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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD 'Enter the Fray' trailer released, four nations and four crystals

18 comments Rory Young - Oct 29, 14 1:30am (PST) Like Share

Oof, that voice acting is something else

Image 1

Class-0 is a magical group of students for who an entire nation will rely on for protection. Or at least, that's what the latest trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD tells us is the premise of the game. Four nations and four crystals divide the land of Orience, with each nation's crystal branding its soldiers as powerful l'Cie and empowering them with the nation's unique power. Wait a second, is this Final Fantasy XIII? l'Cie? What's even going on here?

What's best to take away from the trailer is that this is absolutely a Final Fantasy game. There's a bunch of genderless pretty protagonists with sharp-edged hair who whisper meaningless statements to the wind and glare dramatically at the camera. It's almost enough to make you think this is a slice-of-life anime, as opposed to a fantasy action game. Really, where is the line drawn over at Square Enix anymore?

Of course, there's another takeaway that can be had after watching this trailer. It might not even be a Final Fantasy Type-0 trailer at all -- it might be a Final Fantasy XV demo trailer. The final 20 seconds or so are dedicated to reminding players that the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo is on the disc, provided as a voucher. That alone is going to make Type-0 a must-buy for many RPG fans.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, updated from its humble PSP origins, and its Final Fantasy XV demo will be available to purchase starting March 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Don't watch the trailer too many times, because if I know my Greek mythology (and I do) then I can tell you the voice acting is meant to lull you into a false sense of security whereby your ship will crash into the rocky shore. Do you want to drown, lulled to sleep by a pretty JRPG boy? I didn't think so. Be careful.


Sneak peak trailer for Mario Kart 8's Exitebike Arena, one of eight courses in November's DLC Pack 1

10 comments Rory Young - Oct 29, 14 12:16am (PST) Like Share

If only you wrecked for hitting a pebble, just like in the classic

Image 1

Mario Kart 8 isn't about to let the holiday season start without making sure prospective game purchasers know it's still available and still great. Today Nintendo released a teaser trailer for one of the upcoming DLC courses, Excitebike Arena. The unfortunately brief trailer, running in at just 90 seconds, is full of high ramps and sweet tricks. It's still 100% Mario Kart, however, full of coins and power-ups and extreme joy.

The course, much like the the original Nintendo Entertainment System title, is a mostly linear race track. To make up for its basic overall structure, it's filled with huge ramps that even new Mario Kart blood will feel obligated to pull tricks off of. Whether or not crash victims are awkwardly pushed off of the side of the course mid-race isn't clear just yet. One would hope, for it to stay true to the original game.

Exitebike Arena will be one of just 8 new courses to be included in DLC Pack 1, Nintendo first major premium (as in not free) DLC pack. Other content includes four karts and three playable characters: Link, Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach. The single pack will cost $7.99 and will launch sometime in November. However, for those looking for a better deal, DLC Pack 1 can be bought in a bundle with DLC Pack 2 for a price of $11.99.  Hey, $4 is $4 if you know you'll probably just buy both packs anyway.

Mario Kart 8 is currently available and is of course exclusive to the Wii U. Speaking of which, the Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle is probably still out there at some retailer. It packs the console, the game, an extra Wiimote and a steering wheel plastic peripheral for around $320. With the standard console sitting at $300, the bundle's a pretty good deal. Just watch out for higher prices, because the bundle is a bit of a rarity these days.


Halloween gives life to Humble InDIE Bundle 13, featuring OlliOlli, Risk of Rain and Shadowrun Returns

0 comments Rory Young - Oct 28, 14 11:12pm (PST) Like (1) Share

Wise from your gwave and support your indie dwevs

Image 1

Seven freshly unearthed indie games have been gathered together to bring to life the Humble Indie Bundle 13. Don't worry, the Halloween spin is just a shtick. Beyond Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs there's not much to set 13 as any scarier than previous bundles. That being said... the deals are to die for!  They're so good it's scary! I've been possessed by the spirit of bargains! Act now, before the Humble Indie Bundle 13 returns to the grave in two weeks.

As of right now there are three pay-what-you-want titles, three beat-the-average games, and one title which requires a minimum of $12 to own. As always, buyers can split their money between charity, developers and a Humble tip. As always, all games are DRM free. As always, each game is cross-platform between PC, Mac and Linux. As always, there are more games to be added to the package. Currently the average price is sitting around $6.50, so invest before the price starts to jump.

