Neoseeker : News : Riot details League of Legends' Sugar Rush event with dates, full list of returning Legacy skins
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Invidia Aug 25, 14
Interestingly, the legendary skins for older champions (Corki, Annie, Twisted Fate, and Heimerdinger) will be going on sale. Something I thought Riot wouldn't do, but it does reflect the age of the skins in comparison to newer 975+ RP offerings.
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zack Aug 26, 14
i like how there are no pax skins
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blackomega34 Aug 26, 14

Sorry. On a more serious note, I finally have some money in a superficial account that I never, ever use. I shall use it, and DK Mordekaiser is mine!
All the other skins are cool, too, I guess. Kinda.

I appreciate that these skins are only available on certain opportunities. I saw a few of these skins played, I got curb stomped by their owners every time.

(That P250 on Sailor GP, tho.)
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