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Wednesday, Jan 21

League of Legends' Worlds 2015 will be held in Europe, a multi-city, multi-country event

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Final locations and dates are still being worked on

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Riot Games is, yet again, stepping up their game for League of Legends next World Championship event. 2014 saw the event come to Seoul, Korea and several event locations in the surrounding countries -- Singapore and Taipei for example. 2015 is going to go one step further. Today Riot announced that World 2015 will be held in Europe, as in the whole of Europe. Group stages, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will be held in not just different cities, but also different countries. 

It's still too early, according to Riot, to reveal which countries and which cities will be featuring the biggest eSports tournament in the world for 2015. One can assume at least part of the tournament will take place in League of Legends' LCS home city of Berlin, Germany. The LCS shifted here just recently, moving from Cologne, perhaps due to plans to host 2015's Worlds. Berlin is of course a more populated city with better transportation options.

The event itself will begin in October, though if the Korean Worlds event is any indication World 2015 will potentially bleed into either September or November. Expect more concrete details in the months ahead.

I think most League of Legends fans will appreciate the shift from Korea to Europe this year. It will be a centralized time-zone, allowing North American fans to watch games prior to 2:00 AM and Asian fans as well without waking up as outrageously early (though I don't doubt some will be taking days off of work to watch). Hopefully we get to see just how widespread the popularity of League of Legends has become -- across Germany, Poland, France, England, and beyond.

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Fable Legends will support cross-play between PC and Xbox One via Windows 10

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Closed beta will be taking place for PC version

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Microsoft announced today that Lionhead Studios' upcoming Fable Legends will feature cross-play between Xbox One and PC versions. Awesome? I'd say so.

News of the cross-play functionality came during Microsoft's Windows 10 event earlier today, where it was also revealed Fable Legends PC would support Direct X12. Heroes (and villains) will be allowed to play cooperatively or competitively across the two platforms as well.

"We think enabling people to play multiplayer games on Windows 10, across Xbox One and Windows 10, will unlock the potential of Xbox Live and grow the social network that's there today," stated Phil Spencer, head of Xbox.

Though he made no mention of the feature being included with any other specific titles, we will more than likely see cross-play utilized again. The PC version of Fable Legends will be included in future closed beta tests.


Robert Bowling's studio Robotoki closes its doors, putting 'Human Element' survival game on hold

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Small developer bids farewell with heartfelt letter and video

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This week is a sad one for the indie scene, as Robert Bowling's Robotoki studio shuts down, effectively putting its Human Element project on hold. According to an open letter by Bowling, the former Call of Duty creative strategist can no longer afford to self-fund the studio and their 2015 zombie apocalypse game. While negotiations to secure a publisher were underway, nothing else is going to happen unless the deal goes through.

Human Element was announced back in 2012 and originally slated for release this year on PC and current-gen consoles. The game would have supporting a number of playable characters, each with their own style of play, putting elements of RPG in this urban post-apocalyptic adventure. Robotoki also intended for Human Element to be a free-to-play title, while a premium version would be made available as well, hence the search for a publisher.

Bowling's letter can be read in its entirety below, followed by a two-minute farewell video from the Robotoki team. Both can be found on the official Robotoki website, under the title "So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes."

On April 9th, 2012 I left my highly paid, highly successful career as Creative Strategist of the Call of Duty franchise at Infinity Ward. A role I started a decade earlier after making the decision that I would settle for nothing less than doing what I loved.

My entire time there, I was in love with my job. I loved our fans, I loved our games, and I loved the team I was working alongside. Once we finished the Modern Warfare trilogy, I felt it was time to move on, to try my hand at independent game development and try to make something different.

Over the last two years, we made a lot of different.

We were actively negotiating a publishing deal for the premium version of Human Element but unfortunately I am unable to continue to self-fund the studio until that deal finalizes.

I want to thank every single person who supported us along this journey. It was an experience of a lifetime, and we learned a lifetime of experience.

I will never forget the friends we made, the experiences we created, and the lessons we learned.

The women and men who make the games you love are risking everything, and its worth it.

Support indie development, play experimental games, and continue to do what you love to do.

.beep .boop

Robert Bowling


Tuesday, Jan 20

Ori and the Blind Forest drops March 11, see gravity become a mechanic in this beautiful side-scroller

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One of the more vertical stages in the game

Image 6

Microsoft exclusive Ori and the Blind Forest won its share of attention at E3 2014 but was quickly delayed after. Today, we learn the side-scroller from Moon Studios will be released on March 11, putting it at just under two months from now. That's not too long of a wait, right?

