Neoseeker : News : Arc designer criticizes Capcom for lacking accessibility
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Wolfwood Jan 13, 09
Yeah, it's unfortunate the bit about Sega essentially owning Guilty Gear IP and its future after its acquisition of Sammy was reality, especially considering that Arc System Works made it into the franchise it was in the first place.

Street Fighter IV will definitely be more inviting to longtime fans of the series, and the print ads for the game even play on the nostalgia; right down to reproducing Capcom's early ad designs. It's probably no skin off the backs of fans though, they're the ones keeping the series alive after all!

I've been looking forward to BlazBlue myself actually. A local arcade actually has the game, but last time I checked they chose to slap it into a cabinet with a 4:3 screen ratio so everything's all squished horizontally. BlazBlue is supposed to be widescreen dammit!

edit: Robo-Ky can keep on keepin' on!
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