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Gigabyte GO-5232A Combo Drive Review
Gigabyte's new combo drive is marketed to be the smallest solution to all your HTPC optical drive needs. For those on a budget, does it perform the way it is supposed to?

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E3 2015: Fallout 4's Pip-Boy Edition can now be pre-ordered, $119.99 for a usable Pip-Boy

8 comments Rory Young - 10:56pm (PST) Like (1) Share (1)

Please wear this in real life Pip-Boy so I know who the awesome people are

E3 2015: Fallout 4 is huge and arriving Nov. 10 this year, adds customization, crafting and town building

6 comments Rory Young - 10:31pm (PST) Like (1) Share

I'm still trying to catch my breath after that Fallout 4 introduction

Bethesda's E3 2015 Press Conference Livestream and Live Chat

342 comments Rory Young - 6:42pm (PST) Like Share

Check in your tickets here, all aboard the Fallout 4 hype train

Sony CD, DVD, UMD & Blu-ray warehouse destroyed in London riots

9 comments Leo Chan - 6:02pm (PST) Like Share

Digital Audio Disc Corporation also conducted media format research

Mushkin not sold on 25nm flash chips for solid state drives

2 comments Leo Chan - 4:35pm (PST) Like Share

How small is too small for die sizes?

New DVD format records information in 5 dimensions

4 comments Kevin Spiess - 11:13am (PST) Like Share

New 1.6 TB optical discs format stores information using colors

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