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Monday, Jun 30

Pokémon: Symphonic Evolution announced, orchestral series reimagines classic soundtracks

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Featuring Pikaconductor and the Pokéjam Squad

Image 2

The Pokémon Company recently announced the Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions concert series, a set of orchestral performances reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses tour. Scheduled for debut on Friday, August 15, 2014, Symphonic Evolutions will first be held at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. Though a set list has not yet been announced, we do know that music from all of the main series titles will be reimagined for the season.

To create an event that doubles as a concert and a movie, The Pokémon Company has reunited creative producers from Symphony of the Goddesses. As an effort to appeal to video gamers and musicians, the orchestra will play various pieces from Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow through Pokémon X and Y while showcasing drawings and videos from the games themselves.

The entire concert series, currently including performances in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and some other unannounced locations, is set to serve as a "thank you" to all fans, past and present. J.C. Smith, director of marketing at The Pokémon Company, has stated that the team is "looking forward to seeings fans of all ages meeting up and enjoying this very special Pokémon orchestral event together."

As someone who attended The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, I know that this is, without a doubt, something to look further into as more details are released. The combined visual and auditory experiences, alongside the interaction with fellow fans, provide a truly magical evening that no gamer could ever forget. Oh, and the massive number of StreetPass hits did not hurt either.

The Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions concert series will premiere in Washington, D.C. on August 15, 2014, followed by a performance in Pennsylvania on September 19, 2014, with many more stops in between. Ticket details can be found in the source link below.


Dragon Age: Inquisition gets an official introduction to Solas, the elven apostate and bald recluse

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How many mages do we have now?

Image 3

BioWare is keeping the mage love strong today with another Dragon Age: Inquisition character spotlight, this time on the apostate Solas. He might look pretty familiar, even if the name doesn't ring a bell, with how frequently he's appeared in Inquisition screenshots up until now.

As an apostate, Solas is an undocumented mage who lives under society's radar; basically a rogue mage. But the elven caster seems to be a fairly decent person, having come out of hiding to join the Inquisitor's fight. He could have lived out the rest of his days in hiding, continuing his solitary education in magic and history, but with the Breach ruining his view of the sky and threatening the entire world, Solas realized that his quiet life would not last forever.

Here is the (official) entry for Solas found on the Inquisition website:

Solas has spent his life as an apostate, living in the wilderness well away from the civilized world and those who would shackle him for what he is. He mastered his magic without the help of tutors, spending years exploring the spirit realm of the Fade and coming to an understanding of its denizens that few others could claim. He would be happiest left alone to sleep in ancient ruins, searching for memories and knowledge that has been lost for ages, but the Breach in the sky threatens all worlds.

At a time when other mages flee into hiding, Solas has put his freedom at risk by emerging from the shadows to assist those who would combat the chaos. He will not stand idly by when his knowledge of the arcane could mean the difference between salvation and utter destruction. 

If nothing else, he might also be one of the more unique characters we've seen so far in Dragon Age, in terms of appearance. After all, how many characters can claim to resemble Nosferatu?

Joking aside, he looks and sounds like a rather interesting fellow. We'll get to meet him when Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out October 7 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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Listen to the Guild Wars 2 Season 2 soundtrack by a live orchestra in beautiful preview trailer

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Sneak peek comes in the form of music

Image 1

Guild Wars 2 Season 2 is nearly upon is, as we crawl slowly toward July 1 one hour at a time. In the meantime, ArenaNet has another sneak peek trailer of sorts, this time focused on the music we'll be hearing with the new content.

In the video, Guild Wars 2 composer Maclaine Diemer shares with us his dream of hearing his work played by a live orchestra. Well, that does actually happen when ArenaNet go on a field trip to Germany, and enlist the aid of some talented individuals to create sweet, sweet music. Most music is better life, right?

Season 2 will be starting tomorrow with Gates of Maguuma, at which point Guild Wars 2 players will finally get to see what that blurred out region labeled "Maguuma Wastes" is all about. Hopefully more scenic than its name would suggest. We already know that the Zephyr Sanctum is going to be a focal point, while the Zephyrites endure what might just be the worst day of their lives.