To tide us over, a number of screenshots came with today's announcement, showcasing the Forlorn Ruins area from Ori, one of the game's more veritcal environments. What makes the Ruins more interesting is Ori's inability to double-jump. So how does a little spirit like Ori get around while hauling a glowing orb in his hands? Gravity.

Gravity can be utilized to move blocks to aid Ori's navigation or accidentally kill him, in an environment as drastic as Forlorn Ruins. Critical thinking skills will probably come in handy here, but seeing as how Ori and the Blind Forest falls into that classic Metroidvania genre, puzzles are a given.

On a more convenient note, Ori (the game, not the character) will allow players to save at any point in the game with a resource known as a Soul Flame. These will likely be limited in quantity or charges, but they're a nice crutch to fall back on when checkpoints are found so few and far between.

Expect to see Ori and the Blind Forest on March 11, 2015, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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Community Spotlight: Mister MacPhisto's Top Games of 2014

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Mister MacPhisto preaches the holy trinity of games, comics and movies

Image 1

As part of Neoseeker's Game of the Year celebrations for 2014, we're spotlighting several community members' lists of their favorite games from the year. These are are community-written articles and the opinions there-in do not necessarily reflect those of Neoseeker. With that said, we certainly believe they show just how diverse the tastes of the community are, as well as just how much everyone here on Neoseeker loves games -- from the writing staff through the moderators and down to the casual new members. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

Greetings! Mister MacPhisto here. Mere mortal to some, myth to others, sinister underworld scourge to a few (hi Gotenks!), friend to several, and walking pop culture encyclopedia to many (especially the comic books). I'm closing in on 12 years here on Neo (thanks to Redemption for a site that's like being in the mob... once you're in, you don't get out). Over that time I've been involved with several forums (some of my regular haunts have been much of the Lounges and Special Interest forums where I currently do some moderating), a varied moderating history (including an almost four year run as a super moderator).

2014 in video games was a good time to be playing games. Big name franchises had new entries and re-offerings (or repackagings). New games and properties got heavy media pushes. Sure, not everything was a hit. Some things were let-downs and disappointments. At the same time, however, there seemed to be something for every type of gaming fan of whatever genre on whatever device could run a game. So many established games series I enjoy had some sort of new offering this year: Metal Gear Solid; Elder Scrolls; Dragon Age; Assassin's Creed; Diablo; Smash Bros; Dark Souls; Mario Kart. So much to see; so much to play. Other media franchises had new games which were of interest to me like Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor or Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. Like I said, it seems that there was several things for most, if not everyone.

My "best of" list is pretty simple and straight forward. Three games I enjoyed the most. Were other games better? Probably. But these were all ones that were the newest iteration of things that I had a strong enjoyment of. So at the end of the day, play what you enjoy. Don't worry about how many awards a game has won and such. Play what you like. And the following goes in no particular order.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Wha-the?! A movie game? Mac is off his rocker! Or off his loony meds again. Nah. Hardcore comics fan that I am, Webhead is my second favorite superhero. I've been enjoying Spidey games for YEARS, and even more so when it's New York City sandbox Spidey. Web-swinging is one of my favorite video game mechanics. Couple that with wall-crawling, then it's like listening to Johnny Cash sing about how he's been everywhere. I've played the Grand Theft Auto games quite extensively over the years and I think I've spent as much time playing around just web-swinging in Spidey games than I have causing random mayhem in GTA.

It's beyond just the movie though. You get more than Electro and the Green Goblin: The Kingpin; Chameleon; Kraven the Hunter; Carnage; Shocker; Black Cat. Some classic Spidey fare there. But it goes beyond that to things longtime fans of the comics will appreciate like Ravencroft and Jean DeWolf. Are there repetitive bits? Sure. Let's race to the other side of Manhattan to keep the Hero or Menace system shifting too far in the direction that Jolly Jonah Jameson wants it. Got to show off that power and responsibility for your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man after all.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Oh, come on! Another movie based game? Only partly. Dark Spark crossed over the Transformers movie franchise with the Transformers: War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron games (and plays like them too). In fact, you spend most of the game in the Cybertron continuity on Cybertron set between War and Rise. So transform at almost any time, use an arsenal of weapons, play a myriad of characters from the universe (or do the online and go mayhem that way). Oh, those weapons. Shredding your foes with massive, ricoheting gears? Fun!

