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New Jazz ROCCO 5.1 Speakers Announced

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 27, 00 12:00pm (PST)
Press Release TAIPEI, Taiwan - Jazz Hipster Corporation, one of the largest suppliers of multimedia speakers announced the release of their newest 5.1 Digital Audio Speaker System, the ROCCO 5.1. Designed as a complete 5.1 digital audio solution, the ...

Hercules Debuts New Audio Products

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 27, 00 11:56am (PST)
This is pretty exciting because the Hercules has traditionally been one of the best companies for non-reference based video cards, so we can hopefully expect some of the same in their venture into the sound card market. The more interesting product being ...

MidiLand Announces New S4 7100M 5.1 Speakers

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 26, 00 3:42pm (PST)
It's been a while in being announced, but now it's official. MidiLand is re-releasing a brand new version of their S4 7100 speakers with a sweet metallic finish. I would have snagged a pic from Redemption to show you how nice this can look, but that's a ...

Playstation 2 Launch Games Shipping

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 17, 00 7:32pm (PST)
So PS2 is launching Oct.26th (drool drool... ), but games are already sneaking their way into some stores. Apparently some of the larger titles will be in stores even before the units come up and out on the shiny shelves. We have a list of all the ...

GameCube Chip to Use Virtual Technology

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 17, 00 7:21pm (PST)
With the official launch of PS2 looming, it's interesting that the GameCube is still building up a nice following. Not sure how many of you have noticed the continuing trend to base console video graphics on a solution that first launched on PC (in this ...

Handspring's New Handhelds

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 17, 00 7:15pm (PST)
Due to our downtime, I've got this one one day old. Still a good one, I'm particularly excited about the cobalt blue Visor ;). PRESS RELEASE MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 16, 2000-- Handspring, Inc., (Nasdaq:HAND - news) today ...

Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro and GTS Ultra To Hit Stores

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 6, 00 12:51pm (PST)
Ok so a lot of people have been waiting eagerly for these cards to be released, and Hercules is announcing that their 3D Prophet II GTS Pro and 3D Prophet II Ultra should both be available in retail stores around mid-October. The 3D Prophet II GTS Pro, ...

Wizards and Warriors Hit Stores

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 5, 00 12:47pm (PST)
Looks like Wizards and Warriors for the PC platform (not to be mistaken for the Wizards and Warriors series published by Acclaim), by Heuristic Park, has finally started to show up on store shelves. The game went gold in mid Sept, when quite a few fans ...

Maxtor Buys Quantum!!!

1 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 4, 00 2:46pm (PST)
It's more of a takeover than a buyout, but the basic deal will work something like any standard corporate takeover - through the exchange of shares valued at $2.3billion. Here's a snippet from The Register: "Constructed as a merger, the all-share ...

256MB CompactFlash Cards Available This Year

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 4, 00 2:41pm (PST)
PRESS RELEASE RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. - October 3, 2000 - Viking Components, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing manufacturers of OEM and upgrade component technology, today announces the expansion of its flash memory line with the ...

