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Lost Dimension PS Vita/PS3 RPG announced from Lancarse, Etrian Odyssey veterans

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Update New image revealed for Lost Dimension

Update: A Lost Dimension website has just been pushed online, showcasing the art style the game will feature as well as who we can only assume are our S.E.A.L.E.D. team of protagonists.

In case PS Vita RPG fans hadn't heard enough good news recently, today Lost Dimension was announced by Lancarse. Lancarse in a Japanese studio who played a large part in the development of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey and the first two Etrian Odyssey games.That is to say, these guys are experienced developers so long as they're creating this certain type of RPG. Lost Dimension will be released in Japan on August 8 for the PS Vita and PlayStation 3.

According to the Japanese magazine Famitsu the story of Lost Dimension revolves around a special forces team named S.E.A.L.E.D. investigating a mysterious structure known as the Pillar. Those JRPGs love climbing towers. Players will take on the role of character Shou, joined by heroine Youko. Unfortunately there aren't any details regarding maps or cartography. One can only hope.

There is, of course, no information regarding any potential localization of Lost Dimension. Considering the publisher will be Furyu, who doesn't have a western affiliate, localization will depend on the whims of localization publishers like Xseed Games, Atlus, NIS America, or others. Good news is a Furyu game has been brought over before, though Unchained Blades may not have had the reception publisher Xseed would have liked.

Expect more news on Lost Dimension in the months ahead. I've got a feeling this one will be more of a sleeper hit in Japan than one might expect. It launches August 8 on both PS Vita and the PlayStation 4.

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars launches on Vita/3DS, the future is born

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Yeah, that about sums it up

Image 1

If mixing heavy Japanese anime fanservice with RPG dungeon crawling sounds like a recipe for success, then it's time to pick up Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. Available today on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, Conception II is the, erm, story of a young man on whose shoulders the very fate of the world rests. Maybe shoulders is the wrong word... because the protagonist is tasked with "Classmating" the female soldiers to produce "Star Children" to fight in battles.

Early buyers of the game should definitely check out the DLC options, as the Disciple Weapon Pack will be made free and provides five weapons to help teams get off to a strong start. Additionally, two free "Monokuma" quests will be added in May. Yes, that's Danganronpa's Monokuma, since both games were developed by Spike Chunsoft.

Say what you will about the ridiculous and honestly quite creepy premise, there's a niche of gamers that absolutely loves these sorts of games. Bless Atlus' hearts for doing what they can to make sure these games make it overseas from Japan, because otherwise who knows what these sorts of game players might be up to on the internet.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is now available on 3DS and PS Vita in North America. Europeans take heart, because Atlus has now announced that Conception II will be coming to European regions in May! For those interested in the collector's edition, pick it up fast since its only available in extremely limited quantities. Oh, and demo players, make sure to transfer over your save so your progress continues on!


Youkai Watch 2's debut trailer has so much Level-5 charm that it's almost spooky

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I ain't afraid of no adorable ghosts

Image 1

Late last week Level- 5 announced Youkai Watch 2: Ganso and Youkai Watch 2: Honke, two versions of a sequel to the ghost collection 3DS game quickly catching fire in Japan. It appears Level-5 fancies their cute ghost hunting game the next Pokemon, right? Okay, maybe not Pokemon, but at least inspired by Pokemon's successes. Today both games' box arts were revealed as well as the two games' debut trailer. How can ghosts be so cute?

What's made immediately evident from the box arts for each game is that, again taking from Pokemon, each game will have its own unique selection of ghosts to collect. For instance, the gold version of the game has a robot cat, a fire lion and a dragon of sorts, while the silver version, erm, has a tadpole with sunglasses, a lion with a snake tail, and a drunk old man with the body of a poodle. Yeah, pretty sure gold is going to come up on top here.

I find it really interesting watching the trailer and seeing how much Youkai Watch 2 seems to be creatively inspired from Level-5's other games. I see a lot of Inazuma Eleven and Professor Layton in the game's art style and settings, though of course the gameplay is quite unique to itself. Is this the point where I have to start begging for a localization again?

Youkai Watch 2 will be released in Japan on July 10 on the Nintendo 3DS. While the original Youkai Watch has yet to be announced as a localization project for North America or Europe, it must only be a matter of time considering how Level-5 is pushing the series as their next big thing.

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Free-to-play PS Vita title No Heroes Allowed now available, the God of Destruction reigns supreme

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Heroes will die this day for the low, low price of free

Image 1

No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! may not be a name most gamers are familiar with, but that doesn't change the fact that it's available now and free-to-play. That on its own should be plenty of reason for PS Vita owners to check the game out. Luckily, there's more excitement to discover. No Heroes Allowed is a match-3 style puzzle game where the player takes on the role of God of Destruction in order to slaughter invading heroes. Interest piqued!

Obviously the God of Destruction has his work cut out for him, given that his game is titled No Heroes, No Puzzles and it appears that those things are everywhere. It's also ironic that the God of Destruction, once defeating a hero, collects them! Ah, it's best not to question the gods. With 64 levels of match-3 gaming and 200 heroes to collect, there should be plenty of time for players to consider the meaning behind the title of the game as they play it.

