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Thursday, Jul 10

Love it or hate it, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair's second English trailer out

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Ah, the roster of characters looks so fun!

Image 1

I absolutely love Danganronpa. It's one of my favorite games on the PS Vita, and I couldn't be more excited for Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair's release September 2. I fully admit, however, that the English voiceover for the first game was painful to listen to. As in, worse than Funimation's early anime dubbing bad. Thus, it's with half of a smile and half of a frown that I introduce Danganronpa 2's second English trailer.

It's not just that the voiceover in these Danganronpa titles is quite bad, it's also that in translation so much of what's said comes out as utter gibberish. So when NIS America puts together a trailer for the game, snipping bits and pieces of the game and putting them together to create a "sizzle" reel of sorts, it's doubling down on the rough parts of the game. Listening to Monokuma's screeching howl of a voice as he rambles about nothing in general... it's a bit difficult to sit through.

Then comes the beatings. Let's be clear, Monokuma is a messed character. He's responsible for many deaths, or at least for creating the situation that leads to multiple deaths. He's not a sympathetic character at all and that becomes very clear after the playing the game for a while. However, in a trailer that's introducing a game based on murder mysteries, it's a bit uncomfortable to see a cute-ish bear beating its sister before any gameplay is even shown.

Sigh, but this is a niche Japanese game on the PS Vita after all. It doesn't have to appeal to the masses or appear well-produced if its goal is to continue to sell to that niche market. Still, if they're aiming for niche, why not just play the Japanese audio?

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair will be released exclusively on the PS Vita starting on September 2 in North America. If the trailer doesn't fit your fancy, check out the handful of new screenshots that have also been released. No audio in a screenshot!

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Hyrule Warriors reveals Skyward Sword chapter in dozens of screenshots, Fi joins the roster

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Link's supporting ladies finally getting the attention they deserve

Image 1

I think everyone following the development and marketing of Hyrule Warriors is aware by now that Koei Tecmo is really laying on the Zelda nostalgia thick. We've seen a full Twilight Princess level as well as the introduction of Midna as a playable character. We've seen dodongos and moblins and enemies going back to the original Legend of Zelda. Let's keep the throwback train rolling today, as Koei Tecmo's now revealed a bevy of Skyward Sword content.

Front and foremost among the dozens of screenshots released for the Skyward Sword content is the reveal that Link's faithful Goddess Sword spirity, Fi, will be a playable character. No longer content to simply wait idly by in the sword while Link wields it against his foes, Fi's about to wreck some fools' faces. She appears to use a magic of sorts, rather than wield a weapon directly, in which she strikes foes with light-based spells. Why didn't she conjure these light spears in Skyward Sword?

Where good comes, evil follows. In addition to Fi, it has also been confirmed that Ghirahim will be featured in Hyrule Warriors. As of right now he's not a playable character, rather continuing his role as antagonist. Whether that will remain the case in the whole game or not is left to be seen.

In addition to the Fi and Ghirahim reveals, there are dozens more screenshots showing off this and  that from the game. Link has a few more weapons that will be available to him, Zelda looks like she's gotten her hands on the Wind Waker, and there are all sorts of action and scenery shots taken from the robust Skyward Sword content. The sky is the limit for what Hyrule Warriors will be adding to itself.

Hyrule Warriors is planned for release exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U, launching on September 26 in North America.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire are Mega Evolving this Steel/Psychic, meet Mega Metagross

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Image 1

That CoroCoro magazine from Japan is at it again, leaking another Mega Evolution for the upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire releases. I'm almost of the belief that Pokemon might not exist at all if it hadn't been for CoroCoro leaking first. Let's take a moment and introduce everyone to Mega Metagross. While Mega Metagross' typing has note been revealed (or maybe just not translated), odds are it will retain the Steel/Psychic type of its pre-evolution.

It wouldn't be a Mega Metagross reveal if it wasn't tied to Metagross' biggest fan and most prolific trainer, Steven. Steven is the Pokemon League champion in the original Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, a Steel-type user by trade. In Pokemon Emerald he leaves his post to wander the region, but his faithful Metagross continues to follow at his side. Will Steven be reigning Champion once more? It seems more likely that he'll play the role of introducing the player to Mega Evolution.