Pay What You Want

  • OlliOlli
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
  • Tower of Guns

Beat the Average

  • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
  • Jazzpunk
  • Risk of Rain (4 copies)

$12 or More

  • Shadowrun Returns

Another great selection of titles in this lot. My personal highlights are OlliOlli, Jazzpunk and Risk of Rain. That's not to say any of the other titles aren't magnificent, of course. The only thing I take issue with in the bundle is the continued inclusion of a set-price title. I prefer the system without it, but if it means a little bit more money for titles that don't set a price floor then all the better.

Head over to the Humble store today to check out the Humble Indie Bundle 13. While the Humble folk have dozens of bundles going out these days, as well as their own storefront, the Indie Bundle continues to be a great industry event in support of great works by small studios. Give a dollar or two if you can manage it, or otherwise we'll hopefully see you there next time.

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Extended Japanese Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire trailer, two TV spots

18 comments Rory Young - Oct 28, 14 8:49pm (PST) Like Share

The Pokemon marketing frenzy begins

Image 1

Japan is amping itself up for the pending release of both Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Today saw the release of three separate videos for the 3DS-exclusive monster battling games. The first is an extended 4-minute trailer going over many of the main features on Ruby and Sapphire's upgrades. The next two are a bit more tepid compared to the longer video, instead being two short TV spots. Each is just 30-seconds, but are each fun in their own way.

There's not much to go over without detailing the various announcements that I've written about in the past months. The extended trailer shows off Pikachu's various costumes, flying around above Hoenn, various new Mega Evolutions, and teases some of the game's plot-lines. Maybe some of the more dedicated Hoenn faithful can talk about whether some of the cinematic scenes we see in the trailer are from the classic titles.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are planned for release on November 21 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS in both Japan and North America. I bet western regions can expect some trailers of their own very soon. These few videos should do in the meantime, though.

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Exclusive Grand Theft Auto V content on PS4, XONE and PC detailed, mostly just vehicles

5 comments Rory Young - Oct 28, 14 7:41pm (PST) Like Share

If there's anything Trevor, Michael and Franklin love, it's lots of expensive toys

Image 1

It stands to reason that with the extra development time between Grand Theft Auto V's launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and its upcoming port to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, that a bit of extra content might be added to the game. That's content in addition to the huge visual upgrades being made, of course. Rockstar's a busy studio though, so hopefully no one got their hopes up for anything too substantial. They've got other games to work on, folk.

What sort of fluff content cant players expect then? Vehicles, weapons, costumes and an assortment of new challenges each with their own rewards (of vehicles, weapons and costumes) have been added. Here's a summarized list of what Rockstar's putting together:

  • Vehicles: 
    • Chevall Marshall Monster Truck
    • Blimp
  • Weapons:
    • Rail Gun
    • Hatchet
  • Challenges:
    • Michael's Murder Mystery
      • Reward: Two Noir Filters
    • Franklin's Wildlife Photography Challenge
      • Reward: Kraken Sub
    • Stock Car Races
      • Reward: Custom Muscle Cars
    • Monkey Mosaic Photography
      • Go Go Monkey Blista and Monkey Outfits
    • Undetermined Challenges
      • Reward: Imponte Duke O'Death
      • Reward: Dodo Seaplane

Rockstar will also be offering a bonus of GTA$1M split between Story Mode and GTA Online for those who preorder the ports. After all, what's the point of having all these new toys if you don't have the money to spend on them? Rockstar also wants fans to know that anyone who purchased the original title's Special or Collectors Editions will have access to the content from those boxes in the updated ports. Finally, no, none of this content will be brough back to the older consoles. It's special just for the new games.

Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting November 18. The PC edition, which will undoubtedly be the edition to own of the bunch, will of course be released last on January 27. Rockstar wants as many as possible to buy the game on as many platforms as possible -- they make that pretty clear and are quite unapologetic about it.


Early details on Final Fantasy XIV's Heavensward shown, Dark Knight class and personal airships

1 comments Rory Young - Oct 27, 14 11:46pm (PST) Like Share

There's already a paladin class in-game, so the balance must be restored

Image 1

Last week Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's first major expansion, Heavensward. Details, however, were rather scant. Now we know why. The Final Fantasy XIV London Fan Fast event was held this past Saturday and Square Enix had been saving the best reveals for the event. Fans who have been keeping up with the latest new from the MMO won't be too surprised with the details, but the rest of us may need to take another look at Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Feature announcements were the focus of the event, as Square Enix avoided discussing the story to any specific degree. Features should be plenty to sate our curiosity. Heavensward will feature two playable classes, two new Beastmen factions each with their own Primal, and best of all Heavensward will feature flying mounts -- flying mounts!

