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NVIDIA Scores CoD2 Bundling Deal

0 comments Terren Tong - Oct 18, 05 10:41pm (PST)
NVIDIA sends word that they have signed an exclusive agreement with Activision to bundle the highly anticipated Call of Duty 2 with a GeForce 7800GT.Under the agreement, NVIDIA is granted exclusive bundling rights to Call of Duty 2, making partners of ...

EVGA Hurricane Relief Auction

0 comments Terren Tong - Sep 7, 05 9:33pm (PST)
I got an email from EVGA today notifying us that they have an eBay auction for a 7800GTX where 100% of the proceeds will go towards the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. For those considering picking a 7800GTX anyway, consider ...

NVIDIA Announces GeForce 7800GT, Price Drops

0 comments Terren Tong - Aug 11, 05 7:36am (PST)
Pretty exciting news for enthusiasts today as NVIDIA has officially launched their 7800GT which features 20 pixel pipelines, 4 down from the flagship 7800GTX with a slightly slower core and memory speed.  MSRP is $449 for most cards, but the XFX GeForce ...

Sony Enters Licensing Agreement With AGEIA

0 comments Terren Tong - Jul 21, 05 10:59pm (PST)
AGEIA has sent word that they have entered a sublicensing agreement with Sony to bring AGEIA's PhysX SDK to the Playstation 3.The AGEIA PhysX SDK is the leading next-generation solution for creating compelling in-game physics and has been widely adopted ...

ATI Extends AIW Series to X800 XL PCIe

0 comments Terren Tong - Jul 5, 05 6:27pm (PST)
ATI has fired out a PR this morning announcing a summer launch for an AIW X800 XL PCIe card.  For European customers, All-In-Wonder X800 XL PCI Express will enable analog TV reception along with reception of Digital Video Broadcasting for Terrestial (DVB- ...

Sony announces PS3 Backwards Compatible with PS2/PS

10 comments Terren Tong - Jun 16, 05 11:07pm (PST)
Astute forum member, Hitman3580, forwarded me a link to Sony's announcement that the PS3 feature backwards compatibility with both the PS2 and the PS which should be welcome news for those with a large library of games on either system.In 1994, SCEI ...

OCZ Announces Gamer eXtreme Memory

0 comments Terren Tong - Jun 14, 05 8:14pm (PST)
OCZ has sent word about a new product line up, the Gamer eXtreme Series, that features DDR433 speeds at timings of 2-2-2-5The word excessive doesn’t exist in the gaming world; they say practice makes perfect and today’s computer gaming community needs a ...

ATI Announces CrossFire Multi-Graphics Processor Platform

0 comments Terren Tong - May 31, 05 7:11am (PST)
ATI has announced their answer to NVIDIA's SLI with their CrossFire platform which includes both video and motherboard solutions that many companies are unveiling now at Computex in TaipeiCOMPUTEX – TAIPEI, TAIWAN – May 30, 2005 – ATI Technologies Inc., ...

ATI Demonstrates Hardware Accelerated H.264

0 comments Terren Tong - May 26, 05 7:11am (PST)
From the inbox this morning is some news from ATI announcing that they will show off hardware H.264 decoding at Computex next weekMARKHAM, Ontario and TAIPEI, Taiwan – May 26, 2005 – ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT) solidifies its PC video ...

Mid-2006 For Nintendo's Revolution

0 comments Terren Tong - May 12, 05 10:18am (PST)
A memory provider for Nintendo's next-gen console, Revolution, has let slip the approximate ship date which looks to be mid-2006 according to a report from The most interesting part came next, however, when Voll commented that: "We ...

Firefox 1.04 Released

0 comments Terren Tong - May 12, 05 9:52am (PST)
The developers of Firefox seem to be really on the ball.  Mere days after the announcement of a couple fairly severe Javascript flaws, there is a fix available today.  The full version of Firefox 1.04 for Windows users can be obtained here

NVIDIA G70 to Debut At Computex

1 comments Terren Tong - May 12, 05 9:37am (PST)
DigiTimes is reporting that NVIDIA will unveil their next-generation parts at Computex which begins at the end of the month Market sources indicated that the Nvidia G70 should deliver twice the performance of the current flagship series, the GeForce 6800. ...