Let's hope there are more secrets to be found in this latest issue of CoroCoro and that the leaks just haven't come around yet. I'd love to have another two or three Megas to add to the list. We've already had the starters, Sceptile, Swampert and Blaziken go Mega. Diancie is on the list too, followed by Sableye in early June. Groudon and Kyogre might be something different altogether, and now Metagross? You know Game Freak's got more in store.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are planned for release exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS starting November 21. 

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Ubisoft scores record Q1 sales as Watch Dogs ships 8M

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Watch Dogs is here for the long haul

Image 1

Ubisoft confirms sales for the first quarter of its fiscal 2014-15 year rose 374 percent year-over-year to €360 million ($489 million USD), on account of strong digital sales and Watch Dogs. The results exceeded Ubisoft's own estimates of €310 million ($421 million), and set a new record for the publisher for the three month period ended June 30.

Watch Dogs has shipped some 8 million units since launching late May, after scoring record first week sales for a new IP. No doubt this has only reaffirmed Ubisoft's commitment to building Watch Dogs as a franchise. Indeed, CEO Yves Guillemot boasts the publisher is ready to, "replicate and build on its success in the coming years."

Sales from digital avenues rose 149 percent year-over-year to €84 million ($114 million). Ubisoft attributed this growth to digitally distributed titles like Trials Fusion, Child of Light and Valiant Hearts: The Great War, as well as free-to-play mobile games.

Ubisoft remains confident it will meet its previously-announced sales targets of €1.4 billion ($1.9 billion) for full-year 2014-15, with no revisions yet announced.


The International 2014's second day of group stage sees Alliance in danger, Dota 2 at its finest

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All hail Doom and Skywrath Mage

Image 1

Only the first day of The International's group stage is over and yet the level of Dota 2 play is already insanely high. Seven teams still have just one loss starting day two, and last year's champion, Alliance, is just one team away from being in last place. The ups and downs of the even have already thrown my roller coaster off the rails, so it gives me an asthma attack just mentioning that  group stage day two has already started and it has 36 more games to burn through.

Much like the first day of The International's group stage, the 36 matches will be played in nine series of four games. That means four games will play consequently, then after they finish they'll start off the next four. Well, unless games get delayed, in which case they'll all start overlapping and the world will explode (like day one). If yesterday was any indication, expect the games to last 9-11 hours overall.

While each team certainly has their own strengths, watch out for the OP picks of the tournament so far -- Doom and Skywrath Mage. Both are rolling through opponents on day one, for one reason or another. Other things to keep an eye on are the North American teams' surprise strength, Alliance's uphill battle to regain position, and of course whether or not one of the favorites decided not to show up with their coffee this morning.

Here's the full schedule for day two of The International 2014, still the first phase of the group stage. That will be followed by the full standings. Don't scroll all the way down unless you're prepared for some up-to-day standings!

Series 10

  • iG vs. mousesports (Result: _iG____________)
  • Liquid vs. Fnatic (Result: _Liquid________)
  • Empire vs. Na'Vi.US (Results: _Empire________)
  • Titan vs. NewBee (Results: _Titan_________)

Series 11

  • iG vs. Evil Geniuses (Result: _iG____________)
  • Cloud9 vs. Na'Vi (Result: _Na'Vi_________)
  • Arrow vs. Team DK (Result: _DK____________)
  • LGD vs. ViCi (Result: _ViCi__________)

Series 12

  • LGD vs. Fnatic (Result: _LGD___________)
  • Titan vs. Na'Vi (Result: _Titan_________)
  • mousesports vs. Alliance (Result: _Alliance______)
  • ViCi vs. Na'Vi.US (Result: _ViCi__________)

Series 13

  • Empire vs. Liquid (Result: _Liquid________)
  • Titan vs. Arrow (Result: _Titan_________)
  • Team DK vs. Cloud9 (Result: _DK____________)
  • Evil Geniuses vs. NewBee (Result: _Evil Geniuses_)

Series 14

  • LGD vs. Liquid (Result: _LGD___________)
  • Na'Vi.US vs. iG (Result: _Na'Vi.US______)
  • Team DK vs. mousesports (Result: _DK____________)
  • Empire vs. Alliance (Result: _Alliance______)

