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gerard way owns you Jan 14, 09
quote Sony announced yesterday sales for the console have reached 50 million in North America; as of July 2008 it has sold 140 million worldwide, making it the best-selling console to date.
And that is why Sony isn't going anywhere.
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THM Jan 14, 09
Hee Hee, I like the comparison picture above!!!!!!
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Guest Jan 15, 09
That,s keeping questioning to me,
why sony dont kill a ps2 if sony
wants to making ps3 so big hype?
Bluray is one of their succession even hd-dvd ends
drop-down because of dumbass Toshiba
decision than what,s happend now that
not really be lucky for bluray the future formats,
Also im not surprised if ps2 sales raised high expecting to
200-300 million worldwide in 2011 if sony wants ps2 to stay alive for only their profit.
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Omegaplib Jan 15, 09
they are trying to do this xxxcxxx,but many people perfers the ps2 right now,because have better games,the console is more cheap,the ps3 need to grow more and get better games as ps2
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THM Jan 15, 09
I also hope that PS2 will reach over 250 or 300 million worldwide by the end of 2015!!!!!!!

Geez, much bigger than all of combination of next gen consoles such as Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3 and even plus with PSP and DS.
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