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Sony Consoles News

Five LEGO games announced for 2015, including LEGO Marvel's Avengers and LEGO Jurassic World

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Building a video game empire, block by block

Image 1

Another year, another slew of LEGO video games  to be released. Warner Bros., working with TT Games and The LEGO Group, has revealed the entire line-up of LEGO titles to be launched in 2015. Overall, there are five new LEGO games to be released in 2015. Some of them are staples, like LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, a title taking advantage of LEGO's Ninjago brand, and The LEGO Movie Videogame and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham coming to iOS and Android devices.

Two titles are fun surprises, however. The first isn't necessarily a huge surprise, as Warner Bros. has been working with Marvel for some time now. Nevertheless, LEGO Marvel's Avengers will be released in 2015. It's notable that this isn't The Avengers or The Avengers 2 in name, but also a bit contradictory because this game is in fact licensed off of the Avengers movie property. Yes, it will be based off both the original Avengers movie and its upcoming sequel, Age of Ultron.

The other big new LEGO game to come in 2015, however, is an awesome surprise. LEGO Jurassic World will be based on the upcoming blockbuster Jurassic Park sequel. It won't just cover the new movie, however, as Warner Bros. confirmed the content of the game will go through all four Jurassic Park films. I hope it covers that one scene where the dream raptor screams, "Alan."

LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO  Marvel's Avengers will both be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PS Vita, 3DS and PC. LEGO Ninjago will be a strictly handheld affair, coming to PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. The the two other 2013 ports, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and The LEGO Movie Videogame are going to be arriving on iOS and Android devices.  Expect to hear more on all five LEGO games planned for 2015 in the months to come.


Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax exports anime mayhem to North America and Europe this summer

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By all that is evil let the portal open and the waifu/husbando wars commence

Image 3

Yes that is Holo. No she is not playable. WHY.

Now here's your off-the-wall Sega announcement of the week: the publisher confirms today that it will localize Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax for release in North America and Europe later this summer! If the title makes no sense to you but the fighters in the screenshots ring a bell, Fighting Climax is essentially a "dream match" 2D fighting game featuring a roster of 14 playable and 23 "assist" characters licensed from Japanese publishing house Dengeki Bunko's catalog of light novels. Many of these novels have since been adapted into popular anime series which you may be more familiar with.

We're talking series like Sword Art Online, A Certain Magical Index, Durarara!!!, and... My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute. The anime power levels are over nine thousand in this one, but Sega franchises like Virtua Fighter and Valkyria Chronicles get some love too. Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax is the twisted lovechild of developers Ecole and French Bread, and offers players the chance to team up their desired characters in playable/assist pairings to beat the living daylights out of their opponents in both local and online multiplayer modes.

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PlayStation Plus adds Neoseeker's 2014 Game of the Year, Transistor, to February's PS4 line-up

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Oh, PlayStation Plus, you know just how to make me swoon

Image 1

Just a week after Neoseeker announced that Transistor was its Game of the Year for 2014, Sony revealed today that the game will be part of its February line-up for PlayStation Plus on PS4. I'm going to pretend that we had a little something to do with that.  What really matters though is that millions of PlayStation 4 owners who may have missed out on our favorite game will now have the opportunity to make up for it. This is why I can't help cheering for the PlayStation Plus service.

Transistor isn't the only great game coming to PlayStation Plus in February, however, as both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita have a great line-up this month as well. Plus, another PlayStation 4 game too. Here's what everyone can look forward to:

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3

PS Vita

Check that, it looks like PlayStation 4 will be getting Transistor, the 2D action game Apotheon on its launch date, and the multi-platform Rogue Legacy as well. Everyone should know how much I love Transistor by now, but Rogue Legacy wwas also one of my favorite releases back in its hayday. I'm not too familiar with Apotheon, but if it's joining the PS+ service on its launch day it's impossible to complain.

The PlayStation 3 continues its trend of offering big games to ensure that owners who haven't jumped to PS4 yet still have a bevy of excellent games to play. Okay, so maybe Thief isn't the best of games from 2014, but it is big and it is pretty new. Yakuza 4 will have to make up for it in the quality department.