PowerColor Announces X800 XL 512MB

0 comments Terren Tong - May 11, 05 11:06am (PST)
It looks like ATI's recently announced X800 XL 512MB will be hitting the streets shortly as PowerColor is the latest company to officially announce that they will building boards.  It comes in slightly lower than ATI's suggested pricing at 439$ and will ...

Sub $200 Laptop to Launch Shortly

0 comments Terren Tong - May 11, 05 9:42am (PST)
There's a story posted over on Slashdot which is reporting that an Indian firm, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, has developed a sub $200 mobile computer and more details are available here[...] the system would have the essential features ...

NVIDIA 6200TC to Have 128MB of Memory?

0 comments Terren Tong - May 11, 05 9:18am (PST)
DigiTimes is reporting that NVIDIA will introduce a GeForce 6200 TC with 128MB of onboard memory which is substantially more than the 32 or 64MB on current products. One of the goals as stated in our tech preview of the 6200 TC is the ability for ...

AMD64 Far Cry Available

0 comments Terren Tong - May 10, 05 10:51am (PST)
A version of Far Cry that is specifically for AMD64s is available. There are some improvements in draw distance, updated textures and extra content so Far Cry fans should definitely check it out.

VIA Creates Reference Design for $250 PC

0 comments Terren Tong - May 10, 05 10:26am (PST)
CNET is reporting that VIA will be demonstrating a prototype of a 250$ PC in Computex next month and will be licensing out the reference design to manufacturers.  The big news is that the PC will include a monitor, not just the tower.  There are some  ...

AMD Making Gains on Intel

0 comments Terren Tong - May 10, 05 10:19am (PST)
eWeek is citing some figures from Mercury Research which suggests that AMD has made some steady gains on Intel in the past year, to the tune of a 2% change in marketshare.  AMD still managed to gain ground, aided by a better-sorted value line of ...

NVIDIA Set to Refresh IGP Chipsets

0 comments Terren Tong - May 10, 05 9:43am (PST)
DigiTimes is reporting that NVIDIA is readying a couple of chipsets with integrated graphics that can finally replace the nForce 2 IGP for both Socket 754 and 939 The C51-series will have two versions, with the C51PV supporting Socket 939 K8-compatible ...

ABIT Launches Fatal1ty X800XL 512MB and SLI Motherboards

0 comments Terren Tong - May 10, 05 9:23am (PST)
ABIT has sent out a PR letting us know about their Fatal1ty X800 XL 512MB and SLI boards in both Athlon 64 and Intel flavors.  There are a few features on the Fatal1ty boards that sound kind of neat - Included with the Fatal1ty AN8 SLI is the ABIT ...

Another Pair of Firefox Vulnerabilities

0 comments Terren Tong - May 9, 05 10:17am (PST)
Secunia is reporting on a couple of extremely critical vulnerabilities in Firefox, both of which again are related to the way that it handles Javascript.   Two vulnerabilities have been discovered in Firefox, which can be exploited by malicious people ...

AMD Socket Change in 2006

0 comments Terren Tong - May 9, 05 9:48am (PST)
DigiTimes is reporting that 2006 will mark a change in sockets for AMD on both the desktop and server side of things and will be the first time where there will be DDR2 support.  Despite motherboard makers originally expecting the M2 platform to use a 1 ...

NVIDIA Increasing Production for FX5200

0 comments Terren Tong - May 9, 05 9:36am (PST)
Despite the media attention and the success of the GeForce 6 family, it looks like the reports from this winter stating that the NV3x family moves the greatest volume of parts remains true as DigiTimes is reporting that NVIDIA is increasing the production ...

Xbox 360 Pictured

12 comments Terren Tong - May 8, 05 12:24pm (PST)
Engadget has managed to get their hands on a couple snapshots of Microsoft's next-generation console the first being the Xbox 360 itself along with some peripherals as well as a close up of the new controller.  Aesthetically I'm not too sure what to make ...

Google Web Accelerator Privacy Concerns

0 comments Terren Tong - May 6, 05 12:04pm (PST)
While Google was quick to stress that the their Web Accelerator program we mentioned the other day would not cache or store HTTPS/SSL pages like bank or shopping cart pages, Zdnet is reporting that there still are privacy concerns as cookies are being ...