

Here’s a new trailer for the highly anticipated The Last of Us. An extended version of a Walking Dead TV spot has appeared, exclusively for, of all places.

Anyhow, the trailer itself looks pretty impressive. I mean, there wasn’t a whole lot of gameplay, but there were a lot of cutscenes and it looks all dramatic-like. Really serious stuff. All in all, The Last of Us is going to be a pretty cinematic game, which, I guess shouldn’t be a surprise considering it’s from Naughty Dog of Uncharted fame. Although, I will say this looks a fair bit more brutal than Uncharted. I mean, the dude stabbed the zombie in the neck AND cut his head off! That’s pretty hardcore.

Personally, I’m pretty excited by what I see. I mean, a big part of why I love Uncharted and Mass Effect is the sense that I’m playing through a movie and The Last of Us looks like it’s going the fall in a similar vein. 

The Last of Us is set to be released on June 14, 2013.


Leisure Suit Larry HD Remake coming in late May, new jokes expected

3 comments Adrian Lok - Mar 30, 13 12:35pm (PST) Like Share

Hitting on women with inappropriate comments in HD!

Image 1

Larry Laffer, lovable double-entendre spewing, leisure suit-wearing loser looking for love in all the wrong places is coming back. This time Larry comes to us as an HD remake of the original Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.

Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe confirmed that the new game will be released in the latter half of May this year, nearly one-year after the project’s Kickstarter campaign concluded. The project originally took to Kickstarter starter last April and by the end, the project managed to raise over $655,000 and an additional $20,000 in PayPal contributions.

Al Lowe, the creator of Leisure Suit Larry, states that in addition to the graphics upgrade, some of the jokes may be updated as well. Though I wonder how much of that will really be necessary. I mean, I haven’t played the game in a while, but as I recall the humor should hold up pretty well.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded is expected to be released for PC, iOS and Android.

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Skullgirls Indiegogo reaches $829,000, five characters funded and Mane6 to get their engine from Lab Zero

19 comments Adrian Lok - Mar 29, 13 11:34am (PST) Like Share

Aww, a happy story with a happy ending; very My Little Pony, no?

Image 2

About 10 days ago, Lab Zero games announced that they would donate a free license to Mane6 for their Skullgirls fighting engine if they reached $725,000? Well, the Indiegogo campaign has come to a close and incredibly, Lab Zero has raised over $825,000, nearly 5.5 times their original target of $150,000.

So what does this mean, exactly? Well, first of all it means that Mane6 will have access to the Skullgirls engine in their development Fighting is Magic. Now, while I’m not sure if this means that it will cut down any of the development time for Fighting is Magic, it does sound like it will cut down on the development costs for the game.

In addition to the Mane6 getting a free engine Lab Zero will also be releasing another mystery character as well as Robo-Fortune. This means overall, Skullgirls fans will get to enjoy five new playable characters. Each of these characters (two of which will be fan chosen) will have their own stage and stories. So all in all, backers get the satisfaction that they’ve not just supported one, but two indie game projects. I guess, in this case, it’s pretty much a win-win situation for all those involved.


Super Robot Wars OE announced as an episodic game, Keroro Gunso makes its debut in the franchise

1 comments Adrian Lok - Mar 26, 13 12:48pm (PST) Like Share

Mecha mash-up fun is always a good thing in my book

Image 1

Now here’s some news that’s got me all giddy inside. A new Super Robot War game has been announced. Entitled Super Robot War OE, this new entry into the franchise will be based on the Super Robot War Neo system with a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics.

One new wrinkle with Super Robot Wars OE is that the the new PSP entry will be presented in an episodic fashion. The game will be split into eight chapters with each containing over 20 stages, with the first chapter expected to cost ¥500 ($5.28) and each subsequent chapter to cost ¥1000 ($10.57). Players will also be given the option to purchase the entire package for ¥6940 ($73.37). Each chapter will only be downloadable via PSN.

Super Robot Wars OE is expected to contain mechs from over 50 series including: Gurren Lagen, Code Geass, Zoids, Keroro Gunso, Jushin Liger, Go Saurer, Shin Mazinger, Gundam, Gundam 08th MS, Gundam 0080, Gundam Z, Gundam ZZ, G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam 00, Macross F, GoShogun, Dancouga, Aura Battler Dunbine and Ramune & 40.

So, the series that immediately jump out at me are Keroro Gunso and Zoids. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised considering that Virtual On has been in two of the Super Robot War games. But still, they seem just a bit out of place in my mind. 


Divekick coming to PSN, a two-button fighting game parody that originally started as a joke via Kickstarter

1 comments Adrian Lok - Mar 26, 13 10:46am (PST) Like Share

What more is there to say? You kick and you dive.