The new season also means more improvements to the game, as Diemer briefly points out in the video.


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Natural Doctrine coming PS4, PS3 and PS Vita in September, Kadokawa's strategy epic

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Dark, gritty Japanese strategy RPG? Okay

Image 7

Bless NIS America. Bless their wonderful localizing hearts. Natural Doctrine now has a release date for its English localization. It will be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita starting September 16 in North America and September 19 in Europe. Natural doctrine is a self-described "hardcore strategy" title, the likes of which may never have come to North America if it wasn't for wonderful localization companies like NIS America.

Natural Doctrine takes a complicated strategy system that looks like Valkyria Chronicles to a degree and then gives it a dark and gritty tone more akin to, yes, Demon's Souls. As in, it's packed full of skeletons and unnatural looking beasts. Don't worry though, unlike Dark Souls in Natural Doctrine everyone will see every single attack as it's coming. Whether they can do anything about it afterwards, however. 

Additionally, NIS America confirmed that both English and Japanese audio will be included in the game. Though it was more of a footnote, so it might be best to get  a confirmation there. What with this being the first big title to be developed by Kadokawa Games it's not so surprising they'd do everything they could to appease fans in the west. Though it really might just be NIS America's classy standards.

Natural Doctrine, the gritty, dark strategy game from Kadokawa Games, will be launched in North America on September 16 and in Europe on September 19. It will be available across all Sony platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

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Divinity: Original Sin is now out, Larian Studios sends their love out to crowdfunding supporters

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Bring on them giant spiders!

Image 1

It's rather amazing what a passionate fanbase can do to keep their favorite franchises alive these days. Case in point Divinity: Origin Sin, Larian Games latest release in the decade-old Divinity franchise, which would never have been made had it not been for the $1,000,000 crowdfunding effort. Yet here we are, and Divinity: Original Sin is now available for purchase, and yet again there's another awesome game that would never have been made, made a reality by gamers making their voices heard.

Divinity: Original Sin is a turn-based RPG, a throwback of sorts to the Baldur's Gates and Icewind Dales of yesteryear. Much like the Dungeons and Dragons roots that grew the genre into what it is today, an important feature is that gamers be able to create their own stories, their own campaigns. As such, Larian has gone beyond the call of duty and has also delivered a full toolkit for fans to use and abuse. In fact, it's the same toolkit that Larian themselves used to make the game.

Many fans may have been wondering if Divinity: Original Sin would be released at all, given the game's multiple delays. Originally planned for late 2013, it was pushed to February 2014, but then when that didn't work out either the game's release became nebulous. Of course, that's all moot now, because the game is out and people can judge for themselves the quality of Divinity: Original Sin.

Pick up the turn-based RPG, featuring 4-player co-op, today on PC. Divinity: Original Sin retails for $39.99 and can be picked up on Steam.

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Nintendo's first cross-buy 3DS and Wii U title is Squids Odyssey, but only in Europe

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How about some Virtual Console cross-buy titles, please?

Image 1

Reports are coming out that Squids Odyssey will be the fist game to offer cross-buy for the Wii U and 3DS platforms. Nintendo of Europe, as well as Squids Odyssey developer The Game Bakers, have already confirmed that those who have purchased the action/RPG game for the 3DS will also be able to download the title on Wii U. Note that this promotion is Europe exclusive and only works one way -- buy on 3DS and get the Wii U. Buying on Wii U will not result in a cross-buy.

The North American eShop, however, is quite a bit more complicated and already officially confirmed not to work with cross-buy. The Wii U version of Squids Odyssey was released first, but oddly buyers had to acquire the title through the 3DS eShop. Now that the 3DS version is coming available, Nintendo must have had to split the two games apart intentionally in North America. A decision that Nintendo of Europe seems to have made differently.

According to Siliconera, when asked whether Squids Odyssey would support a similar cross-buy function in North America, The Game Bakers replied that Nintendo of America, "could not support this operation yet":

"Yes we did ask, we really like this promotion and wished to make it happen for all gamers, but NOA could not support this kind of promotion."

