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PC Games News

Electronic Sports League announces Mortal Kombat X league and invitational tournament

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Prize pool starts at $100,000

Image 1

Warner Bros. Interactive is partnering up with the Electronic Sports League to bring the upcoming Mortal Kombat X to the eSports scene. The tournament circuit is officially titled "Who’s Next? Mortal Kombat X Worldwide Competitive Program" and consists of two major events.

First off is the The Fatal 8 Exhibition Exhibition Tournament, taking place on April 11 at ESL America's Burbank studios in California -- three days ahead of the game's official release. Eight pro players will duke it out in a single elementarion, best of five tournament for a $5,000 grand prize. The invited players are:

  • Malik MITTerry
  • Christian KiT Forever King Quiles
  • Elijah Tyrant Williamson
  • Dominique Sonic Fox McLean
  • Carl Perfect LegendWhite
  • Ryan Ketchup Neal
  • TonyTONY-TPert
  • RyanProdigal Son Hart

The Mortal Kombat X ESL Pro League Tournament season begins on May 3. Xbox One players from North America and Europe will be able to enter weekly tournaments, each with a $1,000 prize pool. Players in the CIS region will be competing with the PC version.

The season concludes with a grand final event , also held at ESL America's studio in Burbank. Come that time, 16 players will qualify for the global finals and compete for a prize purse starting at $50,000; sales of Sub-Zero's Blue Steel skin will go towards increasing the prize pool. Rest assured that a events will be broadcasted on NetherRealm Studios' Twitch channel

Mortal Kombat X will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS on April 14. Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 will see a release later this year. It was recently announced that Liu Kang would be returning as a villain.

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Dead or Alive 5 on PC lacks key features, including online play and two playable stages

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Visual effects are "equivalent to PS3 version"

Image 1

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round has made its way to the PC, but the game is missing some key features found in other versions. Last Round's Steam release already suffered a month long delay and now the game has launched without online play, among other things.

According to Team Ninja's info page, the PC port is sporting last-gen visuals (though shadows are PS4 quality) and online play won't be ready for three months. Two stages, The Crimson and The Danger Zone, are also absent from the PC release, while other minor features like in-game achievements, Steam Cloud support, and controller rumble are all missing as well. Finally, the game's official online manual states users can experience issues saving and loading games if certain alphanumeric characters are used in their Steam ID.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is the first DOA title developed for PC since the Dead or Alive Online beta back in 2008. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Last Round have been upgraded from the original game, including a new "Soft Engine" that depicts skin in a more realistic manner. Some PC players are understandably upset with the port and have taken to the Steam reviews section to voice their criticism.

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Grand Theft Auto V PC looks as gorgeous as ever in new wave of screenshots

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My retinas are starting to burn

Image 1

New Grand Theft Auto V screenshots for the upcoming PC version of the game have arisen. Now if you're expecting this nice surprise to come with some horrible news about further delays, you'd be wrong. Just enjoy the pictures, because they are absolutely gorgeous.

The fifteen screenshots feature mostly environments from around the game, both of the city and wilderness variety, with some detailed close-ups of the three protagonists. Rockstar is also expected to release a trailer for Grand Theft Auto V PC next week, ahead of the impending April 14 release.

Pre-ordering the PC version before March 31 will earn you a free $300,000 in virtual currency for GTA Online. The previous deadline for the bonus offer was February 1, but was later pushed back once the game was delayed out of March.

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Eastside Hockey Manager returns via Steam Early Access after nearly 10 years

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From the makers of the Football Manager series

Image 1

Eastside Hockey Manager makes a return after an eight-year absense. Sports Interactive has released its first hockey management game since 2007, hoping to gauge fan interest with Steam's Early Access. Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access Edition is currently available for $15 through the client, and developers say the price will increase for the final version. 

The newly revived Hockey Manager currently supports 11 different leagues, with more to be added during development. Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive, hopes the game will see enough funding to acquire various licenses from different hockey leagues. In a Q&A session with the Eastside community, he says:

"If the feedback is good, people enjoy it, and we reach a certain number of players, it means we can get a proper budget together for the game, build a small team around it and go back to having an annualised version with full licenses from leagues around the world."