Series 15

  • ViCi vs. Fnatic (Result: _ViCi__________)
  • Cloud9 vs. NewBee (Result: _NewBee________)
  • Arrow vs. mousesports (Result: _mousesports___)
  • Na'Vi vs. Evil Geniuses (Result: _Evil Geniuses_)

Series 16

  • Empire vs. Team DK (Result: _DK____________)
  • Alliance vs. Na'Vi.US (Result: _Alliance______)
  • Liquid vs. Cloud9 (Result: _Cloud9________)
  • Titan vs. iG (Result: _iG____________)

Series 17

  • ViCi vs. NewBee (Result: _ViCi__________)
  • Na'Vi.US vs. Arrow (Result: _Arrow_________)
  • Na'Vi vs. LGD (Result: _Na'Vi_________)
  • Alliance vs. Fnatic (Result: _Fnatic________)

Series 18

  • NewBee vs. mousesports (Result: _MewBee________)
  • Arrow vs. Liquid (Result: _Arrow_________)
  • iG vs. Empire (Result: _Empire________)
  • Evil Geniuses vs. Titan (Result: _Evil Geniuses_)

Official Dota 2 Blog - The International 2014 Hub - Twitch Channel - Group Stage Day 1



  • ViCi 7-1
  • Team DK 6-3
  • Evil Geniuses 6-3
  • iG 6-3
  • Na'VI 5-3
  • Cloud9 5-4
  • Liquid 5-4
  • Titan 5-4
  • NewBee 5-5
  • Alliance 4-5
  • Fnatic 4-5 *
  • Na'Vi.US 4-5 *
  • Empire 3-6 *
  • LGD 3-6 *
  • mousesports 2-7 *
  • Arrow 2-8 *

*Currently risking elimination.

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Wednesday, Jul 9

BioWare showcases Josephine, new Dragon Age: Inquisition character romanceable by any gender

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She seems nice, actually

Image 1

The Dragon Age: Inquisition spotlight is currently on one Lady Josephine Montilyet, a noblewoman and yet another advisor to the Inquisition. Don't let the whole "advisor" thing fool you, however, because it definitely doesn't make them less important to the story. Certainly won't disqualify a character as romanceable, either.

We know now that Josephine is a woman of high breeding, the eldest of a noble Antivan family and a talented diplomat. Her involvement with the Inquisition comes when Sister Leliana, another advisor to the Inquisitor, brings aboard to help their cause, and she's every bit the stereotypical workaholic. Lady Josephine loves challenges, and doesn't require much sleep to get something done. Her talents and ambition will no doubt make her a valuable ally.

The Inquisition's power is not absolute: it must earn its place among the forces in conflict. Sister Leliana understands this well, and has called on an old friend, Lady Josephine Montilyet, to be the Inquisition’s ambassador in the halls of the influential. The eldest daughter of a noble Antivan family, Josephine is a rising star among diplomats, skilled at forging alliances with tact, grace, and carefully cultivated favors. She is a consummate planner who understands that resurrecting the Inquisition will require support and goodwill from Thedas's movers and shakers. Fortunately, the ambassador enjoys a challenge, and she sincerely believes that the Inquisition is the best way to halt the chaos sweeping Thedas.

Incidentally, Josephine is written by Sylvia Feketekuty, the same writer responsible for Liara in Mass Effect 3. In a recent QA she did on the BioWare site, Feketekuty talks rather excitedly about being able to work on a totally new character, creating something from scratch. In her own words, Josephine is "optimistic, she likes finding solutions, and needs barely any sleep to work at full capacity. She misses the view of the sea from her bedroom in Antiva City (though she only brings that up with friends)."

Despite being born and raised in Antiva, she seems like a rather nice young lady. Feketekuty also confirmed her as a romance option for Inquisitors of any race or gender.

It was also fun to write a romance again. And because I know people will ask: You can try to win Josephine’s heart as any race or gender. I think we ended up with some fun moments whether you’re trying to romance her or just be her friend, but there’s one particular scene that I love.

Josephine's in-depth reveal follows close behind Cullen, whose involvement was confirmed last week. The Templar is also an advisor to the Inquisition, and romanceable.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on October 7. Check out our impressions of the game from E3!