As the title implies, Heavensward will push players into the skies. The two mounts revealed so far include a Black Chocobo, perhaps the starting flying mount of the expansion, and a personal airship. A third mount was teased, as it will also be included as a figuring in Heavensward's Collector's Edition (some think this might be a dragon of some sort. Beyond the mounts, several sky-high environments were shown via pieces of concept art. Each one, as Final Fantasy concept art tends to be, more beautiful than the one before it.

As for the classes, only one was fully unveiled. As teased via a Batman t-shirt during Heavensward's announcement, the Dark Knight class will be part of the expansion. Wielding a towering two-handed sword, the Dark Knight's main role will be a tank with a focus on parrying and dodging. Interestingly enough, the Dark Knight will not branch off of another class, though the exact details of this are rather mysterious. The second class, which won't be revealed until late December, was teased via a 007 t-shirt with a reference to The Man With the Golden Gun.

Finally, there are two new Beastmen tribes, along with their respective primals. The Gnath live in the open zones of Dravania and appear to be insectoid. Their exoskeletons and mandibles will make them easily identifiable compared to the other Beastmen tribes. They worship a Primal original to Final Fantasy XIV, though his inspirations should be clear. Ravara is a bipedal insectoid himself, though his exoskeleton looks more like heavy plate armor than anything else. Yet his wings, antennae and additional four arms (with which he wields four swords) will ensure Ravara ends up as a supremely challenging foe.

After the Gnath we have the Vanu Vanu, who dwell within forested areas. Vanu Vanu could be compared to Owlbears, as they have larger bodies covered in both feather and fur, as well as beaks and odd tiny wings for ears. These Beastmen pray to Bismarck, a giant, horned monstrosity that flies through the open skies. Part dragon, part bird, part airship -- glued together with teeth -- it's tough to tell whether Bismarck is a boss fight or an island to visit.  

That wraps up all of the Final Fantasy XIV London Fan Festival revelations, unfortunately. I mean, it's fortunate we were show so many thing, but it's unfortunate there isn't anything else! I'm so thirsty! Luckily, patch 2.4 has literally just gone live, along with its own new class (Rogue into Ninja). Patch 2.5 is another three months out, and Heavensward will probably be released around next April or May. Until then, head over to our Final Fantasy XIV forums and read up on all the latest news (Rabla even has a ton more  screenshots from Heavensward's reveal this weekend).

A huge thanks to Neoseeker's Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn community leader, Rabla, for collating all of the Heavensward details from this weekend's event.


London Fan Festival

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Life for Gallia, Sega reveals plans to port tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles to PC

7 comments Rory Young - Oct 27, 14 9:02pm (PST) Like (1) Share

I don't think my heart can go through this all over again

Image 1

Oh, to return to home sweet Gallia once more. But 'lo, long has it been since Valkyria Chronicles was released on PlayStation 3 and woe be I to think of the series' decision to shift to handheld devices. What's this? A bright light appears? A star of hope to guide us home to Gallia? Sega, shouting to the heavens, has revealed that they're porting Valkyria Chronicles to PC? We are truly blessed.

Dropping the terrible role-play, let's just clarify what's happened really quick. After a listing for Valkyria Chronicles popped up on Europe's PEGI rating's board, a barrage of excited gamers flocked to social media poking Sega about the situation. Refreshingly, Sega responded:

Valkyria Chronicles, one of my personal favorite PlayStation 3 exclusives, will soon not be so exclusive. 

No further details were forthcoming, however. There's no information on availability or a release window, though if the game's already going through ratings then it shouldn't be too far off. There's also no information on whether or not Sega is porting or even considering porting Valkyria Chronicles II and III from PSP as well. Considering they never bothered to port those titles to PS Vita, let alone PS3, I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Expect more information on Valkyria Chronicles' pending PC port in the days or weeks ahead. I don't expect Sega to delay now that the cat's out of the bag -- capitalize on that grassroots hype! 

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Sony's PlayStation 4 2.00 update preview covers USB music, themes, voice commands and more

4 comments Rory Young - Oct 27, 14 1:57pm (PST) Like Share

How it took a full year to get Youtube functionality, I'll never know

Image 1

Sony may take its time with meaningful patches on occasion, but when they do get their ducks in a row they really deliver the full package. The PlayStation 4's 2.00 update is just a day away from going live, bringing with it several large features which console owners have long been requesting. To help set the mood, Sony's released an introductory video showcasing each of the major 2.0 features and what they look like in motion.

