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Sony Consoles News

Rumor: Concept art from Guerrilla Games' next project leaked, hunt mechanical dinosaurs

1 comments Rory Young - 4:18pm (PST) Like Share

Dinobots, assemble!

Image 1

A website by the name of A9VG has acquired some leaked concept art which they are claiming comes from Guerrilla Games' in-development project. Reportedly code-named "Horizon," the concept art certainly implies some sort of larger-than-life gaming experience, though it's absolutely far departed from the studio's previous Killzone work. Up to this date all that Guerrilla Games has confirmed about the title is that it's a new IP and unlike anything they've previously worked on.

As for the concept art itself, oh boy. Giant, mechanical dinosaurs that somehow have normal teeth and breath what looks to be fire are the name of the game. These creatures stalk the wilderness as if they were any other normal creature. They aren't, of course, which is why the second part of the game implied by the concept art is the act of hunting. Three characters, which we can probably guess are playable characters (cooperative?) are absolutely wrecking a dinobot in one of the image.

The characters themselves have rather unique weaponry. An Assassin's Creed looking fellow has a spear, a bear-shaman wields an old fashioned pistol and a lady who looks surprisingly under dressed for the environment has a compound bow. Considering there are robot dinosaurs here, I suppose a compound bow fits. The question is whether these characters are wholly customized or if they're cookie-cutter, like how Evolve and its hunters work.

My final question is as to what sort of game Horizon will actually be. A few guesses would include an Evolve-style cooperative game facing off against giant monsters, a Monster Hunter-style open world with crafting and customization, a DayZ survival experience where players scavenge for items while avoiding monsters roaming the world, or heck, it could even be an MMO. Time will tell.

Hopefully Guerrilla Games will be more forthcoming with some early details now that fans have a taste of what could potentially be in the works. Or maybe they're so far in early development that talking about their game would be a bad call. Or maybe this concept art has nothing to do with their game and we've been trolled! Take your pick! If this is Horizon, however, I'm excited to hear more.

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WWE 2K14 delayed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Nov. 21 release to come after 360/PS3 launch

4 comments Rory Young - 7:46am (PST) Like Share

This is why John Cena is frowning on the box art

Image 1

Sad news for some wrestling game fans out there. 2K has just announced that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of WWE 2K15 will be delayed about a month from its previously scheduled date. This delay will have no effect on version for the Xbox One and PlayStation 3's release date, which remains October 31. Those expecting a step up in graphical quality will now have to wait until November 21. Just in time for Black Friday sales.

Greg Thomas, President of developer Visual Concepts, provided this canned delay quote:

"Visual Concepts and Yuke’s are committed to delivering the most authentic and action-packed WWE experience to date, including release for the very first time on next-generation consoles. The additional development time enables our talented teams to ensure the WWE 2K15 next-gen experience fully meets our expectations."

As per industry standard, the reasons behind the delay were left unclear. A form letter style announcement was made accompanied by a dull and unspecific quotation from the WWE 2K15's developer. These types of delays often have little to do with development, after all a month in the development cycle is hardly enough time to do anything beyond very slight changes. Risking the release even further by making a large change that could potentially break or not work would be acceptable. As such, this is likely more of a marketing and sales move. After all, November 21 is the prime date for big name game releases. Ahem, and now also WWE 2K 15.

Players can pick up WWE 2K15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on its new release date, November 21. Keep in mind that MyCareer, a feature brought over from NBA 2K14, will be exclusive to these platforms. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game are still planned for release on October 31.


Destiny level 26 raid 'Vault of Glass' approaches, Bungie details when and wishes everyone luck

7 comments Lydia Sung - 4:51pm (PST) Like Share (1)

Yeah, this is going to take a few tries

Image 1

The Vault of Glass is opening very soon in Destiny, and Bungie is dropping some last minute details so every Guardian can prepare themselves for death. Well, ideally death and loot. Either way, you and five friends can begin the adventure starting at 2:00 AM Pacific on Tuesday, September 16.

