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Free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile moves from open beta to official launch, now available on Steam

8 comments Troy Crumley - Oct 23, 13 2:28pm (PST) Like Share

New class, new gems, new everything

Image 1

Path of Exile, the free-to-play action RPG from Grinding Gear Games, has officially launched today, ending the open beta after nine months. Everything from the new Scion prestige class to new gems, monsters, areas, and PvP game modes have been added to the game to celebrate the occasion. There are also the Domination and Nemesis challenge leagues to give players varying degrees of difficulties to really push their skills.

The new Scion class sounds pretty unique, as she has aspects of all three attributes (Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence) instead of being focused on just one or two. She won't be as specialized as some of the other classes, but should certainly allow players to experiment with unique customizations. However, you have to beat Path of Exile's campaign on Normal difficulty to unlock her, but she should be well worth it.

Anyone interested in trying out Path of Exile can download the game from the PoE website or on Steam. There's no cost associated with the game, but there are various items to buy if you want to help support Grinding Gear. The Open Beta Support Packs are only going to be available through midnight Pacific today, so if you want a Baby Rhoa pet, the digital soundtrack, exclusive forum title, and 200 points (used on cosmetic changes), don't delay. There are other packs to consider too, just their prices are higher.

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Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition arrives on November 15 for PC and Mac, pre-purchase now

6 comments Troy Crumley - Oct 03, 13 4:14pm (PST) Like (1) Share

Both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal included

Image 1

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn is right around 13 years old now, believe it or not, yet is easily one of the best PC games of all time. Soon you won't have to dig through your game discs to play it, as Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition is set to arrive on November 15. The Enhanced Edition is handled by Overhaul Games, just like the first one, and gamers can pre-purchase it now for the PC or Mac.

Overhaul Games has improved the graphics and gameplay of Baldur's Gate II to work on modern systems. Both Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal are included in the Enhanced Edition, so you'll be able to take your character through to the very end of the Baldur's Gate saga. There's also some new components as well, like four allies to join you, with each of them having their own unique quests. An arena challenge called The Black Pits 2: Gladiators of Thay can test your tactical ability when you want a break from the expansive story.

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition can be pre-purchased now through the Beamdog website for $24.95. It'll be playable on PCs and Macs beginning November 15, with a pre-load available a little before then to get you playing right at launch. There's planned Android and iOS versions, however those don't have a release date or price.

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Journey to North Africa in Sniper Elite 3's debut trailer

1 comments Troy Crumley - Oct 01, 13 4:52pm (PST) Like Share

Kill-cam adventures in the desert

Image 1

It's been some time since Sniper Elite 3 was announced, but Rebellion has been hard at work on it. Well, that and Nazi Zombie Army 2. When SE3 was announced, there wasn't a whole lot to go on other than it'd star Karl Fairburne again and hints that it would take place in Africa. Earlier today the first trailer arrived, and Sniper Elite 3 does indeed take place during the North African part of World War II.

Fairburne finds himself behind enemy lines as he helps the Allies whittle down the German's Tiger tanks. Of course things are never quite that easy, as a new German technology could quickly end all hope for the Allies. However we don't know just what the Germans have in store for us, so this new superweapon could be just about anything. It'll be up to Fairburne to put an end to it, or the world will be a very different place.

Sniper Elite 3 has a larger focus on sandbox gameplay, according to Rebellion, and a much more advanced X-ray kill-cam. Rebellion is introducing the vehicle kill-cam as well, which you can see evidenced in the trailer below. It should make for some truly spectacular results, but sadly we all have to wait until next year to try it out. Sniper Elite 3 arrives in 2014 for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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First screenshots appear for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, in-game look at the horror fiction title

9 comments Troy Crumley - Sep 19, 13 6:12pm (PST) Like (2) Share

Incredibly atmospheric and detailed

Image 1

Eight key members of the People Can Fly studio, the ones who brought us Bulletstorm and Painkiller, created a new studio last year called The Astronauts. Earlier today the team released several screenshots of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a horror game that's focused on the mood, atmosphere, and telling a story. The developers call it "weird fiction horror," where the scares are more tension-based than all-out terror.

