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PC Games News

Path of Exile's 'Forsaken Masters' expansion revealed, adds Master missions, Hideouts, Leagues

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To be released on August 20

Image 1

Grinding Gear Games has announced their next expansion for ARPG Path of Exile, titled "Forsaken Masters." Without adding any large new areas or expanding on the campaign, Forsaken Masters looks to expand on the already existing world as it stands. Seven exiled masters have come out of the woodwork, offering to train the player should he be willing to perform missions (grind reputation) with them. Each master offers different rewards and ever-changing quests. But that's just the beginning

Once players reach certain reputation milestones with a master, that master will then offer additional services. The largest of which is access to the player's own Hideout, where they can customize their very own small city of sorts. Each master's Hideout tile-set is different, so picking your favorite is key. These Hideouts can hold all sorts of crafting gear, as each master embodies their own craft, as well as a Guild Hall and "hundreds" of decorations. Can they hold a Pokemon Gym, though?

There's lots more coming as part of the Forsaken Masters expansion, however. There are new items and mods, including 16 new Unique items, new support and skill gems, an updated passive skill tree that reworks the Witch, Shadow and Ranger areas, and a bunch of revamped boss fights.

Finally, something most players will be very excited about. Forsake Masters will introduce timed Leagues to Path of Exile. These "Challenge Leagues" will push players to complete 8 specific challenges, with rewards provided after completing 5 and then 8 of the missions. The rewards will be League-exclusive microtransaction effects, which is to say that once the League is over then they can't be acquired again through gameplay. Each league lasts 3 months, comes in both casual and hardcore variety, and 

A bit smaller than Grinding Gear's first expansion, Sacrifice of the Vaal, perhaps the rush is to match Diablo III's upcoming patch which will also be introducing Seasons/Leagues. Path of Exile found quite a bit of success early on as an alternative to Diablo III, one that perhaps showed more respect to Diablo's origins than its sequel does. Grinding Gear Games is almost certainly aware of what their ARPG friends are up to and I'd imagine they want a piece of that hype pie.

Path of Exile's "Forsaken Masters" expansion is scheduled for launch on August 20. This will also mark the start of the first two Leagues, the Rampage standard Challenge League and the Beyond hardcore Challenge League. Expect more details to be shared over the coming weeks.

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Wander gets new Gamescom trailer, check out the Oren in the upcoming non-combat MMO

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Yes, Jimmy, trees are people too

Image 1

Wander, an upcoming non-combat indie MMO, has recently received a new trailer for gamescom 2014. Showcasing some of the new updated models, the video essentially answers some questions while leaving viewers with so many more.

Announced last September, Wander is being marketed with the singular phrase of "non-combat MMO." Not something you hear every day, right? The gamescom trailer introduces a story arc, but leaves us wondering how exactly it will play out. The video begins by showing off a beautifully lush forest with a female narrator. Almost immediately, viewers are greeted by a lone character in the middle of the foliage, sitting atop a waterfall; however, the camera quickly skips past her and moves on. Then, we are shown the new model, a griffin, as it flies away, guiding the camera to a small beach.

Upon this beach is the narrator, an Oren, a tree-human hybrid creature with no memory of why she is the way she is. It appears as if this is how the world has been for quite some time, though. Could this be the doing of the lady on the waterfall, or a complex puzzle with an answer hidden deep within the game? Nevertheless, Wander is a journey, one that will uncover the deep-rooted question of the Oren's origin, and hopefully find more beings like her.

Unfortunately, we probably won't get our hands on Wander anytime soon, but the indie game will be at gamescom 2014, taking place August 14 through August 17, and we can hope for a bit more insight on the griffin, the Oren, and the mysterious woman.

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League of Legends has new Team Builder icons, earn one in battle and show off your favorite role

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They're actually very pretty, so here's how to get one...

Image 1

Six new League of Legends summoner icons were released today alongside several other Team Builder improvements, and they're very pretty. As another incentive to use the Team Builder feature, these icons are unlocked simply by playing your favorite role over five matches. And yes, you do need to queue through Team Builder for them to count toward your icon of choice.

