Neoseeker : News : New 'Tropes vs Women in Video Games' episode continues with topic of violence against women
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Solx Aug 26, 14
Men and Women are both equally capable of taking a Rocket to the Chest. There is no bigotry here...
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tekmosis Aug 26, 14
Mageddon725 on reddit says it better than I could;
Here's my thoughts. NPCs in general are background decorations. Their purpose is to give the world life. That said, Anita Sarkeesian seems to think that any use of woman as sex objects or as recipients of violence is wrong, despite its place in the narrative. She also fails to distinguish what is the fault or choice of the player and what is mandated by the game itself, as well as who in the narrative is treating woman as such and why. My final point lies with her focus on brutality. She simultaneously condemns all usage of violence against women in a video game setting while ignoring the countless male NPCs that the player will likely be forced to dispatch during play. Oftentimes, a lot of the instances where there is player initiated violence against female NPCs are optional (and often discouraged in some way), while most of the actual enemy NPCs you face are likely to be male.
I think Anita Sarkeesian is a horrible figure to speak on the subject, and it's a shame she's still getting any sort of attention or being seen as any sort of authority on the subjects she talks about. She seems to have a biased agenda and paints fictitious pictures that are darker than they actually are. There's also many cases in which she uses a game as reference but the scene in question is a part of a larger picture which when taken into account doesn't back up the vitriol she directs towards it.

I'm all for the topics talked about and awareness of them is good, but Anita is doing an injustice to the cause.
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Demonfurby Aug 26, 14
how many programming scholarships for women has she created so far?
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ashantiqua Aug 26, 14
that scene at 20:00 was pretty awesome. looking forward to playing the game.

chick comes off as a try-hard. since I started playing video games ive probably killed millions of men. beheadings, castrations, ive pissed on some, ripped some apart, made some kiss each other, worn their heads on my belt, turned them into babies them kicked em, put them in dresses, sold men, bought men, strangled some, shot em in the nuts and in the ass (producing animations specific to those shots), etc etc etc - but apparently that's cool.

but if I slap I woman with her tits out... that's where I draw the line? dare I say.... try harder?
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Kinetic Aug 26, 14
My thoughts were pretty much summarized above ^.

She's very narrow-minded. Look, women are overly sexual in a lot of media, I get it. Men are also often displayed as dim-witted, abusive, careless brutes too. Think I exactly care for the way my gender is represented in some media? No.
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bluexy Aug 26, 14
Probably the most impactful video Anita has released yet. Hard to disagree with her point of view when those scenes are being played out in front of your eyes. She also does her best job yet of explaining how these events and scenes in games aren't equatable to just any acts of random violence in a game.

Agree with her or not, I'm glad she's drawing lines in the sand and forcing people to acknowledge where they stand, forcing developers to acknowledge their decisions regarding adding this sort of content to their game. While I certainly find this content distasteful and meaningless, I won't begrudge a developer's right to include what they please in their art. I do hope they take a moment, just a moment, to stop and really think about why they are adding it.
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SpartanNinja Aug 26, 14
Your distorting video gaming. If anything they show a pretty good stratification. With literally hundreds strong female characters (both good and evil) balanced by the less fortunate and powerful ones(both 'good' and 'evil'). You can't make a point about inequality when women are shown in the same strong roles as men and sometimes even better roles.

The oldest profession on earth is? Prostitution. Your not gonna end it in videogames (or any media for that matter) until it changes in real life. Videogamers are a pretty powerful group but we make up a very small portion of humanity.

Aye... People paid her to make this drivel. They paid her to spout 1 or 2 good points intermixed with nonsense.

Just one last thing for thought since she likes to make a lot of references to violence against prostitutes in general.

Total annual revenues worldwide (as in that they make collectively a year not total worth)

Prostitution = 100 Billion
Videogame Industry = ~40 Billion
Movie Industry = 27 Billion
Music industry = ~35 Billion
Book Industry = 63 Billion

I'm just saying that if you want to change the world your better off trying to actually change to world then change the media we enjoy.
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CharleyFeyvolta Aug 26, 14
I don't usually watch these videos - I'm put off by the mere comments they've had and the fact that she doesn't even play video games and dislikes them. Personally I think anyone who doesn't actually play video games shouldn't be given such an opportunity to spout their opinion about them. You can't even call this constructive criticism. I mean, come on - how can you make a valid opinion on something you haven't played for a start?

The funny thing about this though is that I could write a whole essay about how much I can counter her argument with the numerous deaths of male characters across all games and don't even get me started on the abuse and violence.
Mostly everything she's shown is out of context and therefore has a different value when taken away from its source material. Yeah the violence against women probably does look bad in this video - if you look at one half of the whole - but when you compare both halves and think about how many male characters/NPCs you've killed across the numerous games you've played you find rather quickly that the mass of male dead bodies is far higher than the female ones.
And even then, most games actively discourage violence against women. But that dude over there minding his own business? Lol - walking target.
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Dark Pikachu Aug 27, 14
She don't play video games those scenes were out of context and not once in the video was the game ride to hell in it ._. why is this on neoseeker anyway? not like she is a gaming personality
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pokemon speedy Aug 27, 14
Anita is also a rather huge fan of what Zoe Quinn did so take that for what you will. She has no respect for men but I wouldn't even need to bet cash she will have used a man to get what she needs. As Charley stated she hasn't played video games and has no interest to do so therefore her views on the subject are null and void.
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Forlorn Drifter Aug 27, 14
The biggest issue I have with this episode is her using the Eva in Peril mission from RDR. Although it is never stated by the developers, it is heavily implied that it is based on the story Cities of the Plain by Cormac McCarthy, which has the same base storyline with other things interspersed. Her research should have shown that, the similarities to the book are mentioned on the wiki pages for both Eva and her pimp.
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Solx Aug 27, 14
ok ill be the douchbag... Why the hell is this on Neo? She is clearly a retard and has no idea what she is talking about.... So much out of context, so much "male genitalia is evil".......
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AkaiEdge Aug 27, 14
Sometimes I think that most of those who call themselves feminists are actually just misandrists.
Instead of trying to balance the scale on both sides, they put more weight on the other end than theirs.
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SpartanNinja Aug 29, 14
What's this? No flame war? Good god.
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