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Sleeping Dogs has 6 months' worth of DLC planned

6 comments Christopher McDonald - Aug 13, 12 1:59pm (PST)
Square Enix recently stated that they'll be supporting upcoming cop action title Sleeping Dogs with an "exstinsive" six-month DLC plan. The first offering in Sleeping Dogs' aforementioned DLC gravy boat is set to launch in time for ...

XCOM: Enemy Unknown to receive 1v1 multiplayer on launch

1 comments Christopher McDonald - Aug 10, 12 4:49pm (PST)
2K Games announced today that XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be receiving a fresh new multiplayer mode enabling players to face off against one another in one-on-one deathmatches. Players will be able to create a dream team of combative and supportive ...

The Independent Games Festival is now taking submissions

2 comments Christopher McDonald - Aug 9, 12 5:59pm (PST)
Submissions for the 2013 Independent Games Festival are open as of this morning, with deadlines for both the Main and Student Showcase categories looming in the near future of October 7 and the 31, respectively. Finalists will be announced sometime in ...

Ubisoft adding multiplayer to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

2 comments Christopher McDonald - Aug 9, 12 5:15pm (PST)
Ubisoft's latest addition in the Scott Pilgrim DLC train comes almost two years after the title's initial release in the form of Wallace Wells -- Scott's titular gay roommate of legend (who actually owns a sweet ass in game shop full of ...

Amazon gives a peek at what Wii U boxes may look like

6 comments Christopher McDonald - Aug 7, 12 4:16pm (PST)
[image1 link=yes width=300 height=424 float=right] Some recently discovered listings for a trio of Ubisoft titles on has offered up what would appear to be Wii U box art for Assassin's Creed 3, Just Dance 4, and Marvel Avengers: Battle ...

Smash Bros. creator wants classic controls, less third party characters in next game

26 comments Christopher McDonald - Aug 7, 12 1:21pm (PST)
The next Smash Bros. installment may not be adapted to fit the Wii U, and if Masahiro Sakurai has his way, it could drop its third party cast as well. In a recent interview, Smash Bros. series creator and Project Sora software development director ...

Arma 2 mod DayZ boasts a hefty one million players as of this morning

0 comments Christopher McDonald - Aug 6, 12 3:35pm (PST)
Dean "Rocket" Hall's popular Arma 2 mod DayZ surpassed one million players as of this morning according to the game's Twitter feed. Quite the feat considering the mod was just released earlier this year, transforming Arma 2's ...