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New Jazz ROCCO 5.1 Speakers Announced

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 27, 00 12:00pm (PST) Like Share

Jazz Hipster Corp. introduces their 5.1 ROCCO system, completely geared for Dolby Digital support and aimed at PC, DVD, and Playstation 2 owners.

Press Release

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Jazz Hipster Corporation, one of the largest suppliers of multimedia speakers announced the release of their newest 5.1 Digital Audio Speaker System, the ROCCO 5.1. Designed as a complete 5.1 digital audio solution, the ROCCO 5.1 is compatible with DVD ROM computer systems, home theater DVD players, and game systems that feature 5.1 channels of output such as Sony’s new PlayStation 2 system.

Addressing the growing need for powerful 5.1 digital audio output now essential for PC DVD ROM and the new crop of game systems, the ROCCO 5.1 features 2500 watts of total system power and built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 channels decoding and Dolby Pro Logic 4.1 channels decoding. In an effort to make the ROCCO universally compatible with numerous 5.1 output devices, the ROCCO accepts audio input via analog line-in, optical, and coaxial inputs.

One main feature of the ROCCO 5.1 is its compact size yet high quality high performance audio reproduction. ROCCO’s powerful subwoofer houses a high performance 4” deep bass woofer adding deep bass reproduction. Each compact satellite speaker houses a 3” full range driver with the center speaker containing dual 3” full range drivers.

Easy to use and easy to adjust, the ROCCO has controls for power, volume, audio mode selection, and mute which are conveniently located on the 2-way center speaker. These controls and others may also be adjusted via the supplied wireless remoter controller.

For optimal adjustment and placement of the front and rear satellite speakers, the JAZZ CF001-A satellite speakers stands are available as an optional add-on to the ROCCO 5.1 Digital Audio System.

For more info:

Hercules Debuts New Audio Products

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 27, 00 11:56am (PST) Like Share

The name behind some of the best video accelerator products is now trying to make headway with new sound card and portable MP3 player.

This is pretty exciting because the Hercules has traditionally been one of the best companies for non-reference based video cards, so we can hopefully expect some of the same in their venture into the sound card market. The more interesting product being announced is the Game Theater XP, which is basically a combo sound card and external rack that features 4 USB ports and a gameport. The rack will basically serve as a center for all your peripherals, while the soundcard will support Dolby Digital decoding with 6 individual gold plated RCA outs!

Since I'm begining to really cover the 5.1 and surround audio markets, I hope to get my hands on a review set and give you the lo down.

Here's the full PR:

MONTREAL, October 26, 2000 - Hercules is pleased to announce that it will add a brand new line of audio products to its graphics, image and video range. Through its commitment to power and excellence, Hercules will continue making gaming entertainment more exciting for even the most demanding of gamers, now both in the video and audio fields.

"Today the Hercules name is associated with innovative and top-quality 3D products," says Claude Guillemot, President of Hercules Technologies. "Our Hercules and Guillemot R&D teams have joined forces to design and build a new revolutionary line of audio products. Our ambition is to raise the bar ever higher and beat the expectations of the most exacting gaming community. This strategic expansion is perfect for Hercules, which designs products with all the luxuries that our customers, in particular gamers, have come to expect from us."

The first Hercules audio product is Game Theater XP, a revolutionary gaming concept that is guaranteed to appeal to hardcore gamers with its unique features: a sound card and a powerful, extremely convenient external rack including amongst other features, a high-speed 4-port USB hub and game port for easy connection of game peripherals, and Dolby Digital(tm) decoding on up to 6 independent gold-plated RCA outputs. Hercules Game Theater XP will start retailing in December.

Next on the list is Cube, one of the lightest, smallest and most intuitive MP3 players on the market. Cube will be available from mid-November.

MidiLand Announces New S4 7100M 5.1 Speakers

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 26, 00 3:42pm (PST) Like Share

Hot on the trail of the S4 7100 5.1 speaker system, MidiLand releases an updated version with a new metallic color.

It's been a while in being announced, but now it's official. MidiLand is re-releasing a brand new version of their S4 7100 speakers with a sweet metallic finish. I would have snagged a pic from Redemption to show you how nice this can look, but that's a pic of MidiLand's yet unannounced S4 7100 Plus system, and I don't want to spoil the fun for that one ;). Suffice it to say that the new color is sweet, and I hear that MidiLand has continued to tweak the electronics in the 7100s too, so that the 7100M (and 7100 Plus) should have updated electronics over the initial release.

