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Cooler Master Introduces HAF 922 Mid Tower

2 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 29, 09 7:37pm (PST)
Cooler Master had quite a bit of success with their first "High Air Flow" case, the HAF 932 full tower (read the Neo review). Looking to capitalize on that success with a slightly smaller chaise, Cooler Master is back with the HAF 922.  ...

Screen recording & YouTube support built into Mac OS X 10.6

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 28, 09 8:12am (PST)
When Mac OS X 10.6 or 'Snow Leopard' is released later this year, the new operating system will also introduce an update to Apple's QuickTime media player. With QuickTime X users will be able to take videos of their desktop. While screen recording ...

Firefox 3.0.10 and 3.5 Beta 4 available

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 28, 09 8:09am (PST)
Hot on the heals of the Firefox 3.0.9 security update, Mozilla has released another update for the popular web browser. Firefox 3.0.10 addresses a "major stability issue". While I've not experienced any stability issues with 3.0.9, it must ...

IBM building program to take on Jeopardy

5 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 27, 09 1:03pm (PST)
You may soon turn on the TV to find a computer competing against human contestants on Jeopardy. Watson, a program named after IBM founder Thomas J. Watson Sr., is IMBs latest attempt to push artificial intelligence to the next level and to to ... sees 24% increase in net income

1 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 25, 09 6:15am (PST)
America's largest online retailer,, is reporting a very good first quarter. Net sales saw a 18% increase to $4.89 billion during the first quarter, the same quarter last year was $4.13 billion. Amazon reports net sales would have grown 25% ...

Apple found guilty of patent infringement

7 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 25, 09 5:20am (PST)
A court in Texas has found Apple guilty in a patent infringement case originally filed in 2007 by Palo Alto, CA based OPTi Inc. The patent issued in June 2002 is officially called "predictive snooping of cache memory for master-initiated accesses ...

XMBC 9.04 (Babylon) Beta 1 Released

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 24, 09 5:29pm (PST)
The XBMC team is happy to announce the first, and with any luck only, beta release of XBMC Media Center 9.04. The release comes just over two weeks after the availability of the first alpha and includes over 350 "code fixes" as well as brings ...

T-Mobile USA sells 1M Android powered G1

1 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 24, 09 2:04pm (PST)
Google and T-Mobile USA have a reason to celebrate. The T-Mobile G1 (also known as the HTC Dream) smartphone, powered by the Google Android OS, has been sold over one million times since it debuted in October. The G1 was among the first phones to ...

First Mac specific malware found in the wild

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 24, 09 7:43am (PST)
Security researchers claim that the iServices Trojan Horse botnet, or iBotnet, has been activated. While this is the first known Mac specific piece of malware, it is not the first time that Mac OS has seen malware. The iBotnet, which was first ...

PowerColor announces 'fastest' HD 4890

1 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 24, 09 6:40am (PST)
PowerColor announced today its newest addition to the AMD HD 4890 family, the PCS+ HD 4890. PCS+, PowerColor’s Professional Cooling System PLUS is designed to deliver "the ultimate overclocking ability". PowerColor’s PCS+ HD 4890 ...

Microsoft see 32% decline in profits

2 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 24, 09 6:25am (PST)
For the first time in their 23 year history as a public company Microsoft saw a decline in sales. Sales dropped 6% from last year to $13.7 billion, which fell short of analysts expectations of $14.1 billion. Total net income for the company fell by a ...

Apple cuts large number of retail employees

2 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 24, 09 5:58am (PST)
Things looked good for Apple when they reported their second quarter earnings. They exceded excitations and managed to post profits wile most other companies struggle with the current economic situation. iPhone sales were up, iPod sales were up, and ...

Apple hits 1,000,000,000 App milestone

4 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 23, 09 2:57pm (PST)
It's only been nine months since Apple opened up the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but they have just passed a major milestone; one billion apps downloaded. While this is of course great news for Apple, it is even better news for one lucky ...

Yahoo! pulls the plug on GeoCities

8 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 23, 09 2:25pm (PST)
It is a sad day for many, as we learn that Yahoo! will be pulling the plug on the once extremely popular, personal website service GeoCities. New registrations at GeoCities have been disabled, though existing users can continue to use the service and ...

Micro-blogging site Plurk blocked in China

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 23, 09 1:57pm (PST)
Plurk, a fancier version of (and competitor to) Twitter has discovered that they are being blocked by the great firewall of China. Plurk's lead developer, Amir Salihefendic, says that they have no clue why they are being targeted, have received no ...

Warner offers HD-DVD trade in

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 23, 09 1:33pm (PST)
Were you an early adopter of HD-DVD? Now that Blu-ray has won the war, do you have a large collection of HD-DVD disks gathering dust? Warner Bros. is now offering a trade up program called Red2Blu, where you can trade in your old HD-DVDs for brand new ...

UK Government backs 2Mb/s broadband plan

1 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 23, 09 12:58pm (PST)
Earlier this year Lord Cater proposed a Universal Service for broadband in the United Kingdom. Those plans have now been backed by the UK government, which means everyone should have access to 2Mb/s broadband by the year 2012. Speaking at the House of ...

Dynamic duo attempt to break text message record

4 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 23, 09 12:53pm (PST)
A few weeks ago, we covered a story about a teenager that send 10,000 text messages in one month, causing her parents to receive a $4,756.25 bill from Verizon. Not to be out done, two men in Philadelphia, PA spent the month of March attempting ...

Apple post 15.8 percent increase on Q2 profits

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 22, 09 2:16pm (PST)
While many companies are releasing their first quarter financial information this week, Apple is already closing their second quarter for 2009 and the news is good. In a press release issued earlier today, Apple reported an 8.16% increase in revenue ...

Windows Live Hotmail adds web based instant messenger

2 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 22, 09 1:39pm (PST)
Microsoft has updated Windows Live Hotmail to include a web based messenger (Windows Live) client. The feature was first implemented in France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the UK last month and now comes to the US, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, ...

Seagate ships low-power Barracuda desktop hard drive

2 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 22, 09 1:12pm (PST)
Seagate has begun shipping their new Barracuda LP (low-power) desktop hard drives, which combine the largest storage capacity with the best power efficiency and performance. The Barracuda LP drives are reported to use as much as 50% less electricity ...

Western Digital releases 1TB My DVR Extender for TiVo

1 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 22, 09 1:07pm (PST)
TiVo Series 3 and HD owners may be happy to hear that Western Digital has finally released the 1TB My DVR Extender. The TiVo verified eSATA drive that will enable users to store up to an additional 140 hours of high-definition or up to 600 hours of ...

AT&T reports wireless data revenue increase by 40%

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 22, 09 1:03pm (PST)
This morning AT&T reported on their first quarter financials and is blaming a 9 percent drop in the first quarter on the economy and the company's retirement plan. AT&T reported earnings of $3.1 billion down slightly from a year ago when it ...

iMac owners seeing lock-ups related to Radeon HD 4850

1 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 22, 09 1:00pm (PST)
AppleInsider is reporting that a number of users on their forums, as well as the official Apple support forums are reporting random system lock-ups on iMacs that have the Radeon HD 4850. The lockups occure regardless of what application is running, and ...

Facebook for BlackBerry v1.5 available

0 comments Bryan McDaniel - Apr 22, 09 12:55pm (PST)
The new Facebook app for the BlackBerry is now available for download. The new app does everything that you'd expect a Facebook app to do, as well as provides some nice intigration with your BlackBerry address book and calendar. Features include: ...