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Persona 4 Arena tutorial covers the basics in English

1 comments Susan Schreck - May 01, 12 3:19pm (PST) Like Share

Warning: Ear plugs may be needed for Teddie's new voice

After all the hype for Persona 4 Arena coming from the Japanese front, an English trailer for the game has finally surfaced.

The clip is just shy of three minutes and goes over the very basics without getting into the higher levels of the game's tech. So experienced members of the fighting game community shouldn't expect something new out of the trailer, and the ones who've been following this game since conception are probably already familiar with the mechanics.   We do, however, get to hear some of the English voices.

Let's just hope these aren't the final casting choices for the roles of Teddie and Rise's idol alter ego, Risette. Teddie's voice can be hard on the ears, and the portrayal of Risette comes across a bit flat for a star idol of Japan. Then again it's probably better than a voice actress that squeals out every line.

Tutorial #1 : Learning the Basics - Youtube

Persona 4 Arena can be expected stateside Summer 2012 with a speculated date set for August 7 on some pre-order sites.


Soul Calibur V, Ultimate MvC3 make it onto Super Battle Opera 2012's lineup

0 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 26, 12 2:26pm (PST) Like Share

Spoilers: UMvC3 single eliminations will be the fastest tournament in fighting game history

Super Battle Opera, one of the largest tournaments in Japan, has been considering adding console-exclusive fighting games Soul Calibur V and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 to the lineup for awhile now. The only problem was there had been no official word from Tougeki until now. With the posting of the official list, they have revealed that both titles will be present at Super Battle Opera 2012 along with arcade favorites Persona 4 Arena, Aquapazza, and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.

Soul Calibur V and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 are the first console-only fighters to make it onto Super Battle Opera's list. Both games will be run as single elimination one-on-one tournaments. We're already expecting the Marvel vs Capcom competition to go by pretty fast considering how quick grinding those matches can be on and offline.

Image 1

Persona 4 Arena trailers give fans a taste of Story Mode

0 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 26, 12 1:40pm (PST) Like Share

A man of few words should always carry a big sword

It hasn't been that long since Atlus revealed the Story Mode of Persona 4 Arena's console edition. Now fans get a further look at what to expect in two new videos that were added to the official site.

There's a lack of spoilers for those who can't understand Japanese, but the videos do show off the work involved in the new mode. It's very clear, from the familiar voice actors to the mostly unchanged soundtrack, that Atlus wants fans of the original to be comfortable with this game so they can enjoy it just -- as much as a diehard fan of fighting games would appreciate it for its competitive aspects.

One video showcases the dialogue in the game and how it looks mostly unchanged from the original. Character expressions change appropriately with what they are saying as arrangements from the game's soundtrack play in the background. Not to mention the original protagonist, Yu Narukami, has more to say this time around than he did in the first Persona 4. However, those that have seen the anime adaptation will notice that he sticks to his minimilastic approach when it comes to conversation.

The other video shows what looks to be one of the earlier cutscenes fans will see in the Story Mode. Once again, the straightforward Yu charges forth into the television at the local Junes, with Chie, Yosuke, and Yukiko toppling on in with him.

Along with the new trailers, fans will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the site now features a new song that plays while you navigate its pages. The lyrical arrangement is the improved main theme of Persona 4 Arena, which features the vocals of Yumi Kawamura, who performed "Burn my Dread" and "Kimi no Kiouku" from the Persona 3 soundtrack. In addition to that, she also did "Dream of Butterfly" for the first Persona PSP port.

Persona 4 Arena will be arriving to shelves August 2 for Japan.  If we're going by what retailers are listing, the game will also be out in North America on August 7.


Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers screenshots reveal brand new opening animation

2 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 25, 12 4:00pm (PST) Like Share

Remakes look to be Atlus' new hobby these days

Atlus looks to be making a hobby out of reworking their Shin Megami Tensei related titles. They’ve been hyping up Persona 4 The Golden for its arrival in Japan this June, and there have been more trailers rolling out for Persona 2 Eternal Punishment's PSP remake. Now the developer has released screenshots showing off a retouched Devil Survivor: Soul Hackers, which originally debuted on the Sega Saturn system.