Unfortunately that's where my knowledge about No Heroes Allowed runs empty. Naturally, gamers should be skeptical about any free-to-play game and whether or not microtransactions will inhibit and furhter ruin the experience. It's noted that No Heroes Allowed does include the option to purchase health boosts, recovery time, attack potency and increases for monster and hero inventories. That sounds like a lot of crap I'd prefer not to be locked behind a pay wall.

Free to play is hard to argue with, however, and the fact that it's available on the PS Vita of all platforms is intriguing to say the least. Check out No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! today and report back. Let's see if this PS Vita exclusive is worth investing time into. It certainly seemed worth writing this post for.

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Freedom Wars to be localized for PS Vita, 8 players working off 8,000,000 years of prison

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Handsome teenagers, only you can save us now

Image 1

One more PS Vita localization for the road. Freedom Wars is Shift's follow-up to God Eater 2, made in co-development with Dimps and the Sony Japan Studio. Just like today's previous PS Vita localization announcements, Soul Sacrifice Delta and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, Freedom Wars is one messed up sounding premise. Japan, let no one ever tell you that you've run out of crazy ideas, okay?

Freedom Wars is the story of a... is he a teenager? He looks like a teenager. Anyway, this protagonist is placed in prison for the crime of living. His sentence is 1,000,000 years, but the sentence can be shortened by participating in the Freedom Wars. With up to 8 players online, fight through rescue missions against the Abductors with a customized weapon load-out. It's an action game where you fight giant monsters, just like a bunch of those other crazy Japanese games right now.

I think Freedom Wars has the potential to be a very popular release in Japan, where God Eater 2 and similar titles like Soul Sacrifice only continue to grow more popular. Freedom Wars mixes that popular style of gameplay, the wild post-apocalyptic storyline so popular in Japan, and the handsome teenagers fighting in deadly scenarios (looking at you, Attack on Titan, World Trigger, etc.) that may combine for the perfect recipe for success.

Freedom Wars won't be coming out in Japan until June 26, so it's unlikely that we'll hear any more about the game until at least then. After that, much like with Soul Sacrifice Delta, it might be another two or so months before the localization is finished and shipped out. Expect to hear more about Freedom Wars at E3, most likely.


Soul Sacrifice Delta to be localized, Sanctuary, Avalon and the neutral Grim balance restored

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Keiji Inafune requires more souls!

Image 1

Soul Sacrifice Delta stands at the forefront of the three PS Vita localization announcements made today. comcept and Marvelous AQL's action title was released in 2013, instantly becoming a Japanese hit. Its "sequel" or more appropriately its expanded edition, Delta, came out last month in Japan. Once again, it's doing amazingly sales-wise. Once again, Sony's bringing it overseas for North American and European audiences.

What does Soul Sacrifice Delta do differently compared to the original release? The largest addition is the third faction Grim, who've decided their neutral position requires a bit more action. They'll now provide a third option for players who were torn between Avalon and Sanctuary prior. That's not all of course, because Delta also adds plenty of new Archfiends, sorcerers, arenas, spells and quests. If Soul Sacrifice was appetizing, then Delta's the just desserts.

No offense to the other localizations, Freedom Wars and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, but Soul Sacrifice steals the show. This game was born from Mega Man designer Keiji Inafune's brain bucket and it shows. He started his studio comcept and Sony basically came to him and begged for a Vita system seller for Japan -- he delivered. Delta was what was made when Sony asked, "Please sir, do you have any more?"

Soul Sacrifice Delta is planned to be released on the PlayStation Vita on May 13. The original game's localization was released two months after the Japanese launch. We're only about two weeks away from that point right now, which would be right around April 29. That means Delta will be a bit more delayed than the original localization was. I wonder if that's supposed to imply something about the game's initial reception. Eh.


Severed is Guacamelee developer DrinkBox Studios' gesture-based adventure

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Subtitle: Rearmed?

Image 1

"What is Severed?" may as well be DrinkBox Studios' marketing pitch, because this game not only sounds crazy, but looks even wilder in motion. The Guacamelee developers' next title is inspired by many titles, but Severed certainly stands on its own. Imagine a first-person open-world dungeon crawler where the player defeats enemies with gesture-based attacks and then adds portions of those enemy's bodies to their own in order to grow in strength. Yup.

Destructoid has the exclusive reveal of Severed, claiming Drinkbox describes the game as a mixture of Mega Man, Infinity Blade and Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. I may be reading a bit into the trailer too much here, but the main feeling I get from the game is almost Shin Megami Tensei. The setting feels disturbing, like you stepped into one of the rings of hell. Add in that twisting first-person perspective and enemies from a nightmare? More Berserk than Mega Man to me.