The raid has a level 26 requirement, so everyone in your Fireteam will need to be at least 26 in order to participate. The good news is that the Vault of Glass is a permanent fixture in Destiny, so you're not exactly on a deadline. Interestingly, the raid doesn't have a matchmaking function, meaning you'll need to manually assemble a team of six (two Fireteams) beforehand. This ideally ensures players will be better about working together.

Either way, the raid is going to be very long, and Bungie assures everyone that finishing it in one sitting will be very unlikely. The instance does save your progress, but you'll need to go in with the same Fireteam to pick up where you all left off before.

Good luck, because this is apparently "the most elaborate mission ever created by Bungie." Remember, that's 2:00 AM Pacific, or 9:00 AM GMT.


'Kaos Doom Challenge' adds Horde Mode/tower defense to Skylanders Trap Team, time to power level

2 comments Rory Young - 1:05pm (PST) Like Share

Can I capture a tower in a crystal?

Image 1

Toys for Bob and Activision revealed an upcoming feature for Skylanders Trap Team as they work hard to make it the best iteration of the franchise yet. In addition to capturable villains, crystals and playable mini-Skylanders, Trap Team will now also feature a Horde Mode/tower defense gametype named Kaos Doom Mode. Just another great way to level up one's Skylanders while at the same seeing just which Skylander makes you the strongest player.

The mode will allow players to build a variety of towers to help defend against waves of increasingly difficult enemies. I'm thinking Dungeon Defenders, but comparisons could also be made to EA's Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Mobs of "trash" enemies will be mixed together with more fearsome boss enemies, villains who pop out of Kaos' "Mystery Box of Doom." 

The mode absolutely looks fun, just from a general gameplay point of view. I've always been interested in something a bit more challenging in a Skylanders game -- something requiring teamwork between co-op partners. However, the mode also does the franchise another big favor by offering a further reason to players to keep playing the game after their Skylanders are all leveled up. Now all Activision needs to add is a leaderboard, or special unlocks for reaching certain waves. Then it'd practically be Destiny!

Skylanders Trap Team will be available starting October 2 in Australia, October 5 in North America, and October 10 in Europe for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, iOS devices and also the Kindle Fire. A sister title to Trap Team will also be available on Nintendo 3DS.


August NPD Number Crunch: Madden couldn't spur software sales as gamers snap up next-gen hardware

1 comments Leo Chan - 11:36am (PST) Like Share

PS4 remains top selling console eight months in a row

Image 1

The NPD Group last week confirmed that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hardware sales once again accounted for much of the industry growth during the month of August. While console hardware sales grew a stellar 116 percent to $196.2 million USD last month, software sales conversely plummeted 22 percent to $231.6 million at US retail. NPD notes that combined sales for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles year-to-date remain 70 percent higher than their last-gen siblings. And yes, the PS4 still outsold the Xbox One. For the eighth consecutive month.

This is in spite of a major multiplatform game release in the form of EA's Madden NFL 15 last month. While the PS4 and Xbox One versions reportedly sold well, the last-gen flavors simply couldn't pick up the slack. It's becoming a bit of a trend in the industry, and sadly not even Madden could buck it. NPD points to PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii software sales in general dropping up to 57 percent.

On the other hand, Madden NFL 15 still managed to top NPD's software sales chart for August despite being available for only five days during the industry tracker's reporting period. Incidentally the only other August release that made it into the top ten was Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, also published by EA.

