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Cougar 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
The 700K is billed as a premium mechanical gaming keyboard designed for enthusiasts, but shouldn't that be the case for ~$150?

AKRACING AK-6011 Gaming Chair Review
The AKRACING AK-6011 gaming chair looks extremely sexy thanks to the automotive inspired design and excellent build quality.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review
Get virtual 7.1 surround sound right on the headset with the click of a button.

Cougar 600M Gaming Mouse Review
A gaming mouse with the customization capabilities for ever-changing gaming or work needs.

Cougar 600K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
The 600K is designed to meet the most basic of users needs for gaming or working.

Peripherals News

GRID 2 PC Input comparison begins

1 comments Gabriel Vega - 7:02am (PST) Like Share

A teaser of our GRID 2 features to come this summer on Neoseeker

Image 2

GRID 2 is here, and everyone is racing and slamming cars like there's no tomorrow. While that's amazing and all, there's always the desire for just that extra edge, something that puts the experience on another level and also improves those times.

Today, we have a small teaser into our exploration of heavier hardware with the game. We're taking the G27 through the WSR circuit on GRID 2 this summer and showing how with the right investments you can make a significant impact in no time at all.

As you can notice in the cuts, each input has their own twist, the keyboard being a very blunt / throwing gesture; it's not very graceful, and the lack of throttle and braking control into corners causes some issues. The game pad corrects the power control but still lacks in being able to sense the turns properly or maintain them. The G27 ignores those. The tension in the wheel allow players to feel the grip or potential slip early on and greater tire control and times turn around because of that ability to go a bit further to the edge.

We'll have longer installments coming in the future, in the meantime enjoy this teaser during E3 week.

Special thanks to our video editor Victor Campos for his work capturing and editing the footage together for us, while everyone else is prepping for the show.

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Bluetooth-powered Android controller Moga pops up at CES 2013, looks like 360 meets PS3 controller

6 comments Lydia Sung - 11:03am (PST) Like Share

Makeover sees it looking more like a console controller

Image 1

PowerA announced their Android controller "Moga" last year already, but at CES 2013 this week, the manufacturer unveiled a new version of the Bluetooth-powered peripheral. The "Moga Pro," as this rendition is called, takes on a notably more controller-like appearance, designed to actually fit comfortably in human hands; not always the case, as its initial appearance was more like a malformed cube with buttons.

This version, as the obove image shows, resembles a cross between the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers. The shape is more akin to the former, while the layout of the buttons and thumbsticks is more like the latter. In addition to the standard duo-sticks, four buttons, and D-pad, the Moga Pro also features two shoulder buttons with two triggers underneath.

The only potentially awkward issue someone might run into, we imagine, is the phone itself moving around too much while the player is holding the controller. Most people don't exactly hold the thing perfectly even while gaming. Otherwise, the stand where your device rests is supposed to be very secure, eliminating any fear of sudden detachment.


PlayStation Move ships 10.5 million units, says Sony

3 comments Lydia Sung - 12:47pm (PST) Like Share

Company hasn't said how many actually sold

At GDC this week, Sony revealed to attendees that they've shipped out a total of 10.5 million PlayStation Move units.  This is a fairly huge jump from the 9 million reported back in November 2011. 

Keep in mind that "shipped" and "sold" aren't the same thing.  Though we're told 10.5 million Move peripherals are floating around in the world, we can't be sure what percentage of that actually made their way into someone's living room -- or what portion remains sitting in the back of a store, collecting dust.  Still, the steady climb in shipments suggests that Sony must think there's a demand for their motion accessory. 

Last summer, Sony reportedly shipped over 8 million Move units, which went up to 9 million in the fall, showing a steadily increasing climb.


Microsoft's Ballmer teases Kinect PC support

10 comments Leo Chan - 6:13pm (PST) Like Share

They'll get to it when the time is right for the platform

Image 1

Earlier this week a component supplier for the Kinect motion-sensing peripheral expressed desire to work with mobo giant ASUS to port its technology to the PC platform for gesture-based navigation and interaction.  If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has caught wind of something brewing over at his company's console division however, it's just as likely that the Kinect itself will simply be made compatible with the PC sometime in the future.

When quizzed by the BBC News at this week's CES over the possibility of bringing Kinect to the PC, Ballmer believes it will not be out of the question for Microsoft to "support that in a formal way in the right time".  It seems then that the time is not just right for PC to get some Kinect lovin', perhaps not while it's red hot for the Xbox 360.


Hackers infiltrate NZXT site, fake closure

4 comments Chris Ledenican - 1:00pm (PST) Like Share

Rumors put to rest

Image 1

NZXT, the computer chassis, PSU, and peripheral company is in the news today, not because of a sleek new product, but rather a nefarious email sent to their mailing list stating they were going out of business.