You start out as Drift from the movie series and then BAM.... back to Cybertron. Play Jetfire as a sniper. Take on hordes of foes as the powerful Shockwave. Unleash the unstoppable fury of the combined form of the Combaticons as Bruticus... towering over armies of Autobots and crushing them all. Be a stealthy Insecticon as Sharpshot (Shrapnel) and take out Autobots. Be noble and heroic as Optimus. Or full of flash and style while playing as Jazz. Or perhaps, you just want to be Soundwave and have your minions do their work.

Weapons, weapons, weapons. Cybertronian machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns to the more alien Transformer weaponry firing things like corrosive slime, thermo rockets, nucleon charge shots, corrupter chips (your target attacks their allies) or chain lightning... yes, chain lightning. ZAP! ZAP! BZZZT! And oh, the tech toys. Weapon upgrades. Drones. Lots of fun to be had.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

The prologue for the bulk of what is to come as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Sure, it's not a long game, but it's still Metal Gear, as well as Kojima showing what he has in store for us to come. We're familiar with the ideas: sneak; avoid detection; complete the mission. But the execution is a bit different. There're more bells and whistles. More polish. More options. Not just routes, but actually getting to drive as Snake (Big Boss) -- that's new. Sure, we've had the sort of driving of REX in 4, or the ride along and shoot in 3 and 4. Getting to drive around a base as Snake? New stuff.

New voice too. I'm sad to see David Hayter go, but at the same time this is a bit older Snake, but not yet the totally different from Hayter voice we heard from Big Boss in 4, so it makes sense for a transition voice in there. So in with Kiefer Sutherland. From Jack Bauer to Big Boss! I think he might know what he's doing with that type of character. Besides, he can do pretty well with just voice work. Phone Booth anyone?

At the end of the day, Ground Zeroes does it's job -- it reintroduces me to an old friend in Snake. Shows how things will work differently. Brings back some old allies. Introduces a sinister new threat. And hooks you with a sucker-punch to the gut. Is Phantom Pain here yet?


To sum up, 2014 had quite a bit of fun games to play (some you might need to look for beyond the big names), and play what you enjoy.

Mister MacPhisto is quickly approaching his twelfth anniversary as a member of the Neoseeker community. He currently moderates the ever-exciting Comics, Gundum, Music, and Movies/Films forums, though in the past he's held such lofty positions as super moderator on Neoseeker. Follow him here @Mister Macphisto.

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Community Spotlight: Rabla's Top Games of 2014

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Our resident go-to for titles that are so Japanese that it hurts

Image 1

As part of Neoseeker's Game of the Year celebrations for 2014, we're spotlighting several community members' lists of their favorite games from the year. These are are community-written articles and the opinions there-in do not necessarily reflect those of Neoseeker. With that said, we certainly believe they show just how diverse the tastes of the community are, as well as just how much everyone here on Neoseeker loves games -- from the writing staff through the moderators and down to the casual new members. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

Greetings, readers of Neoseeker! I am Rabla. If you know me, it's probably from some of the many RPG forums around the site. If you don't, well, I like RPGs and stuff. I have been asked by my good friend bluexy to talk about some of my top games which I've played in 2014, but initially I had some problems coming up with how to do this.

When I think of this sort of thing I automatically go to "Top Ten" listings, however I had a problem doing this because there are a few games (Bayonetta 2, Shadows of Mordor) that I knew would be competing for number 1. Yet I hadn't personally been able to play those games outside a few short sessions on friends' copies. Since it'd be unfair to do this without me actually getting a good play of them, I wanted to do something other than a ranked listing.

With this, I had to come up with some non-ranked alternative to cover many of the games I did play. So, without further ado, let's get to what I'm calling in my head: The Rabla Awards.

Best RPG from 2013 that Only Recently Came Out in Europe: Shin Megami Tensei IV

Shin Megami Tensei IV, the latest big title in the franchise, came out quite a while ago for most of the people that will read this. It was a mid-2013 title in Japan and America, but took until the end of this October to finally come out in Europe. After over a year of avoiding spoilers, I was finally able to play this amazing little title. It's an incredibly well-made RPG with a FANTASTIC setting, and some painful, stressful, at-risk-of-throwing-my-3DS-across-the-room tough battles. It's perfect; I love it.

