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Monday, Sep 1

Resident Evil 2015 HD remaster gets new trailer and screenshots, looking better than ever

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Bringing back the horror, in HD

Image 1

Remember when Resident Evil games were still scary? Apparently, so does Capcom. A gameplay trailer released today for the remastered Resident Evil takes us back to the series' horror roots, from zombies to giant snakes.

Technically, the 2015 HD remaster is an updated version of the 2002 HD remake, so the game does give players the option to switch back to the 2002 visuals. In addition to that, Resident Evil supports both a full analog stick movement scheme and the classic (read: clunky) tank control scheme. 

Capcom first announced their plans to do another HD remaster of Resident Evil just under a month ago, with an announcement trailer and an anticipated release window of "early 2015." At today's Sony event in Japan, the publisher also revealed that Resident Evil Revelations 2 is currently in development for 2015.

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 confirmed for 2015 release, live-action teaser hints at Claire's return

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Evil is watching...

Image 2

Brace yourselves, Resident Evil fans, because 2015 is looking better and better. Capcom today revealed Resident Evil Revelations 2 is currently in development and expected to come out sometime next year. That's really all the publisher really had to say on the matter, but the announcement did come with a live-action "concept teaser," which captures the "essence" of Revelations 2.

So we actually don't know much about this sequel to Resident Evil Revelations, but the teaser video might have a few hints for eagle-eyed gamers. The most obvious one can be seen about 29 seconds in, at which point we see an individual wearing a TerraSave t-shirt. For those unaware of the significance, TerraSave is a fictional human rights group in the Resident Evil universe, and its most prominent member is Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield's sister.

One viewer also pointed to a figure in the background, appearing at around the same mark. A woman is seen leaning against the wall, her hair reminiscent of Rachel Foley's. Of course, that might be reading a little too much into it, but you can never be too sure with teasers these days. Developers can be amazing trolls too, after all.

Either way, Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be released for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in 2015. The 3DS and Wii U were not mentioned.

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Persona 5 confirmed for PlayStation 4, time freezes for one shaggy-haired student in Shibuya

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I need a nickname for this shaggy-haired protagonist

Image 1

Let's just say it: Persona 5 has been officially announced for PlayStation 4. There's your reason for upgrading, RPG fanatics who have been tenuously holding onto their PlayStation 3's. Not longer will anyone have to get by on Tales of RPGs, because of the biggest RPG franchises will be making the jump to the current generation of platforms. Tales will have to step it up. Don't worry folk who are broke, because Persona 5 is still coming to PlayStation 3 too.

Unfortunately, with the good news comes some bad news. Persona 5 has also been delayed. Previously planned for a winter 2014 launch, the RPG is now slated for an ominous "2015." The delay was inevitable as the months passed and zero news or footage was released of the game. At least the delay came with some good news. 

I'm not the right guy to dissect the trailer accompanying the PlayStation 4 announcement. There are a few cursory things I noticed, of course. We get our first look at who must be Persona 5's protagonist, a dark-haired and bespectacled student who seems quite nervous. The boy is traveling through Shibuya, the iconic crosswalk of the district, when everything goes crazy. 

Time freezes, an event implied by the title screens showing various clocks being destroyed. The boy looks around, noticing what appears to be a blue and black fire in the distance. We can only assume that this means something serious is about to go down, because the protagonist puts on his "Let's Get Real" face.

I can't really tell what else might be pulled from the trailer. A tweet I read said a sign was covered in dozens of crimes, perhaps implying that whatever evil thing is going on is causing some negative stuff to happen in reality. It's a Persona game, nothing makes any sense. Especially the teenagers.

Persona 5 is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in 2015. Hell yes.


Dragon Quest comes to PlayStation 4 with musou title Dragon Quest: Heroes

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Japan's taking a liking to the PlayStation 4

Image 1

In a night of surprising announcements, Square Enix took the stage and blew down the house by revealing Dragon Quest: Heroes. It was the final announcement of Sony's Tokyo Games Show press conference and what a weird one it is. See, Dragon Quest: Heroes isn't a traditional RPG, it's a musou title, and it also isn't apparently being developed by Square Enix at all. Rather, it's being made by Koei Tecmo's Omega Force. What, what, what?

Koei Tecmo's making friends in all the right places, apparently. What with Hyrule Warriors nearly completion, apprently they've got the time to add another musou title to their schedule. Dragon Quest: Heroes will be a third-person action game where heroes battle huge armies of opponents. The player will be able to mow down hundreds upon hundreds of monsters with their superior weaponry. Just don't expect too much of a story on top of it all.