Here's the full PR:

POMONA, CA -- MidiLand, Inc., the makers of the award-winning S4 MidiLand 7100, releases the S4 MidiLand 7100M, a newly designed 7-piece, 5.1 multi-channel speaker system in a new MidiLand original finish, sleek metallic. Born into the already well-acclaimed S4 MidiLand series, the S4 MidiLand 7100M adds a sophisticated, modern edge to the S4 7100 name for those chic, savvy audiophiles.

Seriously designed for gamers and sound enthusiasts who demand the finest in multi-channel surround sound, the S4 MidiLand 7100M includes 7 components: a well-endowed 50-watt 6.5” subwoofer accompanied by five 2.5” channel satellites each bearing 10 watts, and a specially designed control module that has the option of being placed into the 5.25” drive bay of a computer tower. No other control module of any other multimedia speaker system in the market offers this special convenience for its users!

Moreover, the S4 MidiLand 7100M is Dolby Digital® (AC-3)® and Dolby® Pro Logic® ready, as well as Sound Blaster Live® compatible. Listeners, whether voracious gamers or sound aficionados, will be surrounded by a total sound environment created by the 5 satellites carrying 5 distinct channels of sound and the all-encompassing, powerful bass. The S4 MidiLand 7100M allows a listener to realize new levels of enjoyment in gaming and music listening by generously projecting not only the strength and depth of sound, but the subtle detail and crispness as well.

The subwoofer is housed in a dual-vented wood enclosure to enhance bass sound quality. S4 MidiLand 7100M speakers are 100% magnetically shielded to eliminate virtually all EMI (electromagnetic interference). Quality and precision mark each S4 MidiLand 7100M system. The new metallic finish makes it especially attractive for any home audio setting.

Estimated street price of the high performance S4 MidiLand 7100M system is $199.95 (MSRP $249.95). The exclusive MidiLand “Peace of Mind Guarantee” of total satisfaction and a three-year limited warranty backs the S4 MidiLand 7100M. All systems are ISO-9002 certified and meet current MPC III standards.


Playstation 2 Launch Games Shipping

0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 17, 00 7:32pm (PST) Like Share

No more than a week before the console's official launch, and games are already shipping retail stores. Some are even already on the shelves ;)

So PS2 is launching Oct.26th (drool drool... ), but games are already sneaking their way into some stores. Apparently some of the larger titles will be in stores even before the units come up and out on the shiny shelves.

We have a list of all the launch titles that I'll link up later as we close on in the launch. For now, here's a short list of what is either already out on shelves, or will be very shortly.

All of EA's Launch Titles:
  • Madden NFL 2001
  • NHL 2001
  • SSX
  • Kessen
  • X-Squad
  • Swing Away Golf

    Capcom's darlin':
  • Street Fighter EX3

    Agetec's entire launch lineup:
  • Armored Core 2
  • Eternal Ring
  • Evergrace

    EA's SSX, by the way, is the title that nearly everyone was blathering about after E3. Heck I was there and I stood literally transfixed at the huge screen display as it whopped out graphics that would shame ANY other game without problem (it's one wicked demo, for sure).

    PS: We have Kessen listed as a Koei title, no idea why Gamespot thinks otherwise. There's no mention on the EA site about them publishing Kessen either. Go figure.
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    GameCube Chip to Use Virtual Technology

    0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 17, 00 7:21pm (PST) Like Share

    Virtual Silicon Technology will be providing part of the technology used in the GameCube chip.

    With the official launch of PS2 looming, it's interesting that the GameCube is still building up a nice following. Not sure how many of you have noticed the continuing trend to base console video graphics on a solution that first launched on PC (in this case the Radeon).

    "Virtual Silicon Technology announced its partnership with ATI technologies in the development of the new graphics processing chip for the Nintendo Gamecube console. ATI used the libraries of Virtual Technology to include high speed I/O pads, memory compliers, and high performance standard cells for the development of its new 3D graphics chip.
    "We like to say Virtual Silicon is ‘The Heart of the Great Silicon’, and the ATI graphics chip powering the new Nintendo GameCube is truly great silicon." said Taylor Scanlon, the president of Virtual Technologies.