Soul Hackers will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS with a full voice cast, improved load times, and some retouched artwork. In addition to these new bits, Atlus is also commissioning Sate Light -- who worked with Atlus on Innocent Sin’s remake -- to do the new opener.

The ensemble of screenshots show fans a freshened-up in-game enviroment, character designs, and a glimpse of the new opening animation. Only thing we don't know now is when the game will be hitting shelves.

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Persona 2 Eternal Punishment trailer reveals more of the remake

0 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 25, 12 1:38pm (PST) Like Share

Another preview gives fan's a feel for what to expect

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment’s PSP port has been announced for quite some time now, and fans have gotten a good dose of teasing from Atlus about the project. The game is already going to feature a new opening animation from Madhouse – the studio behind a countless number of anime favorites that include Vampire Hunter 2 Bloodlust, Occult Academy, and Chobits. Today, Atlus adds to the fanservice with a new trailer for the cult classic’s refresher.

The trailer really shows newcomers to the series how unique the Persona franchise is, and long-time fan's get a taste of what to expect when Persona 2 Eternal Punishment finally reaches the store shelves. Snippets of gameplay tell us that not much as changed as far as the mechanics are concerned, and a look at concept art makes us appreciate the talents of the artists behind the game. Not to mention we can see what Madhouse has accomplished in terms of animation.

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment will be out in Japan on May 17, but there is still no word on whether the game will make it to the international market as well.

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DJ Max Technika Tune finds its way across the Pacific

0 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 24, 12 1:34pm (PST) Like Share

Time to get in touch with our inner DJ

Image 1

DJ Max Technika Tune is the latest title in the DJ Max lineup and will be making its way across the Pacific this summer to North America. The game will be available earlier than its physical copy via PSN.

While Technika Tune will be getting an American release, things are pretty quiet on the European front, namely due to the lack of Pentavision presence in the region.

Gameplay for Technika Tune is done by tapping circles on the screen as a bar, which sweeps left to right, passes over them. Of course, this is done in rhythm to the electronic and dance tunes the game features.


Persona 4 The Golden sees two new trailers, featuring story and gameplay

1 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 24, 12 1:30pm (PST) Like Share

A little bit of serious and a little bit of pop

Making their debut on Famitsu, before their addition to the official site, two new trailers for Persona 4 The Golden show off new and old content that fans are certainly going to enjoy. The new vignettes show off the game in two different lights: serious and pop. Both trailers have their own special content to show off that will be new to Persona 4's Vita port.

The “Serious” trailer shows us the darker side of Persona 4's world. Cutscenes feature imagery like bodies suspended upside down, a car chase in the rain, and the desperate struggle against the shadows within the Midnight Channel. Along with showing us the grittier angle of the game's narrative, fans will notice a few seconds dedicated to showing Naoto and Kanji back to back as they summon their persona for a paired attack – A new battle mechanic unique to Persona 4 The Golden.

Coming in opposite colors, Atlus' “Pop” trailer shows us the lighter side of Persona 4 that fans have come to know and love: the humor, upbeat music, and bright colors. The members of the main cast show off snazzy dance moves while pop music plays, and Risette makes various announcements. Not to mention fans will get a glimpse of the new snowboarding location and the enigmatic Marie. Players may also spot Teddy in one of the game's new alternate costumes as well.

Persona 4 The Golden is already set to release in Japan June 10, but the North American release date has yet to be set.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor lineup to hit Europe

0 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 19, 12 12:23pm (PST) Like Share

PAL region Atlus fans will have another reason to love Ghostlight

Ghostlight isn't a stranger to Atlus fans in Europe. In fact, they have published a number of the Shin Megami Tensei titles in the past that would not have made the transition to the PAL regions otherwise. Now they step up to the plate once more to release Devil Survivor Overlocked and Devil Survivor 2.