The icons cover all six roles: Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Fighter, Tank and Support. To unlock one, just queue and finish five matches via Team Builder as your desired role. For instance, summoners interested in the support icon will need to stick with the role for five matches before the corresponding icon is available. At that point, the icon will pop up as a reward in your client.

Here's what Riot said:

With new reasons to start using Team Builder, we’ve designed a series of new summoner icon rewards for playing the queue. Because Team Builder’s champion select accounts for role, the new rewards are earned by playing your way. After you play five games as one role, tracked in-client, you’ll unlock the icon of that role instantly. And yes, if you’re more of a generalist (or a completionist), you can unlock all six icons.

Be sure to see the full list of Team Builder changes here, on the official League of Legends website. Good luck out there, summoners.

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Destiny beta attracted over 4.6 million players, making it the biggest console beta for a new IP

4 comments Lydia Sung - 1:07pm (PST) Like Share

Everyone wants a little more Destiny in their lives

Image 1

The Destiny beta concluded just this past weekend, and today Bungie and publisher Activision are proudly declaring it a huge success, with over 4.6 million unique players having joined the fight. Now that's a lot of Guardians running around.

Across roughly two weeks, with a brief break in between for maintenance, the Destiny beta launched first for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 back on July 17. The week after, Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners with access codes were able to join in. Toward the final weekend, however, Bungie opened the beta to anyone with an aforementioned console.

4,638,937 unique players were documented as having participated in the beta by its end on July 27. Impressive for sure, and just imagine what that could mean for the actual game when it's out.

Destiny will be released September 9 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Several versions are currently available for pre-order, including a rather awesome collector's edition.


Koch Media acquires Homefront IP and Homefront: The Revolution's dev team from Crytek

1 comments Rory Young - 12:59pm (PST) Like Share

Deep Silver saves Homefront: The Revolution and its studio

Image 1

Another chapter in the ongoing Crytek drama has closed, as the fate of Homefront: The Revolution's development has now been decided. Koch Media and vis a vis Deep Silver announced today that they've acquired the Homefront brand from Crytek, as well as all "coherent" assets related to Homefront: The Revolution. Essentially, all things Homefront related are now Deep Silver's instead of Crytek's.

Since Crytek will not longer be associated with the development of Homefront: The Revolution, Deep Silver was tasked with creating a new studio to create the game. The second part of their announcement is that they've arranged to do just this. Going forward Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, formed from Crytek's Nottingham team responsible for the development of Homefront: the Revolution, will take over the game.

Koch Media CEO Dr. Klemens Kundratitz offered the following prepared statement regarding today's announcements:

"We are thrilled to see another great IP joining the Deep Silver universe. We strongly believe in the potential of Homefront: The Revolution and trust in the new team to continue the path they have been walking in the last years."

Considering that the rumors prior to this announcement revolved around Crytek closing the studio workin on Homefront: The Revolution, the announcement today comes as quite the breath of fresh air. Obviously the details of the purchase are unclear and it's impossible to tell how many of the previous employees have been retained, but one would hope that Deep Silver acted in part to rescue the studio and its employees on top of the project itself.

Homefront and Homefront: The Revolution will both live on. They are Deep Silver's in their entirety hopefully they've all got great things ahead of them.


See the explosive Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare story trailer, featuring Kevin Spacey and Atlas

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How about that female soldier, huh?

Image 4

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare still feels so far away, but Activision and Sledgehammer released a pretty epic trailer this week teasing the story campaign. Expect plenty of explosions, futuristic weaponry and impassioned speeches from antagonist Jonathan Irons, played by the talented Kevin Spacey. Oh, and dig the female soldier running around kicking everything in the face.

The trailer delves a little deeper into the storyline of Advanced Warfare. As international terrorism runs rampant, private military group Atlas Corporation is brought in to do what the US government can't (not without starting a war, anyway). Jonathan Irons, the guy who runs Atlas, ends up letting all this power get to his head, spelling out trouble for a lot of people. Well, I'm sure he means well, even with his clearly questionable moral compass.