Of course, the description is intended to convey the gameplay of Severed rather than its mood and setting. Severed is gesture-based, meaning it's going to be coming to touch-based platforms first. While that's a rather rad idea in the context of chopping off bits to add to the protagonists armor, DrinkBox will be facing an uphill battle in terms of public perception. Touch and motion-based controls aren't exactly popular with core gamers like Severed seems built for. Not exactly Cut the Rope, right?

Severed is planned for mobile platforms are confirmed, but DrinkBox isn't adverse to bringing the game to 3DS, Vita and Wii U either. Peripheral-required platforms like Kinect and the PlayStation Move may need some further research.


Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita teased by 4J Studios, celebrate with a drink

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Personally, I've also found that Minecraft is even better with a side of rum

Image 1

Minecraft, it's one of the most popular and most impactful releases of the past ten years, but who could believe it's not on every platform ever yet? This cannot stand and Minecraft's port developer 4J Studios agrees wholeheartedly. It's why they're hard at work on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PS Vita versions of the game. If anyone needed any further proof, 4J teased an image from PAX revealing that Minecraft on PS4 and PS Vita are running and perhaps being shown to the public.

This news is particularly interesting, because technically there are two very different versions of the game being shown in this picture. The PS Vita port is a version of the current Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 releases, while the PlayStation 4 verions is scaled up in a variety of different ways. To see both running at the same time, on two different screens, well... it must mean that a multiplatform launch is being planned for at least the PlayStation conesoles. Or, we could just be seeing PS4 remote play going on. Hmm... 

As far as we know the versions of Minecraft on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, are still planned for "this holiday season" and there's no update on the other upcoming port on Xbox One. If the studio has the games up and running, however, it's likely that a release can't be too far. I say that knowing all too well that licensing and legal stuff can delay games by months. Hopefully something more official spins out after PAX East wraps up.

Drink one for us, 4J Studios! Congratulations on the progress -- and all that success, too.


Youkai Watch 2 announced with two Pokemon style versions, North America still waiting on first game

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Please, Level-5, let me watch the ghosties

Image 1

How in Professor Layton's name hasn't Level-5 announced the localization of Youkai Watch, or Ghost Watch as it's known in North America. Today Level-5 announced Youkai Watch 2, but more than that they revealed that they believe Youkai Watch to be their own freakin' Pokemon competitor. Youkai Watch 2 will come in two purchasable versions, each with exclusive "ultra rare silver" medals. Two versions of Youkai Watch 2, but they still can't but together a version for English-speaking audiences!

For those unfamiliar, Youkai Watch is a super cheerful, young audience focused collect 'em all 3DS title where the protagonist collects ghosts using his fancy watch. It's literally a ghost watch, though I suppose the pun is that players end up watching a lot of ghosts too. I fully support these ridiculous sorts of puns.

I don't support the lack of localization, however! It's a little understandable, I suppose, due to the high dependency on merchandising that Youkai Watch relies on. I believe certain purchasable items interact with the game in interesting ways, which would mean a localization is much more complicated than simply adding English text to the game. A North American merchandising effort is no joke. Still, with a two-version sequel like this now announced...

Youkai Watch 2 will revolve around the mysterious origins of the watch that gives the protagonist boy his powers. Which makes me wonder what the first game is actually about. I guess he just gets his watch and assumes it's divine providence? Ah, it's a kids game. I shouldn't pick it apart. There will also be bike races! See, Youkai Watch adds features at about the same rate as Pokemon too, I guess. Here's something cool: player's of the first game will be able to meet special ghosts in the sequel. 

Get hyped for Youkai Watch 2, everyone! If anything, Level- 5 will launch it 10 years down the road like they did earlier this year with Inazuma Eleven's first game. Wait, that's actually kind of heartbreaking. Please, Level-5, please!


Atlus saves Kickstarter failure Citizens of Earth, this RPG's Vice President takes office late 2014

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They lost the vote, but still won the election

Image 1

Take hearth, indie developers. Initial failure on Kickstarter is not the end. There's no better proof than Citizens of Earth, which despite only raising just $37,000 of its $100,000 goal is now being published by none other than Atlus. Atlus announced today that they'll be bringing the Earthbound-inspired humorous RPG about a newly elected Vice President to life. To life, and to PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

It must be a very stressful and yet inspiring story for indie developers EdenIndustries. To go from potentially being unable to finish a game to suddenly supported by a righteous publisher like Atlus is a momentous event. Also, it probably fits right in line with their parody political theme. You know, to go from a failed grassroots campaign to instead taking the money from people with large pockets? The Vice President protagonist would certainly approve!

That's also a good segue into how Citizens of Earth actually plays. The player takes on the roll of the newly elected Vice President, who suddenly realizes there's a lot lot of problems that he has to deal with. Like any good politician, the VP doesn't fight his own battles -- he recruits normal people to do that for him! With over forty recruitable characters, including the VP's own mother and what looks to be a hobo, well, at least we won't have to worry about Mass Effect-style party member DLC.

Citizens of Earth, born again under the wing of Atlus, is planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4,Wii U, PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Odds are folk unintentionally missed out on the Kickstarter, so make sure to take in what could be a hilarious adventure now that it's officially funded.

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