Neoseeker : News : AMD 4X4 - what is it really, and how does it work?
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tomk Jun 2, 06
The "4X4" name comes from "4 cores" X "4 GPUs". They're pushing this as a partner to Quad SLI.

And about total memory bandwidth, if AMD managed to get 100% efficiency out of DDR2 (haha), then two CPUs with DDR2-800 would have a maximum bandwidth of 23.8 GB/s -- but since we're not seeing anywhere close to 100% in the lab, I'd say no more than 15 GB/s would be achievable in the real world with their current tech.
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bhenning Jun 2, 06

"4 cores" X "4 GPU" ... that also makes sense;l at least until the four core processors are released.

As for memory bandwidth, assuming that memory was 100% efficient, ignoring latencies... 6.4GB/sec * 4 = 25.6GB/s, however you are right in that due to overhead it will never be reached.

I'd expect up to 18GB/sec would be doable with this setup.
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