Dear fans, friends, and followers of NZXT

NZXT was established in Los Angeles, California in 2004. Since then, we have produced many revolutionary and exciting products, from Cases to fan controllers. Unfortunately, the current state of the economy has taken a toll on our business, we are now facing the same financial hardships that many of our competitors have also faced. We would like to thank all who supported us throughout the years, purchased our products, and gave us feedback. We value your opinions and business. Our support contact information will continue to be available in order to provide warranty services, however, once current inventories are depleted, no new products will be produced. In leiu of this annoucement, the next ten people to purchase an NZXT Khaos case will receive a Sentry LXE at no cost.

The letter was picked up and posted as news, causing the rumor to quickly circulate the net, but the whole event appears to have been from hackers infiltrating their website. It's not known why a chassis design company was the hackers' target of choice, but co-founder Johnny Hu did issue a statement to the press clearing up the matter.

To our friends and loyal customers in the PC enthusiast community,

Yesterday at 7:30 PM PST the NZXT website was infiltrated illegally. While having access to the site, hackers made several malicious changes including sending out an erroneous newsletter to our database claiming that NZXT is going out of business. They also changed product warranties, deleted product and home page banners, etc.

Well, I'm happy to report that NZXT is NOT going out of business and to the contrary we are more excited than ever to be a part of this tremendous industry. We are poised to launch several highly anticipated products over the next two months including the Phantom full tower case we unveiled at Computex. We feel this will provide enthusiasts with one of the most fresh and unique case designs in quite some time.

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere gratitude to the community for your ongoing support of NZXT. We design our products based on what you need to build a stellar PC and welcome your feedback as to how we can help your computing experience be as enjoyable as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions

With rumors of the company's demise being greatly exaggerated, we can still look forward to the new Phantom cases, which were unveiled at this year's Computex.


E3 2010: Nyko hits the PS3 and Wii with new product lines

1 comments Gabriel Vega - 10:10am (PST) Like (1) Share

Changing up the 3rd party offerings once again

Gaming accessories are a tough market in 2010; companies are using new proprietary technologies to lock hardware sales down. At E3 2010, I sat down with Nyko to get a fix on the latest from the company, covering topics about new products and accessories developing for this year. Bernard Hoang played the role of guide to my technology adventure; I stepped into a private demonstration room stacked with the latest that is Nyko and began writing down impressions.

The first introduction unveiled the Wand for the Nintendo Wii, delivering normal Wii control with an integrated Motion Plus control to reduce bulk. The design of the remote matched the official controller, using new Soft Feel texture for better comfort and grip. I found the slip in-hand reduced; with a light use, the controller grip was tight on palm and fingers -- those wanting more can use the included skin for increased size and resistance. In the middle of the textured finish revisions, Nyko also showed a sample of the new Kama with Soft Feel to match, and noted the new finish will follow as an alternative on future Nyko models.

Charging stations followed that demonstration, with new technology running out there for the Wii including a magnetic delivery station which debuted at CES. The IC station hit my hands first with on-demand power as remotes sat suspended; the offering comes in a two or four remote flavor. While magnetic charging station is efficient, it will take a chunk of the day to reach full power. The next offering was the Charge Station. Supporting two or four ports again using direct current and independent power from the AC, both units come complete with enough supporting batteries and grips to fit the Wand or Wii Remote.

Following the display, our topic shifted gears to the Playstation Move; Nyko has expected charging potential and is launching two solutions for gamers.

Hands on, we started with the Charge Station. The two port dock lights up when the Mini-USB ports connect to the Move. To speed the charging up, the station uses direct AC power instead of splitting the standard 5v line from the USB port. The build quality of the single set is a good start in design, though right now the cups may be too shallow as the mock controller wobbled. Nyko made sure to mention the product is still under revisions to account for these findings which we should see around launch time with the Move.

For those who plan to play with a friend, the Charge Station Quad is their solution. The Quad uses a platter design to serve two sets of Move controllers with a small pocket for each to stand in. My first area of attention went to the sleek design of the base station, with optional lights for night charging and a high gloss finish to catch the eye. The station has what many gamers will look for: a dedicated fast charging setup that doesn’t leave cables running from the Playstation 3. In the current state, the Mini-USB has little support; I hope a clear cup or deeper pocket to support the controller will allow for longer product life, as the ports could easily break.

The Raven series is the latest experiment in independent design; a six-axis rumble control using soft feel surfaces provides the function from the original control with new feeling. As an alternative, the first feature I noticed was the comfort of the control as someone with larger hands; thumb spacing on the d-pad and analog are distant for easy action. The secondary buttons get a backseat as triggers take priority in the design for added control and comfort. My biggest shock was when the [Alternate] model came to the table, using the Xbox 360 reversed d-pad and analog. The independent design made sense for the Raven; the layout allows any 360 user to have a nearly seamless transition to the Playstation 3 using this secondary model. The curves and triggers are similar to the 360; the size and bulk are just enough to cater to those finding the PlayStation controller too small or foreign.

Both models will be on sale this July. Nyko hopes the market will snap up both to show what works and what they can develop on in the future.