Sounds like Call of Duty alright. Interestingly, Advanced Warfare will include a major female character, and that might actually be her in the trailer. Have a look, and remember to check out the recently announced limited and collector's editions.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to get $120 Atlas Pro Edition, other editions that include DLC

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Get a special case, DLC maps and gear

Image 4

We have a new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer today, plus screenshots that include the talented Kevin Spacey. The bigger news, however, has to be the reveal of an Advanced Warfare limited and collector's edition, dubbed the Atlas Limited Edition and Atlas Pro Edition, respectively. They'll definitely cost you, though.

Here's the breakdown, for you Call of Duty fans out there. In addition to the standard version of the game, Activision will be releasing a limited edition (below) for $79.99 and a collector's one (above) for $119.99, each bundled with the same DLC and physical items. The difference lies in the addition of a Season Pass and fancier packaging, but if you're willing to forgo a hard copy, the Atlas Digital Pro Edition will also be available for a slightly reduced price of $99.99.

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Limited Edition features both digital and physical content, including a bonus multiplayer map "Atlas Gorge," a collectible SteelBook, the Welcome to Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual, and the Atlas Digital Content Pack, a collection of digital content that includes an Atlas-themed exoskeleton, Atlas-themed weaponry, and more. SRP $79.99
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Pro Edition includes everything available in the Atlas Limited Edition version (bonus multiplayer map "Atlas Gorge," the collectible SteelBook, the Welcome to Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual, and the Atlas Digital Content Pack), as well as the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass featuring four action-packed DLC Map Packs, each delivering a collection of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer content and more. SRP $119.99
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Atlas Digital Pro Edition includes all of the same bold digital content as the Atlas Pro Edition, including the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass, bonus multiplayer map "Atlas Gorge," and the Atlas Digital Content Pack. Also included with this version is the Atlas Digital Edition Personalization Pack, with more details to be revealed soon. SRP $99.99

The "Atlas Gorge" bonus map is essentially a new version of "Pipeline" from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The Atlas Corporation has taken over the Three Gorges Dam in China, putting them in control of the world's largest power source.

Combatants will navigate the shadows and control a map-based turret scorestreak that overlooks the dam and helps to keep enemies at bay, all while leveraging new abilities and tactics enabled by exoskeleton technology, such as vertical combat, new sightlines, and strategic vantage points.

As for the aforementioned "Digital Content Pack," that includes the following weapons and gear, designed to give players an extra edge in multiplayer:

  • Two (2) Weapons: The Bal-27 AE Assault Rifle and the Atlas 45 AE Pistol: Trick out your loadout with these two sleek weapons fitted with an Atlas Corporation theme to match your other custom content.
  • Atlas Exoskeleton: Strike fear into competition with your PMC-issued, white, red & black custom Atlas exoskeleton, and ensure opponents remember who took them out.
  • Atlas Helmet: A state-of-the-art custom Atlas helmet.
  • Atlas Player Card: Leave your mark on any killcam with an Atlas player card, featuring both a custom Atlas calling card and custom Atlas emblem.
  • Five (5) Bonus Supply Drops: Supply Drops are part of the revolutionary changes in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that Sledgehammer Games is bringing to Call of Duty multiplayer. You'll be well-prepared for battle as soon as you boot up with five bonus supply drops, which unlock a variety of game-changing, in-game content from player customization gear to weapons. More information on Supply Drops and the full suite of multiplayer options will be revealed on Aug. 11.
  • Single Player Exoskeleton Upgrade Token: Over the course of Campaign mode, players unlock exoskeleton perks and abilities that help tackle various obstacles and challenges. This token provides an extra upgrade for your exoskeleton, so you're already at an advantage when jumping into the Campaign.

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Assassin's Creed Unity CG trailer introduces Elise, a Templar rescued from death by Arno

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Image 1

Today Ubisoft unveiled a new character for Assassin's Creed Unity, and it happens to be a woman named Elise. Mind you, Elise is also a Templar, but she might actually be pretty important to the story, considering Arno actually goes out of his way to save her from the guillotine.

