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Shadow of Death Mar 26, 07
Pretty cool...but yeah, all that re-wiring? That probably won't happen for a long time....

Maybe new houses being built, will start using fiber optics, rather then copper, in the future? That way, by the end of this century, there will be like no modern house, without fiber optics?

Pricy though...
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Smoke Mar 26, 07
160 Gigabits?
*looks at his 56k connection*
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Covert_king Mar 26, 07
160gigabytes god damn, ill take 2 connections please 1 for downloading and 1 for web browsing. and some rich guy can foot the bill
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jmicahg Mar 26, 07

It's actually 160 Gigabits per second.
1 Gigabit equals .125 Gigabytes.
So it's really 20 Gigabytes per second.

Still, it blows a Gigabit Lan port to shame.
But that's one Blu-ray disc per second.
But the home user will never see these speeds unless the phone and or cable company starts to run fiber optic line right to your door. Plus, fiber optic lines do need repeater stations to boost the signal and prevent bit loss.

So, if it does make it to a neighborhood near you, the best you would probablly see is 1 to 5 Gigabytes per second.

Still, colleges and universities would get this high speed fiber before the common man. Enrol in some course, pay 20 grand in tuition, rent a dorm room, and start downloading.
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