August 2014 Top Ten Software Sales
  Game Publisher Platform Release
1. Madden NFL 15 Electronic Arts PS4 / PS3 / Xbox One / Xbox 360 08/2014
2. Diablo III: Reapear of Souls Blizzard Entertainment PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC 08/2014
3. Minecraft Microsoft Game Studios / Sony Computer Entertainment Xbox 360 / PS3 05/2014
4. The Last of Us: Remastered Sony Computer Entertainment PS4 / PS3 07/2014
5. Call of Duty: Ghosts Activision PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 / Wii U / PC 11/2013
6. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 / Wii U / Vita / 3DS / DS / PC 10/2013
7. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Electronic Arts PS4 / PS3 / Xbox One / Xbox 360 08/2014
8. Watch Dogs Ubisoft PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC 05/2014
9. Battlefield 4 Electronics Arts PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 / PC 10/2013
10. The LEGO Movie Videogame Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment PS4 / Xbox One / PS3 / Xbox 360 / Wii U / 3DS / Vita 02/2014

Magicka 2's sing-along karaoke trailer has Vlad promising goblin slaughter and 'working netcode'

1 comments Rory Young - 7:09am (PST) Like Share

I, erm, I don't think Vlad's rendition can be beaten

Image 1

In typical Magicka fashion, Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive have released an all-new sing-along karaoke trailer for Magicka 2 and oh man is it terrible -- in a mostly great way. Back are the live-action dudes in their colorful wizard robes, back is Vlad, and brand new is actual gameplay and also poorly photoshopped dancing goblins. It may not be entirely funny, but it's 100% Magicka.

There's really not much of an occasion for the trailer's release. I like to think that Paradox just has a guy in the basement that they pay in hamburgers in Mt. Dew making these full-time. Now that it's out though, they have supposedly thrown together a bit of a contest. Create a karaoke video singing along with the Magicka 2 trailer, or parodying it, and win a prize. What's the prize? Who knows, because the official contest site is either dead or nonexistent. Come on, basement guy. No hamburgers for you.

Magicka 2 is being developed by Pieces Interactive, not the original developers Arrowhead Game Studios. Arrowhead's moving up a bit in the world, as they're currently working on the Gauntlet reboot as well as the PlayStation exclusive Helldivers. No worries though, because Pieces has everything under control. Not only did they produce DLC content for the original Magicka, they've also made awesome games like Fret Nice and Leviathan: Warships. A bit indie, yeah, but still good.

It's hard not to like the guys when they're making pot-shots at Magicka's netcode and altogether making fools of themselves in their Magicka 2 trailers. It's great to see them having fun with the franchise, which is really what Magicka is all about. 

Magicka 2 is currently planned for release on PlayStation 4 and PC starting in early 2015


Grand Theft Auto V delayed PC arrival is January 27, PS4 and X1 on track for November 17

10 comments Rory Young - 6:41am (PST) Like Share

You've waited this long, so why not wait a little bit longer?

Image 1

Rockstar decided to blow any potential Tokyo Games Show announcements out of the water before they could even start. The long awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V now has a release date, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. More than a year later, PC Grand Theft Auto fans will finally get their hands on their game starting January 27. Before that, however, Rockstar and 2K will maximize profits by releasing the PS4 and X1 versions of the game on November 18 -- just in time for Black Friday.

Yes, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One seem to be getting priority here. It's crap, but that's just Rockstar and 2K's way of saying, "You're all dirty pirates on PC, so you'll get our game last and you'll love it." I'm sure they have hundreds of yes men who agree with research showing this is the proper way to do business. Eh, like Rockstar's ever cared what anyone's ever thought about their game or anything else for that matter (that includes their own employees).

The updated console release of Grand Theft Auto V will include "increased draw distance" and "higher resolution," sure, but apparently Rockstar has some more treats in mind. A year of extra development will do that for you:

  • New weapons, vehicles and activities
  • Additional wildlife
  • Denser traffic
  • New foliage system
  • Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more
  • Enhanced radio selections with over 100 additional new songs and new DJ mixes from returning DJs across the game’s 17 radio stations
  • Rare versions of classic vehicles to collect from across the Grand Theft Auto series such as the Dukes, the Dodo Seaplane and a faster, more maneuverable Blimp
  • Activities including wildlife photography and new shooting range challenges, new weapons and more

Then they talk about Grand Theft Auto Online a bit, promising increased player counts in-game and the ability to transfer characters over to the new platform. All of the old Grand Theft Auto Online content will be in the new platforms too, as well as more content coming down the pipeline.

