Neoseeker : News : Metal Gear Solid 4 is selling like hotcakes
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lonewolveshardt Jun 23, 08
I'm a Metal gear Solid fan, and Gears of war was an ok game but it's only any fun with co-op, as with most games people nowadays go crazy over. It isn't about great games anymore, or story, it's about how many people you can play with online just for bragging rights. And as far as the Wii outselling both the 360 and PS3, why dosen't anyone mention that you can buy 2 Wii for basically the price of one PS3 or 360? THAT's why it's selling so well... it's cheap. It has one good game of its own; Metroid Prime 3. Other than that, there's really not too much point in having it. I like my DS more than my Wii.
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