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Wasteland 2 screenshot showcases new environment

2 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 31, 12 8:20am (PST) Like Share

Take what you can get

Image 1

Wasteland 2 screenshots are hard to come by, and by that I mean until now, there haven't been screenshots, only a screenshot. So, it's a mildly momentous occasion to present to you above the second of two screenshots, this one featuring some type of facility and lots of foliage, quite possibly located in Los Angeles.

The shot comes courtesy of Shacknews, who've somehow got their hands on this one as an exclusive, but not told anyone as such.

Wasteland 2 development is puttering along now. The game will launch...whenever.

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'Far Cry 3 in Real Life' fan video is about as entertaining as possible

9 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 31, 12 8:13am (PST) Like (1) Share

Well done, indeed

Image 1

A newish video by Devin Graham aka devinsupertramp posits what survival shooter Far Cry 3 would look like were the graphics turned up to Ultra-er. If you're at all familiar with Freddie Wong, this one sports a very similar style and methodology to his content, and is just as entertaining.

Thanks to reader LOD-Squa for the find.


DmC video features Vergil gameplay clips, brutal combos

10 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 31, 12 8:04am (PST) Like Share

The ladies' favourite

Image 1

A new video for Capcom's DmC has surfaced, and features about a minute of returning character and ladies man Vergil hacking and slashing away at demons to the usual heavy music (performed by Noisia and/or Combichrist). Have to say I'm impressed with how well Ninja Theory seems to understand the series gameplay -- I imagine Capcom is quite relieved, given how nerve wracking handing off their baby must be.

DmC launches January 15 on consoles and January 25 on PC.


Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge gameplay videos feature 2 hours of Momiji, Kasumi

4 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 31, 12 7:55am (PST) Like Share

A long, raw look

Image 1

YouTube user Sackula has gotten his hands on Ninja Gaiden: Razor's Edge for Wii U and uploaded a ton of footage for those curious. Among the sessions below you'll see Momiji and Kasumi in action, the latter of which is apparently difficult to use, at least in comparison to the other characters. As such, Ninja Gaiden veterans may enjoy mastering her.

Two of Sackula's videos are below. For more, head to his channel via the source link.

Razor's Edge is the enhanced version of the original game. It's available now.


Dead or Alive 5 patch will introduce tweaks, replay uploads

1 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 31, 12 7:26am (PST) Like Share

Video shows off new feature

Image 1

Dead or Alive 5 is being upgraded to version 1.03 soonish, and with that patch will comes a variety of tweaks (currently not yet detailed), plus a feature that lets you record and upload replays. To see the new feature in action, check the test video below. Sadly, the quality is a meager 360p -- hopefully this isn't representative of the full experience.

Note PlayStation 3 users will be able to upload to both Facebook and YouTube, while 360 owners will be able to upload to Facebook only -- perhaps this will change in a future patch.


30 'Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix' screens include plenty of characters, battles

14 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 28, 12 8:19am (PST) Like Share

These should satisfy you, for now

Image 1

30 new screenshots are in for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix (or Kingdom Hearts -1.5 HD ReMIX- if you're one of the cool kids), featuring a wide array of cast members and battles (one of which sees your party as sea creature-human hybrids beating up a giant shark, cause why not).

Among the characters: Tarzan, Sora, Genie, Dumbo, Alice, Hercules, Ariel, Aries, and about a bajillion more. See them for yourself below.

Remix includes the first two games in the series, complete with upgraded graphics and content. It launches in Japan March 14.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines story trailer features Corporal Hicks

2 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 28, 12 8:00am (PST) Like Share

A taste of what's to come

Image 1

The latest look at horror shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines comes in trailer form, and features none other than Colonial Marine Corporal Hicks himself. Spoiler alert if you still haven't gotten around to watching Alien 3: Hicks dies at the beginning of the film, to the dismay of many fans.

Anywho, the presentation here looks alright, though the visuals are as underwhelming as ever.