Since we haven't gone over what features are part of the PlayStation 4's 2.00 update, let's do that now:

  • Share Play - It's like local co-op, but through online multiplayer. The PlayStation 4 will basically simulate a local multiplayer experience through software
  • Youtube Support - Both a Youtube app will be made available, and the option to upload gameplay directly to Youtube (uploads previously limited to Facebook)
  • Themes and Colors - Not only will players be able to download and use custom themes for their favorite games, but seven new color backgrounds will also be available: gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and gray
  • USB Music Player - Plus and play music through USB, supporting filetypes: MP3, MP4, M4A and 3GP
  • Friend Suggestions - Is this even a feature? PS4 will now suggest friends in the "What's New?" section
  • Stream Searching - PS4 owners can now search live broadcasts for a specific game, or search through archived footage similarly
  • Enhanced Voice Commands - New commands like "Start Broadcast," "End Broadcast," and "Find Face," wait, what?

There are the main feature additions with 2.0, though there will be a number of other changes including button and page additions in various parts of the shop and general UI. That's a lot of features though, so hopefully Sony's used all of this time wisely and there won't be any huge bugs or slowdowns. I'll love using the USB music feature, but not if it's going to make my UI slow and clunky.

Sony's PlayStation 4 2.00 update goes live on October 28. Look forward to it!


Mythical Pokemon Diancie distribution starts at GameStop locations today, trailer confirms

16 comments Rory Young - Oct 27, 14 11:30am (PST) Like Share

Mega Diancie is faaaabulous

Image 1

Hey Pokemon fanatics, here's a heads up for the Mythical Pokemon Diancie distribution event which starts today. Nintendo sent us some early details on how to pick up your very own Diancie, as well as a new trailer showing the Pokemon in action. Starting today, October 27, and running until November 16, trainers can head to a local GameStop and ask for the special Diancie code card themselves.

Two details are of utmost priority. Trainers will need to own either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y and they'll need to by close to a participating GameStop, because this event is retailer exclusive. Note that the Diancie Mega Stone will not be included in the transfer. That will have to come later when players transfer their Diancie to Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. At that point, taking Diancie to a Pokemon Center in-game will result on the Diancite Mega Stone becoming available.

The trailer Nintendo provided covers most of these details, if I was too vague or confusing in my description. The ttrailer also shows off Mega Diancie's transformation, as well as some of its in-game battle skills. There are also a good number of in-game screenshots in this article's gallery, as well as some some higher resolution Diancie assets.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are currently available on Nintendo 3DS, with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire to be launched on November 21. Go pick up Diancie as soon as possible!

Click here to see more images
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Xbox One price cut to $349 for the holiday, including Assassin's Creed, Sunset Overdrive bundles

3 comments Rory Young - Oct 27, 14 10:46am (PST) Like Share

Microsoft smells Sony weakness this holiday season

Image 1

Microsoft has just revealed a North American promotion that will effectively drop the price of the Xbox One console and its non-Kinect bundles down to $349. That's $50 in savings on the standard $400 pricing for the console. The price drop, for now, is only a temporary shift. It will begin on November 2 and is planned to end January 3, with all major US retailers participating.

What's perhaps most exciting about the price discount is that it will also apply to really solid bundles that Microsoft has revealed for Xbox One this holiday season. This includes the white Xbox One console bundled with Sunset Overdrive for $349, the Assassin's Creed Xbox One bundle packaged with both Assassin's Creed Unity and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for $349 (or $449 with Kinect),  and the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Kinect Xbox One bundle for $449

Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, released the following prepared statement regarding the upcoming holiday discount:

"We want this to be an unforgettable holiday season for Xbox fans around the world. Only on Xbox One can you play some of the most anticipated exclusives, newest blockbuster franchises and innovative independent games of the year. We’re pleased to start the season off early with an incredible portfolio that includes millions of hours of fun for gamers and their friends."

Other Xbox One bundles which haven't been confirmed to be included in the sale, and which may not even be in stock for that matter, are: the Forza Motorsport 5 and Kinect bundle, the Titanfall and Kinect bundle, and the Madden NFL and Kinect bundle. Should these bundles appear more tantalizing than the others then make sure to ask around and keep your eyes open, because they're from the past year rather than 2014 holiday bundles. If you don't want a Kinect at all, then the Sunset Overdrive and Assassin's Creed bundles are the only two to feature that option.