    The 3D graphics chip is based on ATI's Radeon line of products. The Virtual Silicon Technology allowed ATI to achieve clock speeds of more than 200mhz.

    Handspring's New Handhelds

    0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 17, 00 7:15pm (PST) Like Share

    Due to our downtime, I've got this one one day old. Still a good one, I'm particularly excited about the cobalt blue Visor ;).


    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 16, 2000-- Handspring, Inc., (Nasdaq:HAND - news) today introduced two new products in its popular Visor family of handheld computers: Visor Prism and Visor Platinum.

    Visor Prism, Handspring's first color-enabled product, boasts 16-bit color and can display over 65,000 colors for viewing picture-quality graphics, as well as vivid games and maps. Visor Platinum is the fastest Palm OS handheld computer on the market today -- at least 50% faster than Visor Deluxe and as much as twice as fast as many other Palm OS products. In addition, Visor Prism and Visor Platinum feature the Springboard expansion slot to harness the true benefits of a color display and full expandability. Visor Prism and Visor Platinum are available immediately at for U.S. $449 and $299, respectively. Visor Prism comes in cobalt blue and Visor Platinum is metallic silver. Both products will be available in November through U.S. retail partners.

    With the introduction of the new Visor products, Handspring continues to focus intensely on building its leadership overseas. The company will demonstrate Japanese versions of both new products in Tokyo, Japan this week at World PC Expo. Handspring expects to begin selling the Japanese versions of Visor Prism and Visor Platinum before the end of the year, along with International English and German versions in Europe. International English versions are also expected for Asia in early 2001 and other languages and markets will follow.

    Also announced recently from third-party developers are new Springboard modules designed to take advantage of the benefits of vibrant color including a GPS module from GeoDiscovery, an MP3 player from Good Technology and a color game pack from Pocket Express. In addition, IDEO has released a free software update for its popular eyemodule so people can take pictures with both the Prism and Platinum editions of Visor.

    Visor Prism and Visor Platinum are the first Visor handhelds powered by Motorola's DragonBall VZ 33 MHz processor, bringing important advantages to typical daily handheld use. For Visor Prism, the increased power results in faster rendering of images for use in multimedia applications such as games, mapping applications, and video playback. Visor Platinum offers all of these benefits in a crisp monochrome package including support for 16 shades of gray (4-bit grayscale), and takes performance even higher by increasing the speed of everyday tasks such as finding data in the address book and memo pad applications, sorting records and accessing and deleting items from the applications launcher.

    ``Combining Visor Prism's rich, bright color display with Springboard expansion technology makes it a unique platform for exciting applications like digital photography, global positioning systems, and color Internet browsing,'' said Joe Sipher, vice president of product marketing for Handspring. ``Visor Platinum's increased performance coupled with a display capable of 16 shades of gray will help enable developers to create new performance-intensive and advanced graphics applications.''

    The company will also begin selling a new range of accessories for the new Visor family including the innovative GameFace joystick, a snap-on accessory currently exclusive to Visor handhelds that brings Palm OS gaming to a new level. The GameFace joystick for Visor standard, Solo, Deluxe and Platinum editions is scheduled to ship later this year at for U.S. $39.95 and will be bundled with Astraware's Zap!2000 arcade game. The GameFace joystick for Visor Prism is scheduled to ship in early 2001. The GameFace joystick will support most Palm OS-enabled games.

    Visor Prism

    Visor Prism offers consumers a superior color display combined with the flexibility and versatility of the Springboard expansion slot. The Visor Prism screen displays 65,536 colors (16-bit) on an active matrix LCD designed for optimal brightness and readability. With Visor Prism's vibrant color screen, users can take full advantage of modules and applications such as digital cameras, global positioning systems, modems, web browsers and games in rich color detail. Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, Visor Prism will provide nearly two weeks of normal use on a single charge. In addition, the battery recharges in minutes when docked in the Visor Prism's charging cradle.