I joke because I care. Grand Theft Auto V is finally coming to PC, everyone! Pick up Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One starting November 18, or keep being patient and wait those two extra months to finally download the game on PC starting January 27. It's finally happening.

Oddly enough, Rockstar accompanied the platform release date announcement with an all new trailer. While there's nothing particularly revelatory about the trailer, it is worth noting that it was recorded entirely from in-game PlayStation 4 footage. Detail-oriented gamers should be able to spot the tech differences between this trailer and footage from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 versions of the game with a bit of analysis. I can probably sum up that analysis right now: GTAV looks ridiculously better on PlayStation 4 hardware.


Level harder, Destiny getting level 26 raid 'Vault of Glass' on September 16

15 comments Lydia Sung - 8:00pm (PST) Like Share

More events to follow in coming months

Image 2

Bungie today announced that a new raid will be added to Destiny next Tuesday, known as the "Vault of Glass." Anyone hoping to try their hand at the instance better level fast though, because the Vault is meant for level 26 Guardians. Ouch.

No one knows much about the Vault of Glass right now, though Bungie describes what lies behind its gates as "your greatest challenge yet." Prepare to travel beneath the surface of Venus and fight for your life -- as well as raid set gear and ascendant materials. Mostly your life, though.

Expect to see Vault of Glass go live on September 16. In addition to the upcoming endgame raid, this weekend will be host to the Salvage multiplayer event. Later this month, expect the Combined Arms event to hit the Crucible. Take a look below for the teasers (click to enlarge image).


Would you buy a Dragon Age: Inquisition wallet? BioWare thinks so, releases one for $30

12 comments Lydia Sung - 5:24pm (PST) Like Share

A plain wallet bearing the Inquisition emblem

Image 1

Dragon Age: Inquisition won't be out until November, but BioWare has already been offering themed merchandise through their online store for some time. The latest item being showcased is an Inquisition wallet, bearing the Inquisition Heraldry of a sword through a flaming eye. More or less.

The wallet comes in black brushed leather, and by that, I mean it's real high-quality leather. At least, that's what BioWare is warning their fanbase, because this could lead to some of the color coming off on other surfaces, like your pants. No two wallets are the same either (apparently), since each one is made to have that very worn appearance. Here are the specifics, as well as BioWare's product disclaimer:

  • Inquisition Heraldry symbol debossed on black, brushed 1:2mm inner:outer leather bi-fold wallet with tonal stitching
  • Three card slots including window slot for ID
  • Multiple pockets and slots, including zippered coin slot
  • Closed: 4.5 inches W x 3.5 inches H x 0.625"D
  • Open: 8.75 inches W x 3.5 inches H

Due to the oily nature of this type of high quality genuine leather, color transfer may occur. Variations in color and texture are intentional and make each piece one-of-a kind.

The wallet will run you around $30.00, without taking into consideration tax and shipping. Worth it? Maybe one of you can grab one and let us know. As for Dragon Age: Inquisition, the game will be coming out November 18 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.


Dying Light rises early, moved from February 2015 up to January 27

5 comments Rory Young - 12:56pm (PST) Like Share

Still not quite 2014, but better than nothing

Image 1

A bit of inspiring news coming from Techland this morning. Their first-person zombie and parkour game, Dying Light, had its release date bumped up a bit. This follows their previous delay out of 2014 and into 2015's February, so really we lose two or three months and then get like fifteen days back. Like we say so often in the industry, it's better than nothing! Dying Light will now be released on January 27.

The update comes straight from the source, as Techland updated their Twitter account with a special message. An in-game screenshot shows the new release date paints in spray paint in the bottom of some sort of cache. Other items in the box include a grenade, health kits, ammo and other zombie apocalypse must-haves:

It doesn't look like there are any other secrets hidden in the image. Techland is just excited about their new release date. 

Pick up Dying Light starting January 27 in North America, January 28 in Australia, and January 30 in Europe and Asia. The zombie survival FPS will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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