Fans of Devil Survivor are familiar with the Overclocked version that had additional content over the original and upgraded the Nintendo DS game to the newer 3DS system. Devil Survivor 2, meanwhile, is the sequel to the story of Overclocked and the most recent installment. Both games feature a unique blending of turn-based strategy with traditional RPG battle systems.

A release date did not accompany Ghostlight's announcement.


Fate/Extra CCC release details, new servant revealed

2 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 18, 12 2:31pm (PST) Like Share

Hopefully our protagonist is worth his magical treasures

Fans of Type-Moon's Fate lineup have been worried that Fate/Extra's sequel, Fate/Extra CCC, was put on indefinite hold thanks to how scarce details have been. This was especially worrying since the original release window of the game was to be Spring 2012. However, as if sensing the impending deadline, news via Famitsu have surfaced, letting expectant fans know that CCC has been delayed to Winter 2012.

Meanwhile, the shady nimbi of not-so-good news came with a golden lining: Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, has been announced as a playable servant.

Despite the assortment of promotional art and concept pieces released, there was no artwork for Gilgamesh's Fate/Extra incarnation to accompany the announcement. As the game is set in an alternate universe from the original Fate titles, we don't even know what kind of personality the King of Heroes will have, or if he'll still be known by his infamous title.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any new details on the game and whether we'll see a Fate/Extra CCC release outside of Japan.

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Persona 4 Arena dated, console-exclusive Story Mode in the works

1 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 18, 12 2:13pm (PST) Like Share

It's time to get ready to tune in to the Midnight Channel

Image 1
Persona 4 Arena tracking has been going on for awhile.  We've discovered the season it's going to be out, covered new characters being released to the arcade version, and congregated en mass for theory fighting sessions and fan-driven “it can't get here soon enough” parties. Now the anticipated title has been dated; Japan will be getting the game August 2. Amazon has also put a timestamp on the English pre-orders of the game as August 7, though as with any unofficial retail date, that's subject to change.
Along with publishing Persona 4 Arena's street date, Famitsu magazine has also revealed the inclusion of a Story Mode constructed exclusively for the console. The details we have make it sound like it will work very much like BlazBlue's alternate paths leading to different endings, potential gag reels, and visual novel-style decisions accented with story specific clashes.
Initially only four members of the cast will be available to play in Story Mode with the rest being unlocked as fans progress through each character's narrative. So, for those fans who liked the storytelling mechanics of BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena will be serving them very much the same thing, if not improved upon.
Famitsu has also revealed that pre-orders of Persona 4 Arena will come with an arranged soundtrack CD for the Japanese launch. There has been no official word on what bonus content the game will come with in other regions.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced details emerge, boxed edition being considered

5 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 16, 12 4:02pm (PST) Like (3) Share

Enemy AI remains the same, no Wii U or Xbox ports

Image 1

Ever since the announcement of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, Beamdog's Trent Oster has been going into overtime answering fan questions via Twitter, and he's revealing details about the classic's digital re-release in the process.  Amongst these many details, we learn that the game will increase the level cap and won't be making the journey onto the Wii U thanks to some bad experiences with Nintendo.  Controller issues are preventing Beamdog from producing an Xbox 360 version as well, but a boxed edition of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition is under consideration.

Other information has been surfacing over the past week about the title as well.  Jim Cummings, who provided the original voice of Minsc, intends to reprise his role as the giant space hamster totting barbarian we've all come to know and love.  Enemy AI will still be a royal pain in the derriere, too.  

Additionally, the Enhanced Edition will have mod support and be localized in German, French, and Spanish, with more languages being considered.  Updates for the title are expected to be slower than originally planned.

Despite all these juicy details there is still no word on a release date for the game.


