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Have spacecraft, will travel

4 comments William Henning - Feb 20, 09 12:14pm (PST)
For once, a proposed space craft looks like a something out of a futuristic sci-fi show. The Skylon is a proposed hybrid air-breathing / rocket plane that would take off from airport runways, use air breathing engines to get high into the atmosphere, ...

Valve proves the obvious: Price games right, FAR more people buy them

13 comments William Henning - Feb 19, 09 3:19pm (PST)
Valve co-founder Gabe Newell let out some steam (sorry) and announced that during last weekends 50% of sale Left 4 Dead had a 3,000% increase in sales. Yes, you read that right - 30 TIMES as many copies sold at half price than at "full" price ...

Processor news... bye bye QX9770 & QX9650, hello Lynnfield & 45nm X2

0 comments William Henning - Feb 18, 09 11:49am (PST)
In a move that will surprise no one, Intel is rumoured to be taking the axe to the Core 2 Quad Extreme QX9770 and QX9650. Given that much faster Core i7 systems can be built for less money - especially for the overclocking crowd - this decision is ...

32nm processor to be demonstrated today - and its not Intel, nor AMD

3 comments William Henning - Feb 16, 09 1:22pm (PST)
Intel is not the only one with a High-K metal gate process - IBM has it too, and ARM will have its new processor made by IBM using that process. The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is where ARM wants to show the new 32nm processor today. The core is ...

IBM shifts workers out of US

2 comments William Henning - Feb 16, 09 1:09pm (PST)
IBM has laid off around 30,000 workers in the last two years, and now is planning to lay off more, or move them to cheaper shores. IBM is extending an offer it made earlier to 2,000 people it had already laid off - an offer to relocate them to China, ...

Nvidia Tegra - a processor for smart phones and $99 MID's

0 comments William Henning - Feb 16, 09 12:14pm (PST)
Engadget had a couple of interesting postings on Tegra, and it made me think. First, for smart phones, apparently Tegra will initially use Windows Mobile - presumably version 6.5 - however Nvidia is also planning to support Android, and it sees Android ...

Core i7 950 & 975 soon?

1 comments William Henning - Feb 9, 09 1:29pm (PST)
Fudzilla says that Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers have leaked some Intel plans to update its two higher-end Core i 7 processors. Apparently Intel will be releasing a new stepping, and slightly higher speed, Core i7 950 and Core i7 975 in Q2. ...

40nm DDR3 from Hynix

0 comments William Henning - Feb 9, 09 12:34pm (PST)
Hynix plans mass production of 40nm DDR3 in the third quarter of this year. Compared to 50nm DDR3 the new chips will be about 36% smaller, which means about 36% more dies per wafer. More dies mean lower costs, and 40nm dies will require less power to ...

Intel will launch new Atom N280 early

1 comments William Henning - Feb 6, 09 11:54am (PST)
I'd bet that the netbook makers have been pressuring Intel to bring out a chipset for the Atom that can do HD playback. Digitimes reports that Intel will be launching the Atom N280 and the GN40 chipset earlier than previously thought - in the middle of ...

Console update rumour

3 comments William Henning - Feb 5, 09 12:11pm (PST)
Frankly, with the economy being what it is, I am not even certain we will see new consoles in even 2-3 years... Charlie posted an interesting rumour/analysis bit at the Reg, and here is the meat of it: Intel to design PS4 GPU - well, it would be a ...

Ares 1 Blowed Up Real Good

1 comments William Henning - Feb 2, 09 11:55am (PST)
For once, the explosion of a NASA rocket was not a disaster - it was actually quite deliberate. NASA had a ground test of an explosive separation system that separates the forward skirt extension, blowing off the top, so that the parachute recovery ...

AMD "Neo" = K8 rebranded

0 comments William Henning - Jan 30, 09 12:12pm (PST)
AMD needed a new mobile product to compete in netbooks - and it looks like it reached into the past, and pulled forward the old K8 design. The AMD Neo appears to be a single core K8 device running at 1.6GHz with 512KB of L2 cache - nothing to write ...

