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Thursday, Jun 9

Nostalrius: Blizzard wants legacy World of Warcraft servers, source code to vanilla isn't lost

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Don't expect it to be as easy as just flipping a switch, though

Wednesday, Jun 8

Pull off the Hack of the Century in Watch_Dogs 2 this November 15

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Be in CTRL of San Francisco, but don't ALT-DELETE while you're at it

Tuesday, Jun 7

Gaijinworks summoning Summon Night 6 on PS4, Vita in Q1 2017

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A new generation of strategy RPG night conversation

Rumor: Skyrim remaster to be announced at E3, take a remastered arrow to the knee

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I used to own a PS4, like you, then mine went FUS-RO-DAH

Persona 5 takes your heart on Valentine's Day 2017

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Premium Edition revealed for North America, featuring school bag and plush phantom cat thief

Monday, Jun 6

Playtonic releases Yooka-Laylee E3 2016 trailer, confirming delay to Q1 2017

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Be ready to see more at the main event later this month