Neoseeker : News : Is EA a good fit for Rockstar?
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Guest May 12, 08
EA is a bad way to go for anything!

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GigavoX May 13, 08
EA is too much in sports and they re latest cc3 and red alert 3 is gonna be great.but the voilence issue with GTA?i think its an excuse too disban voilence in GTA
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Guest May 14, 08
WElcome everyone to EA games convention!!! year 2009 may 6th...
Now presenting GTA V with no violence whatsoever in association with M.A.D.D.!!!
the guns are now BB guns. cars have no damage! people's blood is like smoke like in battlefield 2! You play as mr. stickhead who looks like a shnitzel!

This is GTA V in the future because if EA buys T2 games. It would have great graphics but the storyline and gamepolay would be awful just like all other EA games
They just buy out other game companies!
Westwood, Maxis, and others
and now all of Take2!? no way the lego star wars is awesome and of course Rockstars GTA!!! no way EA!
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