Considering Nintendo's lack of progressive, or even regressive, decisions in terms of online functionality and storefronts it's no surprise Nintendo of America rejected the proposition. Still, it's pushing past startling that Nintendo of Europe acquiesced, or perhaps even recommended the course of action. Perhaps if the reaction is positive enough then Nintendo the world over will consider trying cross-buy out on more games. I think Squids Odyssey certainly appreciates the coverage.

Let's all cross our fingers and hope that this is just the first opportunity for consumers to buy 3DS-Wii U cross-buy titles. It's certainly a feature that many consumers would appreciate, and one that is becoming increasingly difficult for publishers to deny to their audience. 


WildStar's 'The Strain' DevSpeak rains purple content for all, teases Battleground for August

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Dat purple

Image 1

WildStar's fir monthly patch is set to hit this week. They call them an "Ultradrop" and July's is named "The Strain" and to be honest we've talked about it quite robustly up until now. Still, it doesn't hurt to go back over everything in summary, presented with that classic Carbine Studios flair. Today saw the launch of The Strain's DevSpeak trailer, covering how this Ultradrop will introduce a ton of story, adventure and delicious loot.

One thing that has been noticeable missing from The Strain's details so far is any sort of PvP content, right? In today's DevSpeak it was confirmed that no major PvP content will be included in The Strain's Ultradrop. Keep that chin up, Stabby McStabberson, because Carbine's got something store for the August Ultradrop instead. Spoilers, it's a brand new Battleground. There's a pretty good shot of it towards the end of the DevSpeak. It may or may not be called Sabotage.

Just to provide a text source for what sort of content will be added in The Strain, let's make a bulleted point list:

  • Story
    • Genesis Chamber
    • Secrets of Nexus
    • Drusera
    • Eldan
  • Adventure
    • Flying Robots
    • Cannons
    • Gelatinous Blob
    • Skinny Dipping
  • Bosses and Loot
    • Group Holdout
    • Firey Bird
    • World Bosses
    • Strain Costume
  • Housing
    • Eggs
    • Spines
    • Ribs
    • Eyestalks, sacks, and THE STRAIN MAW

Yeah, and again, PvP stuff in August. Don't blame me for the odd list of stuff! It's all coming verbatim from the DevSpeak!

The Strain is planned to release later this week, thought we won't know which exact day -- or even if it'll actually be released -- until all's said and done. Otherwise, make sure everyone's buying their CREDD since month one's subscription is coming up! Get that attunement done, too! Ahh, glad we have that all sorted out now. WildStar is now available on PC.

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Saturday, Jun 28

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix comes to Android, Neku and friends on Google Play store

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The world may end, but this game keeps coming back

Image 1

Square Enix has recently released the Android port of The World Ends with You: Solo Remix, an HD remix of the original Nintendo DS title. Previously seen on iOS platforms, Solo Remix provides players with extra features, including the complete soundtrack and an additional chapter not present in the DS version of the game.

The World Ends with You tells the story of Neku, a young man who wakes up stranded alone in Tokyo. Here in Shibuya Neku will come face to face with his own death, and surprisingly discover more about himself and the people around him then he expected. He'll do this by utilizing a unique RPG combat system mixed wth fashion-focused button power-ups. It's... interesting, at the least.

Solo Remix features an extra chapter that was not found on the Nintendo DS. This bonus chapter is unlocked following the defeat of the final boss, and it contains more quests, items, and challenges that expand on the already well-known story.

Square Enix is doing a solid to mobile fans by now offering the remastered version of The World Ends with You to Android users in addition to iOS gamers. Interested parties can check out the Google Play store to pick up The World Ends with You: Solo Remix for $17.99.

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Friday, Jun 27

Bungie reveals Destiny Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies that you can earn

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A achieves! Dear God, the achieves!

Image 2

Today, Bungie revealed the full list of achievements players can unlock in Destiny, which really can't come soon enough. Hey, we all know how important Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies can be to their respective communities, so let's have a look at those. Prepare to flex those gamer scores.

