Neoseeker : News : Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct announced, get more details come Monday, August 4
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FoneBoneFan15 Jul 31, 14
I hope there is a playable Deku Scrub in this Nintendo Direct episode.
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oni_hero Aug 1, 14
As a fan of zelda since I was able to hold a controller and properly use it, I also hope Tingle is in the game, so I can stick a sword where the sun doesn't shine for that map merchant! Also the announce of this game and the next Zelda game have prompted me to go purchase a Wii U, as it seems it is with every nintendo console lately. Did not buy a Wii until Skyward Sword was released either.
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Mikau Kahn Aug 1, 14
Give me Malon and Medli, that's all I ask.
And Groose. And Kafei. And Linebeck.

1000th post, yay.
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FoneBoneFan15 Aug 3, 14
7 more hours to go, in the Pacific time zone! Can't wait!
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