All of these games will become available starting February 3


Square Enix teasing PlayStation 4 title 'Project CODE Z,' to be revealed January 31

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The "Z" stands for all the "Zeni" you'll be spending in microtransactions

Image 1

There's embracing the hype and then there's abusing the hype. Today Square Enix launched a teaser site for a game currently known only as Project CODE Z. Nothing is known about the game itself at this time. Beyond the game itself, however, there are a few details worth noting. First, the game is tentatively planned to be revealed January 31 during Japan's Tokaigi event. Second, the game is apparently going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Both of these details were revealed on the Project CODE Z website and they are, to be quite honest, the only facts revolving around the game at this time. However, there are a couple of more smaller details that are potentially worth speculation on. The first is how the "Z" in Project CODE Z is the focus of the image on the teaser page. I'm unsure of any Square Enix games beginning with "Z" just off the top of my head, however. The second is that the imagery changes in the big "Z," showing different landscapes within. I stop short of calling them fantastical, but they're definitely very natural -- caves, pools of water, trees, and crystals.

It's also worth noting that the teaser site's URL contains the letters "msz,"  as well as the game's apparent Twitter account. It's "squex_msz". Unfortunately nothing with those initials turns up in Square Enix's history. Unless they're planning a Mario Sports Mix sequel. Mario Sport Z -- it's a pretty catchy title. No, I'd expect we're going to see a new series here, though perhaps spun off from a larger franchise.

What does this mean? With Square Enix these days it could mean anything. If I had to put money on it, I'd say it's some sort of RPG or adventure, and almost certainly a free-to-play game. It's just what's coming out of Japan these days, especially when it's being directed towards the Japanese audience instead of an America or western one.

Expect more information on Project CODE Z starting January 31, or maybe January 30 here what with the time zones and all. I'd be wary about being excited, but hopefully Square Enix has something interesting in store.


Mortal Kombat X's cold-blooded killer is back, Reptile melts the competition and eats what's left

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Green ninja joins his spot alongside yellow and blue ninja

Image 1

The Mortal Kombat X roster is being unveiled at lightning speed these days, with Kung Lao revealed last week, a new reveal today, and another planned for later this week. Yes, today saw another, greener, classical Mortal Kombat character added to the roster. He spits acid, he eats enemies' faces off, he turns invisible and he's been in the franchise since the original Mortal Kombat. Welcome Reptile to Mortal Kombat X.

IGN has the exclusive reveal for Reptile, showcasing the cold-blooded killer Raptor in his first fight against Kung Lao. All of his iconic moves return, including the slow-moving acid ball, invisibility, acid pools and of course some crazy lizard tongue action. Fans are also treated to Reptile's X-Ray move where he not only breaks Kung Lao's jaw, but also pokes out his eyes and then smashes his skull into the ground.

I do have to say that his fatality is a bit underwhelming. Sure, the acid spit melting Kung Lao's face is great, but the acid itself, as well as the melting face looks surprisingly bad. A silly bubbly animation and a red skull underneath doesn't really capture the gore and disturbing accuracy of anatomy that the other fatalities have done so far. I guess the acid spit in general is all that really matters. The rest is all rather perfunctory.

Expect more information on Reptile in the weeks or months ahead, including the three different options for Reptile's skill-set/play-style. Those are oddly absent from today's trailer. I guess NetherRealm just wants to capitalize on two awesome videos, rather than just one extra large one.

Mortal Kombat X is is planned for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 14. It should be noted that NetherRealm is focused on just the PS4 and XONE versions of the game, with the PC, 360 and PS3 versions being ported by a third-party developer.


Dragon's Dogma Online announced for Japan, the Awakened return for free-to-play 4-player co-op

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This brings many confused feelings, just like Dragon's Dogma's story

Image 1

It's been rumored now since prior to 2014's The Game Awards, when Capcom trademarked the name Dragon's Dogma Online. Today Capcom has made it official, announcing their upcoming online game via the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. Considering the title, the Japanese origin and that this is Capcom we're talking about, no one should be surprised to hear that Dragon's Dogma Online is a free-to-play title. They might be surprised to hear that it's coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 in addition to PC.

Yes, Dragon's Dogma is an online free-to-play title purportedly intended to be supported by microtransactions. It's also an entirely online experience, so while the core combat of Dragon's Dogma will remain the same, the entirety of the game is intended to be played with four players in co-op. Should a player want to go in solo they'll have to take three AI pawns with them. In addition to the co-op missions, there will also be town hubs with "up to 100 people." Oh man, we've got a Dragon's Dogma Destiny here. They've even got "raids" planned for up to eight people -- twice the party size! These won't be available at launch, however.

