Neoseeker : News : Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham's latest trailer sees Brainiac and the shrinking world
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Huntereb Aug 21, 14
They may make a lot of these games, but it's clear that they try really hard when they do. This game looks wonderful.

If it's not ported to the 3DS with their shitty top-down engine like every other Lego game on that platform, I'll pick it up for the 3DS.
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gsdfhf Aug 21, 14

Well, the other Lego Batmans haven't been, so I think we're ok. Yeah, Lego Marvel and Lego Movie on there don't look good at all and after trying a demo I was proved right!

I just hope it's open world though.

Man oh man, Joker singing about having the world in his pants was just hilarious.
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