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Tuesday, Jul 21

Slightly Mad Studios finally confirms Project CARS will not be coming to Wii U

9 comments Maxfield Navarro - 4:25pm (PST) Like Share

Sorry, Nintendo fans. No burning realistic rubber anytime soon

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.05 sends the Heavensward postgame grind sky high

2 comments Leo Chan - 11:38am (PST) Like Share

Progression remains the road it ever was, even way up in Ishgard

Monday, Jul 20

Street Fighter V introduces the brutal new challenger Necalli

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You don't want to see him on crazy hair day

Friday, Jul 17

Splatoon paints NES Zapper orange tonight with free N-ZAP '89 shooter and Octobrush roller weapons

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Add a hunting dog that laughs at your misfortune and we have the Inkling revival of an NES classic

Thursday, Jul 16