As someone who entered the SMT fan-base mainly through Persona and Devil Survivor, getting to play this was a real fun jump in the way it plays and the writing. I'd recommend it to any RPG fan who hasn't already got it.

Best Game I'm Not Very Good At: Shovel Knight

I'm not really a platformer fan, nor do I have any sort of nostalgia for old NES-era pixel art games. So if you asked me why I backed Shovel Knight on Kickstarter near immediately, my answer would be, "I forget." But when it came out, I got into it and it's SO GOOD. It's also really tough though.

The stages are really fun to play and the characters are really well designed and interesting. I love playing it. I'm terrible at this. This is not my genre at all. But I've been slowly chipping away at it, getting stages down every now and then, and I'm at the final three stages before the final boss. Maybe I'll beat them in the next few months. And since the Kickstarter was so successful, by the time I'm done with that, even more content will be added. So I'll get to drag my terrible lack of skill through this adventure for months to come, and I'll love every minute of it.

Best Game that Met My Fanboy Expectations: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

I wasn't really into fighting games until a year or so ago. I played Tekken 4 and 5 because we used to play the arcade machines at a club in my town and eventually we bought the PS2 copies, but I only played them casually. The game that got me really into the genre was BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, when it came out on the Vita. Then, lo and behold, the developers of this game I liked were collaborating with Persona, my favourite RPG franchise? Hell yes!

While the original game has its flaws I still really enjoyed it. But it was the announcement of the sequel version that made me super excited. Ultimax is an extremely tuned, polished version of the first game with big additions and fun changes -- and it is a blast to play. I used to get on with Kluck (another Neo member and long friend of mine) and we'd just play matches for hours on end, jumping from character to character and brawling it out while chatting over Skype.

The way the game tied up the story makes me think the fighting side series is over for now, but hopefully some sort of Persona 5 Arena Unlimited can get green-lit after Persona 5 and Dancing All Night come out. Please add Elly from Persona 1 I need my best girl.

Best Visual Novel that is Amazing it Actually was Localised: Planetarian:The Reverie of a Little Planet

Planetarian is a kinetic novel (this means its a linear story without choices, in visual novel terms) from 2004, developed by Visual Art's studio Key. It's the story of the Junker, living in a post-apocalyptic world, who encounters a robot girl in a planetarium in a forgotten city. It's a fantastic story and only costs like ten dollars, available on Steam right now!

Why's a 2004 game on this list? Because the games Key makes were notorious for not being open to studios willing to bring them over to the huge western fan-base. This year, a small little studio called Sekai Project did the impossible and somehow licensed Planetarian, which caused a week-long party in some communities. I had played this game multiple times before, but bought the game on Steam the moment the date ticked over and the game was live.

If you haven't played this, or you want an entry to the many new visual novels appearing on Steam recently, this is a very nice and short title to start with. This year, Sekai Project are bringing over Key's huge title CLANNAD, which recently just had an extremely successful Kickstarter end. If you like Planetarian, you'll love CLANNAD.

Best Game I Accidentally Put On this List that was Actually from 2013: The Stanley Parable

I didn't know about this game until earlier in the year when my Neo-friend Pheonyx bought it during one of Steam's regular sales. Looking at it myself, I thought it looked super interesting, but didn't get around to buying it until just recently in the Christmas 2014 sale. It was super funny and very very clever, and a great use of three or four hours.

Playing it myself and hitting a bunch of endings, then having friends over and letting them play it and watch, it's a great experience and the team behind it deserves their kudos. I wrote half of this before double-checking when the game actually came out. It came out in 2013. But whatever, this is my list and I do what I want.

Best Adventure Game I Watched Someone Else Play: D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

I didn't play this, but I would totally buy an Xbox One to play the stuff I didn't get to see and to play any future episodes. This is a super weird crazy adventure game by SWERY which is the story of a detective who can travel into the past. It's set up as a "Season" and it contains four "Episodes," playing like a TV show (it has an opening sequence and ending credits on each one).

The cast is extremely colorful and eccentric, and a lot of fun. I can't talk too much about the story, but the basis of the events is that before the game the hero's wife died, leaving the last words of "Look for D" to solve the mystery of who killed her. Now the hero is suspicious of anyone whose name starts with D and is exploring the past trying to connect events and find the elusive murderer. Unfortunately, it ends on a cliffhanger at the end of Episode 4 and the game isn't doing very well, so there's no guarantees about future seasons. So, if you can, go get it!