In The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, you play as occult detective Paul Prospero who receives a letter from the title character, Ethan Carter. Paul believes Ethan is in grave danger, and when he arrives in the town of Red Creek Valley to locate him, Ethan has vanished after a brutal murder. Perhaps there are more murders to investigate than just that one, and Paul must use both his normal and supernatural detective skills to piece together the clues.

Paul's supernatural ability allows to him see the final moments of a murder, with the more clues you find enabling a longer and clearer picture. What you're able to gather from the corpse can be different for each one, so sometimes you may find the motive or a new location to investigate, or even both. Gameplay is delivered in a first-person view, so you'll have an up-close look at the game's stunning environments and and murder clues. There's no combat in the game, as The Astronauts want to deliver a solid story and highlight the humanity of the characters.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a PC exclusive right now, but it could make its way to next-gen systems later on. There's no release date either, but the developer says "it's a question of months."

Click here to see more images
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Firefall developer Red 5 Studios hit by layoffs, shouldn't affect development

0 comments Troy Crumley - Sep 18, 13 3:46pm (PST) Like Share

More "streamlined" approach

Image 1

Red 5 Studios is amping things up for its free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall, and sadly that means the developer is restructuring its staff and laying off around 10% of its workers. Most of the newly unemployeed were with Stage 5 TV, its video Internet entertainment channel, and Red 5 says development won't be affected by the layoffs.

Mark Kern, CEO and founder of Red 5, had the following to say about the layoffs: "As Firefall matures, we must transition our priorities and our development strategy to focus on streamlined operations and live product support."

Firefall entered open beta in July, and according to the developer, Stage 2 of it is "well underway." A major patch is expected later this month, so avid Firefall players have that to look forward to. Red 5 is temporarily shutting down the PvP in Firefall, as it'll work to bring the more popular PvE up to an even higher standard. There's no word as to when PvP will be shut down and brought back, but hopefully it's not too long of a wait.

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Andrew Wilson welcomed in as new CEO of EA, replacing John Riccitiello

9 comments Troy Crumley - Sep 17, 13 2:49pm (PST) Like Share

Formerly the executive vice president for EA Sports

Image 1

This past March, EA CEO John Riccitiello announced he was stepping down from his position, which was quite a shock. At the time only a temporary replacement was named, Larry Probst, while a search was underway for a new CEO. Now, the search is over as former EA Sports executive vice president Andrew Wilson is taking over the reins as the new CEO.

Wilson had the following to say about his new role:

I have a profound respect and passion for this organization, as well as for our global community of fans, and I’m incredibly motivated to serve our people, our gamers and our shareholders at such an exciting time in our industry.

He envisions EA as "the World's Greatest Company," not because of what it's aiming for, but rather the "unfaltering commitment to what we will be every day." Right now, Wilson's focus is on: "Continued transformation for our digital future; Delivering amazing games and services across platforms; and Instilling a culture of execution that will drive profitable growth."

It's a time of change at EA, and Wilson seems extremely eager to lead the company through it. In the short term, there's a committment to PCs, next-gen consoles, and mobile devices; a "transition" to digital downloads; and even a multitude of games on the way this year for the company to deliver on. There's plenty on the plate for Wilson to handle, and hopefully find a way to remove that worst company title.


Diablo 3 gold and real money auction houses closing down next March

6 comments Troy Crumley - Sep 17, 13 12:22pm (PST) Like Share (1)

"Undermines" the core experience

Image 1

Diablo III's auction houses, one of the polarizing features of the game, are going to be shut down on March 18, 2014. According to Blizzard's John Hight, the auction houses no longer fit with what Diablo III and the upcoming expansion, Reaper of Souls, are trying to accomplish. The closure will affect both the gold and real-money auction houses, and should probably make a lot of people pretty happy.

Hight had the following to say about why the auction houses are closing:

When we initially designed and implemented the auction houses, the driving goal was to provide a convenient and secure system for trades. But as we've mentioned on different occasions, it became increasingly clear that despite the benefits of the AH system and the fact that many players around the world use it, it ultimately undermines Diablo's core game play: kill monsters to get cool loot. With that in mind, we want to let everyone know that we've decided to remove the gold and real-money auction house system from Diablo III.

"Undermine" is a pretty strong word, but it does tend to line up with what Jay Wilson said earlier this year. Wilson expressed regret over what the auction houses have done to the game, and Hight backs that up with why they're closing. The Loot 2.0 system coming with Reaper of Souls is going to result in a "much more rewarding game experience," and should bring Diablo III more in line with its predecessors.