We don't actually know much about Elise and how she fits into the Unity story, but Ubisoft describes her as "the fiery Templar." An apt description, considering she's a redhead and wears the Templar emblem around her neck as a dead giveaway. She might have defected, however, since Arno saw fit to save her life and fights at her side in the trailer. Well, we know by now not to take everything at face value in Assassin's Creed, and CG trailers don't always paint accurate pictures of in-game scenarios.

Still, the trailer is entertaining to watch. The background music is "The Golden Age," by Woodkid.

Something that may (or may not) be worth pointing out is Arno's timepiece appears twice in the trailer, the second time being at the 2:20 mark in the video. It bears a broken glass face, and also happens to be the Assassin's Creed Unity pre-order bonus for Europe. Novelty items like these tend to be hit or miss in terms of quality, like those jack-in-the-box toys for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, but the watch might actually bear some significance to the game itself.

Might just be something Arno carries on him, might be more.

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Gnar revealed, League of Legends' prehistoric top-lane Yordle transforms with Rage

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Yo, are you saying all cavemen throw boomerangs and wear bone helmets?

Image 1

Riot's quite clearly excited for their next  League of Legends champion release. Gnar, who was teased and had his name announced just yesterday, has now been fully revealed. His title is "The Missing Link" which perhaps implies that this Gnar is some evolutionary step between kittens and the yordles we know today. Actually a child, Gnar's place on the battlefield may initially surprise some players. That is, until they make him angry.

As speculated Gnar will feature a Rage mechanic that will see him transform into beastial form they're calling Mega Gnar. Unlike Nidalee, who can change forms with the press of a button, or Renekton and Shyvana, who can activate their Rage to transform, Gnar's Rage builds up and activates passively through combat. Once Gnar's Rage threshold caps out, he'll either transform at the activation of his next ability or without activation a few seconds later.

As for Gnar's lore, in typical modern League of Legends fashion very little is said directly. It's noted that Gnar was captured and held in True Ice, breaking free just recently to join the League. There's a portion of Braum's story where he notes finding his shield next to some True Ice, so it's rumored that Braum indirectly caused Gnar to be freed. As for the creature that initially locked Gnar away and perhaps killed his family... well, who knows. It does look a bit like Vel'Koz, but could likely be a Watcher too.

In-game, Gnar will be initially played as a top-laner. Whether his kit proves to be versatile enough to do jungle or even mid as well will depend on how well he's balanced, I suppose. Let's take a look at his kit now.

Regarding Gnar's skill-set, it should be noted that each is split between his two different forms, Mini Gnar and Mega Gnar. The only skills that aren't split are his passive, which allows him to transform via Rage in the first place, and his ultimate, which is reserved solely for Mega Gnar's use. Otherwise, each skill-set will be similar in form, but have different functions and results which each befit the form that uses it thematically.

Gnar - The Missing Link - Abilities

  • Passive: Rage Gene
    • Gnar builds up rage in combat. Once he fills his rage bar, Gnar’s next ability transforms him into Mega Gnar, giving him bonus armor, magic resist, health and attack damage at the expense of movement speed, attack speed and attack range. If Mini Gnar doesn’t use an ability, he transforms into Mega Gnar after a few seconds anyway. While in Mega Gnar form, his rage slowly runs down, and once it’s exhausted, he turns back into Mini Gnar. After transforming back, Mini Gnar briefly becomes tired and can't gain rage for a few seconds.
  • Q:
    • Mini Gnar - Boomerang ThrowGnar chucks his boomerang in a target direction, dealing damage to the first enemy struck while applying a slow. After striking an enemy, the boomerang slows before returning to Gnar, dealing reduced damage to all enemies in its path. If Gnar catches it, he reduces Boomerang Throw’s cooldown significantly.
    • Mega Gnar - Boulder TossGnar launches a huge boulder in a target direction, damaging and slowing the first target in the boulder’s path along with all nearby enemies. Once it’s landed, Gnar can pick the boulder up to reduce Boulder Toss’ cooldown.
  • W:
    • Mini Gnar -  Hyper (Passive): Every third attack or ability against a target deals percent max health as magic damage. Whenever Hyper triggers, or when Mega Gnar transforms back into Mini Gnar, he gains a moderate movement speed boost that decays over time.
    • Mega Gnar - WallopGnar stands on his back legs before slamming his fists into the ground, damaging and briefly stunning all enemies in front of him.
  • E:
    • Mini Gnar - Hop: Gnar jumps in a target direction and gains a moderate attack speed boost. If Gnar lands on a unit, he bounces, hopping again in the same direction. If Gnar hops onto an enemy unit, he also damages and slows them.
    • Mega Gnar - Crunch: Gnar launches himself in a target direction, damaging and slowing all enemies he lands directly on.
  • R:
    • Mega Gnar - GNAR!Gnar throws a tantrum, tossing all enemies around him in a target direction. All enemies thrown are slowed and damaged, while enemies thrown into walls, including turrets and base structures, suffer extra damage and are stunned.