I think that will just about do it. Six cool, varied games you should definitely try to check out. Lots of fun, and I'm sure everyone will enjoy at least one of these. Check out the rest of the Community Spotlights, and look forward to Neoseeker's official Game of the Year award!

Rabla is a six-year veteran of the Neoseeker community and while he isn't an official moderator, he's the life and soul of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn forum these days. Follow him on Neoseeker @Rabla or on Twitter @Rabla_.

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Community Spotlight: Dragoon's Top Games of 2014

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If storytelling that captures the imagination (and the heart) is your ideal...

Image 1

As part of Neoseeker's Game of the Year celebrations for 2014, we're spotlighting several community members' lists of their favorite games from the year. These are are community-written articles and the opinions there-in do not necessarily reflect those of Neoseeker. With that said, we certainly believe they show just how diverse the tastes of the community are, as well as just how much everyone here on Neoseeker loves games -- from the writing staff through the moderators and down to the casual new members. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

Hi. I’m Shayn, Dragoon on Neoseeker, category moderator for PlayStation 4, moderator of the Doctor Who forum, and occasional wiki-person. 2014 was a host to some interesting games, with a lot of emphasis on cross-generation and not many developers placing their chips purely on one generation or the other. Big examples from the last year include Thief from Square Enix and Ubisoft releasing a game on both generations simultaneously in the form of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue (for past generation) and Assassin’s Creed: Unity (for current generation).

While the year's overall quality may have been somewhat lacking, there were some gems that cropped up during 2014. Here are some of my favourites – in no particular order.

Child of Light

Child of Light was a stand-alone game released exclusively on the PlayStation Store for PS3, PS4 and later on Vita. Developed on a brand new engine, the game was a testament to Ubisoft and really demonstrated the quality of games they are able to make, and harkens back to the golden years of Rayman. First of all, anyone who has even looked at Child of Light will tell you how beautiful the game looks. The visuals were something completely unique and a refreshing change of pace to anything else that was on the market at the time, giving it a beautiful fairy tale theme that completely worked in its favour.

While not a particularly long game, the story is brilliantly narrated, even if the rhyming couplets that comprised the speech were, at times, a little contrived and forced. The battle system takes inspiration from a classic turn-based RPG’s such as Pokemon and Final Fantasy, while granting their own unique spin by way of the time meter placed at the bottom of the screen indicated the time between moves used.

However, the truly amazing thing I found with Child of Light, and surpassed anything else, was the score. It remains one of my favourite CDs of last year, and is beautifully composed by Coer De Pirate. I’d definitely rank this as a must have for any PlayStation owner.

Tales of Xillia 2

The sequel to my favourite Tales game ever (yes, that includes Tales of Symphonia) didn’t disappoint. I did feel that some of the new game mechanics, especially the Corpse Shell, added a level of Deus Ex Machina to the story – basically, when in doubt, activate and spam as many moves as possible. But I was more invested in the continuation of the story of Reize Maxia and Elympios and how the two nations were ingratiating with each other, or not as the case could have been, anyway. The story, at least, didn’t disappoint. I felt the silent protagonist to be a little bit of a let down, not allowing us to get to know this character, and only allowing us to hear his voice upon completion of the game and opting for another run through.

The choice system was also ultimately redundant, making little to no impact on the story. At one point you can opt to finish the game slightly early, copping out of the final boss fight. However should you want to take this path you need to choose a specific set of choices and really try and aim for it – which felt a little 2-dimensional to me. Other than that though, great combat, an aspect that draws me back to Tales games year after year, and a good ensemble of new and returning characters.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Initially skeptical of purchasing the game after the abysmal experience I had with Final Fantasy XIII, I was convinced by a few friends to make the purchase and it didn’t disappoint. The game is fantastic, simply put. The choices in character creation are diverse, the races and sub-races allow for a wide range of choices, from Hyur, to Mi’Qote, Lallafel, Elezen, and more. The story doesn’t really interest me to the point that I actively skip the cut scenes and most main scenario dialogue, but it’s the gameplay that keeps me hooked.