Details on how the auction houses will be shut down aren't known just yet, but Blizzard wanted everyone to have advanced knowledge about the closure. Both John Hight and Josh Mosqueira explain the decision in the video below.

Auction House Update - YouTube

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Get ready for the action, as Battlefield 4's open beta begins October 1

6 comments Troy Crumley - Sep 16, 13 4:00pm (PST) Like Share

Blow things up ahead of time

Image 1

Battlefield 4 is a little over a month away, and if you're eager to try it out, you aren't alone. Luckily you don't have to wait very long to get a look at the game, as EA revealed Battlefield 4's open beta begins on October 1. The beta will be available on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, although an exact run time is unknown. Given it releases around a month before the full game, a two week beta seems most appropriate.

EA also recently detailed the upgrade process if you're moving from a PS3/X360 to a PS4/Xbox One version of Battlefield 4, as well as Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14, for as little as $10. The launch dates for those games are all the same, so you can pick up any or all three on November 12 for the PS4 (November 29 in Europe), and November 19 for the Xbox One (November 21 in Europe). All upgrades and unlocks carry over between the generations, so you don't have to worry about losing out on any progress.

The Battlefield 4 open beta should be on any FPS fans radar on October 1, and hopefully more details arrive before then so we know what map(s) to expect. Battlefield 4 arrives in full on October 29 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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Fight the undead again, as Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 arrives later this year on PC

13 comments Troy Crumley - Sep 06, 13 6:08pm (PST) Like (1) Share

Could hit the PS4 and Xbox One, too

Image 1

The Sniper Elite series received its first spin-off earlier this year in the form of Nazi Zombie Army, which developer Rebellion called a "gamble." However, that gamble certainly paid off, and now even more so as Nazi Zombie Army 2 has been announced. Rebellion expects the sequel to arrive before the end of the year on PCs, and potentially even the PS4 and Xbox One.

Nazi Zombie Army 2 once agains features OSS agent Karl Fairburne and three of his pals fighting off the zombie horde in Berlin. Just everything is getting bumped up a notch, with creative head Tim Jones stating:

We really wanted to heighten the demonic, nightmarish tones of the first game. The environments, the levels, the soundtrack all give a strong feeling of descent - each encounter, each level becoming progressively more hellish. Most importantly though, we've expanded the legions of Nazi undead with some really intimidating new enemies which we'll reveal soon.

More demonic, more disturbing, more enemies; what's not to like? Hopefully soon we'll get a good idea of just what Rebellion intends for NZA2, but it certainly isn't looking like something we want to miss. Right now it's just a PC game, but the developer is hoping to take advantage of the self-publish option on both the PS4 and Xbox One in order to get the game to more people. Rebellion isn't saying one way or the other on that route, just that it's a "possibility."

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 isn't the only thing Rebellion is working on, as Sniper Elite 3 is due next year for the PC and current and next-gen consoles.

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Layoffs hit Sony Online Entertainment offices in San Diego and Austin

0 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 28, 13 4:48pm (PST) Like Share

Move to better focus on current and upcoming MMOs

Image 1

Layoffs have hit another video game studio it seems, as Sony Online Entertainment announced a reduction in staff at its San Diego and Austin offices. The move is to help lower costs and better align company resources, just at the expense of peoples' jobs. Basically it's to ensure work on EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark is as focused as possible, as well as keep PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online running smoothly.

SOE's community relations director Linda Carlson had the following to say about the layoffs on the DCUO forums:

Today we announced a reduction in our workforce at SOE. As a company, our goal is to focus on our core expertise of MMO games and as part of these efforts, we had to make the difficult decision to eliminate positions to help reduce costs, streamline our employee base and strategically align resources towards our current portfolio of games and upcoming slate of MMOs, including EverQuest Next Landmark and EverQuest Next. We deeply value our employees and are grateful for all they've contributed to our company and games. They will be missed by colleagues and friends, and we wish them well in the future.

There's no word on just how many employees are now looking for new jobs, but hopefully they land on their feet somewhere else before long. It's also unknown which parts of SOE the positions were cut from, but it doesn't look like game development is getting hit too hard, if at all.

