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The Grand Tournament expansion brings a medieval world to Hearthstone in August

3 comments Maxfield Navarro - 4:32pm (PST) Like Share

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more grand than that man's moustache

Nintendo to cover five different genres with upcoming mobile titles

6 comments Leo Chan - 12:13pm (PST) Like Share

Dare I suggest a standalone Fire Emblem Amie app

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile coming to iOS and Android devices, mobile match-3 goodness later this year

6 comments Maxfield Navarro - 1:04pm (PST) Like Share

For Pokémon fans looking to move from matching candies to matching faces

Apple removing iOS Civil War games for depicting the Confederate Flag

22 comments Rory Young - 1:03pm (PST) Like Share

The iOS storefront yet again shows it's not a safe place for video games

E3 2015: Every publisher needs a F2P card game and The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda's

4 comments Rory Young - 11:57pm (PST) Like Share

The only Elder Scroll character I remember the name of is fus-ro-dah

The Queenpin hunts, Tales from the Borderlands - Ep. 3: Catch a Ride parks on June 23

2 comments Rory Young - 8:51am (PST) Like Share

Three months between episodes is better than four, at least

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