Riot tends to release champions the week following their full reveal, though they're known to drop surprise updates early in the week as well. Hopefully we'll log in sometime in the next 1-7 days and be surprised to see a Gnar login screen waiting for us. I've got nothing but love for this new League of Legends champion.

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Guild Wars 2 update The Dragon's Reach: Part 1 goes live, patch notes list a Home Portal Stone

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Charr take center stage in new Living Story chapter

Image 1

Today marks another patch day for Guild Wars 2, as well as the beginning of a new Living Story chapter, Dragon's Reach: Part 1. The vines are spreading, as the Elder Dragon Mordremoth hungers. The patch notes this time are fairly short, showing just a handful of class changes and Gem Store inventory.

As Season 2 plows forward, Mordremoth's corruption continues to grow, now reaching even the charr lands out in Ascalon. The player, along with the NPC cast, must now rouse the world's leaders to action, and that starts with speaking to the Pale Tree. We also know by now that much of Dragon's Reach: Part 1 will be taking place in charr territory, and Rytlock Brimstone will be a pretty key character in what happens. Will the charr finally be rid of the Ascalonian ghosts plaguing their homeland? Now that would be awesome to see.

New contents hitting the Gem Store today (at some point) look pretty interesting too, especially the Home Portal Stone. Sounds like players can buy themselves the Guild Wars 2 equivalent of a Hearthstone for 900 Gems, whenever that's actually available. Mini Scruffy will be out as well for 500 Gems, and the Black Lion Chests will have a rare chance of dropping Permanent Hair Stylist Contracts for two weeks.

See the full patch notes below. Also be sure to check out the Dragon's Reach teaser trailer ArenaNet released.

July 29 Content Release Notes
The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1
With an Elder Dragon’s corruption spreading, the heroes of Tyria set out in an attempt to gather allies to meet this new threat. But with problems of their own close to home, will world leaders add their support or just introduce more challenges?
After completing The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1, players can showcase their tactical mastery as heroes of Tyria by completing challenging episode-related achievements.

  • New kites can be found in the Buried Locked Chests throughout Dry Top. Kite types include:
    • Crystal Shard Kite
    • Ventari Follower Kite
    • Prosperity Mine Kite
  • Gentt now trades Sandy Bags of Gear for Unidentified Fossilized Insects.
  • The ambrite short bow, Vespidae, has been renamed to Culicidae.
  • The ambrite weapon recipe and ambrite fossilized insect descriptions have been updated to better describe the weapons they make.


