Neoseeker : News : Xbox One August update hits today, including Activity Feed social features and Mobile purchases
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S-I-E Aug 18, 14
activity feeds. activity feeds everywhere!

if you guys ever wonder why there have been so many call of duties, zombie slashers, and free 2 play games saturating the market in recent years this is why. social feeds and liking is the new way for game platform companies to estimate what customers are interested in. but why pay facebook to track stats & feeds for game related content played by users from another community who have limited interest beyond cod, fifa, and their smartphone when as a company you can house a social feed feature with the same uses on the product itself and get the statistics from players who actually play?

even steam has it. that stuff does nothing but sit there updating itself and if someone likes it there is your feedback for the company. i bet if everybody on the world would like pedobear (character) content at the same time we could expect a game of it next year.

stuff like call of duty: modern pedobear etc
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