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Smoke Mar 28, 07
Heard on NPR that the RIAA is sending settlment offers to thousands of college students, threatening "Settle now for $3000, or be sued." The amount that it says they'd sue for is ridiculous, so many thousand per song. So of course the average college student that doesn't know his or her rights will go for it.

Wish there was a way we could submit news to you guys, lots of interesting stuff that doesn't get put up here.
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jmicahg Mar 28, 07
Hey, I'd like that!

Perhaps I'll make the suggestion (I will make it in fact) during out next staff meeting that there should be a new section where visitors to the site can submit the URL's and titles of news stories they'd like us to report on. To put it honestly though, news can be a bit of a beast. I do have to spend most of my time testing and reviewing hardware. But finding these zinger news stories (and the RIAA is always good for a laugh or two) can be difficult at times. I wish that I could report o every news article that graces the Interweb, but I have to be selective.

But to offer something to you Smoke (and to other readers out there); if you read a Neoseeker news article that has reference to any Neoseeker articles you may have read, please, leave a comment and tack in the url so I can take a quick look. I'll probablly report back on it. I do try to respond to every comment visitors leave, simply to further expand and explore the subject I've reported on.

As for the RIAA, I wouldn't doubt that within a couple of years all of their litigation and extortion backfires right in their collective faces. No company and or business (with exception of the Mafia, but they don't really exist, right?) has the right to extort money and or compensation from people in they manner they employ.

Like I've commented before; I'd love to see some White-Hat Hacker tunnel his way into the machine of a record company exec. or RIAA member, only to find that they have been swapping songs over P2P or Bit Torrent or something like that. The irony would be so bitter sweet that the RIAA would gag endlessly while the rest of the world would revel in a collective cavity of content.

Maybe some hackers should train their bots and back door exploits on the RIAA, just to see what turns up.
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Hraefn Mar 30, 07
I'm all for the fight against piracy, but some of the lawsuits the RIAA have slapped on hapless people were simply ridiculous. Nice to see the RIAA getting their own comeuppance. =^^=
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jmicahg Mar 30, 07
Yeah, they're essentially playing the school yard bully, threating people to pay or they'll sue when they have no real proof it those people are pirates or not.

I haven't researched it(yet), but I'd like to know what method the RIAA uses for location file swappers. There are some apps like Kaaza that will allow users to block some of the IP address the RIAA uses.

My guess though; they pose as a user on some P2P portal, show a list of songs, people download tham, then they've been caught. If this is the case, then shouldn't the RIAA face an entrapement charge?

I don't know. I don't pirate music, my CD collection is a testament to that. I don't endorse piracy either. But I don't like th approach the RIAA has taken in going after song swappers. And another thing; doesn't the cost of their lawyers fees and paying people to track file swappers out weigh and financial benefits they may or may not see from suing? Maybe they should open their books and tells us if extortion is profitale.
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