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Blacklight Retribution brings new characters and maps for The World's End update

1 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 18, 12 3:17pm (PST)
Zombie Studios' free to play shooter Blacklight: Retribution will be reciveing a sizeable update in the coming weeks. Titled "The World's End," the game's latest update will have players fighting it out in two new maps. The ...

D3 bringing Earth Defense Force 4 to North America under new name, 'Earth Defense Force 2025' in 2013

3 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 13, 12 2:56pm (PST)
Earlier this year, publisher D3 announced the latest entry in the Earth Defense Force franchise, Earth Defense Force 4. Series fans remained hopeful that the game would come stateside, and now D3 can confirm that Earth Defense Force 4 will indeed ...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PSN today and it doesn't come with Trophies

30 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 11, 12 3:19pm (PST)
Earlier this year, Rockstar Games planned a PSN re-release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. However, following some unexpected issues, the game had to be pushed back indefinetly. Thankfully, Rockstar has finally announced a release date: ...

Sony releases new trailer, demo for LittleBigPlanet: Karting

3 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 5, 12 1:57pm (PST)
Just under a month after LittleBigPlanet Karting was released, Sony has decided to release a demo for the game. If you're still on the fence about Sackboy's latest adventure, the demo is available right now via the PlayStation Store. From the ...

GungHo America brings six PSOne Classics to PSN today

2 comments Anthony Molé - Dec 4, 12 8:49pm (PST)
Back in 2011, Sony announced a new section of the PlayStation Store. Dubbed "Imports," here users would find a compilation of PSOne titles that had never been released outside of Japan. However, though it was a noble ambition at first, Sony ...