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See how you can change Battlefield 4's maps with Levolution in newest video

6 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 22, 13 4:20pm (PST) Like Share

Explosions everywhere

Image 1

Levolution. It sounds like a funny name, but it's the basis of how maps in Battlefield 4 can be changed in radical new ways to present an entirely new fighting area. There's been snippets of it in previous videos, but this time, lead multiplayer designer Thomas Andersson is ready to go into detail on just what Levolution is all about.

It wasn't always a way for players to shape the map on their own, as initial testing had it on a timer that would trigger regardless of player involvement. However that soon changed because DICE realized players like having that amount of control, and Levolution as we know it began to take shape. It's a way to dramatically alter a multiplayer match to make it feel more like single player, with massive set pieces tumbling down when they just can't sustain any more damage. That skyscraper on the Siege of Shanghai map is just one example of what can happen in a match.

Players can focus all their efforts on bringing down that skyscraper, while others may want to protect it for the advantage it provides their team. Maybe having the skyscraper is suited to the team's playstyle, while not having it is better for the other. There's other things too that can trigger Levolution, like a warhead going off, with teams fighting to control whether or not its timer reaches zero.

There's a lot more to Levolution than just the big stuff, like raising or lowering bollards to determine what vehicles pass through. Metal detectors can act as early warning systems, power can be cut to buildings, and plenty of other things can affect the tide of battle. It all sounds like a unique way of keeping players engrossed in mutliplayer, and a huge leap forward from the destruction seen in past Battlefield games.

We won't have long to see how it all plays out, as Battlefield 4 arrives on October 29 for the PC, PS3, and 360. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions arrive when those consoles do, so November 15 for the PS4 and sometime that month for the Xbox One.

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The Humble Origin Bundle arrives with Dead Space 1 and 3, Crysis 2, and plenty of others

15 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 22, 13 2:01pm (PST) Like Share

Update Two new games get added

Image 1

Update (8/22): Two new games have been added to the Humble Origin Bundle: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising and Populous. Both games are available on Origin for Windows, with Uprising also available on Steam. Each one is included in the beat the average price, which is currently at $4.83. A new charity has also been added, so now you can donate to GamesAid, too. This bundle has been an immense success (to put it lightly), with more than 1.7 million bundles sold and over $8.2 million raised. It effectively blows by the other Humble Bundles, and with a little under six days to go, the numbers are sure to reach even new limits.

It's time for another Humble Bundle, and like the Deep Silver one, this isn't an indie affair. EA has teamed up with the Humble Bundle crew to offer a variety of games that work on Origin, with some also unlocking on Steam. For $1, you can get Dead Space 1, Dead Space 3, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Mirror's Edge, Crysis 2: Maximum Edition, and Medal of Honor. Beating the average also nets a copy of The Sims 3 and two DLC from the Starter Pack, plus Battlefield 3. The soundtracks for Sims 3 and Battlefield 3 are also included, although those are with any price.

Currently the average is sitting at $4.53, so pretty much anyone should be able to afford that for an absolute bounty of games. The Humble Origin Bundle has sold more than 110,000 bundles so far, with more than $500,000 being processed in just the short time since launch. All the games work on Origin on Windows, with Sims 3 also available on Mac. Steam keys are provided for everything but Dead Space 3, Battlefield 3, and Sims 3.

All proceeds from the sales go to various charities: the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Watsi, and the Human Rights Campaign. You can also send some as a Humble Bundle tip, but regardless of where you send it, it's all for a great cause. Like past bundles, the Humble Origin Bundle lasts for the next two weeks, with any extra games (if added) unlocked in about a week.

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Subscription fees are the name of the game with The Elder Scrolls Online

19 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 21, 13 4:22pm (PST) Like Share

Standard $15/month rate

Image 1

The Elder Scrolls Online is the first MMO in the popular RPG's line, and despite everything shown so far, the one piece of information we were missing was a cost. Would it be subscription-based or free-to-play? Well earlier today the big announcement has been made, and The Elder Scrolls Online is a subscription-based MMORPG with a $15 a month fee.

Speaking in a recent interview, ZeniMax Online general manager Matt Firor came clean on what the model is going to be like for The Elder Scrolls Online:

We are going with the subscription model for ESO.