4Gb DDR3 released

0 comments William Henning - Jan 30, 09 12:09pm (PST)
Samsung has released its new 4Gb DDR3 memory chips. Chips at this density will allow memory module manufacturers to make up to 8GB unbuffered, or 16GB buffered DDR3 modules. The new chips will run at up to DDR3-1600 at 1.35V

Cool video from SpaceShipOne video released

1 comments William Henning - Jan 29, 09 12:31pm (PST)
Here is a neat, short video from the Discovery channel of the launch of SpaceShipOne -- and a look inside to boot.

3.16GHz Xeon (Penryn) soon

0 comments William Henning - Jan 29, 09 11:43am (PST)
Fuzilla says that Intel will be launching a new, higher speed, 45nm Core 2 Quad Xeon, the X3380 before March. The current top dog, the X3370, runs at 3.0GHz, and its price was recently (Jan.18) dropped from $525 to $317 in OEM quantities - making room ...

Core 2 Duo until 2011, Core 2 Duo E8700 @ 3.5GHz soon

2 comments William Henning - Jan 27, 09 1:26pm (PST)
Fudzilla says Intel has been telling its partners that Core 2 Duo's and Quads are here to stay until 2011 for the mainstream and value segments; and that it intends to do a refresh to some of its chipsets to support DDR3-1066 . P45 already had DDR3 ...

MS Flight Simulator: RIP

9 comments William Henning - Jan 23, 09 11:49am (PST)
Microsoft has apparently laid off the entire Flight Simulator staff - a pity, as Flight Simulator has been a classic. The game was more of a "real" flight simulator than a game - but if you had good enough hardware, the graphics were quite ...

Take THAT MPAA! Monty Python starts YouTube channel - sales increase 230x!

3 comments William Henning - Jan 23, 09 11:42am (PST)
Monty Python has launched its own YouTube channel, and uploaded higher quality content than the "pirated" versions its fans had uploaded in the past. If you were to listen to the MPAA or RIA, this should have killed their DVD sales. Did it? ...

AMD lowers Phenom II prices, more chips on the way

0 comments William Henning - Jan 21, 09 12:27pm (PST)
Digitimes reports some changes from AMD: Phenom II X4 940 price lowered to $235 (from $275) in 1K quantity Phenom II X4 920 price lowered to $195 (from $225) in 1K quantity They also report that AMD is planning to introduce a 3.1GHz Phenom II X4 ...

New round of Intel CPU price cuts

3 comments William Henning - Jan 19, 09 11:59am (PST)
Intel's latest round of price cuts: Core 2 Quad changes: (all 1333FSB, 45nm) $316 Q9650 (3.0GHz, 12M L2) was $530 $266 Q9550 (2.83GHz, 12M L2) was $316 $213 Q9400 (2.66GHz, 6M L2) was $266 $183 Q8300 (2.5GHz, 4M L2) was $224 $163 Q8200 ( ...

AMD: Congo and layoffs

0 comments William Henning - Jan 16, 09 11:29am (PST)
AMD is apparently going to be providing a dual core processor and chipset solution for netbooks and "ultrathin" devices in the second half of this year. The AMD Congo will apparently be a 65nm dual core processor with a newer graphics engine ...

Intel postpones P55 chipset & Lynnfield CPU

2 comments William Henning - Jan 16, 09 11:15am (PST)
If you were hoping to get a P55 board with a shiny new mainstream Lynnfield (Nehalem derived) CPU in July, you can forget it. If you are lucky, you may see it end of August, if not, September - or later. In this poor economy, with motherboard ...

MSI has a tiny PC for you

4 comments William Henning - Jan 15, 09 12:59pm (PST)
The D130 NetTop features: Atom 330 dual core processor passive cooling for quiet operation 2GB DDR2 memory DVD writer 7.1 audio output 35W power consumption "at full speed" I am curious to see which chipset it uses, and what ...

New Honda Insight - affordable hybrid?

5 comments William Henning - Jan 15, 09 12:53pm (PST)
The new Honda Insight looks good, and a leaked Belgian brochure shows that it is supposed to get pretty darn good mileage: 67mpg highway 44mpg "combined" The car will apparently have an 87bhp gasoline motor, and a 10kW electric motor - and ...

Seagate to lay off 10% of workforce

0 comments William Henning - Jan 14, 09 1:15pm (PST)
Seagate is reportedly planning to lay off 10% of its workforce as part of a shift in management. The current president, David A. Wickersham, resigned as president and COO, and the board named Seagate chairman William D. Watkins as the new president. ...