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THM Feb 5, 09
Intel to design PS4 GPU - well, it would be a big leg up for Larrabee, but the question is, will Sony take the risk that it will be fast enough to be an improvement on the PS3? And how will Intel like a PowerPC based Cell in there, or will Sony go with an Intel CPU?
Well, the future is really uncertain at the moment, let's just assume PS4 will use some groundbreaking gaming graphics and experiences such as control gameplay with your brain or mind rather than using the acutal PS DualShock 4 controller.

Note: I hope that PS4 will be compatible with PS3 games otherwise, Sony will face fewer softwares problems again.
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Guest Feb 6, 09
Pc gaming already has a mind controler where you canuse your mind
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WSmart Feb 17, 09
Console gaming hardware makes me ill. We teach kids nothing. Then we give them no option but to join the military. Buy a kid a mobo and if e' wants to play a game, e's going to have to figure out to put it all together to make it work. Now e's got a skill which is infinitely more fun then those games, but e's got games too.

Nvidia might look to be on the wrong side of the cash, but don't assume that means Nvidia is wrong. And don't assume AMD is gong to stand for these people either. Wouldn't surprise me if they dump somebody at the dead line if the egos get too deep.

Everybody seems to want to create conflict between AMD and Nvidia, but both of these companies have a very similar, consumer/enthusiast outlook on the market. It's not easy being green.

Be real, be sober.
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