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Blacklight Retribution brings new characters and maps for The World's End update

1 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 18, 12 3:17pm (PST) Like Share

The Mayans couldn't have predicted this

Image 1

Zombie Studios' free to play shooter Blacklight: Retribution will be reciveing a sizeable update in the coming weeks. Titled "The World's End," the game's latest update will have players fighting it out in two new maps. The developers have put an emphasis on verticallity, giving players different vantage points with which to quell their foes.

Also included in the update are new pieces of equipment, such as the firewall breach kit, which allows for faster hacking, or the auto turret that, well, kills things. Zombie even added new armor types and weapons, as well as brand new playable characters.

You can see it all and more in the trailer down below.

A final release date has yet to be set, but hopefully it'll be timed with December 21 -- the real world's end. Just kidding, we don't actually believe in that stuff... Now excuse us while we hide in our makeshift bomb shelter.

Categories: PC Games

D3 bringing Earth Defense Force 4 to North America under new name, 'Earth Defense Force 2025' in 2013

3 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 13, 12 2:56pm (PST) Like Share


Image 1

Earlier this year, publisher D3 announced the latest entry in the Earth Defense Force franchise, Earth Defense Force 4. Series fans remained hopeful that the game would come stateside, and now D3 can confirm that Earth Defense Force 4 will indeed launch in North America.

Retitled as Earth Defense Force 2025, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can expect the game to release in 2013. No PC version has been confirmed, though 2011's Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon did recieve a PC port no too long after launch. 2025 marks a return for developer Sandlot Games, who did not develop the last game in the series.

D3 hasn't revealed much on the new game, other than it will come packed with more levels, new guns and new vehicles. Oh, and there will also be four-player multiplayer, a first for the series. EDF: IA featured three-player co-op campaign as well as a six-player survival mode, so we're hoping both will make their return.

Earth Defense Force: 2025 isn't the only EDF title launching in 2013, however, as Earth Defense Force 2017: Portable lands on the PlayStation Vita in February.

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Categories: Console Games

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PSN today and it doesn't come with Trophies

30 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 11, 12 3:19pm (PST) Like (2) Share (1)

Take a trip back to 2004

Image 2

Earlier this year, Rockstar Games planned a PSN re-release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However, following some unexpected issues, the game had to be pushed back indefinetly. Thankfully, Rockstar has finally announced a release date: today!

PS3 users who boot up the PlayStation Store can find the game located under the PlayStation 2 classics section. Pricing is $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99, depending on your territory. Unexpectedly, the re-release is a tad costly, sporting a $5 premium over other PlayStation 2 classics, which usually go for $9.99, including the original Max Payne. Readers can also purchase San Andreas on Steam for the same price as the PSN version.

Because the game is launching as a PlayStation 2 classic, that means gamers can expect it to come with all the features included in original release -- and no additional changes. Yes, that means no Trophy support, HD graphics or 3D capabilities, but hey, at least we finally have San Andreas on the PlayStation Store.

Categories: Sony Consoles

Sony releases new trailer, demo for LittleBigPlanet: Karting

3 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 05, 12 1:57pm (PST) Like Share

You can even make an FPS level!

Image 1

Just under a month after LittleBigPlanet Karting was released, Sony has decided to release a demo for the game. If you're still on the fence about Sackboy's latest adventure, the demo is available right now via the PlayStation Store.

From the sounds of it, the demo will contain contents similar to that of the beta, coming packed with a tutorial, two Story tracks, a minigame and plenty of costumes and decorations.

While gamers are waiting for the demo to download, they can also check out a brand new trailer released for the game, showcasing LittleBigPlanet Karting's creative toolset. Watch it down below:

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GungHo America brings six PSOne Classics to PSN today

2 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 04, 12 8:49pm (PST) Like Share

Prepare to play these Japanese Classics on your PS3

Image 3

Back in 2011, Sony announced a new section of the PlayStation Store. Dubbed "Imports," here users would find a compilation of PSOne titles that had never been released outside of Japan. However, though it was a noble ambition at first, Sony quickly stopped updating the library, leaving users with only a handful of titles to choose from.

That's where publisher Gungho Entertainment comes in. The company has brought six of its PSOne titles to the Imports Section in today's PlayStation Store update. Included games are Zanaz X Zanac, Makerune Makendo 2, Vehicle CavalierLUP★SALAD, Art Camion Sugorokuden and FINGER★FLASHING. Each game is priced at $5.99 USD.

Unfortunately, GungHo cannot confirm if the games are Vita compatible, with community coordinator Antonio Cara stating the following:

"I don’t believe imports are compatible with the PS Vita at this time, but hopefully that changes in the near future! I’ll double check though as soon as the games go live."

Of these games, a handful are PS3 only, whereas others like Zanac X Zanac are able to be played on both the PS3 and PSP.

Will you be picking up any of these games?

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