We're building a game with the freedom to play - alone or with your friends - as much as you want. A game with meaningful and consistent content - one packed with hundreds of hours of gameplay that can be experienced right away and one that will be supported with premium customer support. Charging a flat monthly (or subscription) fee means that we will offer players the game we set out to make, and the one that fans want to play. Going with any other model meant that we would have to make sacrifices and changes we weren't willing to make.

The game is going to be free for the first 30 days after purchase, with all the content available during that time. However, once those 30 days are up you'll need to fork over a monthly fee to continue exploring Tamriel and seeing just what Molag Bal is planning. Right now there's no mention of a discount if you buy, say, three months of game time at once, but Firor said that information will be revealed later on.

Firor went on a little further to better elaborate why TESO is subscription-based and how the decision isn't a slight against other models.

F2P, B2P, etc. are valid, proven business models - but subscription is the one that fits ESO the best, given our commitment to freedom of gameplay, quality and long-term content delivery. Plus, players will appreciate not having to worry about being "monetized" in the middle of playing the game, which is definitely a problem that is cropping up more and more in online gaming these days. The fact that the word "monetized" exists points to the heart of the issue for us: We don't want the player to worry about which parts of the game to pay for - with our system, they get it all.

Seeing it that way makes sense, but the fact remains The Elder Scrolls Online is going to require a subscription. Some people may not have a problem at paying $15 a month, but there are others who could just keep waiting for the next single-player experience from Bethesda. Plus there are always a ton of mods for Skyrim to offer new experiences.

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Ubisoft and NVIDIA forge an alliance for the best gaming experience possible

7 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 21, 13 3:03pm (PST) Like (1) Share

New technologies for heightened realism and immersion

Image 1

PC gamers may get the short straw at times, but that isn't the case today. Ubisoft and NVIDIA have announced a gaming alliance to deliver the best possible experience in games like Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch Dogs, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. It basically means NVIDIA engineers are working closely with Ubisoft studios to help bring in new technologies and enable some fo the best looking games around.

The likes of temporal anti-aliasing, which combines shader-based AA with multisampling AA, soft shadows, HBAO+ (horizon-based ambient occlusion), and advanced tessellation are all being incorporated into Ubisoft's major upcoming games. In fact, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is already available to give gamers an idea of how this alliance is already paying off. Tony Key, Ubisoft's senior vice president of sales and marketing, had the following to say about the alliance:

The PC remains one of the world’s most popular gaming platforms, and we’re committed to offering PC players the best possible experience with our games. Combining NVIDIA’s visual computing expertise and the creativity of our development teams will give customers a stunning experience when choosing an Ubisoft game for the PC.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA's Tony Tamasi, senior vice president of of content and technology, issued this statement:

PC gaming is stronger than ever and Ubisoft understands that PC gamers demand a truly elite experience – the best resolutions, the smoothest frame rates and the latest gaming breakthroughs. We’ve worked closely with Ubisoft’s incredibly talented creative teams throughout the development process to incorporate our technologies and deliver the most immersive and visually spectacular game worlds imaginable.

It's quite refreshing to see this, especially when PC gaming is supposedly dying or not as viable as consoles. PC gaming isn't going anywhere, at least not while NVIDIA and Ubisoft have anything to say in the matter. It'll be interesting to see if AMD has anything to counter this alliance with or if it'll be banking on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but time will tell.

Now, if Ubisoft could just do something about Uplay, PC gaming will most definitely be stronger than ever. We're already waving goodbye to Games for Windows Live, after all.

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EA introduces the Origin Great Game Guarantee, return a game for a full refund within certain guidelines

5 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 20, 13 1:57am (PST) Like Share

Incredibly generous offer

Image 1

EA launched the Humble Origin Bundle last week, which took several big name games and provided them all for basically nothing. Some of the games also work on Steam, and the proceeds of the sale go directly to charity and the Humble Bundle team and not to EA. It's a very nice gesture, and now there's something even nicer, as the Origin Great Game Guarantee was announced earlier in the day. What is the Great Game Guarantee? Well it basically means you can return any full game download on the PC or Mac for a full refund.

No, you aren't seeing anything, and yes, EA is absolutely serious about it. Any PC or Mac game bought on Origin and downloaded to the client can be returned within a certain time period for a full refund. Games have to be returned within 24 hours of first launching, within seven days from the initial purchase, or within seven days of the game's release date if pre-ordered. Whichever condition is met first is the deciding factor, but regardless this is a move not really seen with digital game purchases.

