Neoseeker : News : Square Enix braves new IP for PC and consoles with Life is Strange, from the makers of Remember Me
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Alanar Aug 11, 14
Consider me interested in this. I love the TellTale games so depending on how this turns out, I may love it.
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Slash Aug 11, 14
I played Remember Me for free and the game looked nice but that combat and story were terrible.
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PS Playa Feb 21, 15
Just reading through you're thread and though I would post here.....

BTW what is 'Remember Me??'

Life Is FU****G Strange – So Is Bernard and his Watch!

It defo is.

What would you do if you could mess with time? I personally would go back to the Egyptian era and have copious amount of you know what with Cleopatra. But I digress…

Just reading that this game was about Time Travel made me super excited. I immediately purchased all five seasons (the pass) and felt quality about it. I literally had no idea what I had just bought…… Do I regret it?? Do I heck! The game is brilliant. It’s like a reimagined Monkey Island where you get to control GuyBrush with your mouse/ Xbox Controller. I adored ‘point and click’ games growing up, and it was great to see this genre in modern day gaming with a twist.

The plot and story are intriguing and keep you wanting to know more. It genuinely does make you think: ‘what would I do in this situation?’ As you can see from my YouTube Video ( ) I didn’t always agree with the protagonist’s choice, but I accepted in in good spirit knowing that it would develop such a fantastic plot.

If you guys are unsure about this, and are thinking ‘I want a button basher game like COD’ --- STOP----- Don’t DO IT--- you’ll regret NOT buying Life is Strange, remember, time travel isn’t real and you can’t rewind the clock to get that wasted $20 back.
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