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Razer brings out StarCraft II mouse, keyboard, and headset

7 comments Kevin Spiess - 11:53am (PST) Like (1) Share

Favored by Protoss everywhere

As the world nears a new global economic castraphoe as the release of StarCraft II approaches South Korea, Razer is jumping on board with some StarCraft theme products.

The StarCraft II Razer Spectre gaming mouse looks pretty darn slick, we'd say. It has that sharp-angle look of the StarCraft universe, and all the high-end mouse features you'd expect from the likes of Razer:

• Gaming-Optimized Design inspired by the StarCraft universe
• Lightweight, Fingertip-Grip 5 Button Mouse
• 5600DPI Razer Precision 3.5G laser sensor
• Backlit Mouse with APM (Actions-Per-Minute) Lighting System
• Mouse Click Button Force Adjustment
• 1000Hz Ultrapolling /1ms response
• Hardware Configuration Utility

The mouse will be about $80 USD, and will come out before StarCraft II.

"We are all huge StarCraft players here at Razer, so we are really excited to give gamers a first glimpse at the StarCraft II gaming peripherals," said Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff, president of Razer USA

The StarCraft II Razer Marauder gaming keyboard is shown below. It has particularly raised keys.

And here is the StarCraft II Razer Banshee headset. Its microphone is detachable, which is nice.

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4DOF chair offers full motion movement for driving games

12 comments Kevin Spiess - 2:09pm (PST) Like Share

Great way to spend about $28,000

Image 1

Have a bunch of money sitting about, and love driving games? The video below speaks for itself. The full-motion 4DOF simulation chair certainly seems to make driving games a bit more intense, with the ability to change pitch, roll, yaw and heave according to the game being played. 

The 4DOF works with any game that uses the Live for Speed system. Right now there is a racing game, and a flying game. The racing game doesn't look all that bad. You can actually play it without the chair online, if you want, over here.

This crazy contraption is made someplace in the Czech Republic, and sells for about 20,000 Euros -- about $28,000 USD. With this kind of expense, you are certainly much more likely to run into a 4DOF chair in the future at an arcade or some other public gaming place like a bowling alley, than you are to run into it at a buddy's house. The price includes a service contract.

We'd love to give this a go ourselves. If we had one criticism though: it seems odd how up-and-down the chair goes in this racing game. Probably nothing that can't be adjusted however.

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Magic-Pro introduces very small ProMini keyboard

4 comments Kevin Spiess - 1:11pm (PST) Like (1) Share (1)

Neat little portable QWERTY; good remote for HTPCs

Magic-Pro, a company based in Hong Kong that offers a wide selection of computer parts, introduced an interesting little mini-keyboard thing today. Called the ProMini, the combined full keyboard and touch-pad is only about six inches long. 

Using a plug-in wireless adapter, the keyboard can be used with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Added bells and whistles include LED key lights, for all your night-typing needs, a long-lasting NiCd battery, and a laser. The laser is only good for pointing things out unfortunately though -- you can not slice things with it. 

A video taking a look at the device was put up today at HKEPC, a Chinese tech site. We can't help out much with the Chinese language translation, but nonetheless the video offers a good look at the little peripheral.

Arguably this device would be best-suited to use as a sort of television remote for a HTPC. Preferably from a comfortable couch.

Magic-Pro does not have much of a North American presence so don't expect to see this product in hardware stores on this side of the world any time soon.

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Thermaltake introduces new Tt eSPORTS brand

1 comments Kevin Spiess - 12:10pm (PST) Like Share

Kicks off with keyboards, headsets, and mice

Thermaltake is one company that has a lot of name recognition with hardware enthusiasts. Now Thermaltake is looking to expand that recognition with a new line of stuff aimed at gamers. Called the Tt eSPORTS brand, new products under this name will be aimed at the pro-gamers and the wannabe PC pro-gamers out there.

From launch, three product types will feature Tt eSPORTS branding: Challenger series keyboards, Black series gaming mice, and Shock series headsets.

The Challenger keyboards, pictured above, will feature RGB back-light keys, many, many macro keys, the first cooling fan to keep your hands cool (yup, for real), and two gold-plated USB ports. Thermaltake says "the clever design is to dry your sweaty hands caused by the rise of adrenaline, highlighting also your smart choice and characteristic", whatever that is supposed to mean.

The first Black series mouse will have almost unmatched 4000 dpi laser sensor, a 9 button configuration, and a weight set to allow you to customize to your preference. "The Black Element gaming mouse is definitely the crucial point for game," Thermaltake says, with even more mysterious phrasing. 

The first Shock series headset will have DTS 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound, a remote box, LEDs and replaceable ear pads. It'll be bendable, adjustable in many ways, and will feature a noise-canceling microphone, with gold-plated 3.5mm audio jacks. "The Shock One Headset is one superior gaming headset," says Thermaltake.

In addition, the new brand will have other odds and ends, such as gaming gloves, and mouse pads.

You can expect Tt eSPORTS to be a supporter of gaming events all over the place. They have got things started by becoming an official sponsor of the 2010 World Cyber Games.

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