.hack//Versus with more screenshots and control schematics

4 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 12, 12 6:15pm (PST) Like Share

Latest in screenshots show off more characters and controls

It hasn't been too long since Namco announced .hack//Versus, and today, a large serving of screenshots have found their way onto the 'net. The collection features everything from a new animated short to gameplay mechanics. No to mention fans of the franchise will notice the interesting additions to the cast -- Tsukasa from .hack//Sign, Ovan from .hack//GU, and Sakuya from .hack//Quantum.

Gameplay in Versus is divided between Versus Mode and Story Mode. In Versus Mode, players can compete for placings in the online rankings or just play casually with friends. The Story Mode, on the other hand, follows the movie's plot and features cinematic inserts from the film. Gamers who clear the story will be treated to a unique animated short that is told from the perspect of a character named "David." The new vignette is reported to add further insight to the movie's story.

The control schematics of the game seem simple, and none too difficult. Players control character movement using the analog pad, with jump and boost dash linked to X. The characters' standard attacks are issued via the square input, throws are executed by pressing circle, and strike attacks can be implemented via triangle. Holding R1 will have the character guard, while L1 will put them into skill mode. This makes for a pretty simple button layout that has the potential to be more friendly to gamepad users than arcade sticks.

The game brings to the table recognizable mechanics such as slide dash and crack burst. The former will rush the player's character towards their opponent, while the latter functions very much like a burst move. Super moves and alternate modes are also included in the form of ultimate skills, and an exceed move alters the character's appearance.

.hack//Versus has been announced as an additional feature for the .hack//Sekai no Mukoi ni Blu-ray disc and is one of few titles to implement the hybridized content, much like Tekken Hybrid. Both the regular and limited editions of the hybrid pack will be available in Japan on June 28.

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Pokemon Black and White 2 dated for Japan, game details released

27 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 12, 12 3:35pm (PST) Like Share

More adventures in the Unova region coming soon

Not too long ago, Nintendo announced the production of Black and White 2 for Nintendo DS. Now we finally got a date for the Japanese release: June 23.

Along with the release date, while the North American release remains "Fall 2012," as originally noted. In addition to dating the game, there was also a nice collection of preview material released in Coro Coro magazine.

Pokemon Black and White 2 will bring fans back to the Unova region two years after the events of the first game, and give them a choice between the new male and female protagonist. The new main character sprites have a sportier fashion sense; the girl wears her hair in a style that looks like a mash-up between Sailor Moon and Princess Leia.

The game also presents us with a new rival character known as... Rival. We're not sure if that's his legitimate name, but in the mean time that's what everyone is calling him. He -- much like Cheren and Blanca -- is a childhood friend of the player's character.

The preview also introduces fans to a new professor named "Akuroma," who is researching the strength of pokemon. Rounding out the new additions, two new gym leaders, Homika and Shizui,also join the cast. There's no word on who they will be replacing, but we do know that one is a Poison-type user while the other will be making waves with their Water-type lineup.

Players will find themselves starting in a new location, Hiougi City, situated in Unova's southern region.  The Pokedex has also been expanded upon to an impressive 300, making it safe to assume there will be more new critters to capture, collect, and train.

Nothing about Black and White 2's plot has been revealed yet, so we're still unsure if it will continue the storyline of the first game or go in a completely new direction.  If nothing else, we hope it lives up to the hype brought on by its predecessor's narrative.


Skullgirls move list, training mode inputs not included in game

1 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 10, 12 5:00pm (PST) Like Share

Trust us, there is a 'but'

Image 1

Today marks the release of Skullgirls to PSN, with the XBLA version coming out tomorrow, April 11. For players who get the game, they will notice it is lacking some features such as character move lists and input display in training mode. However, more advanced features are present along with other high-priority content, including a hitbox display option in the lab. The developers behind Skullgirls assures fans that the material will be patched in depending on how sales go.