Aliens: Colonial Marines launches February 12.


Disgaea Dimension 2 trailer features plenty of combat, combos

12 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 28, 12 7:47am (PST) Like Share

Action heavy

Image 1

A new trailer for RPG Disgaea Dimension 2 is here, bringing with it plenty of footage of combat and combos, the latter featuring both monsters and humans alike. While the trailer is in Japanese, you should be able to garner quite a lot from it regardless.

Disgaea Dimension 2 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and will launch in Japan this March. As of yet, there's no confirmation the title will release in North America, though I wouldn't be surprised to see an announcement before too long, given the series history.


Icenhancer mod 2.5 trailer shows off more impressive visuals

3 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 28, 12 7:36am (PST) Like (1) Share

GTA4 gets more loving

Image 1

Grand Theft Auto 4 is getting yet more love from the popular Icenhancer mod: version 2.5 is currently in the alpha stage. If you're curious to see its progress, you can do so with the latest trailer below, which features impressive visuals as ever, and a very relaxing tune to start your morning off with.

Creator "aimedehaire" notes due to a personal hardware issue, the framerate is lower in this video than what you should expect from actual gameplay. Also worth noting: YouTube compression hinders visual quality, so you can expect that to be even better once you're using it yourself, too.

You can find the latest version of Icenhancer at the source.

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Tales of Hearts R trailer features Incarros, Richea, combat, screaming

6 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 28, 12 7:29am (PST) Like Share

Bizarre and entertaining

Image 1

A new trailer for RPG remake Tales of Hearts R is here, and features characters Incarros (a jerk sorcerer) and Richea, plus a little combat, obscure visual metaphors, and a pointy haired dude screaming -- in other words, this is a JRPG. Siliconera says Richea "resides in Amber's heart", where Shing will travel to meet her.

Tales of Hearts R will release in Japan this March. The title is exclusive to PlayStation Vita.


Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels now on 3DS Virtual Console

6 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 27, 12 8:38am (PST) Like (1) Share

Prepare your thumbs

Image 1

Super Mario Bros.:The Lost Levels have been recovered a second time. That is to say, the game has released on 3DS via Virtual Console, and is priced at about $6.50. Currently, only a UK release is noted, but those of you in North America should check, too.

If you're not familiar with Lost Levels, it's what some consider the "real" Super Mario Bros. 2. Originally released only in Japan, it was since remade and released on SNES outside the region, and also released on the Wii Virtual Console. Like the previous VC release, this 3DS version is the original, without the fancy 16-bit graphics.

Lost Levels is quite possibly the most difficult Mario game you'll ever play. In fact, this is the reason it was never released outside of Japan originally.


Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin launches March, trailer focuses on story

2 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 27, 12 8:32am (PST) Like Share

A forbidden land needs exploration

Image 1

A decade later, MMORPG Final Fantasy XI is still kicking. If you're still playing along, new expansion Seekers of Adoulin is releasing soon, and as such, a trailer has been released for it (see below). This one focuses on story, which is based around a once forbidden land recently re-opened to "mortal contact". Graphically speaking, it's looking quite aged, particularly compared to its newer cousin Final Fantasy XIV.

Seekers includes new regions, missions, and jobs. It launches March 26.


Final Fantasy XIV alpha footage features instanced dungeon, big bosses

1 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 27, 12 8:12am (PST) Like Share

Looking solid

Image 1

A new video for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has surfaced, and it features some instanced dungeon gameplay. For the next three minutes, you can see dungeon crawling, about 65 spells per second (consider that your epilepsy warning), and big bosses Bockman and Galvanth the Dominator in action.

Although this is merely alpha footage, the game is already looking solid, with smooth graphics and framerate to match, plus a tight UI.


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix includes tweaked controls

7 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 27, 12 7:56am (PST) Like Share

Not just improved graphics to look forward to

Image 1

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix packages together Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, and includes HD visuals and new skills.