More often than not with RPGs once you make your decision at the start of a game as to character class, you have to stick with it *glares at other GOTY nominee Dragon Age: Inquisition*, but with A Realm Reborn you are free to change at any point in the story you deem fit. The changing nature of the class system is what keeps the game fresh. Whilst waiting for a dungeon once (anote to anyone thinking of getting the game, dungeons take ages to find teams for if you’re DPS) I decided I’d just start leveling up my character in another Discipline of War, no questions asked. This is truly one of the most appealing things about the game.

What keeps me coming back isn’t necessarily the game itself – it’s how friendly everyone is. Sure, there are a few idiots on the game, when isn’t there on a MMO game, but for the most part everyone is really welcoming, friendly, and willing to help in your time of need. Often times I’ve entered dungeons, mentioned this is a first time for me here, and they give me useful bits of advice throughout. It’s a great community, and I really could go on for ages about how wonderful this game is to play with all the different stuff to do, but honestly it would take too long. Just take it from me, and anyone else who has played the game, it’s pretty swell.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

First of all, I played Omega Ruby, the superior version.

This game did the name remake a justice. Taking some of the notes of the disappointments we have from Pokemon X and Y, Game Freak and Nintendo tried their damnedest not to make those same mistakes again, and they didn’t... mostly. C’mon Nintendo, where was my Battle Frontier!? Usually liking to take the time through Pokemon games, catch and train as many as I can, altering my teams countless times before entering the Elite Four, this time I was just too addicted to finish it in any less time than 2 days. 2 days!

Hoenn was never really my favourite region for the fact I disliked most of the additions to the Pokemon roster back when Ruby and Sapphire were originally released, but the addition of the new Mega Evolutions made things a little more interesting. The story, though, is where the game really excelled. I mean, Primal Devolutions? How awesome is that? I can’t wait to see where and if they take that concept any further with future installments, but honestly I wouldn’t be too disheartened if it remained exclusive to Groudon and Kyogre.

I will also just say THANK YOU for the Delta Episode, it was far better than the Looker stuff from X & Y. Far, far better as post-game content goes. 

Dragon Age: Inquisition

My first Dragon Age title... sort of. I played a bit of Dragon Age: Origins back in the day and even re-bought it on PSN before the game was released, but nothing could have prepared me for how addicted I would become to this game. Just ask anyone who knew me at the time, I wouldn’t shut up about it. The lore, the characters, the locations, the missions, the side missions, the scenario, the villains... everything just really resonated with me, more so than most other games have done in the past.

The openness of it all really grasped me and made me feel like most of my decisions mattered. From choosing an alliance with the Mages over the Templars, to decide to make Cole more Human than a Spirit, to standing behind Leliana as she stood for Devine, to hating the guts out of of Solas until the very last freakin’ scene. I felt everything mattered, and it’s rare for a game that allows the gamer to shape the world about them through their actions, at least in my experience. Dragon Age is another game I could spend hours praising, but I simply don’t have the time or emotive language to do so. This is a game I believe you have to try for yourself just to really ‘get it’ as to how amazing it is.

There it is, my little list of not much importance. Best of luck to all the ‘"real" nominees on Neoseeker’s Game of the Year list, which looks to be a promising selection. 2015 already looks to be a good year for gaming, and I for one can’t wait to get started!

Dragoon is five-year veteran of the Neoseeker forums and currently holds the position of category moderator for PS4 Games, moderator of the Doctor Who Forum, and Wiki Super (when he's got the time). Follow him on Neoseeker @Dragoon or on Twitter @shayndickens (no e).

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Dontnod reveals Vampyr, post-WWI action-RPG pushes players to 'Take Blood, Save a Life'

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Please be heavily inspired, by Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, please

Image 1

Publisher Focus Home Interactive dropped a surprising announced from developer Dontnod this morning. Dontnod, for those unfamiliar, made the beautiful Remember Me and is currently working on episode one of the mysterious adventure game Life is Strange. Adding another title to their roster, let me excitedly introduce Vampyr. Vampyr is reportedly an action RPG, though the RPG seems to be stressed in early advertising. No platforms or release information has yet been revealed.

According to the thin early details that have been made available, Vampyr takes place post-World War I. While the setting isn't known, it looks to be England -- how fitting. The player takes on the role of Stefan, a doctor who is is caught up in a wave of the Spanish Flu. One of Stefan's patients takes a small bite and our unlikely hero (anti-hero?) finds himself a vampire.