Along with the patches, players can expect to see some DLC content in the future if the game does well. The mythical content will feature the typical things fans can expect for fighting games like additional characters for greater variety.

However, for those who would like access to the move list, they can get a PDF file straight from the Skullgirls website that has been updated with all sorts of information including moves, combo ideas, and anything else a competitive member of the fighting game community could use to level up their game.


Street Fighter x Tekken latest line up of trailers shows off new content for Vita

3 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 10, 12 1:48pm (PST) Like Share

More trailers, more screen shots, more characters

Getting into the tangle of Capcom news today, a collection of trailers for Street Fighter x Tekken Vita have made their way onto the Internet. The first of the three new trailers shows off six of the 12 new fighters that are to be added to the cast.  

We also learn that the game will support cross-platform play with the PS3, and fans who own both versions will get the new characters for free, instead of paying for the previously announced DLC pack.  Unfortunately, Xbox 360 fans will have to purchase the $20 set.

In addition to the announcement trailer, there are also two additional movies showing off tag teams being added to the game. The first in the set shows us two of the new teams, along with their unique introductions. The demonstrated teams are Sakura and Blanka, along with Dudley and Elena.

The next video in the lineup showcases the Christie and Lei team.  Their unique introduction makes us curious about what's up with Eddy, who Christie is looking for.

Along with the trailers, a Street Fighter x Tekken episode has been added. Regrettably the eight-minute vignette lacks English subtitles, but it shows story material related to the added characters and what we can expect next in the game's story.  Kind of; honestly, we're can only guess at this point.  What we can gather from the vignette is this:

  • Sakura and Blanka team up in search of Dan.
  • Lei and Christie are looking for Eddy.
  • Alissa and Lars are on the derelict ship, and end up fighting the guy in the episode's first segment.

What this all adds up to, we don't know. Some English subtitles would be nice.

Capcom also released new screenshots featuring the new cast members and the Vita visuals. Sadly, the lineup of trailers doesn't bring a confirmed date for the port, but Capcom insists on a Fall 2012 release.

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Killer is Dead concept art shows off stylish black-and-white scenery

1 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 09, 12 12:02pm (PST) Like Share

A salaryman with a katana in a grungy not-so-modern day world

Image 1

Killer is Dead may not be a Killer 7 sequel, but what we've seen so far invokes the desire to learn more about Suda 51's upcoming action title. And to answer that want, Grasshopper revealed a collection of black-and-white concept art pieces. The lineup shows that Killer is Dead is indeed a departure from the comic book styles of Killer 7 and the over-the-top antics of Lollipop Chainsaw.

From beautiful cherry trees against the water to a metropolis littered with jutting crystal forms, we see a typical salary man rocking a katana against the grungy backdrop of the game's world. The collection really shapes Killer is Dead up to be a gorgeous piece of video game art.

The title is expected to make its way onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime in 2013.

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Persona 4 Arena newest trailer shows Shadow Labrys in action

0 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 09, 12 11:53am (PST) Like Share

Good thing that beast is chained down otherwise we wouldn't see the health bars

Thanks to YouTube user jourdal, videos of the previously announced Shadow Labrys have been made available to the rest of the fighting game community. Both of the snippets show off the student council president's evil doppelganger in action. Her accompanying persona, Asterios, is large enough to take over the entire screen with his presence if it wasn't for the fact he is presently chained down to the underworld.

It's hard to say a lot from just a few small segments, but Shadow Labrys is looking to be one of Persona 4 Arena's heavier hitters. The gynoid's evil alter ego sports a similar hard hitting technique, but her high damage output is helped along by her persona's presence. Asterios can be seen landing hard hitting blows upon the opponent, and in one instance punch them into the screen.

Shadow Labrys will make her debut to the Japanese arcade version of Persona 4 Arena April 15, while the rest of the world can expect her on the console edition when it comes ashore sometime this summer.