While it's unclear if Dragon Quest artist Akira Toriyama is doing the art, it's very much identical to his work. Heck, all of the visual in the game are exactly what Dragon Quest fans will expect. More than that., Dragon Quest: Heroes is the best looking Dragon Quest title I've ever seen. Outstanding what can happen when these old franchises are brough to modern platforms. Even if they're still scaled back to a lot of the visual we expect from AAA development these days.

To get those awesome visuals, Omega Force is going to need a platform that can handle them. For the first time in what must be a decade, Dragon Quest is coming back to PlayStation platforms. Square Enix signing off on Omega Force making the game must have got them around some contractual obligations with Nintendo.

Dragon Quest: Heroes will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in 2015 -- in Japan. As soon as a localization is announced, we'll update everyone.


Sunday, Aug 31

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass announced, covers four DLC packs with $10 difference

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Plus the Shock Drop Slaughter Pit pre-order bonus

Image 2

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel might feel like an expansion already for the Borderlands series, but the game still entails DLC of its own, as well as a Season Pass. Said pass will cover four post-launch content packs, excluding the pre-order bonus Shock Drop Slaughter Pit.

Gearbox and 2K have promised no less than four DLC packs, which will "encompass new characters, missions, and experiences" after Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is released in October. Individually, the add-ons will go for $9.99, totalling $39.96 without the Season Pass. If you do get it, however, then those four undisclosed packs will be $10 cheaper, at $29.99.

Publisher 2K Games also saw fit to specify that because The Pre-Sequel is about finished, the developers are able to focus on the DLC. The pre-order DLC, Shock Drop Slaughter Pit, will be released "at a later date" as well.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is expected to arrive October 14 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


Friday, Aug 29

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor trailer introduces the lovable and disgusting Ratbag, an orc ally

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He seems to get along well with most people

Image 1

Not all protagonists look the part, as shown in the newest trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The video introduces Ratbag, an orc and unlikely ally to Talion. He's a bit of a loser among his fellow orcs, but after being rescued by our ranger hero, Ratbag might become a great asset.

The "friendly" orc doesn't start out looking like much (he's actually a bit of a coward), but through your actions, the character could become something greater. Warchief, even, albeit one that serves Talion's interests.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor will be arriving by the end of next month, on September 30 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and later for PC.


Assassin's Creed Unity needs more development time, delayed until early November

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No longer coming in October, oops

Image 1

Ubisoft today announced that Assassin's Creed Unity has been pushed into November, about two weeks later than its original release date in October. This current-gen Assassin's Creed will instead be arriving November 11 and November 13, for North America and Europe respectively.

It isn't much of a delay from the initial October 28 date, but that's quite a few more days we'll need to wait before seeing Arno in all his glory. Then again, who can fault the developers for wanting more time to work? Unity Senior Producer Vincent Pontbriand notes that the game is an entirely "next-gen" experience, so it requires substantially more care.

The end result is presumably an amazing game, and the first Assassin's Creed for the current generation:

“This being a fully next-gen game, it requires a lot of work, a lot of production, and a lot of learning. It’s always hard to be precise and to quantify exactly how much work is involved. So as we get close to the finish we often realize we’re near the target but we’re not quite there yet.

“And AC is a huge open-world game. We have thousands of NPCs on screen. We have more depth in the types of AI we’ve built. The graphics are spectacular. The processes are way more complex. Which makes it exponentially harder to grasp everything than it was in the previous generation.”

Pontbriand also assured that the team is incredibly "confident" in what they've created. This is a project they've spent two to three years on, after all.

“We’re very confident in the game we’re making.

"Making games is not a precise science. It’s a leap of faith. There’s a good level of subjectivity and creativity. We have a bunch of us who have spent two, three years or more on this project. It’s a huge personal investment. People have been truly dedicated to this game. For them it’s also important to make a game that they can be proud of.”

Again, Assassin's Creed Unity will be out November 11 in North America and November 13 in EMEA territories, exclusively for PC and current-gen consoles. This actually puts Unity next to Assassin's Creed Rogue, a separate installment coming in November for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell standalone expansion coming 2015, plus Saints Row IV for new gen

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Things are about to get even more ridiculous

Image 1

Saints Row is about to get a whole lot crazier with Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, a standalone expansion set for 2015 that aims to wrap up the Saints Row IV narrative. The name alone hints at its utterly ridiculous premise; this co-op adventure sends Gat and Kinzie into hell in a rescue mission to retrieve the President of the United States. From Hell. Away from a forced marriage with Satan's daughter.

Sounds like a barrel of WTF, to say the least, but this one isn't from Volition. Instead, Gat Out of Hell is developed by High Voltage Software, apparently with some guidance from Volition devs. Saints Row fans will see plenty of new and old faces, plus historical figures and a talking gun.