If the game doesn't play well with your system or it just isn't as engrossing as the hype made it seem, or anything else really, then you can get a refund. Simply navigate over to your order history page, click the "request a refund" button, answer some questions, and it's off to EA. Reponses are set to happen within 48 hours, and so long as the requirements are met, you can expect a refund within seven to ten days. Not too shabby, EA, not too shabby.

Any fraud or abuse of the refund process means your request will be denied, which is to be expected. There's probably a way to tell if gamers are trying to cheat the system by finishing a game's single-player within 24 hours and requesting a refund, but nothing has been said on that subject yet.

The Origin Great Game Guarantee is now live in 20 countries, with both it and the improved Origin Store rolling out worldwide in the coming weeks. Full coverage of the Great Game Guarantee is expected by the end of September, and when that happens, EA will have a very generous feature included with Origin. Maybe it's a way to make up for past transgressions, and regardless of what popular opinion is of EA and Origin, this is a fitting example of why competition at any level is a good thing. Now it's time to see if Valve changes its policy on refunds (which doesn't really exist).

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Say goodbye to Games for Windows Live, as Microsoft plans to discontinue it on July 1, 2014

17 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 19, 13 6:30pm (PST) Like (1) Share (1)

About time

Image 1

One of Microsoft's least favorite additions to PC gaming is finally getting the ax, as Games for Windows Live is being retired on July 1, 2014. Last week came the news the Windows Live Marketplace is being shut down this Thursday, August 22, and at the time gave no mention of a shut down for GFWL. However, something had to of changed in that time, because earlier today a since-deleted message appeared on the Age of Empires Online support page:

Games for Windows Live will be discontinued on July 1, 2014. Although it is available through Steam, Age of Empires Online requires features of the Games for Windows Live service. You can continue to enjoy all the features of Age of Empires Online as the service will remain 100% operational until July 1, 2014 when the server will shut down.

Sadly that does mean Age of Empires Online is shutting down that day, too, but maybe Microsoft deleted the message in order to find some way to keep the game around longer. As for GFWL, well, odds are it won't be entirely missed from PC gaming. Over the years more and more publishers have been moving away from it, most recently Warner Bros. with Batman: Arkham Origins, which has opted for Steamworks.

It's unknown what GFWL's demise means for all the current PC games that use it, but hopefully there's enough time to migrate everything away. Dark Souls, Fallout 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, BioShock 2, and countless others all make use of Games for Windows Live, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens with those titles. The main thing to take is that we have just under a year before GFWL is a distant memory.

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Space Hulk has landed, turn-based strategy featuring Warhammer 40,000 Terminator Squads

2 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 16, 13 4:10pm (PST) Like Share

So much firepower and death in the launch trailer

Image 1

Fans of Warhammer 40,000 and strategy games in general can rejoice, as Space Hulk has arrived. A modern recreation of the 1993 game (and based on the board game), Space Hulk sends a Space Marine Terminator Squad to receover a derelict space hulk from hordes of Genestealers. The Genestealers are a vicious bunch of tyranids that could easily wipe out your squad if you're not careful, so patience is required as you explore this vast ship.

Taking place aboard the "Sin of Damnation," Space Hulk features 12 missions from the classic game as well as three all-new prequel missions. The game does feature a 3D engine and visuals that should make anyone feel right at home if they've played some of the other WH40K games. It's turn-based strategy and claustrophobic feel, on the other hand, definitely make Space Hulk stand out from the others. You can get a glimpse of that in the launch trailer, as well as some nostalgia if you played the original game or even the board game.

Space Hulk arrived yesterday on PC, Mac, and iOS. It has both single player and multiplayer modes, with multiplayer being multiplatform and asynchronous so you can play on your own time and against whoever you like.

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Visit beautiful Los Santos and Blaine County with Grand Theft Auto V interactive travelogue

4 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 14, 13 2:28pm (PST) Like Share

So many things to see and do

Image 1

Grand Theft Auto V has just about a month to go, and Rockstar is definitely getting gamers salivating at returning to the west coast. Yesterday a dozen new screenshots were released, and now we have an interactive travelogue showing why you should visit Los Santos and Blaine County. There's really all sorts of reasons, from fast cars to a thriving economy and even the great outdoors. Plus it has "leadership you can trust," as the area is currently in the middle of a gubernatorial race between Sue Murry and Jock Cranley.