Image 1

One True Game Studio’s Divekick started off as a joke, a parody of the fighting game genre. But it seems to have become more than just that. Originally seeking funding from Kickstarter, One True Game Studio managed to find a publisher in Iron Galaxy Studios in July of last year and subsequently cancelled the Kickstarter campaign.

The idea behind Divekick is simple. There are only two buttons: one for diving (jumping) and one for kicking. If you press kick while standing, you’ll move backwards. That’s it! There’s no forward, back, ducking or blocking. The entire game is dependent on your positioning. Each hit ends the round and the first one to five wins the match.

So Divekick looks like it’s a lot of fun to play. One of those games that feels kind of stupid at first and then gets you hooked, making you obsessive trying to catch every nuance of the game.

Divekick is expected to hit PSN in Q3 of this year.


Six minutes of gameplay released for PSN title 'rain,' innovative stealth mechanics revealed

6 comments Adrian Lok - Mar 26, 13 10:25am (PST) Like Share

A new way of hiding in plain sight

Image 2

Sony Japan Studio has released six-minutes of gameplay footage for their upcoming PSN stealth adventure title rain.

First announced at Gamescom last year, rain puts you in the shoes of a boy who can only be seen in the rain. In his wandering, the boy meets a girl whom he follows. As he follows her, he finds that the girl is being hunted by beastly apparitions.

As you progress through the game, you will need to avoid these beasts and that’s where the game is unique. There are no attacks in the game, so the boy will have to avoid detection; or perhaps you'll eventually be forced to act. This will force players to carefully consider their plan of action rather than rushing headlong into every situation. Actually, this game mechanic reminds me a bit of Metal Gear Solid, except that the consequences, I imagine, will be more dire.

There’s no word yet on when the game will be released. 


The Big Blue hits Kickstarter, spiritual successor to Ecco the Dolphin uses song to create life

2 comments Adrian Lok - Mar 25, 13 10:38am (PST) Like Share

Looping that song from the Little Mermaid: "Under the sea... under the sea..."

Image 2

Okay, so I’m sure most of you out there have at least heard of Ecco the Dolphin. It’s the classic game about the dolphin and his adventures in the vast blue sea. Well, the creators have now gone to Kickstarter to fund a new and rather ambitious underwater action/adventure game named The Big Blue.

The Big Blue has no actual relationship with Ecco the Dolphin, but is rather Ecco the Dolphin’s spiritual successor. The game takes place a million of years in the future long after humans have become extinct. Players will start as a single dolphin whose song is able to create other lifeforms. I’m assuming that you’ll be using these abilities to form other creatures to help you solve puzzles, similar to the original Ecco games.

Spearheaded by Ed Annunziata, creator of the original Ecco the Dolphin, the Kickstarter campaign currently has a deadline of April 29 to reach its $665,000 goal. If that goal is exceeded by 50% ($997,500) the developers will introduce a co-op mode into the game. If they exceed the goal by double ($1.33 million) they’ll turn the game into an MMO.

Currently developed on Unity, the team has already released a very early prototype for everyone to check out. The Big Blue will be released on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. The expected launch date for the game is set for April 22, 2014, Earth Day.

Now, I certainly remembered playing Ecco the Dolphin as a kid on the Sega Genesis. The problem I had was that at time I had no idea what was going on (Hey! Give me a break! I was like, nine years old when it came out). That being said, it was a beautiful game for its time and despite being utterly confused by it, is one of the gaming experiences that did stand out for me from that era.

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Daylight trailer from Zombie Studios shows new horror survival game with randomly generated levels

5 comments Adrian Lok - Mar 25, 13 10:30am (PST) Like Share

Waking up in an abandoned and haunted hospital: someone had a good night!

Image 1

So here’s an early look at Daylight a new horror-survival type game developed by Zombie Studios, the guys who brought you Blacklight: Retribution. Not a lot has been disclosed about the game right now. All we know is that you wake up in an abandoned hospital with some kind of presumably dark past. Armed only with a cell phone and any random objects you pick up along the way, your objective is to make your way out of the hospital in one piece.

Powered by the Unreal 4 Engine Daylight will have a “procedurally generated world.” In other words, the game will be randomly generated every time a new game is started. “The layout of the hospital, the location of the items that populate the world, and location of events that happen,” will all change with each playthrough. According to Zombie Studios no two experiences will be the same.

Obviously, there’s not a lot that we know about the game right now, but does anyone else get a Slender vibe crossed with a bit of point and click? Anyhow, it’ll be interesting to see how scary the game is when it’s fully playable and just how different each play through is.

There’s no official release date for Daylight yet. All we know is that it will coming to Steam “soon.” 

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