Longtime fans of the series will notice the game has been updated immensely, resembling recent editions of Football Manager. Matches are simulated with an enhanced 2D engine, and player trading has been reworked to resemble real-life scenarios.

The Eastside Hockey Manager franchise was originally discontinued, with developers citing piracy and distrubution problems as major hurdles for the series. However, Sports Interactive saw massive success with Football Manager on the Steam platform and began working on reviving its Hockey Manager series. There is currently no ETA on the full release, but Sports Interactive is aiming for "months rather than years."


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XSEED relocalizing Ys VI: The Ark of Naphishtim for PC, porting Akiba's Trip to PC too

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XSEED's going to give you Ys and you're going to learn to love it

Image 1

XSEED, as excited as ever to reveal its localization plans as ever, dropped two more today. First, and the bigger announcement of the two, is that XSEED will be relocalizing Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim for PC with an all new translation and updated features. Considering North America has only even  seen PlayStation 2 and PSP version of the game before, this comes as some exciting news for RPG fans. The second bit of news is that the recently released Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed will also be coming to PC.

Apparently XSEED is all about the PC releases these days, more and more often bringing their localizations to the platform as soon as they can after releasing them for their original platform. Akiba's Trip was recently released by XSEED in North America for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Why not bring it to PC? Then, considering updated versions of Ys 1-3 are currently available on Steam proves there's a market for the franchise there, why not bring Ys VI to PC too? 

XSEED had mentioned "game changing features" to be added to Ys VI on PC. These include widescreen suppport, the ability to warp between checkpoints, and a "Catastrophe Mode" that automatically uses healing items as they're acquired. They also mentioned that Akiba's Trip, that perverted supposedly tongue-in-cheek action RPG that hikikomoris love, will be getting the visual editor feature that was exclusive to the PS4 version of the game. I don't even want to know what that's all about. Oh, XSEED.

Both Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim and Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed will be released for PC this spring, which means XSEED's had these buns in the oven for a while now. As ever, XSEED continues to provide awesome content to their proudly niche audience and kicking butt at it.

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F1 2015 crosses finish line June for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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Codemasters updates the EGO engine, improves physics-based handling

Image 1

Another year, another F1 for all of those Codemasters fans out there. Another F1 2015, but all new platforms. With this year's iteration the franchise will be making the jump to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with the standard PC version. With the upgraded consoles, so comes upgrades across the board in other areas. Codemasters is promising an upgraded EGO engine that will deliver a much stronger game overall. Expect F1 2015 this June.

Specifically, Codemasters says that their new engine work has resulted in improvements in two areas especially. The gameplay-effecting changes will come in relation to an updated physics model which will directly change handling in a hopefully more realistic manner. Codemasters references tire physics in particular, but also says updates have gone through for the engine, transmission, aero dynamics, fuel tank, force feedback, and suspension.

The other area of upgrades coming through will be in general visual quality throughout the game. The upgrade platforms will allow for higher poly-count objects in all aspects of the game. Codemasters doesn't note any particular areas here to compare  with past games, but franchise fans will undoubtedly note every single one as soon as they get some live footage of the game.

Other, non-engine-based changes and additions include what Codemasters calls a "broadcast presentation" style to the experience that "recreates  the unique race day atmosphere of a Grand Prix." Examples given include "podium and grid sequences" as well as the addition of voice recognition technology with which players can talk to their race engineer. Add in the all new Championship season mode, the return of the Mexico Grand Prix and more and this year's iteration should stand unique in the franchise.

F1 2015 will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting in June later this year. It will mark the franchise's first jump to the modern generation of consoles. Hopefully Codemasters is able to use that power for the sake of good and not evil; hopefully Codemasters really impresses us.

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Pillars of Eternity launch trailer celebrate's Obsidian's Kickstarted RPG coming to PC, Mac, Linux

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Become a pillar of eternity, or hold up the pillars -- is this a metaphor or what?

Image 1

It took almost two and a half years and over $4 million in Kickstarter-raised crowd-funding, but Obsidian Entertainment has delivered Pillars of Eternity as promised. Today Pillars of Eternity was launched to the general public after a wide range of highly positive critical reviews dropped in the previous 24 hours. Apparently when Obsidian says they want to make an RPG inspired by the greatest western RPGs of the early 2000's -- Baldur's Gate 2: II, Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment -- they mean it.