Four jobs are currently announced to be available on Dragon's Dogma Online: Fighter, Hunter, Priest and Shield Sage. Unlike other MMOs (except Final Fantasy XIV), players will be able to swap out their job as they please. They can also swap out the jobs of their pawns, which seems very important. Pawns will serve a greater role in Dragon's Dogma Online, being able to go into combat with your or staying in town to craft weapons, armor or consumables. Stacking pawns will even quicken crafting. Oh man, just imagine the microtransactions revolving around speeding up crafting.

Otherwise, just like in Dragon's Dogma, players will be out in the supposedly open world hunting down big enemies for intense battles. As an Awakened in the new land of Lestaria, odds are there will be many tasks for the player to form. Yet, with no ending in an MMO, where will all of the craziness come from?

Dragon's Dogma Online is currently announced for the PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Hopefully that doesn't mean the PS3 will be holding back the overall technical quality of the game. As of right now the free-to-play game is only confirmed in Japan and has no release window. Expect more information in the months to come.


15 minutes of glorious The Witcher III: Wild Hunt gameplay sees Geralt climbing, swimming... bathing

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Geralt of Rivia does not simply bathe himself

Image 1

Halt. Wait. Stop. Before taking a giant bite of this delicious The Witcher III: Wild Hunt cut of a steak that it is, let me offer you an option. One can watch the entire 15 minutes of the video on Youtube, which is glorious in its own, but somehow never captures the quality of the original uploaded video. Or, one can download the 3GB, 60fps, ridiculous resolution source file and watch the video rather like drinking water as it melts off a glacier. That is -- if your PC can handle it: source (right click and "Save As").

If you've got the download speed and the computer to handle the quality output, then I'd heartily recommend the download. This Witcher III gameplay video is absolutely stunning. The vistas that CD Projekt RED takes us to are pure visual splendor. Mountain tops, military encampments, what must be a palace of some sort, and the fields and villages in between. As I watched, a sadness crept in as I pondered whether I will end up forcing my computer into to run Witcher at a quality that will set something on fire -- or whether Witcher would do that irregardless of my choice.

I think it's funny, now that we're seeing more of The Witcher III in motion -- now that it's more than just a series of beautiful screenshots and cinematics -- my anticipation is actually building. We see Geralt climbing a sheer mountainside on his horse early in the video, a throwback to Skyrim perhaps. It's this grounding, this thing that's so game-y, that makes Witcher III a reality to me. This is a game that I will play. It's not just screenshots and hype. Oh god, I can't wait to break this game.

There are also a good eight screenshots to browse through as well. They're... interesting, to say the least. Once taking a look through them you'll understand. It seems like perhaps whoever took the screenshots turned up the contrast a bit, as the colors are very, very vibrant. Even compared to the gameplay video, the colors in the screenshots seem off. Eh, they're still disgustingly impressive.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will be released May 19 (damn it all) for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel still riding the DLC train, playable Lady Hammerlock arrives January 27

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Elsa meeta Tina Turner in Thunderdome

Image 1

Everyone's talking about that new stuff, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, excited about how Gearbox is bundling their buckets of DLC in one package. Everyone's forgotten that DLC is still being released for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Yes, the DLC train never ends on the Borderlands express. January 27 will see the launch of the latest Pre-Sequel playable character, Lady Hammerlock the Baroness.

Lady Hammerlock, first name Aurelia, just happens to be the older sister of one Sir Hammerlock. This makes her the sole heir of the Hammerlock fortune, unfortunately for her younger brother. Apparently royalty does not require a semblance of propriety in the universe of Borderlands, because Aurelia can hunt vaults with the best of them. She'll add a certain chilly sensibility to the already cold-hearted roster in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Cold As Ice is Aurelia's action skill, an icy shard which latches onto an enemy and does damage over time. Should that enemy die, the shard will be free to latch onto another enemy and continue to lay waste. Her three skill trees, Huntress, Cold Money, and Contractual Aristocracy, will provide the player with sniping benefits, ice magic boons, or the indentured servitude of a teammate, providing her buffs for each of their accomplishments -- respectively.

The Lady Hammerlock DLC will be the third of four planned packs included in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel's Season Pass. That means that there's still one piece of DLC content forthcoming, presumably a campaign DLC pack to help put the Pre-Sequel to bed before The Handsome Collection is released. The two previous DLC packs include the playable Handsome Jack DLC and campaign DLC The Holodrome Onslaught.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is currently available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The upcoming Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will bring the title to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but that purchase will also include Borderlands 2 as well as all of the DLC for both games. Picking up Lady Hammerlock right now will cost $9.99 by itself, or $29.99 as part of the Pre-Sequel's Season Pass (four DLC packs for the price of three).