  • Black Citadel:
    • Discovering the Hero’s Forum point of interest will no longer cause it to shift position on the world map.
  • Blazeridge Steppes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused monster waves to respawn immediately after being killed in the “Defend Brokentooth Maw” and “Defend the engineers repairing Brokentooth Maw” events.
  • Bloodtide Coast:
    • The shark in the “Kill the Deep Sea Shark” event now has a boss icon overhead.
    • Fixed a gender/model mismatch of a Covington Cannoneer.
  • Cursed Shore:
    • Fixed a bug to stabilize Halla Corpseflayer’s position during the interaction at Meddler’s Summit.
    • Added a marker to the “Defend Priory Scholar Zepa as she searches the village of Ewan for ancient artifacts” event so the event is easier to find during its preparation phase.
  • Divinity’s Reach:
    • Divinity Guide [Information] NPCs will now correctly mark the Seraph Headquarters on the world map.
  • Dredgehaunt Cliffs:
    • In Dostoev Sky Peak, the Veteran Hulking Pyrite Elemental correctly displays a boss icon during the “Stop the hulking pyrite elemental” event.
  • Gendarran Fields:
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from removing the crippled condition from wounded soldiers when using the Medical Kit bundle near Nebo Terrace.
  • Harathi Hinterlands:
    • Shining Blade Kimber and the trio of centaur war councilors in the “Help Shining Blade Kimber find her husband” event chain now have event icons overhead.
    • The Veteran Bandit Leader in the “Intercept the prisoner caravan” event now has a boss icon overhead.
    • The locations of the four Seraph squads in the “Defend Seraph forces at Bridgewatch Camp from the Modniir assault” event have been given event icons on the world map.
  • Malchor’s Leap:
    • Fixed a wall around the Village of Wren to prevent players from walking through the wall.
  • Mount Maelstrom:
    • Fixed the Crucible of Eternity dungeon icon on the world map to hide correctly if the area is undiscovered.
  • Plains of Ashford:
    • The Iron Legionnaire escorted in the “Kill the veteran lava shaman” event correctly displays a shield icon overhead.
  • Sparkfly Fen:
    • Fixed a minor technical issue with Tequatl’s Hardened Scales buff in the “Danger at Fabled Djannor” event to alleviate CPU spikes.
  • Straits of Devastation:
    • The Champion Risen Krait Nimross in the “Destroy the Risen krait nimross and free the trapped Pact crew” event now has a boss icon overhead.
  • The Grove:
    • Updated conversations with NPCs Beidyre and Androel to allow non-sylvari players to converse with them.


  • Twilight Arbor Story Mode:
    • Fixed Mr. Sparkles’s character model mismatch.
  • Ascalonian Catacombs Explorable Mode:
    • Fixed several issues causing Detha’s story path to stall.

Personal Story

  • All recipe unlock items have received new icons. Icons now match the rarity and type of the output item. Similarly, the rarity of all recipe items now matches the output item’s rarity.
  • Fixed a bug causing Chaos of Lyssa, Chaos of Lyssa (Infused), Light of Dwayna (Infused), and Shadow of Grenth (Infused) to become soulbound when equipped. All soulbound versions of these items will become account bound.
  • Updated the karma vendors at the Orrian temples to each sell armor sets with a single stat combination.

Profession Skills

  • Healing Turret:
    • Cleansing Burst: Added a skill fact for conditions removed: 2.


  • Hammer Swing / Hammer Bash:
    • Fixed a bug preventing the number of targets skill fact from displaying.
  • Sanctuary:
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Master of Consecrations trait to create a duplicate skill fact.


  • Lich Form:
    • Deathly Claws: Added a pierces skill fact.
    • Marked for Death: Updated the damage skill fact to correctly scale with the Spiteful Marks trait.


  • Piercing Arrows:
    • Added pierces and targets per arrow skill facts to affected skills.
  • Mighty Swap:
    • Added a combat only trait fact.
  • Vigorous Training:
    • Added a combat only trait fact.


  • Fan of Fire:
    • Added pierces and targets per arrow skill facts.
  • Combustive Shot:
    • Fixed a bug that caused the damage skill fact to display a lower amount than the actual damage when traited with Burst Mastery.

World vs. World

  • Updated the names on past WvW tournament world-placement achievements.
  • The Toxic Unveiling Volley skill no longer shows up on an Arrow Cart’s skill bar until the skill has been unlocked.
  • Guild Arrow Cart skill-damage tooltips now properly reflect their superior-level damage.

New Items and Promotions

  • The new Home Portal Stone is now available in the Services category for 900 gems. Players can instantly travel to their home city instance and return to their original location on demand.
  • Mini Scruffy is now available in the Toys category of the Gem Store for 500 gems.
  • The Permanent Hair Stylist Contract is now a very rare drop from Black Lion Chests for the next 2 weeks only.
  • The new Endless Monkey King Tonic is now a very rare drop from Black Lion Chests.

Bug Fix

  • Mini Flame Legion Effigy is now the same scale as other exotic minis.

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