To celebrate the game's launch, an official release trailer has been put out to accompany the news. The trailer should stir the nerdiest of gamers' nostalgia. It's filled with gloriously out-of-context and awkward fantasy quotes, panning shots of grand maps with sprawling empires and their little armies represented by tokens, and trope-y text slides that are meant to add drama, but mostly make no sense until you actually play the game. Remember, players, your new home is Pillars of Eternity.

If you'd like to know what exactly is going on in the plot, well, you'll just have to play the game. Obsidian has done a great job of keeping story details from becoming public knowledge. For instance, what exactly are the Pillars of Eternity? Are the Pillars crumbling and thus Eternity is in danger? Are they a metaphor? Is the player character metaphorically a Pillar of Eternity since they're a hero fighting for the world? Can I just go play the game already?

Pillars of Eternity is now available for PC, Linux and Mac. The game costs $45, finding a balance below the standard $60 pricing of AAA titles and the typical smaller-scale pricing of indies. With an RPG the size of Pillars of Eternity, I highly doubt there will be any complaints from people believing they didn't get their money's worth.

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Part two of Sword Coast Legends' 'First Look' trailer delves into Dungeon Mastering

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Unleash the Dungeon Master

Image 1

Last week n-Space introduced us to their game, Sword Coast Legends, with a trailer showcasing the single-player campaign. Today, part two of this "First Look" pair of trailers will show the other half of the game -- asynchronous multiplayer. One player takes on the role of the party of heroes and another takes on the role of Dungeon Master. The DM and his minions will block and combat the party of heroes as they dungeon crawl in real-time. This is n-Space's take on video game Dungeons & Dragons.

Confusingly, the Dungeon Master role is not represented as a competitive role in the trailer, but rather as a sort of overseer whose purpose is, well, rather unclear. The Dungeon Master in the trailer alters several encounters to make them more difficult and interesting, but never enough to be overbearing. In fact, he rarely uses his powers at all. Thus, it's difficult to tell exactly what n-Space's intended role for the Dungeon Master to be in Sword Coast Legends.

In Dungeons & Dragons proper, the Dungeon Master first works as a referee -- someone who maintains the rules and keeps the players within the borders of the established setting. In Sword Coast Legends that's unnecessary, as the game manages both the rules and setting. In Dungeons and Dragons the Dungeon Master serves as a story teller, using NPCs and the setting itself to talk to his players. In this Sword Coast Coast Legends trailer, the setting and story is established and the units and structure of the mission are contained due to the nature of the multiplayer features.

In all honesty, if this mode isn't intended to be a directly competitive mode then I think that n-Space is moving in the wrong direction. Either you create systems to contain the Dungeon Master's power in the game and encourage them to use that power to destroy the hero's party, or you respect their creative intentions and give them full freedom to create, to tell a story, to be, well, a Dungeon Master.

See the trailer for yourself, as I'd like to get some other Dungeons & Dragons players thoughts on Sword Coast Legends' multiplayer. The RPG is planned for release on PC later in 2015.

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Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns' new Legendary Precursor Mastery finally detailed

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Old method will remain as an option

Image 1

Legendaries are no joke in Guild Wars 2, what with being one of the toughest endgame objectives you could go after. This is true for a number of reasons, but the upcoming Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion will soon make the process slightly less daunting by making these flamboyant weapons craftable. I'm talking about the new crafting Mastery, of course, which ArenaNet detailed today.

The Guild Wars 2 studio did tease legendary crafting before as part of the new Mastery system. As a refresher, Mastery tracks are basically a new progression system you can continue to train after hitting 80, earning new abilities as a reward. The legendary track offers players an alternative to the current system of endless open-world grinding. It's still going to require a lot of effort, with all the steps you'll need to go through just to make the precursor alone. With these new Mastery steps comes new skins for every precursor, even the existing ones (these will likely unlock retroactively for anyone who already has them or the relevant legendary).