Nintendo enlists Sonic co-creator Hirokazu Yasuhara

20 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 05, 12 2:56pm (PST) Like Share

We still want Smash Brothers Sonic versus Mario please

Image 1

For years there has always been a struggle between two famous idols of retro gaming: Sonic and Mario. The rivals have always gone hand-in-hand with their associated companies for decades -- Sonic with Sega, and Mario with Nintendo.  Now the blue dude's co-creator, Hirokazu Yasuhara, has joined up with Nintendo.

In fact, according to Gamasutra, Hirokazu Yasuhara will be joining Nintendo's Software Technology division in Redmond, Washington. What he will be doing there is a mystery, since neither Yasuhara or Nintendo have relesed any details.

Yasuhara joined Sega back in 1988, where he and Yuji Naka birthed the Sonic franchise for Genesis and Saturn.  Since then, he's also worked with Naughty Dog and 2K Sports.  Prior to joining Nintendo, Yasuhara worked briefly at Namco Bandai.


Skullgirls lead designer talks about origins and potential future for the title

5 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 04, 12 3:42pm (PST) Like Share

From deviantArt and Gaia Online to his inspirations for Skullgirls

Image 1

In a recent interview with Game-Art-HQ, artist Alex Ahad talks about everything from his start with Gaia Online while attending UCLA to how doujin fighters such as Melty Blood inspired him to create the fighting game community's current hype sensation: Skullgirls. We even learn his fighting game history, which consists of cult classics such as Darkstalkers and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, along with the more commonly known Guilty Gear and Marvel Vs Capcom 2.  Interestingly, Ahad's love of fighters leans more toward the character designs and art styles rather than the competitive nature of the genre -- a man after my own heart.

The best parts of the interview, obviously, are all about those Skullgirls. At one point Ahad is asked about the possibility of a second game if Skullgirls turns into a success, to which he says:

"I would like to continue Skullgirls if possible. There are plenty of things I wanted to do and planned to do for the future that we were not able to fit in the game. There are other genres and other ideas I’d like to work on in the future though, but I feel like Skullgirls is not quite complete yet."

Personally, I'd look forward to anything that comes out featuring his artwork in the near feature. The style of Skullgirls alone is unique and has that steampunk appeal.

Along with its great looks, the game also features a unique combat system that lets players chose to control one to three characters in a single match. Skullgirls may have a small cast, but each character brings their own unique style to the line up, such as Parasoul who has her country's military at her call, or Filia with her demonically possessed hair.

Fight game enthusiasts and casual players can get their hands on Skullgirls on XBLA April 10, and on the PSN at a still undisclosed date. The game will cost roughly around $10 from both marketplaces, making it cheap and accessible to the community. There are also plans for a handheld release slated for early 2013.


Persona 4: The Golden brings new goodies to the table

0 comments Susan Schreck - Apr 04, 12 1:31pm (PST) Like Share

The television isn't just for our favorite Junes commercials anymore

Image 1

Persona 4 is bringing a number of new things to the title with its Vita incarnation Persona 4: The Golden. The game will be getting more additional content in the form of television channels available via the protagonist's tube. One of the shows displays illustrations from the series illustrator Shigenori Soejima, while the "Hey Hoo! Music King" channel will play new music and run for a month in the game. Not to mention Teddy gets to host his own show, "The Midnight Quiz.” These bonuses can be accessed after the school day.

We will also see the addition of profile cards that player's exchange via the game's new rescue system. Like most information cards, it will let others know how many rescues you've made, your handle name, and a personal message. The cards can also be customized to include an icon of your favorite character.

Naoto and Teddy will be getting upgraded versions of their persona: Kamuy-Mosir, and Yamato Sumera Mikoto. Images for their new persona have yet to surface.

Sadly, despite all this new information, there is still no date for when we can expect Persona 4: The Golden stateside. Meanwhile, the game does have a confirmed release date of June 14 in Japan, so it might be safe to expect it in the later half of the year. Of course, without word from Atlus, we won't start holding our breath any time soon.

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