This is a rather brave move my Microsoft, but it's clear that they see an opportunity to perhaps dig some ground back from Sony this holiday season. Comparing holiday exclusives the Xbox One's showing strong with Sunset Overdrive, Halo: Master Chief Collection and Forza Horizon 2, the Xbox One, while the PlayStation 4's first-party plans are rather bleak. Add in $50 in savings (the PlayStation 4 is still running at $400) and bundled in new releases? Dang, Microsoft. You're not even playing fair.

Remember that the Xbox One savings will begin starting November 2, so don't go rushing out to pick-up or preorder a console until then. Also note that if you can't afford a bundle just yet, if you need some time to collect on holiday cash gifts, the sale will extend through to January 3.

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Far Cry 4's tour of Kyrat continues with 'Part 2: Midlands and Himalayas,' no yetis sighted

2 comments Rory Young - Oct 25, 14 12:10am (PST) Like (1) Share

All I'm sayin' is that there better be yetis in those mountains, right?

Image 1

By now, you have to question why anyone would ever want to visit Kyrat. Sure, it can be pretty in the spring and fall, but the winters are too cold and the summers too hot, plus there are gun-toting maniacs every fifty meters no matter which direction you walk. Nevertheless, Ubisoft thinks their tourist series of trailer will continue to appeal. I mean, it certainly makes Far Cry 4 look like an outstanding game, sure, but I think tourists are better served visiting Disneyland.

In today's trailer, the second of the series, players are welcomed into the Midlands and Himalayan areas of Kyrat. The Midlands appear to mostly be grasslands, filled with a variety of wildlife which the player will most likely slaughter.  Also in the Midlands, apparently the most interesting feature of the area, is the Coliseum. Here the player and assorted villagers fight to death in front of an audience. This could be a minor location that Ubisoft is using to include a bunch of violence in the trailer. I can't blame them

The  Himalayas seem much more interesting of a region within Kyrat. From the steps of the mountains to the rocky climbs leading up to the peaks, danger lurks around every corner. Whether it be avalanches or the frozen jail cells which the player will 100% be thrust into as part of the campaign, odds are someone's going to fall off of a cliff or two. Probably just because you can.

Far Cry 4 is planned for release November 18 in North America and November 20 in Europe and Australia. It will be coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I'd wager that if you want those avalanches to look good, as opposed to blurred white textures rolling down a hillside, PC might be the best bet. Actually, no promises there either.


The Harrowing returns to League of Legends, 'Tales of the Black Mist' cinematic teases something sinister

5 comments Rory Young - Oct 24, 14 5:50pm (PST) Like Share

Who is this puppet-master and what do the black mists portend?

Image 1

Happy Halloween, Summoners. League of Legends has wrapped up its most recent eSports season, which should have special meaning to those who have been around for a few years. It means that Riot will soon be starting their annual holiday events! While the Snowdown Showdown won't likely be starting until December, October's event has always been the most anticipated of all holiday events. That's right, Summoners, The Harrowing has returned.

A promotional page for The Harrowing has been published by Riot replete with teasers for skins, icons, a new game mode and other assorted goodies. What's different this year, however, is an all new cinematic trailer to headline the event. "Tales of the Black Mist: The Harrowing" is the title of the video and it's as high of quality as fans would expect of Riot these days. The question is what does it portend? A full cinematic for a relatively standard Harrowing? Perhaps there are surprises in store.

As of right now, however, there aren't any huge announcements or reveals -- beyond the cinematic itself, of course. Here's what's been introduced in The Harrowing 2014, which will run from October 24 through November 4:

  • Two Skins
    • Ravenborn Leblanc (975 IP)
    • Underworld Wukong
  • Hexakill: Twisted Treeline Mode
  • Three Summoner Icons (Two Harrowing Exclusives)
  • The "Haunted Horde" Sale
    • 16 Legacy Champion Skins
    • 5 Legacy Ward Skins
    • Harrowing Bungles from Previous Years
    • Flash Sales (6-hour Rotation)
    • Double Chance of Harrowing Skins from Mystery Gifts

Obviously all anyone really wants from The Harrowing is the limited window opening to purchase Lollipoppy. It's still a travesty that they remade the splash art for this abomination. Know true horror, know Lollipoppy.

As mentioned earlier, there's speculation that Riot still has a big surprise left to reveal. There are a few big flags which heavily imply something looms in the shadows.