    Visor Platinum

    Visor Platinum takes the monochrome line of Visor products to the next level. It is designed for users who require increased speed and performance from their handheld computer. Visor Platinum is the fastest Palm OS handheld available and includes the enhancements of Palm OS 3.5 such as wireless infrared synchronization and enhanced security. Visor Platinum runs on two AAA batteries that provide four to six weeks of performance with standard use.

    Both new editions of Visor come with 8MB of RAM and include the basic features of the Visor line of products such as enhanced applications, USB support, Mac OS compatibility out of the box and the innovative Springboard expansion slot.

    Both products are based on a version of Palm OS 3.5 that Handspring has optimized for fast performance, Springboard compatibility, USB connectivity and 16-bit color support. There are also standard security and usability enhancements of Palm OS 3.5 which are included in both new versions of Visor.

    Categories: Portable Computing

    Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro and GTS Ultra To Hit Stores

    0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 06, 00 12:51pm (PST) Like Share

    Hercules announces that their 3D Prophet II GTS Pro and 3D Prophet Ultra will be available soon.

    Ok so a lot of people have been waiting eagerly for these cards to be released, and Hercules is announcing that their 3D Prophet II GTS Pro and 3D Prophet II Ultra should both be available in retail stores around mid-October.

    The 3D Prophet II GTS Pro, based on the NVIDIA GeForce2 PRO chipset, the world's first GigaTexel shading GPU. The card features a sweet 200Mhz core clock, with 64MB of DDRAM (@400Mhz). Hercules adds its famous touch with specially adapted heatsinks on the RAM chips for added stability at ultra high speeds. All this power equals to 1.6 GigaTexels/sec and 25 million triangles per second... All this for a cool $399USD.

    And if you think that price is scary, the 3D Prophet Ultra will retail for $529USD. For that tremendous price you would get the coveted NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra processor. How does 250Mhz core clock and 460Mhz memory clock sound to you? The new GeForce2 Ultra architecture delivers a 1 billion pixel-per-second fill rate, 2 billion texels per second and an an astonishing Transform & Lighting engine capable of generating 31 million polygons per second.
    Categories: Video Cards

    Wizards and Warriors Hit Stores

    0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 05, 00 12:47pm (PST) Like Share

    D.W. Bradley, of Wizardry fame, comes through for fans again.

    Looks like Wizards and Warriors for the PC platform (not to be mistaken for the Wizards and Warriors series published by Acclaim), by Heuristic Park, has finally started to show up on store shelves. The game went gold in mid Sept, when quite a few fans started to make pre-orders at Babbages and other online e-tailers. Formerly known as Swords and Sorcery: Wizards and Warriors, the title is the first RPG by D.W. Bradley since his last work, Wizardry VII (which some RPG fans may be familiar with :P).

    The game features tons of races and classes, including some unconventional classes like Tricksters, Ninjas, Zen Masters and Valkyries and some weird races like Pixies, Oomphaz (er... some sort of humanoid elephant thing), Whiskas (er... humanoid tigers hehe) and others. You can already feel D.W. Bradley's influence at work.

    More info can be found in our profile page and also in the Gold news item, linked below. Reviews are already popping up left and far the game is doing ok, but if you own the thing and have some comments, don't forget to submit your own user review.

    Maxtor Buys Quantum!!!

    1 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 04, 00 2:46pm (PST) Like Share

    Here's a surprising turn of events: Maxtor is going to buy out rival Quantum's Hard Drive division in a move that will create the worlds largest storage device company.

    It's more of a takeover than a buyout, but the basic deal will work something like any standard corporate takeover - through the exchange of shares valued at $2.3billion.

    Here's a snippet from The Register:

    "Constructed as a merger, the all-share transaction will see Quantun's HDD stockholders receive 1.52 shares of Maxtor common stock for every one share they hold in Quantum. This values the deal at $2.3 billion.

    The enlarged business, to be named Maxtor
    Corporation, produces more than 50 million hard drives a year.

    Key to the deal on Maxtor's part is the annualised cost savings of $120 million to $200 million it expects within two years following the completion of the transaction. It also gives the company the revenue stream and clout to tough it out with Seagate, the traditional market leader.

    The funny thing is that in the past many people have expressed that they trust Quantum drives over Maxtor :P (and others have expresed the opposite).
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    256MB CompactFlash Cards Available This Year

    0 comments Austin Bailey - Oct 04, 00 2:41pm (PST) Like Share

    Viking Components will offer 192MB and 256MB CompactFlash cards to resellers in the fourth quarter of 2000.


    RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. - October 3, 2000 - Viking Components, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing manufacturers of OEM and upgrade component technology, today announces the expansion of its flash memory line with the addition of the industry's highest capacity CompactFlash™ cards available. Viking's new 192 MB and 256 MB CompactFlash cards will ship to resellers nationwide in the fourth quarter of 2000.
    Viking CompactFlash cards are engineered to be rugged and reliable solid-state storage solutions for numerous types of consumer digital devices, including digital cameras, MP3 players, portable computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). CompactFlash cards retain data when power is turned off allowing users to safely store, archive, transport and easily transfer digital contents between peripherals.

    "The 256 MB CompactFlash card is the highest capacity currently available," said Laura Bonomo, Viking product marketing manager. "Viking will continue to expand its high-density flash memory line to support the storage needs of today's high-resolution megapixel digital cameras as well as the increased number of MP3 players and personal digital devices in the market."

    Viking CompactFlash Product Information
    Based on NAND technology, Viking's cards are compatible with all CompactFlash devices and extend battery life due to low-power consumption. Other key features include ATA compatibility for easy plug-and-play installation, PCMCIA compatibility, solid state, non-volatile technology and at least 10 years of data retention.
    Viking CompactFlash cards come with a five-year warranty and are available through resellers/retailers nationwide in capacities ranging from 8 MB to 128 MB. The 192 MB and 256 MB capacity cards will ship in the fourth quarter of 2000. CompactFlash cards require an adapter, also available from Viking, to fit into a PC Card Type II or Type III slot.

    Viking's extensive flash memory product line also includes SmartMedia™ in capacities up to 64 MB, Type II PC Cards in capacities up to 1 GB as well as the Viking IntelliFlash™ USB flash memory reader which supports CompactFlash, SmartMedia and Type I and Type II PC Cards.
    Categories: Digital Imaging

    Creative Purchases Aureal

    0 comments Austin Bailey - Sep 22, 00 7:34pm (PST) Like Share

    The official announcement confirms the rumours that have been circulating for weeks.

    Although the rumours have been circulating around for weeks, I was personally hoping that someone else (perhaps Guillemot, the other company rumoured to have been considering the purchase) would step up and purchase Aureal. Aureal is best known for having introduced 3d positional sound to the mass gaming market with its Vortex and Vortex2 cards, which powered Aureal3D (A3D) titles.

    I've been a longtime fan of A3D, over the EAX API developed by Creative, and this is a very strange turn of events indeed.



    FREMONT, Calif., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Aureal Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: AURLQ - news) announced that on September 21, 2000, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of California, Oakland Division entered the final order approving the sale of substantially all of the assets of Aureal to Creative Technology Ltd. (Nasdaq: CREAF - news). The sale will include settlement of all outstanding litigation claims between Aureal and Creative. Creative will pay US$28 million in cash, plus two new shares of Creative stock for every 100 outstanding shares of Aureal stock, or 208,079 shares of Creative stock. The Creative shares are valued at approximately US$4,357,174.19, based on the closing price of Creative stock on September 21, 2000. The sale agreement follows Aureal's previous announcement, on April 6, 2000, that it had filed for bankruptcy protection under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

    While the sale will provide substantial cash for distribution to the creditors and, potentially, the shareholders of Aureal, the amount and timing of the distribution has yet to be determined. The amount available for distribution to shareholders will be determined only after the amount of all claims against Aureal have been determined. Distributions to creditors and shareholders will occur only after a plan of reorganization has been submitted to and confirmed by the Bankruptcy Court. Aureal anticipates that a plan of reorganization will be filed with the Bankruptcy Court within the next 90 days. After the filing of a plan of reorganization, the plan will be submitted to creditors and shareholders for voting and thereafter to the Bankruptcy Court for its consideration.

    Aureal stock is no longer traded on the OTC bulletin board. The National Quotation Bureau is currently quoting Aureal Inc. stock under the symbol AURLQ. Financial service providers that subscribe to the National Quotation Bureau can provide stock quotes.