Honestly, just watch the trailer for yourselves.

Going by the trailer, Satan and his kid don't seem like bad people, so much as set in their ways of doing things. Maybe Gat or Kinzie (you'll be able to play as either when going solo) can convince them this is all completely insane and wrong. Or something. You never know for sure with a series like Saints Row.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell is destined for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and "digital PC." North America gets first dibs on January 27, 2015, before the expansion goes international on January 30.

In addition to Gat Out of Hell, Deep Silver also has Saints Row IV: Re-Elected on the way and set to arrive alongside the expansion. This Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of Saints Row IV will be joining Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell in January 2015, sharing the same release dates.

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Nintendo reveals upgraded 'New 3DS' with second analog stick, boosted hardware

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That holiday 2DS bundle ain't lookin so hot anymore

Image 1

In a surprise announcement during a Japanese-exclusive Nintendo Direct, Nintendo stated their plans to release new 3DS hardware in Japan starting in October. Early indications are that this "New 3DS" will receive a significant power boost, with a CPU upgrade confirmed and rumored boosts to RAM and VRAM. That's not all though, because the New 3DS will also feature a small analog stick on the right side of the screen, removing the need for a bulky analog stick peripheral.

The handheld does have some smaller changes as well, featuring rearranged "Start" and "Select" buttons, built-in NFC which one would assume is just for Amiibo functionality, "new" 3D functionality and a pair of additional shoulder buttons. Screen size has also been boosted for the regular 3DS, with both screens jumping 1.2x in size. The New 3DS XL screens remain the same, however. Oh, and the quad-buttons on the right are now color-coded, for what it's worth.

One other big announcement also accompanied the new hardware reveal. Accompanying the launch of the New 3DS will be Xenoblade Chronicles, ported to the handheld and exclusive to the upgraded version of the 3DS. Let me reiterate that this handheld Xenoblade Chronicles will not work on any 3DS or 3DS XL (or 2DS either) other than this New 3DS. No other exclusive games have been announced, nor have plans for further exclusives been confirmed, so hopefully old 3DS handhelds won't become obsolete any time soon. Don't worry though, odds are Nintendo won't even localize the damn thing.

Plans for the new 3DS hardware coming westward are said to be in the works for 2015. Meanwhile, Japan will get the New 3DS starting October 11. Reasons. Just, uh, maybe reconsider picking up a new 3DS this holiday season.


12 Super Smash Bros. Amiibos confirmed for the holidays, $12.99 price point may slow collecting

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Taking bets on which characters sells out first

Image 1

During a special Super Smash Bros. focused Nintendo Direct in Japan today, early details on the first wave of Amiibo collectible interactive figures were revealed. Localized information on the figures was then soon confirmed by Nintendo of America, meaning fans will be able to pickup their Amiibos this holiday season. In fact, fans can actually preorder their figures now and with a selection of 12 at a price of $12.99 apiece, it's probably best to start saving as soon as possible.

In case you misread, let me just say again that an Amiibo will cost $12.99 apiece. This means that an Amiibo will run at least $3 more expensive than a Skylander or a Disney Infinity figure. Considering Amiibo functionality in terms of interactivity with the Wii U is yet unclear, the price is a tad surprising. Still, if the figure quality is that much higher than competitive gaming figures, then the price can certainly be justified.

Before we ramble on too much about price and value, let's get back to those 12 figures and just which characters will be available:

  • Mario
  • Peach
  • Link
  • Samus
  • Yoshi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Pikachu
  • Kirby
  • Fox
  • Marth
  • Villager
  • Wii Fit Trainer

Nintendo promises that more are on their way, but it's unclear whether they mean Super Smash Bros. figures in particular or just in general. Other titles confirmed for Amiibo figures down the line include Mario Kart 8, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Mario Party 10 and Yoshi's Woolly World.

As for the in-game functionality that I mentioned was still unclear earlier, Nintendo also says that details regarding that will be forthcoming soon. Obviously fans shouldn't expect Skylander or Disney Infinity levels of interactivity, since Amiibo isn't a standalone game, but hopefully Nintendo has some fun ideas in mind.

Pre-orders for Amiibo figures including all 12 of those listed above start today at the usual retailer suspects. Note that all 12 figures are for Super Smash Bros. Wii U -- not 3DS. Sure, they're the same characters, but the 3DS version of the game will not feature Amiibo functionality, or so I'm lead to believe. Each figure will cost $12.99 in the USA, $13.99 in Canada, and Europe I don't believe has a confirmed price point as of yet. All figures will be available starting this holiday season.