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's goes Animal crossing, expands 'Secret Base' feature

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Create the Gym of your dreams

Image 1

No one is going to be prepared for our Pokemon-Animal Crossing hybrid overlords. A meshing of the two most passionate Nintendo 3DS communities here on Neoseeker. I'm exaggerating of course, but there is some truth that statement. With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Game Freak will be adding an all new feature that they're calling "Super-Secret Bases." It's time to design a Pokemon place of your own.

Super-Secret Bases are wonky sorts of customizable homes, but at the same time nothing of the like. See, while players can customize their Secret Base as they please, the purpose of the Secret Base isn't the same as a home in Animal Crossing. Players will be designing their own fort, their own gym and their own training grounds all in one.

Like gyms found in the normal game, a Secret Base can be designed with all sorts of traps, tricks and puzzles to trouble intruders. Should these conspiring villains meet the owners approval, they can even challenge them to a battle  -- or just chat about things. It's all good. The Secret Base owner gets to decide what sorts of battles are allowed. Then, once the thieves have been dealt with, they can be added as a Secret Pal and later help each other out with special skills.

A mini-game that can be played with Secret Bases is something related to capture-the-flag. When players visit others' Secret Base, a flag will be located by the player's PC. Invaders can then, if they manage to get through the puzzles and so on, take the flag for themselves. Only one flag per base can be taken per day, which is meant to encourage folk to visit lots of other Secret Bases.

Of course, players will be able to visit their friends' Secret Base as well, or they can share their souped up mega-Gym Secret Bases online with a QR code. It's all about sharing and socializing, so Nintendo clearly wants to make this as simple as possible. Well, as simple as it can be with the wonky online system of the 3DS.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are planned for release exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS starting November 21. 

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The International 2014 starts in earnest, group stage's first day features 36 Dota 2 matches

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Update All 36 matches have ended! Check out the current standings

Image 1

The final spot in The International 2014's 16-team bracket has been filled and it's time to start the Dota 2 event in earnest. Today we begin The International's famed group stage slaughterhouse. Four days of round-robin play, where each of the 16 teams will play every other, will result in 6 teams being left on the tournament floor. That's getting ahead of ourselves, though, as today we have 36 matches to play, four at a time in nine different sets. It is a good day.

For those who haven't watched yesterday's games, I won't be spoiling, but of course I have to warn that the winning team's name will be listed in today's matches. I'd highly recommend going back and watching those wildcard matches, because the winner fought tooth and nail for their victory. They absolutely deserve their place in the tournament.

Time to get back to the matches at hand, however. Here are the 36 matchups of the day, noting again that four matches are being played at any given time. Thus, the below list will be broken into nine sets, each with four games. Each game is being individually cast by one of the talented Dota 2 caster teams, but I'd recommend the main stream which will focus on the "premiere" match, but jump to the others as the action happens.

Series 1

  • Evil Geniuses vs. Cloud9 (Results: _C9____________)
  • NewBee vs. LGD (Results: _NewBee_______)
  • Fnatic vs. Team DK (Results: _Fnatic_______)
  • Alliance vs. iG (Results: _iG___________)

Series 1

  • Arrow vs. Evil Geniuses (Results: _Evil Geniuses)
  • Titan vs. Empire (Results: _Titan________)
  • mousesports vs. ViCi (Results: _ViCi_________)
  • Liquid vs. Na'Vi.US (Results: _Na'Vi.US_____)

Series 3

  • Arrow vs. Cloud  9 (Results: _C9____________)
  • LGD vs. Team DK (Results: _DK___________)
  • Fnatic vs. Na'Vi (Results: _Fnatic_______)
  • NewBee vs. iG (Results: _NewBee________)

Series 4

  • Alliance vs. Titan (Results: _Titan________)
  • Na'Vi vs. ViCi (Results: _Na'Vi________)
  • Fnatic vs. Na'Vi.US (Results: _Na'Vi.US_____)
  • Empire vs. mousesports (Results: _Empire_______)

Series 5

  • Alliance vs. NewBee (Results: _NewBee________)
  • Liquid vs. Team DK (Results: _Liquid________)
  • Cloud9 vs. Titan (Results: _C9____________)
  • LGD vs. Evil Geniuses (Results: _Evil Geniuses)