The progression toward the legendary weapon of your choice will also be themed. The example ArenaNet gave is the Moot, the current legendary mace. In the game's lore, a moot is a norn celebration of prowess, so going with that bit of trivia, the first "collection" will be about proving yourself as a norn would: by hunting creatures across Tyria and acquiring trophies of your deeds. This collection will unlock a nontradable exotic weapon, which will then be further refined in the second tier collection, the next step.

The next tier pushes players to seek out experts in a research phase. Consider this the process of learning how to master the craft, after you've proven yourself worthy of pursuing it. Seek out knowledge and convince certain NPCs to help hone your crafting abilities, before unlocking a recipe for the next precursor tier -- and a new skin for the precursor.

The new base skin for Moot's precursor.

The final collection phase for the Moot would be focused on celebration. Players will now be required to, yes, party. The activities surrounding this step will thus carry on that theme, like setting off fireworks and trying out different foods around Tyria. Completing this step will unlock the final precursor skin, the tradable version we see now in Guild Wars 2, just fancier to better resemble the final legendary product. If you actually find a precursor out in the world the old fashioned way, previous versions of the precursor will automatically be unlocked for you. This way, no one misses out.

The crafting system is account-based, meaning you can only do all of this once for per precursor, though if you want to make another of the same one, then you can still do so by existing methods; from the Mystic Forge, as a drop, or the trading post.

Once all that is done, you'll be on the actual legendary part, where you'll be required to gather all the materials needed to craft the gifts and throw them at Zommoros. Don't worry too much, though, because the new Map Bonus system will supposedly make the grind for these materials much less daunting. Bonus rewards for maps in the new Heart of Thorns expansion will, for instance, offer up sets of bonus rewards that rotate on a regular basis. Doing events, JPs, and mini-dungeons will award some of these periodically, and most maps will yield crafting materials (including coveted lodestones).

A full rundown of the new system can be found on the Guild Wars 2 site. New legendary weapons are on the way as well, but ArenaNet isn't quite ready to talk about those yet.

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Dota 2's fifth annual The International tickets go on sale tomorrow, March 27 at 10:00am PT

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Have mercy, tickets are being sold through Ticketmaster this year

Image 1

Here's your official heads up, legions of Dota 2 faithful. Tickets to the fifth annual Dota 2 championship, The International 2015, will be going on sale starting tomorrow. That's March 27 at the tick of 10:00am Pacific Time. As Valve has noted in their press release, last year's tickets sold out in less than an hour. That means that if tickets to this year's International are a priority to you, then be up and on-site an hour early and blistering that refresh button.

A second wave of tickets will follow the first at 10:00pm Pacific Time on March 27. This is for potential buyers whose schedules are too busy for the 10:00 time frame. Keep in mind though that this second wave will both be after work hours for most, and will also be serving a large amount of buyers who couldn't get a ticket at the first time. I'd heartily recommend trying to get your ticket in the 10:00am window if at all possible and only using the 10:00pm sale as an emergency.

This year Valve will be selling tickets through Ticketmaster (argh!). All tickets will be general admission and cost a not so costly $99. Keep in mind that these tickets are active for the duration of the event, from when it starts on August 3 to when it ends on August 8. That's approaching a full week of games, making the $99 price tag a deal for the ages. If only the local hotels around the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington were so accommodating with their prices.

Valve has created an FAQ for those interested in tickets, but still have questions they'd like answered before putting down their money. For example, ticket purchases will be limited to a total of 5 maximum per wave (10am and 10pm). Unfortunately, that means there are going to be a lot of scalpers buying tickets as well. There are no assigned seats for tickets this year and there are no VIP ticket sales this year. Ticket sales will be non-refundable after 48 hours and you cannot change your shipping address after purchase -- get it right the first time! Also, international ticket sales will be held at the Will Call booth at the event, rather than mailed directly.

The International 2015 is the biggest and best Dota 2 tournament of the year, run and supported directly by Valve. Last year's prize pool was over 10 million dollars. TEN MILLION DOLLARS. If you're a fan of eSports, there's really nothing like it. If you can afford the vacation, then do yourself a favor and go have a blast -- just make sure you get the tickets when they go on sale tomorrow!

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