First off, Soraka's Harrowing skin was not released, despite remaining on the PBE. This could just mean it needs a bit more work, but it could also mean they're saving it for round two of reveals. Second, as previously mentioned, the big cinematic seems a bit out of scope for a rather tame Harrowing start. Third, there are animated "black winds" appearing on several champion profiles, as well as the cinematic being named "Tales of the Black Mist." Finally, several "6"s have popped up in Harrowing promotional material, implying either a countdown or a more satanic origin. The are, of course, other signs teasing something in the works, but nothing as reliable as the other 

Check out League of Legends' Harrowing extravaganza right now, as the event is live. Well, mostly you'll just be spending money on all of the cool event stuff, but I guess there's a Hexakill game mode to try too. Mostly just the money thing though

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Mewtwo will be free DLC for buyers of both Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS, spring launch

93 comments Rory Young - Oct 23, 14 4:08pm (PST) Like (1) Share (1)

A normal entrance for Mewtwo just wouldn't be appropriate

Image 1

During today's Super Smash Bros. Wii U livestream, titled "50-Fact Extravaganza," a number of extra facts were added to the end of the stream as a bonus. None were more surprising than the reveal of Mewtwo as a downloadable fighter. Yes, Mewtwo is back, Super Smash Bros. fans! The good news is that Mewtwo will be coming to both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, but unfortunately it's not going to be easy for just anyone to acquire.

In order to download Mewtwo when it is made available next spring, players will have to purchase and own copies of both Super Smash Bros. for both 3DS and Wii U. Only after the player has confirmed ownership of both  games will they be able to then download the new character. Considering this is Nintendo's first DLC character for their fighting game, it's a rather obtuse way to introduce the idea to players.

That said, at least Mewtwo made it into the game. With more than 40 other characters to play, only hardcore players will be frustrated over the limitations on acquiring just one. And if they're that hardcore, then they'll probably own both versions of the game already anyway. Plus, it's good to see Nintendo trying to reward their most faithful players. Sure, they could just charge $10 or attach the DLC to an Amiibo, but at least this way Mewtwo players have a way of showing they really love the franchise.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U will be released on November 21, while the 3DS version of the game is already available. The Mewtwo DLC is currently in development and won't be released until at least spring of 2015.


Super Smash Bros. Wii U '50 Facts Extravaganza' Live-Blog: Bring on that Bowser Jr. trailer

181 comments Rory Young - Oct 23, 14 2:52pm (PST) Like Share (1)

Or Game & Watch, either way

Image 1

As revealed earlier this week, Nintendo is doing a special non-Nintendo Direct livestream focused on Super Smash Bros. Wii U. The stream, tentatively titled the "50-Fact Extravaganza" should finish up the Smash Bros. marketing that lead up to the 3DS version's release, providing trailers for the final few characters that have yet to be formally introduced. As for what other surprises lay in wait, we'll just have to wait and see.

Stick with us as we both live-blog the stream and provide a live-chat for our community in the forums. Considering Neoseeker's Smash Bros. forum has been rather crazy since the 3DS game's launch, I'd expect some fun to be had. Or at least some nerdery. Lots of nerdery.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U is planned for launch on November 21. Check out the stream embedded below, as the stream should be starting at 3:00pm PT (less than 10-minutes away).


Creator of 'Papers, Please' releases demo for his next game, 'Return of the Obra Dinn'

3 comments Rory Young - Oct 22, 14 12:52pm (PST) Like (1) Share


Image 1

As a lone developer, getting some early impressions on a new game can be priceless -- also, probably terrifying. Lucas Pope, creator of Papers, Please, has his next game in such a state that he wants to hear what people think. Today he released a very rough demo version of his next title, Return of the Obra Dinn. Pope notes that there's currently not much content and that the game has not been tested. Still, if Pope's involved, then I'm there. Download the mysterious FPS here.

What is Return of the Obra Dinn then? Let's paint a picture:

"In 1802, the merchant ship "Obra Dinn" set out from London for the Orient with over 200 tons of trade goods. Six months later it hadn't met its rendezvous point at the Cape of Good Hope and was declared lost at sea.  

Early this morning of October 14th, 1808, the Obra Dinn drifted into port with sails damaged and no visible crew. As insurance adjustor for the East India Company's London Office, find means to board the ship and recover the Crew Muster Roll book for assessment."

Past that, well, who knows. The screenshots show a very bleak, very atmospheric experience which at least implies a level of spookiness. Whether the title actually embraces the horror or it's just a red herring, rather like Gone Home, we won't likely know until the game's full launch. Considering this is a project from Lucas Pope, however, it's likely best that we not establish any expectations.