Series 6

  • iG vs. Arrow (Results: _iG___________)
  • ViCi vs. Empire (Results: _ViCi_________)
  • Na'Vi vs. mousesports (Results: _Na'Vi________)
  • Na'Vi.US vs. LGD (Results: _Na'Vi.US_____)

Series 7

  • iG vs. Team DK (Results: _iG___________)
  • Evil Geniuses vs. Fnatic (Results: _Evil Geniuses)
  • mousesports vs. Cloud9 (Results: _mousesports__)
  • NewBee vs. Liquid (Results: _Liquid_______)

Series 8

  • Arrow vs. Alliance (Results: _Alliance_____)
  • ViCi vs. Titan (Results: _ViCi_________)
  • Cloud9 vs. Na'Vi.US (Results: _Na'Vi.US_____)
  • Empire vs. Na'Vi (Results: _Na'Vi________)

Series 9

  • Team DK vs. Alliance (Results: _Team DK______)
  • Fnatic vs. NewBee (Results: _Fnatic_______)
  • Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses (Results: _Liquid_______)
  • LGD vs. Arrow (Results: _LGD__________)

There it is, 36 games in one day. I'll try and update the post with each match's victories, hidden to avoid spoilers of course. I'm not sure exactly how long each Series is planned to take, but I'd assume Valve's goal is for each one to take an hour. If they run long, then they'll probably just roll with it and push the rest of the show back that much longer.

Finally, I'd like to close out this post with the current standings for The International 2014, updated as each match goes on. This section of the post is 100% spoilers, showing how many games each team has won and how many teams have lost. Keep in mind that the 6 bottom teams of the 16 will automatically be out of the tournament after these four days of group stage. Only the top 2 will earn a guaranteed spot in the winners bracket.

Happy The International 2014 official start, everyone. Let's watch some Dota 2

Official Dota 2 Blog - The International 2014 Hub - Twitch Channel


  • Cloud9 4-1
  • Na'Vi.US 3-1
  • iG 3-1
  • Liquid 3-1
  • Na'VI 3-1
  • ViCi 3-1
  • Evil Geniuses 3-2
  • Fnatic 3-2
  • NewBee 3-2
  • Titan 2-2
  • Team DK 2-3
  • Empire 1-3
  • mousesports 1-3
  • Alliance 1-4
  • LGD 1-4
  • Arrow 0-5
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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare behind-the-scenes trailer shows us what the future sounds like

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It's not just about the explosions

Image 1

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is about more than just loud explosions, as we learn in the newest behind-the-scenes trailer from Sledgehammer and Activision. Painting a believable picture of the future isn't as easy as it looks, and the developers had to really consider more than just the aesthetics.

As Sledgehammer's video series continues, we come upon a rather important yet often overlooked aspect of game design: the sound. The developers are really aiming to create a futuristic environment that still feels grounded, so they started with something familiar, then tweaked it over time by adding more layers of audio until something works. Interestingly enough, this is pretty much the same method they utilized in Advanced Warfare's visual design.

Another rather cool point of interest is the variety in sfx. Every sound is different, created based on a number of factors like the type of projectile, force of impact, and target object. Seriously, have a look at the full video below.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be out November 4 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.


Lords of the Fallen confirmed for October 2014, prepare for yourselves for a brutal RPG experience

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A dungeon crawler that takes no prisoners (alive)

Image 1

Lords of the Fallen will officially be coming out in time for Halloween, on October 28. Brace yourselves, because this isn't a dungeon crawler for the faint of heart. Expect to die many, many times.

Set in an old monastery, Lords of the Fallen places players in the shoes of Harkyn, an anti-hero of sorts sent to investigate some evil goings-on at said monastery. While the character isn't customizable, how he's played is left up to you. Armor, weapons and a limited number of spells can be mixed and matched, equipped in a number of different ways to suit your play style.

Having the option to essentially create your own way to play is always nice, but in Lords of the Fallen, it's absolutely necessary to survival. One of the game's biggest draws is the absurdly high difficulty, which dictates that every enemy and encounter must be approached in a strategic manner. This isn't just a hack-and-slash, but a gauntlet of pain, frustration, and the satisfaction that comes with each hard-won victory.

Lords of the Fallen will come out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 28 in the US, and October 31 in Europe.