Oddly enough there's very few details regarding either the action or the RPG portions of this action RPG. There do, however, seem to be some adventure elements to the game. Sefan will be faced with several "moral quandries" leading to impactful choices within the game. We've heard that before in other games, so it will be interesting to see how Dontnod implment it. Stefan will battle with his vampire nature and doctor's nurturing sensibilities in Vampyr, leading to the tagline, "Take Blood. Save a life."

Here's hoping Dontnod is aiming for something similar to Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Right?

Vampyr is apparently still early in development, which makes it understandable why there's no platform or release information as of yet. Expect news to begin to spread after Dontnod gets the first few episodes  of Life is Strange out and the devs get their workload well-managed. 

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Malkovich and more in star-studded Exo Zombies Havoc trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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It's like a Left 4 Dead cast of famous actors in a sci-fi horror B-movie

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I seriously have no freakin' idea what's going on in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare anymore, with all of its DLC and Kevin Spacey. Today, at least, I can be confident in saying they have done something amazing. Activision has just released a trailer for the upcoming Exo Zombies mode of Advanced Warfare, part of the pending Havoc DLC pack. Havoc launches on Xbox platforms on January 27 and other platforms at a later date.

A teaser for Exo Zombie mode a month ago revealed the cast -- excuse me, the AMAZING cast. A Left 4 Dead approach to a zombie mode sees the inclusion of four superstar actors posing as B movie stand-ins in a sci-fi horror flick. I'm talking about John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and none other than Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding's very own Jon Bernthal. Fighting zombies. With shotguns. This is all too ridiculous.

Today's trailer has a good amount of exposition featuring John Malkovich being a total badass, showing how all four of our unlikely heroes have gotten themselves involved in the zombie apocalypse. Surprisingly the story seems to fit very well within the game's cannon. Basically, the Atlas Corporation is all sorts of messed up and has toyed with things better left untouched. Good thing Malkovich is here to keep things clean. Malkovich. JOHN MALKOVICH. What even the hell, man? This is awesome.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Havoc DLC pack will be available starting January 17. It features the Exo Zombie game mode, four new multiplayer maps (Sideshow, Core, Drift and Urban) and a special multiplayer weapon in the AE4-Widowmaker. Oddly enough, pricing has yet to be revealed, but odds are it'll run for $14.99 as per the usual Call of Duty DLC prices.


Nintendo ending Club Nintendo rewards program, plans for "new customer loyalty program" in the works

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Club Nintendo was just too cool of a thing to survive this industry

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Nintendo has officially announced that their Club Nintendo rewards program is coming to a close. Don't panic just yet, Nintendo faithful, because Nintendo isn't just pressing the eject button. Club Nintendo users will be able to continue earning Coins through March and redeeming those coins through June. Additionally, new rewards will be added to the program in February. Consider this just an advance notice that maybe it's time to cash in those coins. 

Nintendo of America Sales & Marketing VP Scott Moffitt offered this very heartfelt and very prepared statement regarding the ending of Club Nintendo:

"We thank all Club Nintendo members for their dedication to Nintendo games and their ongoing love for our systems and characters. We want to make this time of transition as easy as possible for our loyal Club Nintendo members, so we are going to add dozens of new rewards and downloadable games to help members clear out their Coin balances."

No reasoning for the closure of Club Nintendo was provided. However, Nintendo did provide assurances that a new customer loyalty program was in the works and would be announced at a later date. Expect to hear news as Club Nintendo starts wrapping up. The ideal situation would of course be for one service to run directly into the next, so hopefully there's news prior to April -- when Club Nintendo stops giving out coins for purchases.

For those unfamiliar, Club Nintendo offered rewards for dedicated Nintendo gamers who registered their games, systems, and other Nintendo products through the Club Nintendo program. Folk could then use their earned coins to purchase special rewards offered directly through Nintendo. This stuff included mostly collectibles like music, statues, toys or smaller merchandise.

What comes next? Perhaps in our digital age Club Nintendo grew just a bit too large and making all of this merchandise what is basically free distribution became too much of a stress/cost. I'd expect whatever program comes next has a much more digital footprint. Or heck, maybe they'll throw in some Amiibos? Nah, they're selling out on those. I guess we'll wait and see.

That's that, Club Nintendo users. I'd wait and see if there's anything worth snagging in the February run of Club Nintendo rewards, then maybe wait to see what coins I could gather through March, and finally just cash out after that. No use in letting those coins go to waste! Fare thee well, Club Nintendo, you painfully complicated and only slightly rewarding thing, you.

Thanks to Eiche for the tip!