Return of the Obra Dinn does not currently have a planned release date or window. Feel free to download the demo from Pope's personal website and if you do try it out, give him some feedback on Twitter. Oh, and one final note, progress is currently not saved so leave the game open if you need to step away. Also, to restart the demo it has to be closed and reopened. Demo!

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Official trailer for Halo: Nightfall, first episode premiering at HaloFest 2014 on November 10

1 comments Rory Young - Oct 22, 14 12:24pm (PST) Like Share (1)

Don't panic, because Halo FanFest 2014 will be livestreamed

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Halo: Nightfall, Microsoft's five-episode live-action series fit between Halo 4 and Halo 5, will be debuting its first episode on November 10 as part of the events of HaloFest 2014. The event begins at 8:00 pm PT (Pacific) and, for those not in attendance at the Los Angeles Avalon Theater, will be streamed on Xbox Live, and Twitch.

HaloFest won't only be showing Halo: Nightfall, however. In addition to Nightfall's first episode being debuted, the event will also be showing a first look at Halo 5: Guardians. An exhibition match between several professional gamers will showcase some of the content expected to be included in the upcoming multiplayer beta (starting December 29). Interviews with 343 executives and the production team for Nightfall will also be shown at the event.

For access to the full season of Halo: Nightfall, Halo: The Master Chief Collection owners can watch through their game, or others can watch through the Halo Channel Xbox One app. Unfortunately, it seems that for the time being there's no other way to watch the show past the first episode other than on Xbox One.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be released the day after the HaloFest 2014 event and livestream, on November 11. The game will feature Halo 1-4 updated to utilize the hardware of the Xbox One, in preparation for the release of Halo 5: Guardians in 2015. Halo: Nightfall, which introduces players to Halo 5 playable character and Spartan Locke, will be included with the Collection.



Match-fixing scandal hits Dota 2, International 2014 competitor Arrow Gaming team members admit to 322

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The unfortunate fall of one of Dota 2's best international competitors

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A match-fixing and betting scandal has struck the Dota 2 community as today two team members from the popular Malaysian team Arrow Gaming admitted their guilt. Lance and ddz, Arrow Gaming's carries (1 and 2 positions) have written a confession and apology today, admitting they performed a "322" in the SEA region's Synergy League group stages. A 322 involves losing a game intentionally, while placing bets in order to capitalize off of the match-fixing.

Arrow Gaming, widely considered to be the favorite in the Synergy League, lost only one game out of seven played in the event's group stage. An investigation following the match found instances of betting from persons closely related to the Arrow Gaming organization. This led to Arrrow's disqualification from the Synergy League and also their removal from the upcoming Beyondthesummit tournament, The Summit 2. While ddz at first denied the allegations, calling the evidence circumstantial, further investigation discovered that both ddz and Lance's girlfriends had both placed bets on the match. A lifetime ban for Lance and ddz was then issued by Synergy League.

From here the discussion turned from disappointing to outright bizarre. ddz and Arrow Gaming's management provided several statements, as well as screenshots of chats, as evidence of the team's innocence to Synergy League's administration. The screenshots were apparently quite obviously doctored and the statements easily shown to be false, according to comments later provided by Synergy League. As a result, Synergy League upheld the disqualification and added a lifetime ban to Arrow Gaming as an organization, where previously it had been limited to just the players Lance and ddz.

What followed was the admission of guilt and apology from ddz, speaking for Lance as well, but not for the Arrow Gaming organization. Arrow Gaming has since terminated the contracts of both players. Arrow's Manager, Jaren Gan, provided a statement discussing the two players' removal while also denying any involvement himself:

"I was merely trying to defend them after they kept insisting that they are not wrong. The 2 girlfriends kept providing me with evidence to back-up their claims proving that they are innocent in this case. Although there were inconsistencies in their evidence, I tried my very best to make a defence for them on that reddit post because I believed what they convinced me to."

It's now being reported that Jaren Gan threatened both Lance and ddz with $8,000 fines for breaching contract related to the post detailing their guilt. Jaren requested that ddz retract the confession. Jaren reportedly then admitted that he was involved in the decision to attempt a cover-up of the betting scandal "to save the reputation of his players and his brand," but continues to deny involvement in the betting scandal itself.

While certain other allegations and rumors have been thrown around, including the withholding of  pay to Arrow Gaming players in recent months and ties to another Dota 2 match-fixing scandal, no further evidence has been provided.

As it stands, Arrow Gaming continues to have a lifetime ban from the Synergy League and are still banned from the upcoming Beyondthesummit tournament, The Summit 2.