In GTA V, you don't need to worry about trying to get a good deal on a car from a salesman. Instead you simply buy it online and head out on the freeway, or maybe the surrounding hills and mountains. Heading into the wilderness also allows you to take in the vast beauty of the Blaine County countryside, complete with animals to hunt and peaks to climb. If you prefer staying closer to the city, however, there's always beaches to sunbathe on and oceans, lakes, and rivers to explore.

If you want to become a millionaire, the Los Santos real estate market provides plenty of opportunity to do so. The market is described as volatile, and hitting it big in the city will require buying a building. Luckily, healthcare is pretty affordable in Los Santos if your millions are coming in slowly, with any one of the medical centers able to patch up any wound. Oh, and apparently the taxpayers are picking up the bill, so don't worry about visiting for any minor scratch!

As for the leadership, well there are a couple of campaign videos for you to see on the travelogue to decide which candidate is more worthy of your vote. Jock Cranley is a famous movie and TV star, and his conservative values are going up the former school teacher and liberal Sue Murry. It's a tight race, and to help you decide which candidate to vote for, we have some campaign videos to ease the burden.

There's plenty more to see on that travelogue too, so don't delay. Grand Theft Auto V is slated to arrive on September 17 for the PS3 and 360. Tomorrow should bring news on Grand Theft Auto Online, the revamped multiplayer mode for GTA V, so be sure to check back for that! Maybe eventually we'll hear word on a possible PC version, too.

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Square off against the Brigmore Witches as Dishonored DLC arrives today, gameplay trailer too

0 comments Troy Crumley - Aug 13, 13 1:43pm (PST) Like Share

One last hurrah as Daud

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If you just can't get enough of Dishonored, then you'll be happy to know the final add-on is now available. The Brigmore Witches closes the story of Daud, the assassin who was the focus of The Knife of Dunwall DLC. After Daud discovers the intentions of the Brigmore Witch coven leader, Delilah, it's off to the races in order to stop a ritual from being completed. Failure to do so means certain doom for Daud.

Along the way to Delilah's stronghold, you'll explore some unseen areas of Dunwall, like Draper's Ward and Coldridge Prison. Daud, after being betrayed by his lieutenant, has to rely on the Dead Eels and the Hatters gang to traverse these new areas. Just those two gangs are fighting each other so it'll be interesting to see how you can play them off of each other, if at all. There's also new powers, weapons, gadgets, and the ability to transfer your save from The Knife of Dunwall to keep everything intact. Plus the launch trailer for The Brigmore Witches arrived today, which you can check out below. You'll definitely want to, as it's rather captivating.

Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches is priced at $9.99 or 800 MS Points. It's available now on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox LIVE, with Europe getting it tomorrow.

The Brigmore Witches DLC Trailer - YouTube

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Layoffs hit Crystal Dynamics, 12 positions removed from team working on new IP

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No affect for Tomb Raider sequel, at least

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Bad news for Crystal Dynamics, developer of the Tomb Raider series, as 12 positions have been cut by parent company Square Enix. Apparently the losses only affect the team working on an announced yet unknown game and not the Tomb Raider sequel, so at least development should be just fine on the latter. Square Enix had the following to say about the cut:

We've made some decisions at Crystal Dynamics last week around the second project we’re working on, which has resulted in a small number of roles (roughly 12) becoming redundant as we re-scope the project. This doesn't affect the Tomb Raider development team, who as confirmed last week are well into production on a next-generation sequel. We're a close-knit team at Crystal and wouldn't be making these changes if we didn't feel it was absolutely necessary. We'll help those affected as best we can and we want to thank them for their hard work and commitment.

Retooling games usually ends up in a restructured team, just it's sad that a dozen Crystal Dynamics employees are now looking for work. That new game is still basically unknown as to what exactly it'll be, since neither the developer nor Square Enix have said a word otherwise after announcing it back in January 2012. There's really no telling what it's going to be even be like, but since Square Enix felt some positions could be removed, maybe it's a smaller project.

And as for the Tomb Raider sequel, well it's going to be on next-generation systems and that's about all we know. Once more information on it and Crystal Dynamics' other project surfaces, you can be sure to find out here.

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