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EA's annual Madden NFL Super Bowl simulation predicts a Patriots victory over the Seahawks, 28-24

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Simulated Bill Belichick may or may not be as clever as real life Bill Belichick

Image 1

Super Bowl XLIX is less than a week away from its February 1 kickoff. By now both New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks fans are tearing up internet message boards and comments, arguing over who will be the victor of American football's most prestigious event. Luckily, they won't have to argue any longer, because Electronic Arts has run their annual Madden NFL simulation and have predicted a victor. Congratulations to the Patriots, who will defeat the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.

The game was won in the final seconds of regulation, whereupon the Patriots' offense took the field after a Russell Wilson interception. According to EA, with just seconds left on the clock Tom Brady connected with Julian Edelman for a game-ending score. Considering that half time had the Seahawks ahead 17-14, the storyline for Super Bowl XLIX absolutely became about the throwing arm of Tom Brady conquering the simulated Seahawks defense. I think we can all assume there's no way to truly simulate Seattle's crowd noise and atmosphere, however, so maybe the real life Seahawks still have a chance.

This year's simulation was run on a copy of Madden NFL 15 for the Xbox One, which considering Microsoft's headquarters is near to the Seattle Seahawks could raise a few eyebrows. Madden, however, is developed in Florida by EA Tiburon, so hopefully they two corners of the USA balance each other out with the teams meeting to play in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. It's not noted whether or not EA runs the Super Bowl simulation multiple times and picks the most dramatic conclusion, but maybe it's best we don't ask these questions.

Super Bowl XLIX airs on Sunday, February 1. The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks will kickoff at 6:30 EST, 3:30 PST. Madden NFL 15 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Bungie learning from 'mistakes' made in Destiny: The Dark Below, so stay positive

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Dev names a number of mistakes they won't make again

Image 1

Is there a more controversial yet popular game than Destiny? Well, Bungie is still listening and taking player critiques to heart. After the release of Destiny's first expansion, The Dark Below, a good percentage of the community made a fuss over some of the changes that were implemented. More specifically, many players weren't too happy to find their old raid gear made obselete by vendor items, and the process of upgrading old Exotics involved having to reset all existing progress for a fresh redo.

The good news is that the good people of Bungie are taking notes, and the prevalent complaints inspired by The Dark Below are being heavily considered with their next expansion. When someone on NeoGAF recently made a crack about the two aforementioned issues, game designer Luke Smith interjected to refute the statement.

Originally, user "rodiard" joked, "The announcement of how upgrading exotics and purchasing new vendor gear works in HoW will draw first blood."

In response, Smith noted these mistakes won't be made a second time. While he can't verbally commit to anything regarding what future updates will bring, he does at least offer some reassurances by promising that the "mistakes made with the DLC1 reward economy will not be repeated." Here is Smith's post, in full:

No it won't.

Nothing specific to announce at this time, but the mistakes we made with the DLC1 reward economy will not be repeated:

Mistakes like:

  • Vendor gear invalidating the effort of VOG Raiders
  • Upgrading an Exotic reseting its talents

Our philosophy about rewards/loot continue to evolve as we see how players play and react.

We will continue to improve acquisition stories and frequency (My understanding of the perception is that Crota's End drop rates are much improved vs. Vault of Glass: footnote below), lessen the grind and get players to the fun parts of their arsenal faster.

On CE drop rates vs. VOG:
The Forever 29 meme was a killer for us.

We sat down and talked about the rewards for VoG and the rates vs. CE and ended up with the following:

  • increase drop rates globally in CE: we wanted dedicated players to be around 32 or real close by the time Hard mode came out.
  • increase the variability of perks that a given piece can roll.
    the goal here: players would reach 32 easier than 30, but would have more customization and options to build the perfect set (in terms of stats, perks, weapon affinities)

The part where this didn't work as well as we'd hoped is with the Shard economy. Shards are a are a barrier between you and equipping a sweet new piece of gear.

We want fewer barriers to equipping upgrades. The shard economies erect these barriers between players and the new piece of gear they just got.

We're not intending to adjust the shard economy for this Tier -- we don't want to invalidate player effort (again). But removing the barrier between that new drop you're excited to get and actually being able to equip it as a member of your arsenal are something we will do going forward.

The next DLC, House of Wolves, is expected to arrive in March.

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