The list spans 40 earnable achievements, and cover both PVE and PVP content. Some don't make a whole lot of sense yet, but we'll no doubt understand them better once Destiny is actually out, on September 9. Here they are:

Change of Heart - Reverse a decision you made in an upgrade grid

Ship Rite - Rebuild a Jumpship

Lucky 7s - Attain a Grimoire score of 777

Decryptologist - Decrypt 25 Engrams

Use of Weapons - Dismantle 50 pieces of armor and weapons

The Life Exotic - Obtain and equip a piece of Exotic gear

A New Steed - Obtain and equip a new personal vehicle

Suited for War - Have all armor and weapon slots equipped with Legendary or Exotic gear

Bane of the Emperor - Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in 1 mission without dying

Bane of the Kell - Kill 25 Fallen with precision shots in 1 mission without dying

Bane of the Dead - Kill 25 Hive with precision shots in 1 mission without dying

Bane of the Machines - Kill 25 Vex with precision shots in 1 mission without dying

Blink of an Eye - Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds

Valourous - Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard score

Notorious - earn the maximum weekly Crucible score

Public Defender - Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events

Finders Keepers - Assist in capturing 50 capture points in Control

Relic Hunter - Assist in capturing 20 capture points in Salvage

Hunter Killer - Kill 100 Hunters in PvP

Giant Slayer - Kill 100 Titans in PvP

Witch Hunt - Kill 100 Warlocks in PvP

Ask Questions Later - Earn the first strike kill in PvP

Excessive Force - Register 25 kills in PvP with heavy weapons

Triple Play -  Kill a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock without dying in a PvP match

Raider - Complete a Raid

Raiding Party - Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members

Epic Raider - Complete a Raid on hard difficulty

Inspector - Inspect another player

Vanguard Honor - Attain Vanguard Rank 3

A Friend Indeed - Resurrect 5 fallen players

Rising Vanguard - Complete a Strike

Strength of the Pack - Complete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members

Flawless Striker - Complete a Strike without anyone in your fireteam dying

Ghost Hunter - Discover 50 dead ghosts

Dragon Slayer - Kill a champion of the Dark

Hunter Mastery - Fully upgrade a Hunter Subclass

Titan Mastery - Fully upgrade a Titan Subclass

Warlock Mastery - Fully upgrade a Warlock Subclass

Packing Heat - Fully upgrade an Exotic weapon

Fully Weaponized - Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon

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WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate arrives this September, get more outfits for pre-ordering

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More outfits, more crossovers, more hacking and slashing!

Image 1

Tecmo Koei today confirmed WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate for September release in North America. That's September 2, to be exact, and Warriors fans here can earn themselves more outfits by pre-ordering from specific retail outlets.

The pre-order bonuses are split between GameStop and Best Buy and Amazon, with the latter two offering the same stuff. Reserving WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate
will net you the Halloween costume set for Zhao Yun, the iconic fighter from Dynasty Warriors, and Samurai Warriors' Mitsunari Ishida and Kaguya. Zhao Yun's Halloween outfit is a weird adaptation of his usual color scheme done into a wolf costume, while Mitsunari dresses as Dracula and Kaguya as a busty witch (of course).

If none of those interest you, then consider pre-ordering from Best Buy or for the Toukiden collaboration costumes. These are outfits adapted from Omega Force's Toukiden: The Age of Demons actiong ame, and can be worn on Kaguya, Nuwa and Taigong Wang.

Check out all the pre-order outfits below. As with any Warriors Orochi title, expect plenty of crossovers between Omega Force's Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate also expands its roster with Dead or Alive sweetheart Kasumi and Soul Calibur's Sophitia, plus other major characters from separate franchises. Xu Shu and Atelier are both newcomers as well, from Dynasty and Samurai Warriors respectively.

Remember, the game comes out September 2, so reserve soon. The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions will be available exclusively through the PlayStation Store, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions will be released via multiple outlets.

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