Neoseeker : News : F1 2014 to launch October 21 only on PS3/360, Formula 1 comes to PS4/XONE in 2015
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THM Jul 31, 14
It better comes with the best graphics or else...
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unclebobert87 Jul 31, 14
Hopefully the jump to next gen will make the F1 series good again. Imo, Codemasters have done a very poor job with the F1 series up to now. Forget graphics, give us good gameplay and challenging AI, not the fake challenge that they currently have where the AI are only faster (challenging) when they are not in view and get rid of the brake zone and first corner crap where you can go from 15th to 1st in 1 corner because the AI are stupid
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overthetop2 Aug 1, 14
Is it really that bloody hard for game developers to release a good racing game on next-gen in a timely matter? DriveClub, The Crew and Project CARS are all coming out towards the end of the year (nearly a year after next-gen hit the stores), and now Codemasters has topped them by saying they won't make the jump before 2015 .

What Codies needs to do with this game now is take all of the best features of the previous four games and combine them into one big, bug free package, improve aspects of the game that the fans want to see improved (eg: the AI's 'racecraft'), and in general, make their last-gen swansong extract the absolute maximum amount of performance they can get out of the PS3 and XBox 360. With the amount of experience they have coding for the PS3 and XBox 360 now, anything less than that would be a failure.
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Justplayingitcool Aug 1, 14
The bigger news is that both games will be on PC!
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