    About Aureal

    Prior to the commencement of its chapter 11 case, Aureal was a leading provider of advanced audio solutions for the computer, entertainment, Internet, and professional audio markets. The company designed, built and distributed advanced audio semiconductor, audio card and software solutions for personal computers through the OEM, integrator/reseller/VAR and direct-to-customer channels. Aureal also licensed technology designed to define and improve advanced audio standards in the marketplace.

    Forward-Looking Statements

    Forward-looking statements in this release are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, dependence on the PC industry and on product lines based on new technologies; foundry capacity, availability and reliability; competition and pricing pressures; and other risks detailed from time to time in the company's periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    NOTE: Aureal, the Aureal logo, A3D, A3D Pro, Aureal Wavetracing, Vortex2 SuperQuad Digital PCI, Vortex2 PCI, Vortex1 PCI, and Vortex Advantage are trademarks, and Vortex is a registered trademark of Aureal Inc. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


    In House: Tachyon: The Fringe Review
    - May 24, 00 2:14am 02:14 AM (PST)
    Neoseeker has just published Adam's review of Novalogic's Space Combat Simulation title, Tachyon: The Fringe. Check out the quote:[quote]Tachyon: The Fringe does not disappoint. Hardcore space combat sim fans should definitely pick up this title. Alternately, gamers who are new to the genre may find more interest in titles such as Freespace 2, Allegiance, and Starlancer.[/quote] Be sure to read the review here.
    In House: Star Wars Force Commander Review
    - May 19, 00 2:32am 02:32 AM (PST)
    Justin's review of Lucas Arts' Star Wars RTS, entitled Force Commander has been posted. There was a great hope for this title since it was the first RTS to take on the Star Wars Universe. Find out if the game lives up to the novels/movies. Here's a quote:[quote]Most of the missions in Force Commander differ from typical strategy games in that there isn’t a lot of base building. Often you’ll have a pre-assigned group of units with a special unit that has to be brought to a certain point on the map. Several missions involve infiltrating enemy buildings and downloading computer codes or setting up communication links. One of the cool features in Force Commander is the ability to occasionally recruit neutral units to help fight the enemy. In one mission you’ll have to recruit a horde of Ewoks who will assist you in defending an Imperial attack occurring in the Ewok forest.[/quote]Check out the review here.
    In House: Star Trek: Armada Review
    - May 15, 00 12:43am 12:43 AM (PST)
    Neoseeker has posted Drew's review of Star Trek: Armada. Check out a quote: [quote]If you are a Star Trek fan and can get past the numerous errors in the game – some so big that they prevented thousands of people from even being able to play – then you should like Star Trek: Armada. For the most part, I found it enjoyable, yet at the same time, a tad short. The game consists of only 4 levels per race, with four races total, adding up to a grand total of 16 levels. An experienced RTS player will be able to make short work of this game in a day or two. In addition, there was nothing in this game that really sets it apart from all of the other RTS’s out there. The Star Trek theme was nice, and it undoubtedly added to my enjoyment of the game, for I was able to indulge my fantasies about controlling Defiant and Sovereign class starships. In conclusion, Star Trek: Armada does a satisfactory job, but on the whole, it’s just your average RTS.[/quote] Check out this seven pager here.
    In House: Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack Review
    - May 09, 00 2:03am 02:03 AM (PST)
    We have just posted Justin's review of the Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack from Talonsoft. He gave it an overall score of 89%. Check out a bit about the game:[quote]Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack is an exciting, yet serious portrayal of WWII combat. Both games included with the Action Pack provide many hours of intense, and sometimes frustrating, gameplay. There are some bugs still lingering in the game code, but H&D Action Pack comes with the latest patch, which makes it more stable than previous versions of the game. If you’re prepared to spend some time possibly updating video drivers, and have the patience to do a little trouble-shooting if necessary, you will be rewarded with one of the most realistic WWII combat games to date. At the current price, you’ll pay slightly more than a dollar per mission, which is an exceptional value.[/quote] Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Take a look at the review here.
    In House: Baldur's Gate II Press Release
    - Apr 28, 00 9:57pm 09:57 PM (PST)
    Timur, one of the writers at Neoseeker managed to get a hold of some new information on two of the character classes in Baldur's Gate II along with four all new in game screenshots. Here's teh last bit: [quote]Now, the moment you have all been waiting for, 3 new classes that we have added to BG2 that we have never publicly discussed. The Monk, Barbarian and the Sorcerer will now enter along side the 20+ new kits as new character features in BG2. These classes are 2nd edition rule implementation of the upcoming 3rd edition AD&D classes. We will be releasing more information on these classes later on (hey, we have to leave some surprises until later =)). [/quote]Take a look here.
    In House: Rogue Spear Urban Operations Review
    - Apr 28, 00 1:22am 01:22 AM (PST)
    Neoseeker has posted it's own review of Redstorm Entertainment's expansion pack for the tactical strategy title, Rogue Spear. Rogue Spear: Urban Operations adds a few new features to the game and keeps the Rainbow Six saga alive. Here's a snippet: [quote]Enemy AI has been improved slightly since Rogue Spear, and you’ll find that some of your old maneuvers won’t net you the quick kills you’re used to getting. The five classic missions from Rainbow Six are nicely enhanced and fun to play, but ultimately add little more than nostalgia to the game.[/quote] Check out our review here.