Creative Purchases Aureal

0 comments Austin Bailey - Sep 22, 00 7:34pm (PST)
Although the rumours have been circulating around for weeks, I was personally hoping that someone else (perhaps Guillemot, the other company rumoured to have been considering the purchase) would step up and purchase Aureal. Aureal is best known for ...
In House: Tachyon: The Fringe Review
- May 24, 00 2:14am 02:14 AM (PST)
Neoseeker has just published Adam's review of Novalogic's Space Combat Simulation title, Tachyon: The Fringe. Check out the quote:[quote]Tachyon: The Fringe does not disappoint. Hardcore space combat sim fans should definitely pick up this title. Alternately, gamers who are new to the genre may find more interest in titles such as Freespace 2, Allegiance, and Starlancer.[/quote] Be sure to read the review here.
In House: Star Wars Force Commander Review
- May 19, 00 2:32am 02:32 AM (PST)
Justin's review of Lucas Arts' Star Wars RTS, entitled Force Commander has been posted. There was a great hope for this title since it was the first RTS to take on the Star Wars Universe. Find out if the game lives up to the novels/movies. Here's a quote:[quote]Most of the missions in Force Commander differ from typical strategy games in that there isn’t a lot of base building. Often you’ll have a pre-assigned group of units with a special unit that has to be brought to a certain point on the map. Several missions involve infiltrating enemy buildings and downloading computer codes or setting up communication links. One of the cool features in Force Commander is the ability to occasionally recruit neutral units to help fight the enemy. In one mission you’ll have to recruit a horde of Ewoks who will assist you in defending an Imperial attack occurring in the Ewok forest.[/quote]Check out the review here.
In House: Star Trek: Armada Review
- May 15, 00 12:43am 12:43 AM (PST)
Neoseeker has posted Drew's review of Star Trek: Armada. Check out a quote: [quote]If you are a Star Trek fan and can get past the numerous errors in the game – some so big that they prevented thousands of people from even being able to play – then you should like Star Trek: Armada. For the most part, I found it enjoyable, yet at the same time, a tad short. The game consists of only 4 levels per race, with four races total, adding up to a grand total of 16 levels. An experienced RTS player will be able to make short work of this game in a day or two. In addition, there was nothing in this game that really sets it apart from all of the other RTS’s out there. The Star Trek theme was nice, and it undoubtedly added to my enjoyment of the game, for I was able to indulge my fantasies about controlling Defiant and Sovereign class starships. In conclusion, Star Trek: Armada does a satisfactory job, but on the whole, it’s just your average RTS.[/quote] Check out this seven pager here.
In House: Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack Review
- May 9, 00 2:03am 02:03 AM (PST)
We have just posted Justin's review of the Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack from Talonsoft. He gave it an overall score of 89%. Check out a bit about the game:[quote]Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack is an exciting, yet serious portrayal of WWII combat. Both games included with the Action Pack provide many hours of intense, and sometimes frustrating, gameplay. There are some bugs still lingering in the game code, but H&D Action Pack comes with the latest patch, which makes it more stable than previous versions of the game. If you’re prepared to spend some time possibly updating video drivers, and have the patience to do a little trouble-shooting if necessary, you will be rewarded with one of the most realistic WWII combat games to date. At the current price, you’ll pay slightly more than a dollar per mission, which is an exceptional value.[/quote] Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Take a look at the review here.
In House: Baldur's Gate II Press Release
- Apr 28, 00 9:57pm 09:57 PM (PST)
Timur, one of the writers at Neoseeker managed to get a hold of some new information on two of the character classes in Baldur's Gate II along with four all new in game screenshots. Here's teh last bit: [quote]Now, the moment you have all been waiting for, 3 new classes that we have added to BG2 that we have never publicly discussed. The Monk, Barbarian and the Sorcerer will now enter along side the 20+ new kits as new character features in BG2. These classes are 2nd edition rule implementation of the upcoming 3rd edition AD&D classes. We will be releasing more information on these classes later on (hey, we have to leave some surprises until later =)). [/quote]Take a look here.
In House: Rogue Spear Urban Operations Review
- Apr 28, 00 1:22am 01:22 AM (PST)
Neoseeker has posted it's own review of Redstorm Entertainment's expansion pack for the tactical strategy title, Rogue Spear. Rogue Spear: Urban Operations adds a few new features to the game and keeps the Rainbow Six saga alive. Here's a snippet: [quote]Enemy AI has been improved slightly since Rogue Spear, and you’ll find that some of your old maneuvers won’t net you the quick kills you’re used to getting. The five classic missions from Rainbow Six are nicely enhanced and fun to play, but ultimately add little more than nostalgia to the game.[/quote] Check out our review here.

Hercules Announces 3D Prophet II GTS

0 comments Austin Bailey - Apr 27, 00 1:59pm (PST)
Here's the Press Release: "Hercules is excited to introduce its latest in their range of cutting-edge graphics boards: the 3D Prophet II GTS. The exciting new 3D Prophet II GTS boards, which will be available in 32MB and 64MB versions and include TV-out, ...
In House: Gunship Review
- Apr 25, 00 1:38am 01:38 AM (PST)
We have just posted our review of Microprose's combat helicopter title, Gunship. There are mixed thoughts when it comes to Gunship, find out why we find it does not live up to Microprose's standard of outstanding titles. Here's a snippet of the review: [quote]The sound in this game is the one area where Microprose did not botch up. The chatter over the radio is very well done, and each pilot speaks in the native language of his or her country. The chatter is then subtitled on the screen so that you are able to understand what the wingman or co-pilot is saying. The sounds of the rockets launching isn’t bad, although I have heard far better explosions elsewhere. The hum of the gunship’s massive engine is ever present in the game, and helps to add to the overall feeling of being in control of a massive weapon of war.[/quote] Check out the review here
In House: Messiah Review
- Apr 21, 00 1:49am 01:49 AM (PST)
Neoseeker has just posted a review of Shiny Entertainment & Interplay's third person action title, Messiah. See how the angel in diapers measures up here.
In House: Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed Review
- Apr 19, 00 5:20am 05:20 AM (PST)
Neoseeker has just posted its review of the fifth Need For Speed title published by Electronic Arts' entitled Porsche Unleashed. Be sure to check this one out here.
In House: Allegiance Review
- Apr 17, 00 7:05am 07:05 AM (PST)
Justin Bracken has just completed his review of Microsoft's Space-Strategy-Sim title, Allegiance. He has done a fine job in describing his experience, and his screenshots tell the audience what he cannot say in words. Read why Allegiance deserves 85% over here.
Thief II: The Metal Age Review
- Apr 14, 00 4:18am 04:18 AM (PST)
Today we published our review of Eidos Interactive & Looking Glass Studios' FPS/strategy game, Thief II: The Metal Age. The game earned two thumbs up from our play tester Adam Bryant. Come see why Garrett the Thief's second time around is really a direct hit that you shouldn't miss. Read the review here.
In House: Planescape Torment Review
- Apr 11, 00 1:13am 01:13 AM (PST)
Journey with the "nameless" one as Neoseeker kicks off its first game article. Judge for yourself if it even comes close to greatness of Baldur's Gate. Take a stroll through the lands of Planescape here.

Zx10 VE (ViZual Engine) Workstation Announced

0 comments Austin Bailey - Apr 10, 00 3:32pm (PST)