Another addition fans can expect is tweaked controls: you'll be able to control the camera with the right analog stick and reset it with R3; talking to characters can be done with Triangle, and Summons have been moved to the command menu (so Mushu won't be an issue now). Also, event scenes can be skipped.

KH HD launches in Japan March 14. No other dates are currently known.


Dead or Alive 5 Plus will feature cross-platform play, touch controls, more

1 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 21, 12 8:08am (PST) Like Share

Lots of love for Vita owners

Image 1

Handheld-owning fight fans look to be in for a real treat soon: Dead or Alive 5 Plus is on its way to Vita, and is bringing with it some juice features, including cross-platform multiplayer and shared costumes, a "touch play" mode, "Training Plus" mode, and more frame data (so moves come off more fluid and detailed).

Touch play mode offers two styles of combat. In the first, you tap your opponent to attack them exactly where you want, and in the second, you "touch, flick, and pinch" to attack with greater precision and variety of moves. Note in this mode, you hold the Vita vertically.

Training, meanwhile, challenges you with various missions, said to be both fun and educational -- edutaining, if you will.

You can see the added features in action with the screens above and below.

DOA5 Plus launches in March.

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 trailer depicts the "full cruelty of war"

3 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 21, 12 7:56am (PST) Like Share

And features some lovely music

Image 1

A new trailer is here for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (a shooter if you can't guess from the name), which focuses as much on action as it does the gruesomeness and cruelty war is known for.

It's a bit jarring, in fact: it starts off with a hauntingly beautiful song and a horrific event, then followed up immediately with an upbeat jam and traditional trailer action. In any case, the game itself is looking decent at worst.

After many delays, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 will be launching early next year.


Dark Souls 2 concept art features grim-looking foes, stunning scenery

10 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 21, 12 7:47am (PST) Like (2) Share

This should give you an idea

Image 1

Fresh concept art is here for Dark Souls 2 -- the next hopefully still hardcore RPG courtesy of From Software.

Most of the 12 shots feature disturbing enemies, like a half-man half-horrific insect creature or the badass motherf*cker riding the chariot of death, but there's a couple bits of gorgeous scenery, too, plus a little look at some weapons and equipment. Check below to see it all for yourself.

No current date is set for the release of Dark Souls 2, but we'll keep you posted as ever.

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Etrian Odyssey 4 trailer features Medic class

1 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 21, 12 7:39am (PST) Like Share

It's all about survival

Image 1

The last trailer for hardcore RPG Etrian Odyssey 4 featured the unconventionally named Landsknecht class, but the one in today's is much more easy to remember: Medic! As the video illustrates, medics are adept at inflicting all kinds of annoying status effects on enemies, healing your party up, and collecting extra herbs for various bonuses. Medics: don't leave home without one.

Etrian Odyssey 4 launches February 26 -- no time at all.


Battlefield 3: End Game revealed with screenshot, Premium teaser

5 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 21, 12 7:31am (PST) Like Share

First peek at upcoming DLC

Image 1

The screenshot above represents the first look anyone has gotten at the upcoming Battlefield 3: End Game expansion. As you can see, it features a motorbike -- a feature previously promised.

There's also a teaser trailer out for the DLC, though it's intended for Premium members only. As such, I'll just say it features plenty more motorbikes where that came from. If you are a Premium member, hit the source to check it out.

End Game launches this coming March.


Planetside 2 Double XP running Friday through early January, Triple Station Cash one day only

2 comments Sean Ridgeley - Dec 20, 12 8:08am (PST) Like Share

A little present from SOE

Image 1

Planetside 2 players are in for a couple big treats: starting tomorrow and running through January 2 (nearly two weeks), you'll be able to acquire XP at double the rate. Additionally, a Triple Station Cash event is on tomorrow, and only tomorrow -- grandma is gonna have to do without her Christmas present this year, huh?

As ever, the news comes from Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley's Twitter account, where he discusses other things like The Hobbit, his hatred of hackers, and his love of Kate Upton, in case you're interested.

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