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Mega Glalie and Steelix details, Glalie catchable in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo

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Nintendo of America following up on previously leaked details

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As ever, Nintendo of America has now officially confirmed several Pokemon details already revealed by Nintendo of Japan and other sources recently. Mega Glalie and Mega Steelix will both be joining trainers in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Nintendo of America did have one big surprise for us, however. Should player capture Glalie in the demo version of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, they'll then be able to transfer it to the launch version of the game on November 21 with Pokemon Link.

As for Mega Glalie and Mega Steelix, let's go over some of the finer details that were passed over due to translation issues last week. Mega Steelix will retain its Steel/Ground typing, greatly increasing its Defense stat upon Mega Evolution. The Steel-type move Iron Tail will be gained as well.

Mega Glalie's Mega Evolution will also retain its pre-evolition typing, Ice. Speed will be increased dramtically, but Glalie's Attack and Special Attack will also be raised. As for temporarily-learned skills, Mega Glalie will learn Refridgerate, which turns Normal Moves in Ice, and also Sheer Cold, which apparently can knock out a target in a single blow.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire will be available starting November 21 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. Hopefully everyone was able to follow through and acquire a demo code. Be cool and acquire that Glalie before everyone else even has the game.

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Final Fantasy XIV expansion 'Heavensward' announced, take up arms in the Dragonsong War

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Square Enix is only just getting started with Final Fantasy XIV content

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn continues to prove its critics wrong. The MMORPG was resurrected, discovering success grown from the ashes of its broken predecessor. Subscribers continue to flock to and support the title in an age where the term "subscription fees" is a four letter word. And now Square Enix wants to continue to push their very traditional form of MMO success, as they've announced the first full expansion for Final Fantasy XIV -- introducing Heavensward.

While few details have been officially announced, Final Fantasy XIV's executives did talk at length to fans about Heavensward's content at FanFest Vegas. Players will be entering the northern frozen wastes of Coerthas, where they'll join the Dragonsong War between Ishgard and Dravania -- here be dragons. Areas beyond Coerthas will also open up, including unexplored sky lands in the Sea of Clouds. It seems an airship will be necessary.

Major feature additions include a level cap raise from 50 to 60, Free Company airship creation, multiple new jobs including a teased Dark Knight class, a new race featuring a dragon's scaled tail and sharp horns, and of course plenty of dungeons to explore, raiding content and an expanded story campaign which will pitch players into the fray against Dravania's Wyrmking with help from Thordan and his Knight's Twelve.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's Heavensward expansion is planned for release in spring 2015. That's a relase date so close that I don't doubt players will be exasperated at how little time they'll have to wrap up upcoming patches 2.4 and 2.5 before Heavensward is launched. That's probably why Final Fantasy XIV continues to find so much success.

As ever, a huge thanks to Rabla for his continued coverage of Final Fantasy XIV in our community. Should anyone have any questions regarding the Heavensward expansion I would recommend pointing them towards Rabla with a post in Neoseeker's forums.


Nintendo streaming event on 50 new things in Super Smash Bros. Wii U airs October 23

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Jigglypuff introduction video or else

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There's been a lack of Nintendo Direct events in recent months, likely due to the health issues related to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. The show must go on, however, and so Nintendo has announced a special streaming event for this year's big holiday Wii U release -- Super Smash Bros. Wii U. Nintendo went out of its way to note that this is a "special streaming event" and avoided the Nintendo Direct label entirely. The stream begins Thursday, Oct. 23 at 3pm PT / 6pm ET.

Without the constraints that the Nintendo Direct structure imposes on a streaming event, Nintendo will be trying something different. The livestream event will instead focus on showing "50 new things in Super Smash Bros. Wii U."

Speculation largely revolves around a mix of content that's already included in the currently available Super Smash Bros. 3DS and content unique to the platform. For instance, four characters which are playable in both titles, given their identical rosters, have not yet had "reveals" and character trailers. Both Bowser Jr. and Duck Hunt are new characters which deserve introductions, but Jigglypuff and Game & Watch shouldn't be left to sneak in the back door either.

As for entirely new content, well, the conversation there largely revolves around practical ideas like unique game modes just for the Wii U and of course less reasonable hopes. Is there 8-man multiplayer? Will Ridley make a surprise appearance? The answer is likely no, but fans can dream. Fans can certainly dream.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U will be available starting November 21 in North America. Catch Nintendo's "50 new things in Super Smash Bros. Wii U" livestream event on Thursday, Oct. 23 at 3pm PT / 6pm ET.

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