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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker E3 2014 Hands-On Impressions: Troubles with turning Toad

2 comments Rory Young - 12:55pm (PST) Like Share

What do you even need treasure for, Toad? You're a mushroom

Image 12

The game doesn't even matter. How awesome is the title Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker? How awesome is the idea of a Toad character finally getting their game and it's all about exploration, advent...


Titanfall June update details, adds 'Marked for Death' mode and 50-kill Gooser challenge reward

1 comments Matt Newbould - 10:09am (PST) Like Share

Pimp my Titan?

Image 1

Respawn entertainment released a whole host of information at E3 last week about the next patch set to hit Titanfall this month. The update follows on from a previous patch in May, and currently h...


Fable Legends E3 2014 Hands-On: Modern multiplayer and the comeback of classic tabletop RPG

1 comments Lydia Sung - 4:40am (PST) Like Share

Return to Albion, at a time when Heroes were plentiful

Image 1

Fable Legends might just be what the series needs to reaffirm its place as an Xbox staple. Lionhead Studios' upcoming RPG had a noticeable presence at this year's E3, and the UK developer seemed e...


Yoshi's Woolly World E3 2014 Hands-On Impressions: Live woolly or die yarn

4 comments Rory Young - 3:31pm (PST) Like Share (1)

How does something so adorable exist in this world?

Image 11

How does one accurately gage adorableness? I am unfamiliar with any sort of metric for this type of evaluation. All I know is that when I look at Yoshi's Woolly World my my eyes get really big and...


Neoseeker's Best of E3 2014 Nominations: Our best of the best picks, from Evolve to Fable

17 comments Lydia Sung - 2:14am (PST) Like Share

Narrowing down the choices to a select few

Image 1

Picking the candidates for any sort of video game reward is never easy, but we've done it once again for E3 2014. Looking at this year's wide array of games being showcased, from indie titles to t...


Neoseeker's E3 2014 Award Nominations: Trimming down 13 categories to just a few games

49 comments Rory Young - 7:04pm (PST) Like (1) Share

Someone won't live through this process

Image 1

E3 is over and that means that we have to decide on Neoseeker's awards for the show. This year, Lydia and I have decided to stream the process. It's a bit ungainly, but we figure some folk might b...


Halo 5: Guardians' new Spartan named Agent Locke, starring in Halo Nightfall miniseries

6 comments Lydia Sung - 3:48pm (PST) Like (1) Share

Something to expect from Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Image 1

343 Industries revealed a new Spartan during E3 this week, but many were left rather confused to his identity. Meet Agent Locke, a new face in the ongoing Halo saga, as well as the focus of the up...


Super Smash Bros. 3DS E3 2014 Hands-On Impressions: Pixels fighting pixels

13 comments Rory Young - 11:59am (PST) Like Share

Not the same Smash experience, but still interesting in its own right

Image 5

Super Smash Bros. 3DS is sitting idly in the shadow of Super Smash Bros. Wii U both in terms of marketing and hype in the gaming community. For every dozen Wii U screenshots released, one is relea...


Let It Die E3 trailer and screens are about a fight for survival in your underwear

0 comments Leo Chan - 11:11am (PST) Like Share

When you die, you become part of the cloud... of death

Image 1

Grasshopper Manufacture releases the reveal trailer for Let It Die, its first PlayStation 4 title, after premiereing at Sony's E3 media briefing earlier this week. As you'll see, Let It Die is a f...


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate E3 2014 Hands-On Impressions: The beast doesn't die, it grows stronger

25 comments Rory Young - 9:24am (PST) Like (1) Share

I didn't accomplish anything and that makes all the difference

Image 1

In many ways I believe a majority of games for the Nintendo 3DS are designed  to be too simple, built for an audience on the go or with little patience. Generally, this makes demoing them in place...

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