    Hercules Announces 3D Prophet II GTS

    0 comments Austin Bailey - Apr 27, 00 1:59pm (PST) Like Share

    Hercules introduced their latest video card that uses the recently disclosed Nvidia Geforce II GTS chip. The 3D Prophet II GTS will go head to head with such boards as the 3Dfx's Voodoo 5 and the Annihilator 2 from Creative.

    Here's the Press Release:

    "Hercules is excited to introduce its latest in their range of cutting-edge graphics boards: the 3D Prophet II GTS. The exciting new 3D Prophet II GTS boards, which will be available in 32MB and 64MB versions and include TV-out, are based on NVIDIA’s latest chipset - the GeForce2 GTS (Giga Texel Shader).

    “The new Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS graphics boards have been carefully crafted with hardcore gamers in mind to offer all the latest technological innovations,” says Claude Guillemot, President of Hercules Technologies. “ Hercules guarantees no compromise with it’s cards - once again we offer the best and hottest features - providing unsurpassed quality in 3D graphics.”

    Hercules is using the latest in groundbreaking technologies for this new line of graphics cards. These specific designs were developed to take advantage of the new 3D graphics features programmed into the current and upcoming games. 3D Prophet II GTS cards will provide features including a 2nd generation hardware transform and lighting engine, 100% hardware triangle setup, four dual-texturing pipelines mapping, eight texels per clock cycle and NVIDIA’s Shading Rasterizer which offers shading for rich, lifelike and cinematic effects. The cards also feature DDR-RAM resulting in intense speed and a dazzling 1.6 Gigatexels per second and amazingly fast clock speeds (200 MHz core clock /333 MHz DDR RAM clock), which means unbeatable refresh rates for top-quality visuals. But for hardcore gamers, Hercules provides even more…By adding heatsinks on RAM units, Hercules gives 3D Prophet II GTS 32MB stability at higher clock rates. 3D Prophet II GTS 32MB is run at the fastest achievable speed.The 3D Prophet II GTS will also feature the advanced High Definition Video Processor (HDVP), which will deliver the highest quality playback for DVD and HDTV.
    Categories: Video Cards
    In House: Gunship Review
    - Apr 25, 00 1:38am 01:38 AM (PST)
    We have just posted our review of Microprose's combat helicopter title, Gunship. There are mixed thoughts when it comes to Gunship, find out why we find it does not live up to Microprose's standard of outstanding titles. Here's a snippet of the review: [quote]The sound in this game is the one area where Microprose did not botch up. The chatter over the radio is very well done, and each pilot speaks in the native language of his or her country. The chatter is then subtitled on the screen so that you are able to understand what the wingman or co-pilot is saying. The sounds of the rockets launching isn’t bad, although I have heard far better explosions elsewhere. The hum of the gunship’s massive engine is ever present in the game, and helps to add to the overall feeling of being in control of a massive weapon of war.[/quote] Check out the review here
    In House: Messiah Review
    - Apr 21, 00 1:49am 01:49 AM (PST)
    Neoseeker has just posted a review of Shiny Entertainment & Interplay's third person action title, Messiah. See how the angel in diapers measures up here.
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