Neoseeker : News : Ensemble Studios releases "Meet the Spartans" Halo Wars documentary
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THM Feb 3, 09
Hee Hee, I like Halo figures although I'd only played Halo 1 once!!!!!
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kspiess Feb 3, 09
I don't know, this game looks not bad, but a couple things bother me.

Like, for instance, why this super-advanced aliens would rush a pack of armed soldiers with glaives (1:30).

Or most of all, how there are only 2 factions in the game. I know this is a console game so there aren't that big of expectations for RTS games, but I can't think of any PC RTS than had fewer than 3 factions since like 2001.
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Wolverine527 Feb 4, 09
This game looks sweet,I have to download the demo tomorrow.

I kinda think the Scarab kinda gives the covenant the advantage over the UNSC,though .
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